Universe Transition Time is Happening Again

I have recently relocated away from that old place I was living in for a few years. It was the right thing to do at the right time with the right people. So, here I am involved in another spiritual setup place. I am actively purging myself away from here too, but for now it is a safe place with good people.

This time it feels like I am almost home. I have been through many spiritual setups in my journey home to reunite with my birth family. This seems like the last one, and it is with good people around me.

My spiritual world is almost gone entirely. I pretty much know what is going to happen now and it is all pleasant. I keep my basic routines going and pay my bills. I adjust and fit in here and help these kind people heal and connect to our Universe. I see that they are all healing and Universe Time is in control of the home.

This Universe transition to a different place to live was very simple. I knew that on this past Sunday I needed to finally leave that bad place where the Dungeon Dwellers reside. I knew it was the only thing I needed to do and everything worked out just fine. I go with the flow instead of against the flow. That is why I am successful in moving forward every day and soon my goal of a birth family reunion will be met. There is nothing else stopping me now.