The Timeline is Ending, The Dungeon Dwellers Go Far Away

Interesting that today was supposed to be a very difficult and challenging day for me. But in reality, I am in total control of this day. I am not worried or stressed out at all. I am sitting comfortably outside the Heritage Library blogging. I have no concerns about this day which was supposed to make me out on the street. It will not happen of course. But that is what the spiritual setup was trying to do.

Actually I am very comfortable and confident that the results of this day will always be in my favor. I will post later about that, but I just had to blog right now as I am sitting here, enjoying the cooler weather finally in my homeland. I will live through the remainder of this day and observe what actually happens in reality. There is nothing bad happening really. I enjoy watching a spiritual setup try to play out during Universe Time. It is always enjoyable to see the bad people fall down.

So, I will follow up later and post the results of this big setup day. I will go with the flow and see what happens and post the results on this page later on. It is a day I have been looking forward to for a very long time. I always tell the truth wherever I am. I suppose I am a whistleblower but really I am just a good person who tells the truth. That is all I have to say about that. I purge out evil in my homeland now. The evil that once created a very negative environment here is getting purged finally.

So this day ended without any drama at all. The evil manager simply removed all of his set up junk from my side of the yard. He covered up the water plumbing holes he made finally. He removed his cutting table from outside my window. I heard him huffing and puffing as he did this. He is in poor health now and can barely do anything. His spiritual world is so small and powerless and that is what kept him here. He is not appreciated at all. He has been dishonest and irresponsible. He has been nasty and mean. He is about to go far away from me and never return. He is going to go back to his own kind and stay there.

That is what happened today. Everyday is new and different during Universe Time. My timeline is over with good results. I am still in my home, but he is moving farther away all of the time. Soon, I will not see him at all as he will be gone one way or another. But I will still be here, because I am in the right place at the right time with the right people involved. He is not.

Our Universe removes all of the bad, evil people from my homeland and he is one of the worst and is therefore banished forever.