Universe Time Removes The Bad People From My Life

This is the fun part. I move forward each day and observe what is happening around me. I see the setups from the spirits as they happen and do not actively participate with them. I see the negative people who are mind-controlled and do the wrong things. I don’t interact with those people but I document and take pictures of their actions.  I finally have moved forward enough to reach the fence part. That means, the old white picket fence was finally removed yesterday between the two properties where I live.  This is so exciting now!

I just had to blog about this event because it is so meaningful. It happened at exactly the right time and the right place with the right people. The bad people who used that fence to dry their old clothes can’t do that now, because the fence is gone. The drama that keeps unfolding before me is real and powerful now. Those negative people are not getting their way at all. They try to destroy the good and be in control but it simply is not happening. Universe Time is in control of those bad people. Their control here has faded so much recently. It is practically gone.

A bad person wants to take down another chain link fence and destroy a little mandarin orange tree to do what he wants with his car, and this is not going to happen. He can’t do whatever he wants to do anymore. He has to face reality too. He uses his “friend” to do all of this outside work and pays him nothing. He is lazy and over-bearing. He thinks he is entitled to have it his way, so selfish and self-centered. Some people here are not living in reality but their bubble is bursting wide open. Real Universe Family Healing is in control of them and they are not getting their way at all.

We see those bad people for who they really are now. Their evil is exposed and wide-open for all to see. And although this day is Friday the 13th with a full moon, that is also meaningless to me. This day is simply another day on the Universe. There is nothing wrong with this beautiful day. I move forward and gain more and more control here in my homeland. That is all that happens. I see the scams and call them out, one by one until they are gone. I can do this now because I am so powerful in my knowing ability and my healing has never been so strong and powerful! I made it to the fence part and know that only fun times are ahead of me in the days to come.