Living One Day At A Time

That’s what is happening right now. I am definitely on a timeline but the timeline goes in my favor. The water was recently tested at my apartment and there were contaminants found in the water. That means the water failed the test! I am so happy this was finally determined by the city official. Now there is no doubt that everything is moving forward the right way for me and my family. Only the right things are happening now. I like living that way when only the right things happen and mistakes cannot be made ever.

What happens next I am not really sure but when contaminated water is found in an apartment building then the city does something about it. I am going with the flow to see what happens here. A possible relocation? Certainly the owners have to pay attention to the fact that the water supply specifically, the hot water, is contaminated. There is no doubt about that now. There is no more ignoring of this issue. I feel vindicated here because this problem has been a long-standing one overlooked by the managers and owners for a very long time.

What will happen next I am not sure. I am very happy that I was here to bring this health issue to the forefront and get it dealt with accordingly. Apparently the city inspector says they do not deal with this type of issue very often but when it happens it is serious. The owners are required to fix these problems within 30 days here in Yuma. If they don’t, well I am sure they will lose their ability to collect rent because the building may be uninhabitable for awhile until repairs are made by a licensed plumber. That’s what needs to happen anyway.

The bad person who is currently in charge of managing this apartment building is not qualified to repair and replace old metal based plumbing and rusted out water heaters even if he wants to. He is not the right person for the job. In fact, he was the person to cover up the issue all along. He should be charged with gross negligence because he never tells the truth and certainly not to the owners. He gives them only part of reality, and they accept it willingly. But now they both lose their little slumlord game.

So, I go with the flow during this week and take it one day at a time. I am sure the week ends safely and comfortably for me. I am not afraid of what is before me because the water test failed. And that means we win this time and that never changes ever. I continue to drink bottled water until I am sure that the contaminated water is gone. That is the right thing to do of course. I always do the right thing.