Families Are Healing In My Neighborhood

Today, I am updating the status of healing in my neighborhood. I can safely say that there are several neighborhood family members around me who are actively healing and purging their spiritual worlds.

I have explained to them what I do. I have given them information that no one else could and provided healing that is not available anywhere else on our planet. It is very easy for me to heal families. It is what I do naturally.

I observe the changes. I instantly know that what I see are the results of my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. The effects are always positive and differs for each person. I can observe and know that my healing is helping many people around here where I live. I know I am making positive changes for many people in Yuma.

Universe Family Healing is a powerful healing modality. I know that it takes a few weeks to see some of the results. I know that my healing makes the body purge and allows more rest periods. I know this is happening around here too. My healing always goes in one direction. My healing is never making things go wrong. I see people doing the right things again. Those spiritual worlds are not in control around here. All of that is over and in the past.

I had to post about this because suddenly I am visually seeing the changes. And I know that this continues to go only one way. I am here to watch and observe and document my healing results. It is an amazing time for me. I am actively sharing and being real with the people who are living around me. I am just being me finally here in my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA. I am happy to be real and live my real life.