Spirit Purging Is My Specialty

I am currently sitting outside my home, listening to the spirits purging and merging into our Universe. The spirit sounds are going southeast. It is a beautiful breezy evening here in Yuma. The sun is still setting at 7:57 PM. “No time left” is what they say.

My ability to purge spirits is unique. I am quite used to it now but it is really amazing. Purging spirits has never been done before. No other person talks about purging spirits into our Universe. I do because I am really doing it. Purging spirits allows our planet to live and exist in Universe Time. Otherwise planet Earth would die as other spiritually controlled planets have in the past.

Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic field is controlling and removing the spiritual worlds around humans. This is normal function for our Universe but apparently it was always turned off for some reason.

Spirits are just human parasites and therefore use humans to set up their specific environments. That is the only way spirits can exist. Once their environment is disrupted they purge out and die. Ofcourse we do not want spirits controlling our minds and bodies. Ofcourse we want to purge our spiritual worlds.

Spirits were in control of humans for a very long time. That spiritual time is over now. Once spirits are purging they cannot return here to our planet and start over. This is very good information to know and understand.

So as I sit outside enjoying the evening air, I am happy to be here exactly where I am. There is no better place for me anywhere on this planet. I finally found my way home. I will never leave again.

Spirit purging is my specialty. I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge spirits to reunite birth families. It is happening all over our planet.

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