Spirits are Parasites, Humans Are Their Host

This information must be understood by all humans. We are under a spiritual blanket without even realizing it. Once we realize what is really happening with spirits it becomes easy to get rid of them. But first there has to be an awareness of the problem. It is very hard to become aware. I did finally in my recent years.

I did not know about anything spiritual. I did not knowingly do anything about spirits when I was young. I just lived a controlled life without realizing it. Somehow my healing abilities were always with me. I have been connected to the Universe since I was very young. I was born in Yuma, AZ and lived here for a few years before I was taken away. That is how I was able to purge spirits even when I was young.

The people who took me away were not good people. They wanted to have a girl in their family. They only cared about looking good to others. I was not given any kind of encouragement with my natural abilities. So the spiritual layers upon me were able to make me into someone else entirely. I was living in California and did as other Californians did. I never once thought about my homeland during that time.

The spirit parasites had total control over me as I lived there until I was able to reach an age when their controls were weakened. I began understanding more and more about the spirit worlds. I began talking about healing and the Universe. I blogged. It worked. The spirit layers came off. The bad people were distanced from me finally.

My life changed more and more. I had to live through many difficult times but I was always able to succeed. I did not succumb to the spiritual invasion. More humans everywhere must understand this and become aware of the spirit problems. Just the simple awareness will release a great deal of negative spirits from the body. It is easy now because I am able to purge constantly and be totally in control of it.

So, we must understand that having a soul is not good. A soul is just a huge ball of spirits clumped together in your abdominal area. This ball of spirits has connected humans for a very long time. It has allowed the spirits to have a life of their own. We must all purge our souls. We do not need a soul to live. In fact all the soul does is plan our death.

Hopefully people who read my blog will understand this quite easily. The spirit purging continues even if very few people read my blog. The Universe is wide open now and does not need approval from anyone to purge spirits.