Our World Is Finally Healing

I am following up on my recent posts about spirits and humans. Humans have been under spiritual control for a very long time. I do not know how it all started. I do not have that knowing. I wish I did. Maybe someone else does, but I don’t. Spirits have been glued to humans and started a process of spiritual connections from one human to another.

It all happened so very long ago. And apparently real Healers were not able to sever this connection. I think maybe the real Healers of old were not able to survive their circumstances for whatever reason. And so, the spirits grew in size and covered all humans with a blanket of their negative energy. Spirit energy causes humans to age and die. Their energy is not good for humans.

We do not need spirits obviously. And now that the Universe is taking spirits away from humans, positive changes are finally happening in our real world. We will continue to see these positive changes all the time now.

Our world has been stuck in the ancient times with very little improvement. I guess the problem has been there and none really thought about it. Spirit energy infestation makes us forget all about spirits being a big problem. We become so mind-controlled when they are with us. I certainly was too but somehow I was able to connect with our Universe powers and start my own healing process. I am so connected with the Universe that I constantly purge spirits all the time. It never stops with me. I have a program called the Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP or Program). I created it so I can say I am always working as a Universe Family Healer, 24/7.

I read the daily news and see what happens everyday. I understand the reason for what I am reading is that the spirit layers are purging and so more and more people can be real and speak the truth without fear. Our world is going to live and not perish. The spirits are on their Universe Journey now. They will always be on their Universe Journey. It does not stop.

Universe Family Healing has successfully healed our world and continues to be extremely active in helping humans live. I want to make sure that whoever reads my blog understands that my healing is not a game or fad or scam, but a real natural phenomenon that saves humanity from extinction.

Have a very good day and take care as always.