The California Dream is Over

When I abruptly left California on December 31, 2015, I had no real idea of why I was returning to my hometown. I just knew that it was the only place I could go. I had done everything I could in California to keep going in searching for my birth family. I had nothing else to do there. All of the times I lived through in California were done. I had to get out of California. I purged most of the California dream there.

I am very well aware of the spiritual aspects that controlled me throughout my life in California. Most people will never understand that. They will remain spiritual, live and die. But that short life was not for me. I never knew I was a powerful Universe Family Healer. No one ever told me I was. I was not encouraged in this way. I was not mentored at all.

This is how Universe Family Healing works. It is an unfolding of the real world. Universe is the real world. Spiritual is not the real world. These are two separate things entirely. Spiritual beings remain spiritual. They continue to promote spiritual activities. They never are going to release their spirits and get out of denial. Universe Family Healing releases the spirits that keep good people in denial. Denial is just a spirit set up of spiritual layers hiding the truth. Once truth is exposed through purging spirits, life becomes real.

Some people read through my blog and do not like it. They do not understand it. They cannot agree. But the reality is that I don’t really need everyone agreeing with me. I do not need anyone saying “You are right!” Spirits need groups of people clumping together to keep themselves active. Spirits need people agreeing and doing as they wish. It is not really a free way to live. Most people today are highly spiritual and remain that way until they die. Spirits are weak around Universe Family Healers. Spirits die when they are purged on the Universe.

There were a few times in California that were real. Most times were not and will just be forgotten. Soon all of that spirit involvement will cease to exist. Our planet, our Earth will live and not succumb to a spiritual death as other planets in our Universe have done.

I left California to live. I now live in my home land. I cannot be afraid here.  Remnants of the fading California spirit setups are ineffective here. Yuma is the only place for me to live. The ten-year cycle from California has ended and so have the spirits fueling it. There are no more ten-year cycles from California around me. All of that is purged on the Universe.

I am explaining this in detail so it can be understood why many of us will be returning to our home towns. This is a totally natural and real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing. Home is the best place to be in a purging spiritual world such as ours is right now. At home, we can be safe and surrounded by our real birth families who love us! We will never be apart from our families again. That is how we defeat the evil spirits. There will not be any more spirit matching by soul mates or adoptions, etc. That time is done.

In February 2018, the California Dream ends and families are reunited safely. And the spirits continue to purge outside of my window as I say this. They cannot stop purging ever. Their time is done.