My November Time is Quiet

I continue to have a very calm and quiet time now. The end of this year is all I think about. I reflect on what has happened to me over this year and realize I am maturing in many ways. I am realizing how I continue to change and grow as a Universe Family Healer. I understand how I must act under many circumstances. I move slowly. I slow down. My little world gets smaller and smaller. This happens naturally. I am not feeling bad about it. In fact, it feels good to have to do less and less.

I understand that this happens at the end of the years now. Universe Family Healing is active and in control. There are no bad endings, just quiet calm ones. All of the drama has been purged away. All of the bad times are on the Universe far away from me broken up into tiny little bits of spirit matter.

Although November is on my birth certificate, I know this is not my birth month. I feel I was born sometime in the summer. I feel that my birth date was changed to accommodate the fake people who took me away from my mother. I was made to think I was a November baby. I am not a November baby. A lot of spiritual energies were on me from a very early age to make it seem like I was a November baby. That is all gone! All of that spirituality and horoscope stuff is so fake and boring. It is a joke. It is a scam. None of that is on me now…

This month I plan to continue blogging regularly and doing the routine activities which I normally do. I will not be distracted or taken away from my responsibilities. I have a very good reputation. I maintain that and all goes well. I continue to tell the truth. I always am in control of my behavior. I do not make mistakes. I stay away from the bad people as there are always some around. I know who they are. It is easy to do this now. I do not talk to the negative ones who are always trying to get their way. They cannot interact with me at all. I just move away from them and go sit outside and the Universe happily grabs their energies from me. I am protected when I am outside.

November is a very good month for me and my family. We are all purging our spiritual set ups on the the Universe. We can all be safe and comfortable this month. The fun times are coming our way and it won’t be much longer, because I just talked to my youngest son and he verified his changes too. The circle is complete. We are all Universe Family Healers!!