October 2017 Ends With Patience and Quiet Calmness…

I understand more and more about the Universe as I live through each day, month, year. I cannot predict when things will happen. I only know that the best and safest things happen. I am not living out a spiritually controlled life. Thankfully, that part of my life has been purged and merged with the Universe. My life is safe and calm. I have left spiritual relationships far behind me in search of my birth family. I cannot start any relationships at all. It will not happen! I am living everyday quietly. I talk only to those I have to speak with. I do not interact much with anyone right now.

I keep to myself more and more. I feel comfortable that way. It is not a bad thing. It is just what happens on Universe Time as family reunions get closer. It is a time in which I will finally meet my real family. I was never with my birth family very much at all. As a result, I was lost in a negative world grew up with negative people who did not care about me. I got away from that situation finally. It is now the time for me to live among the family that I deserve.

We all deserve to have our real families with us. Many people take that for granted every day. But for some of us, we never had that opportunity. We ended up acting very differently and looking very different too. I am one of those people. I look very  different now than I did as a younger woman. I have shed a lot of spiritual masks along the way.

I am completing this year on a very powerful level. I have endured and lived through many negative, unhealthy work and living environments in order to be living here in Yuma again. I never thought once that I would return here. It never occurred to me to return to Yuma, Arizona. I only heard negative remarks about Yuma as a young girl. I never planned a trip here.

The Universe brought me back home. At the end of this December, I will mark my 2nd anniversary being back here in Yuma. Most of the people I interact with are not from Yuma. They are from other places. It is like I have these obstacles in my way. These other people are just huge bands of negative energy which I purge and merge one at a time.

I have yet to really find my birth parents. But I am not discouraged at all. I know that they are here somewhere. I feel that they are the ones who brought me back after all of those years away in California, where they lost all contact with me. It is really a totally different world in California. I can tell the difference now. The more north you go in this world, the more spiritual layers are intact and growing. It is not good to live in the north. Highly spiritual people live there and make it very negative.

Universe Family Healers are very comfortable living in the southwest where the sun shines all the time. Everyday I can sit it in the sun and release huge amounts of spiritual energy. I am now living in the right environment for me. I am not afraid of the sun as many people are and hide from it. I make sure I get my sun dose everyday. It is the most powerful healing technique that exists today. Here in Yuma, the sun is shining almost everyday, In fact, Yuma, AZ is considered the sunniest place in the world! 

So, as other places get cooler temperatures and prepare for dark winters, I will be sitting in the sun in my homeland, smiling and laughing at those fools who thought they could control me forever.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. I only write the truth. I share my experiences to document the reality of Universe Family Healing.