Universe Time: Positive Changes Ahead For Workplaces

During Universe Time, there are only positive changes occurring. No bad things happen ever. I simply love this time and I know that all is good for me. I move forward everyday knowing what I need to do. I do just that and stop. I never make a mistake now. I do not get into trouble. I know what it means to be in the middle of things. It is not a good place to be. I stay out of the middle and watch the changes happening around me. I am not the target, rather, I am the observer. My healing allows this to happen. I cannot make a mistake. I cannot be a target anymore.

Positive change includes a safe and healthy workplace. I do like to work but many workplaces still can be toxic and negative. I have learned how to deal with a toxic workplace. It is rather easy for me to continue working and let the negative people stay where they are. I do not get involved much at the workplace anymore, I simply go to the workplace and work and leave to go home. I am not interested in making friends at the workplace. I am not interested in establishing any romantic relationships either in the workplace. That is the wrong way to do things for me. I have done those things in the past, but not know. That time is part of the spiritual life I left behind me.

I am really only interested in doing a very good job. I do a very good job and am highly respected in return by most people. There are also a few very nasty negative ones in workplaces. Because I purge their energies they try to interact with me in unprofessional ways. I call them out and report them and they are dealt with accordingly.

Workplaces can be fun. In the future our workplaces will be safe and healthy once again. I am continually making sure my workplace is a safe and healthy workplace.