The Universe is Not a Spiritual Game

Do not confuse the Universe with spirituality.

There is nothing spiritual about our Universe. The spiritual worlds exist only around humans and therefore are human parasites. Spiritual worlds cannot exist in our outside atmosphere.  People who are highly spiritual cannot be part of our Universe. They may think they are, but unless purging is happening, there is nothing real going on. Spirits may play all kinds of games about our Universe. Spirits may tell us they are the Universe. They are not the Universe.

Spirits cannot live in our outside environment. They can only live in a tightly set up atmosphere around humans. It is very precise. Once their environment is disrupted, their bubbles burst and they are done.

Our Universe is our outside environment where real living things grow. But spirits cannot live outside. They die quickly upon merging with our atmosphere. Spirits are aliens to our living world. Connecting the spirits to our outside atmosphere allows a magnetic phenomenon to happen. Spirits are actively pulled away from humans forever. They are merged with an enormous magnetic energy field of our Universe and gone for good.

Our Universe is actively working and never off. It is always on and doing it’s amazing job of spirit removal.