Universe Time: Living a Real Life

I am quite sure I am the only human who is discussing Universe Time. I have created this term because it describes how life is when the Universe is open and active. Now the Universe is not a human. No, of course not. The Universe is our outside natural environment. There is a very strong magnetic atmosphere in our Universe. But if you are not connected to it, you will not be able to live on Universe Time.

Most humans today live on Spiritual Time (in the Spiritual Age). Their bodies are totally entrapped with spiritual energy.  Therefore they cannot understand at all what I am talking about. It took me so many years to understand the Universe phenomenon. I get it now. I try to explain it simply on my blog for others to understand. If you are entrapped in spiritual energy you will have a hard time understanding any of this.

But some of us are connecting to our Universe. Some of us are not needing spiritual connections to live. I have experienced a dramatic change in my life over the past ten years. I am totally disconnected from the spiritual energies and life I was involved in. I am only on Universe Time now. That means I can constantly purge and merge all of the spiritual entities that keep coming my way. And they do still visit me of course.

But as they arrive in my home or environment, the spiritual entities are immediately moved away from me and merged with our Universe. It sounds like science fiction, but it is real.  Too bad those scientists are not discussing the Universe the way I do. They are simply too spiritual to understand. Too bad.

I do not have to depend on any other scientist as  I consider myself a real scientist. After all, I have an MSN degree, so I do not really need their support in any way. I know they are not like me and never will be. I am at the same level of education as many of them. Therefore, I have the perfect right to describe what is going on in the Universe right now. It is nothing they are saying really.

Our Universe as we know it is changing. All is good. There has never been a change like this before. It is needed in order for life to continue. If we only had spiritual humans alive, life would eventually cease to exist. That is the truth.

Someone has to get rid of the spirits. The spirits cannot end themselves. They continue to create more layers of spiritual energies around people and places. However, even as they create their worlds, at the same time, their worlds are being purged by me.

And that is what Universe Time means. It is the end of the Spiritual Age, the time when the spiritual worlds are purged from human existence forever.

As always, thank you for reading my words. I only speak the truth. You will feel the power of my words every time you read them. We all need to purge out and become Universe beings.