A Crack in the Ceiling of the World

There is this opening now which is getting bigger every minute. I have been waiting for a very long time for this to happen. Now, the world will know about the truth. There will be no confusion or uncertainty. Everyone will understand what has been going on and will allow more Universe Family Healing to happen. The understanding is the key. I create this understanding with my own words. I can explain these circumstances quite easily. It is real. It is not a fairy tale or scam.

I will blog a bit more frequently now that there are more of us understanding this phenomenon. It is time for all humans to be aware of this situation. Spirituality has controlled humans for an extremely long time. But the spiritual age is done. Spirits are not in control of me or my family. I have been the leader in purging and merging these entities outside of the human race. These entities are highly magnetic, contain the mineral magnetite, and therefore can be consumed by our Universe, which has a  very strong magnetic pull of its own. I feel the pulling all the time. It never stops. It is constant. It is not a ritual. It is a natural real phenomenon. 

This opening is getting bigger everyday. I can tell by the views on my blog. It is a systematic increase in awareness in the United States of America. Suddenly it happens. It is the right time. I do not like being a celebrity. I am not like them. It is overwhelming for me to have so many people read what I write. But, it has to be written and it has to be read. The truth cannot be stopped. As more and more humans become aware and understand this, the problems of our world will simply fade away, since those problems are highly spiritual in creation. All of that news just quietly dies.

I am a worker. All real Universe Family Healers are workers. We do not really rely on healing people for our livelihood. But, we still are doing the healing as we work. We all have our own specialties and talents. We are very good people. We will serve our planet. And that will not be stopped now. There has never been Healing like this before….

Universe Family Healing is not a “spiritual” type of healing. Universe Family Healing purges the spirits. That is all that happens. Universe Family Healing is real healing because it purges spiritual energy outside of the human body and into our natural atmosphere where it cannot exist. As a result you and your family members are connected to the Universe.