Originality Has Returned to Our World

The return of creativity is complete.  During this month of March waves of dark negative energies were purged away from my family by the Universe. As a result of this phenomenon, the human world continues to change positively. There is no longer a stuck set of 3s every time. The 3s of the past, the spiritual setups, are done. There is no repeating of them. The spiritual ways are doomed and over forever.

Spirituality is over. It was a part of our human existence for an extremely long time. If allowed to continue, the human existence would end. Spirituality is all about games played with humans and always results in death.

Spirits are human parasites. The purging of spirits has allowed life on our wonderful planet Earth to continue. Spirits can only exist on humans. Their existence will be forgotten in the future. The spiritual age was a time of darkness and despair. The human body was used as the spirits’ playground. Spirits die instantly when they purge and merge with our outside atmosphere here on planet Earth.

Seems I am the only one speaking these truths today.

So be it.

I will continue to blog and update the progress of Universe Family Healing here on my website.



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