My Healing Power Continues

No end to my healing abilities. No stopping what I do. I am free to be who I really am. I do not talk about my healing ability in the public arena. I keep my personal ability to myself. I do not advertise on the Internet. I only blog here as a way to document my experiences.

I do not read about this phenomenon elsewhere. I am sure other healers have a similar experience. But I am the only one using these terms and no one else is documenting Universe Family Healing. It is a creation that I alone have developed.

Scientists do not discuss anything like this. Yet I experience this energy flowing through my body, feet, and hands all the time. It feels like a rough form of movement much like sandpaper would feel if it was in liquid form. It must be the minerals in this energy, the magnetite for example. The Universe is pulling this negative energy from my body 24/7, always no matter where I am, inside or out.

Interesting to read my words and probably shocking too. Perhaps my words cause a little bit of healing to start. I do not know because no one ever leaves comments. But, I still get visits from all over the world. Right now Europe seems to be looking at me for some reason. Perhaps Europe is feeling a purging wave of energy. I really cannot say more that that.

I continue to provide a phenomenological approach to my healing experience. I don’t really care much about it now. I am so used to this person I have become. I just go on my way and perform my duties at my job and even there, this healing is happening without anyone noticing.