The Truth is Coming Out Everywhere!

I am happy to see this activity continue. Truth telling is a very good habit to get into. Truth telling was forgotten and covered up a long time ago but I am continuing to unravel the negative energy level that has kept it away from us all.

It is opening up now and so this hidden darkness is being removed and everyone can easily see what is real and what is not real. The liars are not getting away with it anymore!

This process is not a fad that is stopping either.. There is no stopping the truth now.. If you observe your local area you will see many truths coming out now that were not discussed or presented publicly before. This truth telling is going to be as common as eating and drinking. It is the natural way of living for humans.

Because the truth telling time is here to stay, many bad people of the world are going to get in serious trouble and will not get away with anything now. This is a wonderful time for the good people of our planet. It is easy to get things done the right way simply because the truth is being told.

Telling the truth in the public arena will change everything that went wrong in our world. As this process continues all of the wrongdoings will be righted. And this goes on and on and on and never stops ever. As all of the wrongs are righted, our world changes to a positive, peaceful, and living world.

Truth telling becomes normal as it it should be. Spiritual energy was stopping all of this. As the spirits are purged, the truth is always right there for all to see.