Universe Family Healers Rule the Universe Now, There is No Other Power Above Us!

And being in control of the Universe is a very big responsibility but as long as I am careful about what I do, I am always in control. And that was proven to me again today. I crossed a very busy street in Yuma, AZ and felt the energy stream of the automobiles. Apparently there is this invisible negative energy that is keeping the cars going here. I guess that is what it is. I have felt it before when I crossed other streets here. It is very strange but real.

It just tells me that cars are very negative machines and are keeping people in negative situations. The energy tried to make me swoon and faint right in the middle of the intersection but this did not happen.. I was able to overcome it and continue to the other side. It was rather easy really. Now I understand what is happening and it will not bother me anymore. I guess I am changing the way people travel around here in Yuma.

The other thing I want to say is how very wrong this town grew up. This place happens to be one of the sunniest places in the entire world but the use of solar energy is practically non-existent.  I believe this city should be run strictly on solar energy making the cost of utility bills practically nothing. Instead these people are kept hostage by their air conditioning bills in the summer. It is ridiculous of course!

And can you imagine that a high school mascot here is the Criminals? That is the truth. And for many many years, Yuma High School’s mascot has been the Criminals..So I find that totally stupid and ridiculous too. That is how this hometown of mine grew up.

Someday, I will have my Palace of the Universe right here in Yuma, Arizona, USA and it will be beautiful and created the right way, the good way. All of the trash and junk and criminals will be gone, cast out, and banished forever.

I know this is going to happen!