Universe Family Healing is Available Right Here!

Are you really interested in becoming a Universe family?

Then you are reading the right words. I know what my words can do for you. But if you think my words are powerful, just think what happens when we interact one on one.. Yes, the impact is very powerful and clear.. No matter where you are on this planet, my healing is available to any person who wants to have it. There is no restriction based on country of origin or race.. That is unimportant.. What matters is if you are a good person or not.. In my world there are only good people…. And not every person living right now is good.

Read through my blog and see my progress in the world. This is the time for Universe Family Healers.. The spiritual time is long over.. And that is good because our world needs to live, not die.. The news of the day must change and it will slowly .. There will no longer be an endless accounting of deaths.. But for now, that is only what makes headlines..a continuous accounting of spiritual deaths on and on every day demonstrating a typical spiritual world in which humans live and die and do the wrong things all of the time.

You  can ignore it now because you know what is really going on. The spiritual part is being purged and merged from our world. The real natural part of our world is surviving and stabilizing…And this all do to Universe Family Healers really alive and well in Yuma, AZ for the first time ever.

I am available to provide a very unique healing service. You can do this with me via chat or email or phone. It is up to you!  I charge only $50.00 via PayPal per session. One session is all you need to get started on the Universe..And as a result, you will just know what to do each day. Your life becomes simple and easy and calm.. You will never make the wrong decisions again…

Contact me: 928-257-8302


I know I will hear from you soon!


Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer

“First Family Healer of the Universe”

You can read more about Universe Family Healing at this link:

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