A Real Healer’s Progress: From Spiritual to Universal to Universe Family Healer..

One year ago today, on February 28, 2015,  I made a blog post that was about my family growing food together. We did this for a while and then it stopped abruptly last year. It seems that it was something we had to do together, but again it was not the end. It was merely a part of the Universe Family Healing that we are involved in. I am documenting this change because I am sure that other families will have similar experiences like ours and will assume that they are going to be growing food together forever. This is simply not the case. It did not happen that way for us at all. The Universe removed us from that set up and separated us for a while so that spiritual energy set up could be absorbed. And that is exactly what happened!

I am so intrigued as I document what we are experiencing here. Universe Family Healing is a real natural phenomenon. I still do not see anyone documenting this on the Internet like I am. I feel that my family is the first family to experience Universe Family Healing. I do not consider myself a Universal Healer any more. I thought that I was a Universal Healer. But that was just a transition time too. So our healing in the real world continues to evolve and change a very negative spiritual lifestyle to a positive Universe one.

I am not really going to read the news of the day much anymore. It simply is boring and useless for me. It only shows how negative our old world has become. And it is negative meaning highly spiritually controlled. I do not want to be spiritually controlled into reading the news everyday… That is a spiritual set up which is being released on the Universe right now. Instead, I will blog here and document our progress with our extremely powerful connection to the Universe.

The Universe’s powerful magnetic energy field removes the spiritual energy layers controlling our lives. We are the first real family of Universe Family Healers. And we are living in Yuma,  AZ. The sun shines more here than anywhere else ..I hope that soon all of my real family will be together again enjoying the beautiful sunshine and doing whatever it is we feel like doing and not what we were “set-up” to do …

Go With The Flow means exactly that. You cannot stop it. You simply know that each day is meant for something and only you know what that is. And today, I had to document this on my blog. We all continue to move forward and release spiritual energies from our family’s life. And we have no worries or doubts at all. The Universe has removed all that…

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