A Real Healer’s Progress: From Spiritual to Universal to Universe Family Healer!

I am so intrigued as I document what I am experiencing here. Universe Family Healing is a real natural phenomenon. I still do not see anyone documenting this on the internet like I am. I feel that my family is the first family to experience Universe Family Healing. I do not consider myself a Universal Healer any more. I thought that I was a Universal Healer. But that was just a transition time too. So my healing in the real world continues to evolve and change a very negative spiritual lifestyle to a positive Universe one.

The Universe’s powerful magnetic energy field removes the spiritual energy layers controlling our lives. We are the first real family of Universe Family Healers. And we are living in Yuma,  AZ. The sun shines more here than anywhere else . I hope that soon all of my real family will be together again enjoying the beautiful sunshine and doing whatever it is we feel like doing and not what we were “set-up” to do.

Go With The Flow means exactly that. You cannot stop it. You simply know that each day is meant for something and only you know what that is. And today, I had to document this on my blog. We all continue to move forward and release spiritual energies from our family’s life. And we have no worries or doubts at all. The Universe has removed all that.

Spiritual healing is gone from my world. Spiritual healing was purged many years ago by the Universe. There is only Universe Family Healing now. That is what remains real and powerful forever.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I can help you and your family establish a Universe connection. This connection will remove the spiritual barriers around all of your family members wherever they may be.