Universe Healers in Yuma: You Hear About it Only Here!

We are real. We are Universe. There is a real living place for Universe Healers. This place is called Yuma. It takes a very long time to get here. But, once you get here, you know that you are done! You have finished up all of the spiritual set-ups that tried to control your life. These “spirits” wanted to make your body their own. These spirits are like little robotic mechanisms that are not at all human but try to act like humans.. These entities are human parasites. So forget about being “spiritual in nature.” You are not being real if you want to be spiritual…

Now, as we continue our lives in the sunniest place on this planet, Universe Healers take control more and more and grow up the real world. The spiritual world continues to decline, decay, and disappear..

Maybe, as you read my words, you feel what I am talking about. Those nasty spiritual energies that you carry around with you do not like humans to know the real truth. My words tends to make all of that bad energy move and shift. As a result you will experience changes that you never thought could or would happen. So be prepared for what comes next as you go with the flow on the Universe!

Let me know if you experience change.. Feel free to leave comments or questions below… We all want to share our real experiences as we purge out this negative energy that is so toxic to our real world.


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