Universe Healers Create Safe and Healthy Homes and Live Free

We are right now going through a process of getting rid of the dirt and destruction that was going to make our lives very bad here in Yuma. That spiritual situation was set up to be in control of our home. The energies that were here in Yuma to do this are now all purging and merging onto the Universe. When real Universe Healers arrive here in Yuma, that is all that really happens. We must still go with the flow and be patient. Everyday is a new day with new events and new people who are good and helping people.

In Yuma, Arizona there is a change going on  because we are now here. We naturally produce positive changes just because we are here. Yuma was left unprotected many, many years ago when I was forcefully taken away from my real birth family. I understand that this was a planned effort by many bad people. But those bad times are officially over now.

We are not going to be driven away or taken to some other place. We are going to stay right here in our new home and make sure that everything goes just like it is supposed to, and not the other way around. We are in control of those energies this time.

I am all grown up and making sure that those highly spiritual people who are still here in Yuma, Arizona have absolutely no control over anything. That was not the case here in Yuma back in 1958. I know that my real birth family is still around here in Yuma somewhere and we will find them or they will find me. That is a sure thing now.