First Healer is Finally Home!

I have finally made it back to where I was born! This is truly amazing… Those negative energies led me everywhere else but here.. I was able to overcome the spiritual setups and finally get back to where I belong.

I am here and I will tell my story over and over and you can read all about it because I really did make it… I am living proof that Universe Family Healing works.. And I am not in the north at all!

The north is the place where spiritual healers are… I am not a spiritual healer though.. I am a powerful Universe Family Healer! I am now living in the southwest part of the USA, where the sun shines all the time!

I was actually born in Yuma, AZ! The spiritual energies were trying to make me believe I was born in Northern CA! That is not real or true… I was taken away from Yuma at a very young age.. I was not supposed to be removed from Yuma! You see, I was not raised by my birth parents.

I am in Arizona. That is because I follow the sun. Real Healers are connected to the sun… So here on this blog I am documenting that I did it… It is true..I really did move away from the coldness of the north and went 180 degrees southward to my real life..

All of the things I love are here! The sun, the shopping, the people..All of the stores I love…It is amazing…I know I will find my birth family here.

So, Universe Family Healing is real…

Now if you want to get connected to this Universe, you have to contact me, because apparently I am the only one that made it through the spiritual maze to the finish line…I am really the First Healer to be connected to the powers of the universe.

My family is the First Family on the Universe.

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