I Am Very Powerful Still

Here, I am wondering what is going on.  Why does it seem like nothing is really going my way? Well, it is going my way. It is quieter though. I do not hear all the noise of that place I left behind. It is quite different here in my real world. I still purge and merge spiritual energies constantly.

No one knows what I am doing. I do it silently. I still hear spiritual noises outside my window. Yes, even here I hear it. There are no spiritual setups here though. It is all purging non-stop outside. The buildings here next to me do not make noises like those that I left behind. That is interesting to note.

No one sees me for who I really am. I have to tell people I am a Healer. They still do not quite understand. Where are the Healers?

We are here now, in the place of my birth.

We have come home, to the land of the sun.