A Three Year Milestone is Approaching for Me, but Then What Happens?

Three years ago, on August 11, 2011, I legally changed my name from Julia Ann Kaplan to Julia Angel. It felt like the right thing to do. I am sure this is because I was set up to fix a lot of bad things that happened to this world over the ages. I have been actively involved in exposing a lot of the corruption of the public officials world and in my local HOA. Corruption is a disease caused by this spiritual invasion so I naturally get pulled into that mess because of my intense purging.

I am finally coming to an end of a very important three year spiritually set up world. I see the results happening. Throughout this month, more changes will occur, the way I have wanted. The criminals are being exposed and shutting down, retiring, or being arrested. They are definitely not around me or my family. We are very safe now… This is all that happens. I am so happy to finally reach this time in my life! What a freaky thing to realize how spiritually set up I was. I know that Julia Angel is still not my birth name, but using that name legally allowed me to heal and purge even more and get rid off a lot of bad things in my life that could have destroyed my family.

That never happened of course because I purge so much. None of those negative set ups happened here to me. I just purged all of the spiritual parts out and reality is all that happened! Spiritual energy could not do anything to my new living world! I see it now so very clearly. I had to recheck the date of my legal name change and that said it all. The three year thing is so spiritual. It is so typical but I do not get it at all. Why the three thing? Why? That question will probably never be answered and really, who cares? As long as it is gone from the real world and never returns ever, all these questions are not important and really no answer is needed…

I just know I am here to get rid of it. The weird and bizarre sounds repeating over and over will soon be gone forever. That time is over because I am really here to purge and so these negative times no longer happen anymore.  Spiritual energy can only exist under very specific conditions and when those conditions are disrupted, it vanishes…And It seems I was the one person to disrupt this network and I must say, I did a very good job of it too…Those evil people who had it so good all their lives are now paying for it. They will not escape anything. Whatever they did they will pay for and many times it is with their own lives. And they are all feeling it too as their spiritual energy slips away and their will to live on fades out too. Soon they will be dying and just gone and forgotten.

But for me and my family, we are a safe and having so much fun right now! It is hard work growing food, but it is also a lot of fun too. When your family finally reaches that point you know you have beaten death over and over and death is not part of your world anymore…No grim reaper here folks. He just moves on to another place and stays there until all those people are dead. I am serious about this one too.

I hope still that I will finally be reunited with my birth family, and learn my true name. I just consider my self Healer and that is what I want people to call me from now on, Healer. That is the truth and makes things change even faster the right way when people around me realize I am Healer and start calling me Healer all the time. Of course to my sons I  am still just mom. And that is OK too…

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