Everything is Going Good Now!

Sometimes you just get a real definite answer to your questions. It is hard these days to get the right answer about things. But I do get them in mysterious ways. And I got one today. So, I get to stop doing some things and start doing other things and that is a very good feeling indeed. When I get involved too much in the spiritual world, it causes a lot of uproar and confusion but it just makes things fall apart there that much faster. However, I do not want to get pulled into the mess so I back away and let the real criminals and con artists get revealed and taken away. And this only happens if I am not there in the middle of it all. Otherwise, I can be the target and I want those fake people to get nailed, not me…

And that is what happened today.  I took myself out of the middle of the spiritual world around me and let it go on its own now. I will watch and see the changes that happen from a very safe distance…I am back in my little world of reality and it feels very good indeed.

Time to start anew. The spiritual world continues to go on and on but changes are happening. I feel this is the first time ever that the changes are finally making a big difference in my world. And that continues on and on and this time, nothing will stop it ever again…

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