Purging Out the Medical Scam Artists

I am Healer. Therefore, I am purging out spiritual energy. Right now, I am doing this at a very high rate. I can tell the difference. My hands are just full of this energy, as it leaves this world and moves onto the universe. It is a huge load being moved now. I wonder sometimes when this will be all done. I guess it is just going to be this way now and at times I will purge more. Right now with this heat wave, there is a lot of purging being done. It seems to involve the medical community even more. They look ridiculous when they are talking about what they do. They sound like idiots. You can see right through them. It is funny. I guess they cannot see themselves for what they are yet. So it is really funny to watch what they do.  And laugh at them too. And I am noticing this recently and commenting about it too.

The medical community has enjoyed total control over healing and health throughout the ages. But I know that all medical people are not real anymore. They are all highly spiritual. I stay completely away from the medical community now, although I was a professional nurse for 30 years. I am so far away from that realm of make believe and nonsense. They will do anything to make money. They will make up diseases and categorize people so that they can come in like a hero and be paid to help them. This is going on right now.

They try to sound real and professional and it looks very bad. And many people see it too. In the future these people who are categorizing children will not be able to do anything. They will be dying out and there won’t be anyone doing that kind of thing anymore. That particular spiritual set-up is very negative and wants to continue, but everything spiritual has an end, even them…

Again, medical games are all just spiritual setups so these people have a way to continue to make money. It is a scam. And it is going to dwindle away. Medical problems have always been largely spiritual in nature. As these people who are highly spiritual succumb to their spiritual life styles and diseases, there will no longer be anything like that. It will just be forgotten. But right now, the medical scammers are out there trying to get attention any which way they can. And all they are getting is a lot of bad feedback and a worsening reputation..

And forget about energy medicine too. Those doctors are just playing the spiritual energy game. They are not real Healers. That is a big joke! And all that happens is they die, one by one as their spiritual energies get purged out on the universe, until there are no more doctors anywhere…

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