Universal Healing is the Future of our World

Universal Healers are all that will survive. All of the “healing” of the spiritual world will cease to happen. There is no spiritual healing really. Spiritual healing is just a game played among spiritual healers. They exchange this negative energy field amongst themselves. Their appearance changes for the bad. They become swollen and evil looking. And never really purge at all.  Their evil energies continue to grow and multiply around them and they become more covered over, more ugly, and doomed.  That is all that happens with spiritual healing. It is just a sham. It does nothing really. It is lying about the reality of spirituality.  Spiritual healers die.

Universal healing is nothing like that. Universal healing involves purging and merging the spiritual energy field out into the universe. This is the exact opposite of spiritual healing. Universal Healers exist to remove spiritual energy, not play with it. And Universal Healers do not charge for this service. It is something that is set up to ensure that life continues. Universal Healers do not need other people to pay them for this service. Universal Healers exist without these spiritual controls. And in the future, spiritual healers will all be dead and the world will only have Universal Healers, the only real Healers of this Universe.. And this is what is happening right now.

Universal Healers retain their attractive, youthful,  healthy appearance. This continues. The spiritual energies are removed from everywhere  and life is all there is.. everlasting life.. Universal Healers live on.

Under the Rainbow

Somewhere under the rainbow, Way down low, There’s a place that I live in, called Novato.

Somewhere under the rainbow, water’s blue, and the life that I dare to live really does come true.

Someday I’ll purge up to the stars and watch the changes happening around me,

Where good news is the normal thing and no one ever lies again,

That’s where I’ll live free.

Somewhere under the rainbow,  Good folks go.

Now I’m here to be with them,

All in this rainbow show

If good folks live under the rainbow, all will laugh and live and have it all.