One Day At a Time, Universe Time

Universe Time means that our Universe is in total control of all spiritual worlds around humans. Well what does this mean exactly? It means this, that our Universe’s magnetic current is powerful and naturally attracts spiritual energy (which is also highly magnetic). Imagine a gigantic vacuum cleaner high up in the sky pulling up bits and pieces of spiritual energy from human bodies.

This action is a natural phenomenon and is occurring all of the time now. Why it was not happening before is a mystery. No one else talks about this but me. There is a positive flowing magnetic energy current moving constantly through my hands and feet. It must be the Universe! I am so well connected to our Universe. I can therefore grab onto other people’s spiritual worlds quite easily as this Universe current is flowing around me. And ofcourse, that spiritual world is broken up and merged with our Universe. This is real and not a science fiction story. 

Living in Universe Time is so different than living in Spiritual Time. The main difference is that every single day is unique and different. Living day by day is easy once you understand how this works. There is no way a mistake can be made or a bad decision leads you to falling down. Once you are connected to our Universe, you have complete control over your human brain and automatically make the correct decisions without spiritual involvement trying to take over.

I have lived through so many years of Universe Family Healing that I am the expert in spiritual energy removal. As I move along and go with the flow, I allow the changes to happen around me. I move along and more exciting times are waiting for me. I leave the negative people far behind me as they are quite stuck in their spiritual worlds still. Some people are highly negative and cannot really heal that well. They are more spiritual than human. I mean this sincerely. There are good people and bad people. The good people will heal completely, and the bad people will not.

As I move forward day to day, I have no fear or worries. Nothing is going the wrong way. That’s because I am so well connected to our Universe, and I go with the flow constantly. Moving forward means I am doing just that. I move through the negative parts of my spiritual world as it is being purged and merged with our Universe. This allows the real world to open up more and more. Humans have never really had this experience before but reality is taking control more and more everyday. As more humans become Universe connected and purge out their spiritual worlds, reality will be everywhere. Our planet Earth is actually healing and growing younger as a result.

I tend not to make long range plans anymore. I simply live one day to the next and it is safe and real. This gradual movement forward and daily purging of spirituality makes everything positive and new again. And that is why I am back to using my Samsung chromebook computer now. I had it stored away for the last few weeks as I moved to live outside. But now it feels good to use it again. It seems like my outside time is slowly fading away. That is what happens when I go with flow, change in the right direction.

Contact me to schedule you Universe Family Healing Session. Start living a real life in Universe Time and use your human brain to its fullest potential. We can be real and safe on our planet. There is nothing stopping us now.