One Week Back Inside, Universe Family Healer is Working From Home

I am back living inside now and will never be on another outside time. I had to live through 75 days of living outside in order to be here right now. It was not that bad really. In fact, it was enjoyable. I was able to interact with many people here in my hometown, Yuma, AZ, USA and help them start their healing. But that time is over now.

I am following Governor Ducey’s order to stay at home and social distance. I am only working on the internet now and by phone. I am here as always ready to assist anyone on planet Earth. I can easily connect anyone on planet Earth to our Universe via a simple phone call or if desired, we can do a chat session on Google hangouts, totally easy and simple.

My healing sessions are priced very reasonable- only $50.00 US for a Universe Family Healing session. Forget about those spiritual advisors and psychics. They are doomed and will be gone soon. I am here to make sure that happens. Contact me instead and get yourself connected. This allows instant freedom from the current hardships of the planet. You feel distanced and safe from all of the health catastrophes that are occurring everywhere. Universe connected humans will not be harmed by the coronavirus or any other virus that opens up here.

The virus is affecting all countries on our planet. The virus attacks the most negative areas where high concentrations of spiritual energy exist. The social distancing and staying home activities are greatly helping this spiritual energy purging process. This is  removing a lot of spiritual controls that have been in effect for a very long time. We will never have our old ways intact again. All of the negative aspects of living on planet Earth are purging and will not resume.

I am back working at home. I am available by phone, email, or chat. Contact me by email to set up your healing session time and day. I use PayPal invoice to receive payment in advance.

One planet Earth, one Universe, get connected to our Universe and help heal our planet.

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