Purging The Negative People in February

Even during Outside Time, there are negative people around me. Amazing that I have had to encounter some. I kind of laugh at the whole thing though. Seeing these people for who they really are is so easy for me. I instantly know what to do to get rid of them and it works. They are out of my way now.

Negative people are just part of a spiritual game. I control the game because I have such a powerful knowing ability. I do what is necessary to move them along, one way or another. During the month of February there are so many of these negative people lurking around waiting to interact with others. Their spirit world controls them to take part is spiritual setups or games.

So, I do what I have to do, whether it is getting up and leaving or notifying the police. There is always one right thing to do in any spiritual game. I purge the energies fueling the game and it ends quickly. I am not like them, because I have my human brain fully intact to do the right thing.

The negative people cannot do anything to me. I have control over them. It is that simple. Again, being in the right place at the right time is always occurring now. I go with the flow and tell the right people what’s going on and then relax. I am safe, my belongings are safe, and my healing place is safe too. I continue doing what I need to do during my outside time. I am not stopped or deterred in any way. As a result I am powerfully purging this time of the year in the Yuma sunshine.

Negative people are fully saturated with spiritual energy. Their human part is virtually gone. This means they are mind-controlled to do very bad activities. Their spiritual world controls them completely. These people have lost control of their human brain and simply are led around doing illegal activities.

These people cannot heal very well. Their spiritual energies are keeping them going. When their spiritual world is busted open a bit by Universe Family Healing, they begin to fall down and get caught by the authorities. They can no longer get away with their illegal activities anymore.

February is a very negative month with lots of spiritual setups trying to take place. If this is going on around me, the setups end quickly and are totally forgotten. Each day is new and different as I move forward during this month. Because I am purging outside, the negative people are not having fun anymore. Oh well, too bad. That’s how it is during Universe Time in February.