I Say, Return Home And Make It Better

I am in the process of creating a better home environment here in Yuma, AZ. I was born here in 1958 but was taken away from my homeland. The couple, a doctor and his nurse wife, wanted to have an instant family with a baby girl as they already had 2 sons, one by birth and one adopted. Somehow, I became separated and was not raised by my birth mother.

I know that this is hard to believe but really it is true. I was never told this by those fake family members. I healed away from them finally and was able to understand what happened. Never once has my birth mother tried to contact me. I am sure that there is a very good reason for that. I am also sure that my healing will remove the spiritual barriers that inhibited her from finding me.

I lived over 55 years in CA, USA. I never once thought I should come back to Yuma. All I heard was bad things about Yuma. I never visited Yuma that whole time. But suddenly, in the year 2016, Yuma, AZ was the only place for me to go. It happened automatically because of Universe Family Healing. I have been back here in Yuma for 3 1/2 years. I still have not reunited with my birth mother, but I know that I will someday. I do believe I have met and healed a family member at a school I was working at briefly.

I know my birth family is healing now and of course it takes time to do this. Meanwhile I am establishing myself in the Yuma community a little at a time. I am becoming the right person to go to for healing services. I know that it takes time for this to happen. I am making positive changes here too. I have helped so many people with healing. I have seen many changes just because I am here. It is like this place is opening up for me all of the time.

I believe that humans have the capacity to return to their birthplaces as I have and improve quality of life there. This is especially possible now because we are living in Universe Time. Our entire planet is healing. Spiritual worlds around humans are finally  being removed by our Universe’s magnetic current. We have diverse people who can create better living environments wherever they are. We cannot all live in the same place. That is not going to happen. We must be careful and take care of our homelands across planet Earth.

The reason we are experiencing “global warming” is that the spiritual barriers are being removed from our atmosphere. Of course there is a warming effect as this happens. Our planet cannot endure a spiritual atmosphere as other planets have that died. We cannot allow a spiritual atmosphere to control our environment. It is being purged into our Universe now.

Earth is not a spiritual playground anymore. Our planet does not succumb to spiritual controls. Humans are in control of the spirits. We return to our homelands and stabilize our world. That is what happens with Universe Family Healing. It is automatic and only in the right direction.

We must blame the spirits for messing up our world. We must understand that our planet has been under spiritual control for a very long time. This information needs to be widely understood. We can then let go of all of the blaming behaviors that constantly occur everywhere. As the spirits are purged out of our way, humans can easily perform functions that are life preserving, We can relax and enjoy life again. 

I say this with sincerity, that we must all return home and improve our home lands. Home is the best place to live a real life on planet Earth.