Communication Resumes For Disrupted Birth Families

Universe Family Healing reunites disrupted birth families. This is the goal of Universe Family Healing and makes the impossible easy. It is happening right now. After a brief period of making room (see my previous post), the spirit energies leave quickly and there is a reestablishment of communication. Communication allows for even more purging of the spiritual barriers that have kept birth family members separated. This process repeats over and over for any disrupted birth family on our planet.

It is so easy for me to do this. My healing is 100% accurate and effective in achieving this goal. I am observing this phenomenon right now as it happens with families here in Yuma, AZ, USA. I am healing disrupted birth family trauma, erasing the damaged maternal child bonds and seeing the mother and child actively healing towards each other. It is so amazing!

This natural healing phenomenon cannot be stopped or reversed. In fact, progress in reuniting continues to improve everyday.  The truth comes out very easily and allows for  close connections to reestablish. Lies are a huge part of a spiritual game. When truths are finally out in the open, the spiritual game that disrupted our families is dissolved quickly. I am the one who can assist here because as I purge out those energies I see the truth and share this with family members.  Of course, this is very powerful!

I am actively describing the process of Universe Family Healing in real-time. I can help you and your family too. I can do this for anyone on this planet, not just in the USA. Be ready for changes as they automatically happen. Go with the flow as the changes are necessary and never will take you to a bad place. You will live differently and be on the Universe forever. You will always be safe from harm as you heal your way toward your birth family.

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