Universe Time is Powerful and Amazing

So much is happening right now. I am moving forward again after such a lull in activity. I can say that I am really making only positive changes occur now. The New Year Purge continues as I remove all of the negative spiritual people and setups from my world. Soon they will be all gone forever. They will fall down and succumb to their spirit setups one way or another. They will disintegrate and have major health issues. They will die. That’s because they are so spiritual. Spiritual people do not really heal that well. They are way too negative. They are set up spiritually to have diseases. Oh well..

Thank goodness for Universe Time! Right now, our Universe is removing all of the nasty negative spiritual beings from our planet. Their ways are ending. They cannot continue as they were. Only the good Universe people, real humans, will survive. Universe humans purge out their spirits and return those entities to our Universe. There is a powerful positive magnetic field outside in our atmosphere. Our Universe gladly takes all of the spirits that are offered. This never stops.

The decline of the political realm is a very good example of this phenomenon. There has never been such chaos is the political arena. But that is all that happens these days in the USA and elsewhere. The negative forces are purging. There is nothing smooth there. Only the removal process of spirits from our governments. That is why we have government  shutdowns that linger with no end in sight. It is the Universe doing this. Only in a spiritual world does this type of government exist. But that is changing all of the time. Governments in our future will be totally different thanks to Universe Time.

My financial options are opening up again very nicely. As I go with the flow, I know that this is a very happy and fun time for Universe families. We can relax and enjoy ourselves and watch the spiritual beings all fall down. And that will never change. A powerful Universe Time makes it happen.

I am available as always to help you connect to our Universe. I provide Universe Family Healing sessions for a nominal fee of $50.00. I bill you via PayPal invoice. Please contact me below to get yourself a real life started. Get connected!