I Am On Universe Time

I live differently now. If you read this post, you may not understand what I mean. Universe Time happens when you separate your spiritual side and release it to the Universe. I remain here alive because I am a physical being, a real human. I do not die.

But spirits are leaving my body and merging with the Universe outside my window. Believe it or not, the outside atmosphere has a magnetic quality. That is why spiritual energies merge with the outside world, and die.

Spirits cannot live without a human host. Spirits are parasites. I have blogged many times about this. I am simply stating it one more time because new people read my blog all of the time and need to catch up quickly.

We have our Universe back now. It is available for all good people to get rid of their spirits and be totally free of the negative influence around them.

Please read any of the information here. I am available to answer questions by email. I do not charge anything. I am simply creating the awareness of what is happening now in our healing Earth.