Universe Family Healing Provides Safety in Times of Disasters

Universe Family Healing keeps us safe during all natural disasters. As I have stated before in my blog, nothing bad happens during Universe Time to those involved with Universe Family Healing. We may be around uncomfortable situations, but not really be in the middle. For example, I was involved in a tremendously violent thunderstorm recently. The powerful winds pulled off part of the roof. I live on the ground floor of my apartment building so I was not really adversely affected. I did experience a tiny bit of leaking from the ceiling though.

Repairs started yesterday and one month later the roof is totally intact with work performed by licensed contractors.  Now, I do not have to think about leaking ceilings anymore. And I know the job was done right. The insurance company made sure that only a licensed contractor did the roof repair. I am not concerned at all about this event. I am always living in a safe and comfortable place.

Most people on our planet are not living on Universe Time. They are still living in a spiritual world that was set up to be hard and difficult. Natural disasters continue to happen in those locations with greater ferocity and will not stop.  This is because the Universe is correcting our planet to its former state. Waters are returning to where they once were and unfortunately people are living there now. Once these people move to other places the natural disasters will cease.

I feel the thunderstorm was not meant to harm me, but to make others move away from me. I hope this makes sense to those who read my words. I simply cannot be stopped being the powerful Healer that I am. I am an important person in this world today. The spirits do not like to be purged but they are purging at phenomenal rates now. Their setups to destroy good people like me are also purged away.

My family members are also safe wherever we may be. Universe Family Healing removes all the negativity (i.e. spirits) around us and allows us to be the observer and not the victim in any situation. We cannot make mistakes. We cannot be put in tragic circumstances. It will never happen to us, ever.