Universe Family Healing Is Amazing!

Universe Family Healing is powerful and real. I am living through several spiritual set ups here in Yuma, AZ that are playing out one after another, all in my favor.  The nasty negative parts, the “negativity”, has been purged. The Universe is here where I live and work. It is so amazing to live through this time and be the victor. Only reality remains with Universe Family Healing. The players are purged and left and forgotten, just as they should be. My homeland is alive and free.

However, I am a little tired from the events of last month, but I am sure that feeling will go away. I continue to have a very good job. I am helping others everyday. I see the progress being made. I am happy and reassured that I am real. I am always around good people getting positive feedback, constantly!

Right now, my feet are up on my chair as I sit next to the window in my kitchen. I feel the warm breezes around me here in Yuma. It is beautiful. I feel the energies purging off of my body, being pulled away from me and my family.  It is quiet and calm here. Safe and secure too. Slowly, positive changes occur. I am ready for them. Had to get the bullies out of the way first. Hope family reunions are soon to come.