The World is Becoming A Safer Place

I see the results of my healing process and it confirms that what I am doing is actually working here on this planet! WORLD LEADERS FINALLY COLLABORATED TOGETHER TO STOP WHAT WAS GOING TO DESTROY  EVERYTHING!

Now I know that I am really doing it… I was able to remove enough of this negative energy mass so that the people in Pais could focus on living again! Once they were all together in one place, this negative energy mass was totally released.. It cannot be grown into a spiritual world again..

This has turned everything around the right way and nothing will stop us ever again because the spiritual energies of Europe are fading finally… This event was completely stalled for many years… I connected with so many energies there that it was broken down and lifted away..Now no one in my family will ever have to go to Europe.. This will never happen… We stay here at home and watch the result of Universal Family Healing from a safe distance…

My family’s relocation continues without any problems. We are going with the flow of the Universe and it is taking us home…





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