Healer Speaks the Truth and Sends the Bad People Away

The truth is very powerful in a spiritual setting. I CONSIDER THE SPIRITUAL WORLD A BIG, BAD “SET UP” CONTROLLED BY SPIRITUAL ENERGY. Spiritual setups are not able to handle truths. Spiritual setups are only in existence because of corruption, falsities, and lies. When the truth starts coming to the surface, the setup starts to fall apart BECAUSE THE ENERGY SUPPORTING IT IS PURGED AWAY… But, it is not a very fast degradation…And I have to make sure I am not pulled into the middle. I HAVE TO PURGE SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN MY HOME. I CANNOT BE CLOSE TO THE BAD PEOPLE OR I CAN BE IN DANGER…

It takes a while to make things better. I am still here purging of course. But I still see the bad people getting their way. I am safe thank goodness, but others are involved in very evil ways. I am the truth sayer. I am not the bad person. There are so many bad people though still getting their way, doing things wrong, and getting paid a very nice salary for it….Evil and disgusting…

Truth telling has taken a back seat to corruption and lies. Changing the world requires truth telling all the time. It is never OK to lie or pretend. It is not OK to play games with people and their money. It is not good to use people in bad ways. This is what happens in a spiritual world and I am not in it anymore. When I was, I experienced a lot of bad things because I was the only good person there, so I left…But I am trying to make my new world safe. Therefore I have to do a little interacting here and there with that old, evil place I know so well. I do not like it though…I can purge spiritual energy now and that is all I do.

I wish I could make it completely disappear…. That is my wish! But at least I have the power of purging. I guess I am the only one who can do this. So I use it and I do not stop purging out the spiritual world and the creeps who exist there. And someday I will see a beautiful place again around me and a few very good people will exist in it….

Purging spiritual energy sends the bad people AWAY…



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