Real Universal Healing Means Purging Spiritual Energy: I am a Real Universal Healer

I want to make this clear one more time since more people around the world are reading my blog.  I want them to know that I am not a spiritual healer at all. I get rid of spiritual energy. I do not cleanse it or play in it. I do not follow it and blindly abide by it. I do use it to make money by lying and misleading people…I simply get rid of it….How can I possibly do this? It is easy for me. I am a very natural and real Universal Healer. I am connected universally not spiritually…I purge and merge this energy into our universe.

My healing occurs at the universal level. I am way beyond the spiritual realm. Still not getting what I mean? It could be that you are still very spiritually controlled…There is this heavy spiritual energy layer connecting some humans right now. It is the wrong kind of energy for humans. All humans should be connected universally. That is how things were meant to be…Universal energy keeps the bad spiritual energy away from humans. Universal energy is a powerful magnetic energy that pulls this evil spiritual energy cloud away from humans.  Purging and merging spiritual energy is like a recycling program that our natural universe has in place to maintain life’s balance. Spiritual energy is also very magnetic and merges into the universal energy field. A healthy and safe balance is then restored and life can go on. The sun can continue to shine and be a renewed source of life forever…

Being spiritual just means you are very mind-controlled by this alien energy. And that is the truth! If you connect yourself to the universal energy outside in our real world, this spiritual energy will be taken away from you. This is how I heal. I can do this from the comfort of my home where I am safe and secure. I do not have to be anywhere but at home. That is how I was able to connect myself universally. I had to detach and stay totally away from the spiritual world I was involved with…

I stay home and purge out this evil energy field that has surrounded my community.  I do care what others think of me. They are not really important at all.  I know the scientific world is not going to talk to me. They are very spiritual too…Even scientists will fade away. Everything spiritual has an end now and spirituality does not ever begin again. That also means the fake spiritual healers who steal money all the time from people and make false promises will cease to exist. All that fake spiritual healers do is continue to create dying worlds. They are not going to exist ever again… 

I am happy that I can post and blog about my amazing but totally natural ability… I am a real Healer because I heal universally….It is the truth…

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