Purge the Souls: Only Universe Family Healers Do This

Oh my goodness! Yes I am saying it correctly. Souls are an important part of a spirit world. A soul in every human connects the spirits to other spirits. As souls are purging the spirit world dies. What remains is our human world, safe from spiritual infestation.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge souls. My family lives a real human life, without spiritual control.

Our World Is Finally Healing

I am following up on my recent posts about spirits and humans. Humans have been under spiritual control for a very long time. I do not know how it all started. I do not have that knowing. I wish I did. Maybe someone else does, but I don’t. Spirits have been glued to humans and started a process of spiritual connections from one human to another.

It all happened so very long ago. And apparently real Healers were not able to sever this connection. I think maybe the real Healers of old were not able to survive their circumstances for whatever reason. And so, the spirits grew in size and covered all humans with a blanket of their negative energy. Spirit energy causes humans to age and die. Their energy is not good for humans.

We do not need spirits obviously. And now that the Universe is taking spirits away from humans, positive changes are finally happening in our real world. We will continue to see these positive changes all the time now.

Our world has been stuck in the ancient times with very little improvement. I guess the problem has been there and none really thought about it. Spirit energy infestation makes us forget all about spirits being a big problem. We become so mind-controlled when they are with us. I certainly was too but somehow I was able to connect with our Universe powers and start my own healing process. I am so connected with the Universe that I constantly purge spirits all the time. It never stops with me. I have a program called the Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP or Program). I created it so I can say I am always working as a Universe Family Healer, 24/7.

I read the daily news and see what happens everyday. I understand the reason for what I am reading is that the spirit layers are purging and so more and more people can be real and speak the truth without fear. Our world is going to live and not perish. The spirits are on their Universe Journey now. They will always be on their Universe Journey. It does not stop.

Universe Family Healing has successfully healed our world and continues to be extremely active in helping humans live. I want to make sure that whoever reads my blog understands that my healing is not a game or fad or scam, but a real natural phenomenon that saves humanity from extinction.

Have a very good day and take care as always,

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer or just



Spirits are Parasites, Humans Are Their Host

This information must be understood by all humans. We are under a spiritual blanket without even realizing it. Once we realize what is really happening with spirits it becomes easy to get rid of them. But first there has to be an awareness of the problem. It is very hard to become aware. I did finally in my recent years.

I did not know about anything spiritual. I did not knowingly do anything about spirits when I was young. I just lived a controlled life without realizing it. Somehow my healing abilities were always with me. I have been connected to the Universe since I was very young. I was born in Yuma, AZ and lived here for a few years before I was taken away. That is how I was able to purge spirits even when I was young.

The people who took me away were not good people. They wanted to have a girl in their family. They only cared about looking good to others. I was not given any kind of encouragement with my natural abilities. So the spiritual layers upon me were able to make me into someone else entirely. I was living in California and did as other Californians did. I never once thought about my homeland during that time.

The spirit parasites had total control over me as I lived there until I was able to reach an age when their controls were weakened. I began understanding more and more about the spirit worlds. I began talking about healing and the Universe. I blogged. It worked. The spirit layers came off. The bad people were distanced from me finally.

My life changed more and more. I had to live through many difficult times but I was always able to succeed. I did not succumb to the spiritual invasion. More humans everywhere must understand this and become aware of the spirit problems. Just the simple awareness will release a great deal of negative spirits from the body. It is easy now because I am able to purge constantly and be totally in control of it.

So, we must understand that having a soul is not good. A soul is just a huge ball of spirits clumped together in your abdominal area. This ball of spirits has connected humans for a very long time. It has allowed the spirits to have a life of their own. We must all purge our souls. We do not need a soul to live. In fact all the soul does is plan our death.

Hopefully people who read my blog will understand this quite easily. The spirit purging continues even if very few people read my blog. The Universe is wide open now and does not need approval from anyone to purge spirits.


This email is always here for anyone who needs to reach me, i.e. a family member or someone who just wants to talk more privately about what I have written. I am happy to answer questions and tell you what I know. I can post answers below. Comments are fine. However, I will not allow any negative comments on my blog.

Have a very good day and take care,







Getting Rid Of the Spirits: Finally, We Can All Agree About Something!

As I look over my daily blog stats, it is so wonderful that I am being viewed by people all over the world. That is amazing. And certainly we can all agree that it is a very good thing to finally be getting rid of the spirits. As this spirit infestation reduces more and more, we will all be able to communicate with each other in a very real and human way. It gets easier now.

I read the daily news too just like everyone else. I see what is going on all over the place. Lots of truth telling and lots of violence.But because it is a powerful and permanent Universe Time, these events we see are constantly changing for the good.

We are not stuck as a planet anymore. Some parts of our world were very stuck in a dark web of nasty spiritual energy. It caused a lot of problems obviously! Spiritual energy purging is occurring everywhere now. The Universe is wide open and accepts all of the spiritual energy we offer.

Those world wide problems are fading away because I know at least one other Universe Family Healer is alive and well in China. And I am very pleased that she was able to make it back to her homeland last year, after living abroad in Canada. Now, this trend is going to continue. More Universe Family Healers are returning home.

We can all agree that we are so happy so be finally getting rid of the spirits. This is a worldwide phenomenon. We can all join together on this one. Our planet is healing and will never succumb to a negative death as other worlds have in the ancient times.

We are a planet of Universe Family Healers. We will keep the spirits away from Earth permanently. We can enjoy watching the wonderful changes that are happening everyday. Our Universe is healthy and active again.




Rain Came Today

Feels so good to have rain. It does not rain much here in Yuma. But it is raining right now. The waters are returning to our planet. There is nothing to stop it now. Water will be everywhere it needs to be. Spiritual controls have made our planet in an unbalanced unnatural state, not conducive for life.

But now those spiritual barriers are going away on the Universe.

Water will return from deep within our planet to make sure life continues.

This balancing is a direct result of Universe Family Healing. As spiritual energy is consumed into our Universe, a real transformation occurs in our atmosphere and this includes weather patterns.

Scientists will not accept this phenomenon because they are very spiritual in nature and never discuss the Universe as I do. This natural phenomenon does not need approval by anyone. Life on the planet Earth continues to improve without any intervention by scientists.

I continue to serve our planet by purging and merging spiritial energy into our Universe. This activity does not stop and requires no testing or measuring to be effective. My Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) is always on and never will end. That is our assurance that life continues.



I Am On Universe Time

I live differently now. If you read this post, you may not understand what I mean. Universe Time happens when you separate your spiritual side and release it to the Universe. I remain here alive because I am a physical being, a real human. I do not die.

But spirits are leaving my body and merging with the Universe outside my window. Believe it or not, the outside atmosphere has a magnetic quality. That is why spiritual energies merge with the outside world, and die.

Spirits cannot live without a human host. Spirits are parasites. I have blogged many times about this. I am simply stating it one more time because new people read my blog all of the time and need to catch up quickly.

We have our Universe back now. It is available for all good people to get rid of their spirits and be totally free of the negative influence around them.

Please read any of the information here. I am available to answer questions by email. I do not charge anything. I am simply creating the awareness of what is happening now in our healing Earth.


Healer Julia Angel

The Sun In February…

I have the sun in February now. I am in total control of February. In the past, February was a very dark and evil time for me. The spirits were in total control of February and did as they wanted. I remember those times very well how I was so controlled to do things I would not of done had I been totally here. I was not aware of the Universe then. I was simply going along with the negative control factors in place.  But, I noticed that last year and this year, I am very much in control of February now.

I also know that there was a time a long time ago when I was still in control of February. It was before I had my children. Somehow my control over February allowed me to continue to have my children. I now see this as a time when I needed to be in control. If I did not have my own children, I would never have understood that I was not raised by my birth family. I can tell instantly the difference now. There are no real bonds with me or any of my so-called “family  members” who I was around during my childhood years. That connection was totally spiritual. I had to have my own children to understand the difference. I became a Universe Family Healer when I understood this process of purging spiritual energy into the Universe.

So, I am in total control of February. I have the sun all of the time in February and it is the best time to purge toward the sun. I returned to my homeland where it is the sunniest place on this planet. In northern areas during winter, there is not much sun. And also people are afraid of the sun up north. I was never afraid of the sun.  I can understand why those people are afraid of the sun as they are highly spiritual. But I was never spiritual at all.

I love the sun. I always have loved  being in the sun. It is a huge powerful magnet which totally consumes spiritual energy. I sit in the sun and it is amazing what happens! There is this extreme magnetic pulling I feel from my hands and body. The energy stream of spiritual energy is very gritty and moves quickly towards the sun. It is automatic. The sun enjoys this connection too. It is a very good interaction I experience. There is nothing negative about the sun, unless you are  a spiritual being.

I remember that time long ago, when I went to the beach during February and the sun was there. I enjoyed it. It was very powerful for me. I guess I was able to purge a lot but did not know it. It certainly made everything change for the good. I have permanent control of February now. Perhaps in the future, February will be removed from our calendar because it is so highly negative and bad for our planet. That is what I am hoping will happen soon.



The Power of the Twos

I don’t really like to refer to specific number days that much.  That tends to be a spiritual thing. But I will mention today’s date: 2-22. I know that the Power of the Twos has not been discussed the right way. There may be some ancient descriptions somewhere. In the negative world the spirits do not want the Power of the Twos to be well-known. I do know what this means though. I will post about it here today in honor of this date.

The Power of the Twos means the power of the human being in a natural state, without any spiritual involvement. Human beings are at the top as we know. We have the supreme intellect. We walk erect. We have two eyes, ears, hands, and feet. But, the real power is when two Universe beings unite together as mates. I mean a man and a woman who are both Universe connected.

This is where we are going with Universe Family Healing. First, the Universe families must heal. Then we can find our Universe mates. That is how it is happening right now. It never works otherwise. I have tried it and it does not work. I was the only one with a Universe connection. All that happens is a constant break up.

Only when both man and woman are really Universe connected can this bonding be real. I look forward to this time when we are all together with our mates. There is no marriage ceremony. That is all spiritual and unnecessary. In fact marriage is a very low-level bonding which fails all of the time! Ceremonies are highly negative events and not a Universe function.

I want the Power of the Twos to be understood the right way. I posted about it today so that is real and easy to understand in our healing world. There is no life alone forever. But there is a short time alone to purge out completely the nasty negative spirits that have clung to us for a very long time. Once those negative parts are eliminated, a natural bonding occurs which can never be broken again.




Universe Transition Time- An Important Concept to Understand

One thing I have never really blogged about is the concept of Universe Transitions. I have lived through many of them over the past several years. But now I can see it as what it really is. A Universe Transition is not something that the spirits setup. In fact, it is just the opposite of a spiritual setup. Most of what we do in this world has a spiritual control somewhere attached to it.

A Universe Transition is what happens when those spiritual attachments are removed. That is why being on the Universe is so important to us in our healing world. As those spiritual attachments are purged, we can easily sit back and relax and not be in any danger. People who are not connected to the Universe will be in danger all the time now.

A Universe Transition effectively pulls one away from a dangerous situation at exactly the right time! Amazing. Universe Transitions can involve a living arrangement or a job situation. It can also involve a personal relationship. All of these things have been contaminated extensively by the spirits without us even knowing it. Now, I automatically understand the changes I go through with Universe Family Healing. I Go With The Flow and it is easy and safe. I never worry about Universe Transitions because I understand the phenomenon.  Again, everyday is new and different and always available to make good things happen.

As time goes on, more and more of us will be involved in Universe Transitions all of the time. It is a safe and reliable way to get to the right place in our healing world.


The California Dream is Over

When I abruptly left California on December 31, 2015, I had no real idea of why I was returning to my home town. I just knew that it was the only place I could go. I had done everything I could in California to keep going in searching for my birth family. I had nothing else to do there. All of the times I lived through in California were done. I had to get out of California. I purged most of the California dream there.

I am very well aware of the spiritual aspects that controlled me throughout my life in California. Most people will never understand that. They will remain spiritual, live and die. But that short life was not for me. I never knew I was a powerful Universe Family Healer. No one ever told me I was. I was not encouraged in this way. I was not mentored at all.

This is how Universe Family Healing works. It is an unfolding of the real world. Universe is the real world. Spiritual is not the real world. These are two separate things entirely. Spiritual beings remain spiritual. They continue to promote spiritual activities. They never are going to release their spirits and get out of denial. Universe Family Healing releases the spirits that keep good people in denial. Denial is just a spirit set up of spiritual layers hiding the truth. Once truth is exposed through purging spirits, life becomes real.

Some people read through my blog and do not like it. They do not understand it. They cannot agree. But the reality is that I don’t really need everyone agreeing with me. I do not need anyone saying “You are right!” Spirits need groups of people clumping together to keep themselves active. Spirits need people agreeing and doing as they wish. It is not really a free way to live. Most people today are highly spiritual and remain that way until they die. Spirits are weak around Universe Family Healers. Spirits die when they are purged on the Universe.

There were a few times in California that were real. Most times were not and will just be forgotten. Soon all of that spirit involvement will cease to exist. Our planet, our Earth will live and not succumb to a spiritual death as other planets in our Universe have done.

I left California to live. I now live in my home land. I cannot be afraid here.  Remnants of the fading California spirit setups are ineffective here. Yuma is the only place for me to live. The ten-year cycle from California has ended and so have the spirits fueling it. There are no more ten-year cycles from California around me. All of that is purged on the Universe.

I am explaining this in detail so it can be understood why many of us will be returning to our home towns. This is a totally natural and real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing. Home is the best place to be in a purging spiritual world such as ours is right now. At home, we can be safe and surrounded by our real birth families who love us! We will never be apart from our families again. That is how we defeat the evil spirits. There will not be any more spirit matching by soul mates or adoptions, etc. That time is done.

In February 2018, the California Dream ends and families are reunited safely. And the spirits continue to purge outside of my window as I say this. They cannot stop purging ever. Their time is done.