I Seek the Truth, I Speak the Truth

Universe Family Healing is taking me away from the negative world of spirits and fake families. First, I had to figure out that I was not raised by my birth family! This took years and years of healing to understand. I even confronted a “sibling” with this gradual knowing and was told, “Well I know she is my mother”. I told him, I do not feel any connections to any of the family members I grew up with. I only felt connections with my own sons. I know the difference.

Years! Years! Unbelievable that the truth was always kept from me.  I feel that Universe Family Healing is responsible for me leaving that negative world of liars and allowing me to return to my birthplace. I am now living here in Yuma, AZ, working and reestablishing myself. It has been a very interesting time. I am still seeking the truth. I am still searching for my birth parents. I am wondering where they are? I feel they are still alive. I would like to talk to them sometime. I just want to tell them I understand, and would not hold them to blame for what happened to me.

During the 1950s, it was quite common for young girls who had babies to be told they had to let their baby go. They had to let their baby be adopted. Even if the moms did not want to do this, babies were taken away from the arms of their moms. It was considered OK by the medical doctors, social workers, and lawyers. During that time, it was OK to automatically remove the newborn from the mother.

This is not happening now. It is not quite the same. But last century, it was very commonly done. Girls were sent away to have their babies and then had to let them go.

I know this only because I did a little research and discovered how bad the so-called professionals handled young unwed mothers in the last century. Young unwed mothers had little choices. Sad. I cannot imagine ever having to give my baby away for any reason whatsoever. I do not know that I could survive it. Not a good time for humans…

Spiritual games were played out during this time. Highly spiritual people were in total control and did as they wanted. Families had little to say about it. They did as they were instructed. It was a very negative time in human history. I understand the circumstances that existed during this time. I know that this time will never happen again. It was eventually purged out by the Universe. But so many heartaches and despairs remain unaltered.

I can share this information here on my blog because that is what Universe Family Healing really means. It is the separating from the fake families and reuniting with the real families. It is a gradual process but works. Nothing else can explain why I am back here in Yuma, AZ when I never even thought one moment about returning here to my birthplace.

I am here now and will never leave again. I hope I find my birth family members soon…

Healer Julia Angel











There is a Universe! It is Our Universe…

When I was very young, I never knew about the Universe. I only learned about the Universe recently, say the past ten years or so. I never really thought much about it at all.

I never felt this constant pulling like I do now.  Purging spiritual energies feels like liquid sand paper moving along my skin, out my feet and hands. It is quite real. I can feel it all the time. I never could when I was younger.

How long does it take for a real Healer to be here. Here? I mean fully understanding the powers of the Universe and being a part of it at the same time. It takes years to achieve this level of understanding. No one has ever explained this to me. I have no mentor. I have no teacher. It has all been a process of gradual knowing as the spirit layers are removed. I know more now than I ever have before. I can help others and I do. I simply know automatically.

I do not ask spirits for guidance. I purge spirits, and I know more after the spirit purging is done. Spirits are an alien life form. Spirits are parasites to the human body. You do not want spirits to be around you. Spirits cannot end themselves. They continue to grow around humans creating their own little worlds of webs and angles. Only a real Universe Family Healer can break up these connections and get this mess out onto the Universe.

Thank goodness we have a very healthy and powerful Universe. The spirits are purged and die. Our living world is saved. Life continues. Spirits die and humans live.

I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. I assist others in their own healing. I do not talk much about it, but healing is always happening wherever I am. It does not stop. It happens automatically, without their knowledge.

My healing does not require any rituals. My healing is not based on any religion or spirituality.  Religions are highly ritualistic and therefore very spiritual. My healing does not allow spirituality to take control in my living world. Religion is not controlling me or my family. Religion is just another spiritual game that will eventually be purged away forever.

The Universe is real. The Universe’s magnetic flow continues to make life real and safe. Our Universe wants life to continue and not perish. Spirits are removed by our Universe so humans live. This is a permanent purging process. The spirits cannot return to our world once they are purged.

Someday, this kind of information will be common knowledge. It is not at that point right now, but it will be. No one else talks about the Universe as I do. I am the first Healer to do this and I am speaking the truth. I continue to blog as I feel comfortable and share my thoughts about Universe Family Healing. It is an amazing healing process. There is nothing else like it anywhere…


This email is how you can contact me anytime. I am here to help.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Healer Julia Angel

The Universe is not a Spiritual Game

Do not confuse the Universe with spirituality.

There is nothing spiritual about our Universe. The spiritual worlds exist only around humans and therefore are human parasites. Spiritual worlds cannot exist in our outside atmosphere.  People who are highly spiritual cannot be part of our Universe. They may think they are, but unless purging is happening, there is nothing real going on. Spirits may play all kinds of games about our Universe. Spirits may tell us they are the Universe. They are not the Universe.

Spirits cannot live in our outside environment. They can only live in a tightly set up atmosphere around humans. It is very precise. Once their environment is disrupted, their bubbles burst and they are done.

Our Universe is our outside environment where real living things grow. But spirits cannot live outside. They die quickly upon merging with our atmosphere. Spirits are aliens to our living world. Connecting the spirits to our outside atmosphere allows a magnetic phenonmenon to happen. Spirits are actively pulled away from humans forever. They are merged with an enormous magnetic energy field of our Universe and gone for good.

Our Universe is actively working and never off. It is always on and doing it’s amazing job of spirit removal..





Universe Time: Positive Changes Ahead For Workplaces

During Universe Time, there are only positive changes occurring. No bad things happen ever. I simply love this time and I know that all is good for me. I move forward everyday knowing what I need to do. I do just that and stop. I never make a mistake now. I do not get into trouble. I know what it means to be in the middle of things. It is not a good place to be. I stay out of the middle and watch the changes happening around me. I am not the target, rather, I am the observer. My healing allows this to happen. I cannot make a mistake. I cannot be a target anymore.

Positive change includes a safe and healthy workplace. I do like to work but many workplaces still can be toxic and negative. I have learned how to deal with a toxic workplace. It is rather easy for me to continue working and let the negative people stay where they are. I do not get involved much at the workplace anymore, I simply go to the workplace and work and leave to go home. I am not interested in making friends at the workplace. I am not interested in establishing any romantic relationships either in the workplace. That is the wrong way to do things for me. I have done those things in the past, but not know. That time is part of the spiritual life I left behind me.

I am really only interested in doing a very good job. I do a very good job and am highly respected in return by most people. There are also a few very nasty negative ones in workplaces. Because I purge their energies they try to interact with me in unprofessional ways. I call them out and report them and they are dealt with accordingly.

Workplaces can be fun. In the future our workplaces will be safe and healthy once again. I am continually making sure my workplace is a safe and healthy workplace.




Universe Time

I am living on Universe Time. This means that spirits are not in control of my life anymore. They used to be totally controlling my life. That time is over. Universe Time is well established now. There is no force that can stop Universe Time. The negative forces that inhibited the Universe from working properly are purging out and being recycled by the Universe ‘s magnetic fields. Those spirits will no longer be able to say anything or do anything around humans. This process gradually decreases the amount of living spirits. Once a spirit hits the Universe, it dies. Spirits cannot live by themselves in our outside atmosphere. If you are understanding this, you will open your windows and let the fresh in and never close those windows again. Spirit infestations set up in homes where the windows are never opened.

Universe Time is wonderful. I am so happy to be living on Universe Time. Nothing goes wrong at all. I know exactly what I must do everyday. I am never is trouble. I am not in any peril. I simply do what is necessary for that day then stop and rest.

I love to post about Universe Time. I am the only human posting about it. You will never hear about it anywhere else. I created the term Universe Time. I continue to talk about it and make it more powerful and real every day.

Healer Julia Angel


Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) Continues….

This program is administered by me. I do not require any grant money or federal funding. I continue to be in charge of this program. There is no off button, no end.

The parasite is a spirit. Spirits are a very dangerous human parasite. Most people do not even realize they are highly infested with spirits. It is easy for me to tell if someone is infested. Once I detect an infestation on a human, my purging process (PPPP) immediately kicks in and begins removing the infestation. The infested person does not even realize I am purging. It is amazing how quietly this process occurs. Those highly infested people have no control over me. I instead control them.

Once the PPPP is initiated on a spiritual being, it controls the actions of its spirits. All spiritual activities cannot complete. The spiritual set-up is shut down. The spirits cannot do what they want to do. Purging and merging spiritual energy on the Universe stops the spiritual set-ups.

Too bad for the spiritual worlds that try to control everything related to humans. Spirits are defeated. Spirits are done. Spirits are dying as they purge onto our Universe. Spirits cannot live in our natural environment. Spirits can only live inside and around humans where they build up their spiritual webs and angles.

Spirits like to call humans who are highly controlled by them their “angels”. But, not all so-called angels are spiritual in nature. Spirits make their angels live in their set-up world. They set up their angels’ homes with addresses including the numbers 44, which are old spiritual angel numbers. For example, my previous address in Marin County was: 44 Captain Nurse Circle. 44 meaning you are “surrounded by angels”… Ha ha ha….

Many of these “angels” are just Universe Family Healers who have not been able to connect their energies to the Universe. I am finding this to be the case here in my homeland. Fortunately, I am here to make sure that all Universe Family Healers are indeed connected to the Universe and actively purging out the spiritual infestation that has controlled their lives.

I am very successful at doing this.




I have an email address above if you are needing support with this situation. I can help you. I really do have the powerful natural abilities of knowing and purging.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I do appreciate real people understanding what is going on today. The changes that happen as a result of the PPPP are amazing and fantastic. Lives are permanently changed for the good. And most importantly, families are reunited in a very positive way.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer

I am Living a Real Life

I see how I have changed over the past several years. My blog is now almost 4 years old. I can see how my blog posts have changed as well. I moved back to my homeland in December 2015. I left a very negative place called Marin County. I was stuck there for over 20 years. I blogged there and now I am blogging here. I see quite a difference in my blogs. I can no longer play any computer games really. It is no fun anymore. Many of those games are highly negative, produced by people who are very spiritual. I instead feel like doing more real activities. I blog, I grow food. I keep my home clean. I make sure my food supply is kept up to date and is stored safely. And at one time, these simple activities were very difficult to do. But not now. These real activities are the most important ones in my day.

I do have a job. I receive a paycheck for my job. I keep my job secure. I do a very good job at my workplace. This is important because for many years I was not working much at all. But since I relocated back to my homeland, that has changed for the good. I can easily live here, support myself, and live a real life again. It was not the case in Marin County. I purged out Marin County finally. Those spirits are still around me but are being purged onto the Universe. They have no affect on me here in my homeland.

My healing ability is stronger than ever. I can easily move through the days ahead. I have no worrries. I have no debt. I pay all of my bills every month and buy food. I am not in any legal messes. I am safe and secure in my homeland. It has taken me years to return here. My homeland is Yuma, AZ in the Sonoran Desert.

When I was younger, as a very small baby, I was not allowed to stay here in my homeland. I was taken from my mother. The people who took me were not interested in the fact that they did something very wrong. They all thought it was the right thing to do. It is never right to take a baby away from the loving mother. It is not OK to do this. The spirits allowed this to happen. The negative people of the time were highly spiritual. And this happened to many people over and over and over. So there was much trauma everywhere, all the time. That is how a spiritual world ends up destroying human lives. The human family unit is the most important and powerful bond that exists. But if babies are not with their birth families, the family unit and powerful bond is weakened. Adoption is a spiritual game. It is not real…

I continue to open up my real world here in Yuma and look forward to meeting my real family. And how did I know that I was not raised by my birth family? They never told me.. I knew because I have 3 sons. I can easily tell the difference. None of those people I was around when I was growing up are related to me. I know that. I am not close to any of them, but I remain very close to my sons..

Age of Reality is Kicking in Nicely

As reality returns to our world, we can feel the abundant power of the Universe. There is so much power in the Universe that has been hidden away for centuries, for the ages. Spirits have controlled our lives and destinies but that is over now. Spirits are being purged and merged into our Universe where a recycling method is in place. Spirit energy is highly magnetic and contains several types of minerals which can be reused for good purposes. This replenishment continues nonstop as the Universe is needing these resources to continue its efforts for positive change.

We need our Universe intact and healthy. Our Universe is not dying as some people claim. The Universe is alive and growing. And a balancing is taking place that allows our living world to exist. Our atmosphere is receiving nutrients when spirit energy is purged and merged into it. Purging is feeding our Universe very well now.

And the families which were separated by the spiritual world continue to reunite slowly but in a very purposeful and definite direction.  This means that all of the wrongs are righted. And more spirit purging happens as a result. Real families are strong and live together. Real families are Universe Families. Separation ceases to exist. In the past, it has always been the separation of Universe Healers from their families that caused the spiritual time to evolve and grow. And this has occurred over and over for a very long time. Layers upon layers of negative energy made real healing extremely difficult to achieve.

Spiritual healing was never enough. And will never be enough. In fact, spiritual healing is purged too by Universe Family Healing.






The Spiritual Age is Over

Spirits are no longer in control of humans. Their time is over. Now everywhere the Age of Reality is blooming brightly. Reality is very easy to see. The truth is no longer hidden under layers of spiritual energy. Those layers are gone. Now, we can all live on Universe Time.

Since I am a Universe Family Healer, my healing is happening everywhere on this planet. Be assured that nothing goes wrong anymore. Life continues. Spirits die. Humans live. We are fortunate to experience such a strong and powerful Universe Time. We will never experience another Spiritual Age again ever.

The Age of Reality is stable and secure. All of the demons of our world will be viewed openly and dealt with swiftly. Then, there will be no more. Universe Family Healing brings real families back together. Life is wonderful. Feel the joy and be happy again. Your family will always be with you.

Universe Time: Living a Real Life

I am quite sure I am the only human who is discussing Universe Time. I have created this term because it describes how life is when the Universe is open and active. Now the Universe is not a human. No, of course not. The Universe is our outside natural environment. There is a very strong magnetic atmosphere in our Universe. But if you are not connected to it, you will not be able to live on Universe Time.

Most humans today live on Spiritual Time (in the Spiritual Age). Their bodies are totally entrapped with spiritual energy.  Therefore they cannot understand at all what I am talking about. It took me so many years to understand the Universe phenomenon. I get it now. I try to explain it simply on my blog for others to understand. If you are entrapped in spiritual energy you will have a hard time understanding any of this.

But some of us are connecting to our Universe. Some of us are not needing spiritual connections to live. I have experienced a dramatic change in my life over the past ten years. I am totally disconnected from the spiritual energies and life I was involved in. I am only on Universe Time now. That means I can constantly purge and merge all of the spiritual entities that keep coming my way. And they do still visit me of course.

But as they arrive in my home or environment, the spiritual entities are immediately moved away from me and merged with our Universe. It sounds like science fiction, but it is real.  Too bad those scientists are not discussing the Universe the way I do. They are simply too spiritual to understand. Too bad.

I do not have to depend on any other scientist as  I consider myself a real scientist. After all, I have an MSN degree, so I do not really need their support in any way. I know they are not like me and never will be. I am at the same level of education as many of them. Therefore, I have the perfect right to describe what is going on in the Universe right now. It is nothing they are saying really.

Our Universe as we know it is changing. All is good. There has never been a change like this before. It is needed in order for life to continue. If we only had spiritual humans alive, life would eventually cease to exist. That is the truth.

Someone has to get rid of the spirits. The spirits cannot end themselves. They continue to create more layers of spiritual energies around people and places. However, even as they create their worlds, at the same time, their worlds are being purged by me.

And that is what Universe Time means. It is the end of the Spiritual Age, the time when the spiritual worlds are purged from human existence forever.

As always, thank you for reading my words. I only speak the truth. You will feel the power of my words every time you read them. We all need to purge out and become Universe beings.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer