Universe Family Healing Cleans Up the Workplace

This is what I am experiencing right now. The reality of the Universe in my workplace. What an incredible and powerful force. I observe negative set ups falling apart before my eyes. What was once standard procedures for dealing with problems eliminated because of their negative non-productivity. I see this all first hand and know that I can continue in a workplace again and be totally on top. I see absolutely no problems in my working world.

I am mentioning this today because it continues to get easier and more fun at work.  I know that Universe Family Healing can help other people too who are having difficulties with toxic work environments.

In the past, Healers have had many difficulties in the workplace and negative people have had all the control. Not any longer. I wanted to document this today because I am actively employed helping others and it is working out so well. This is the first time I have been at work in April for many years! This means that all of the rest of this year is getting even better and better. My work activities continue to make positive changes. I do not have obstacles. I am totally successful.

If you experience toxic and negative work environments, you are definitely not in control of your world and face possible financial difficulties. Once you have connected your spiritual energies to our Universe, the bad people simply fade out. They are not there at work anymore.

I am not making this up. It really happens. I have witnessed this over and over again during this year.


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Feeling Good is the Only Way to Feel

Universe Family Healing allows us to feel again. We are able to know instantly what to do in any situation. We are not full of fear, in fact fear is gone. Negative emotions and negative feelings are gone. Universe Family Healing means we are a Universe Family. We have successfully connected our spiritual energies to our outside Universe, the real world outside in nature.

This allows a purging and merging process to occur.  The magnetic qualities of spiritual energy are not as powerful as the Universe’s magnetic field. There is a constant pulling effect of this negatively charged spiritual energy away from all of us.  This big mass of dark energy is vacuumed successfully away and we are allowed to live comfortably and safely wherever we are.

Instead of us humans being led around on spiritual journeys, we are now able to force the spirits to go on their final and forever Universe Journey.

Connecting your spiritual energies to the Universe is possible now. Soon you can feel the pulling too. You can experience this phenomenon for yourself. It will prove to you that Universe Family Healing is real and powerful. It is not a scam or fad. It will not come and go. It is permanently here to stay. We do not need any research studies to tell us this. We experience it everyday.

This phenomenal healing process is possible through interaction with me on my website.

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Growing Food Safely Once Again

I posted about this before I moved to Yuma. I was very much involved with growing food at home a few years ago. I enjoyed this activity very much. We had many varieties of peppers and tomatoes, and many other types of fruits and vegetables in our home garden. What fun it was to see all of the types of food growing in the garden.

Now, I am beginning to grow food here in my home town. I am happy to do this again. But I am finding it extremely difficult to find the right kind of soil amendments that were available in Northern California. The organic compost situation here in Yuma is sad. There really is no animal free organic compost available to have delivered. I am a little disappointed but I see this as a need for our community. Starting up a few animal free organic compost farms would be nice. I for one would love to be involved with this venture.

I mean, organic compost with no animal products like manure. Organic compost should be animal product free. It should just contain plant and food scraps. We had a very nice compost pile in Marin. It produced beautiful, clean smelling dark compost.  I want to start this up here soon. But for now, I continue to search for the right type of soil amendment, and confer with my son who is the expert in this field. Hopefully we will find the right product soon.

Sandy soil is everywhere here in the desert. But sand needs the right amendments added to grow food.



Sweet Basil

If you are a family member interested in this venture, please feel free to contact me:

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Together we can make this happen for our family.

My Healing Power Continues…

No end to my healing abilities. No stopping what I do. I am free to be who I really am. I do not talk about my healing ability in the public arena. I keep my personal ability to myself. I do not advertise on the Internet. I only blog here as a way to document my experiences.

I do not read about this phenomenon elsewhere. I am sure other healers have a similar experience. But I am the only one using these terms and no one else is documenting Universe Family Healing. It is a creation that I alone have developed.

Scientists do not discuss anything like this. Yet I experience this energy flowing through my body, feet, and hands all the time. It feels like a rough form of movement much like sandpaper would feel if it was in liquid form. It must be the minerals in this energy, the magnetite for example. The Universe is pulling this negative energy from my body 24/7, always no matter where I am, inside or out.

Interesting to read my words and probably shocking too. Perhaps my words cause a little bit of healing to start. I do not know because no one ever leaves comments. But, I still get visits from all over the world. Right now Europe seems to be looking at me for some reason. Perhaps Europe is feeling a purging wave of energy. I really cannot say more that that.

I continue to provide a phenomenological approach to my healing experience. I do not really care much about it now. I am so used to this person I have become. I just go on my way and perform my duties at my job and even there, this healing is happening without anyone noticing.







Originality Has Returned to Our World

The return of creativity is complete.  During this month of March waves of dark negative energies were purged away from my family by the Universe. As a result of this phenomenon, the human world continues to change positively. There is no longer a stuck set of 3s every time. The 3s of the past, the spiritual setups, are done. There is no repeating of them. The spiritual ways are doomed and over forever.

Spirituality is over. It was a part of our human existence for an extremely long time. If allowed to continue, the human existence would end. Spirituality is all about games played with humans and always results in death.

Spirits are human parasites. The purging of spirits has allowed life on our wonderful planet Earth to continue. Spirits can only exist on humans. Their existence will be forgotten in the future. The spiritual age was a time of darkness and despair. The human body was used as the spirits’ playground. Spirits die instantly when they purge and merge with our outside atmosphere here on planet Earth.

Seems I am the only one speaking these truths today.

So be it.

I will continue to blog and update the progress of Universe Family Healing here on my website.



March is Here, All Good Times Ahead

My blog concerns a very amazing healing process that is only discussed and made available through me. I am living through this month an entirely new way. As a result my family is also experiencing new ways. We are Universe people. We are not spiritual. Our good times are finally here.

March 15, 2017 just passed by. Seems like it took forever to get past that day, but it happened. Everyone in my family feels it, the freedom feeling. Universe Family Healing is real and powerful.



I can help you connect your spiritual energies to our Universe. I know the truth. $50.00 for 3 days of emailing. Payment is through PayPal invoice.

Your truth will be revealed. Your pain will be released.

Your Universe connection will begin..

The Waiting is the hardest part of Universe Family Healing, but the Knowing makes it so much easier.




My Family is On Universe Time…

Universe Time continues and does not stop. Universe Time is the exact opposite of spiritual time. Most people are living only on spiritual time. Not my family! Amazing and real, Universe Time allows only the right things to happen. We have no concerns and always do the right thing. We have no worries or fears. We are confident and in total control of our world.


The Universe has a very powerful magnetic atmosphere that easily pulls spirits away. I constantly feel the pulling from my hands and feet. I feel this negative energy moving through my body and far away from me. As this scientific phenomenon occurs my family experience s Universe Family Healing.

My family can help many people because we are so totally connected and actively purging spiritual energies nonstop, 24/7.


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On Becoming a Healthy Family: A Universe Connection is All That Matters

When I left the nursing world, I realized that whole livelihood of mine was just a big fake set up. All of that stuff that I spent years in nursing school learning about was for nothing. I wasted so much time and money doing all that was required of me. I spent hours writing research papers about health problems and their causes and treatments. I was not at all aware of the reality behind this facade. My approach was always holistic, but not until I totally left that profession (after 30 long years) did I realize  that even holistic nursing is a spiritual set up, a  game that does not mean anything really.

There are all types of healing modalities you can learn in order to be a “holistic practitioner”.  I did not learn to do any of them. My healing abilities emerged naturally as I left that so-called professional environment. I did not “go to school” to learn how to be a Universe Family Healer…I did achieve an MSN, CNS in Parent Child Nursing, and became Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing. Again, none of that made me into who I really am!

I see how overwhelmed people are with the spiritual energies around them. I see how the medical profession is so highly spiritual and controlling. I do not interact with those people at all, although I was raised in a heavily medical environment. I am not holistic either. I am a natural-born Universe Family Healer. I simply purge spiritual energy out onto the universe.

It is not a religious act or spiritual game. I am neither of those.. What I do is just a natural phenomenon that was unavailable to me for most of my life. I was so covered over with multiple layers of spiritual energies from all those gross people I lived with in my early life…I was put into an unfavorable environment without my knowledge or permission. I was totally unaware of who I really was…

I was not raised with my real family. I was somehow put into a fake, made-up family at an early age. I know that I will never hear the truth from the lady who says she is my mother. I know that we are not connected at all and never will be.  There is no real mother child bond there…I have no concerns or caring about her and yet she still lives on in her delusional fantasy world of make-believe… I know the difference because I have my own 3 sons who I gave birth to. I know the difference because I am a real mother and she is not….I have a real mother child bond with my sons. I do not have that with my so-called mother….

I was raised among liars who kept my true identity from me…It was a big sham, my fake family….Not real at all. Just a big spiritual setup to make those two adults who called themselves my parents, look good. I see it all now. I do not care about them or my other so-called siblings. None of them are my real family! I am not suffering at all. I am out of there and very powerful and happy to be who I really am… I do need that kind of support. No one does… The truth is all that matters…

I read about other mothers and what they are going through. The newspapers make a big deal out of it. Again, the newspapers are very spiritual and love to make people know about the suffering of others. The news of today is nothing more than an accounting of deaths and disasters…All stuff from the dark ages! I do not care about those people and what they are going through. I know that most of what has happened in their families is due to childhood abuses and childhood trauma issues. I know that those people remain in denial and play the denial game with the medical profession.. That keeps the game all going..

But I am not there. I offer real healing and a release from that situation. I know that mostly all of the medical conditions of today are not real! I know that autism is caused by a heavy spiritual layering. I know that mental illnesses are also caused by this..Those people working in the mental health profession are highly spiritual and living in the dark ages when they made potions to cure illness and performed silly rituals and such… All nonsense….Today’s medical profession is still there trying to find what is wrong by cutting into the human body and breaking down the natural body’s defenses by giving those psychotropic medications and chemotherapy. I see all of it as a big mass of spiritual energy trying to keep people under its control….

Not anymore….Not here.. Not with me… I know the medical profession of today is a big scam...

When you are connected to the Universe, you see the big picture and leave the spiritual world where suffering is the name of the game….


I can help others connect their spiritual energies to our Universe. I know the truth. $50.00 for 3 days of emailing. Payment is through Paypal invoice.

Your truth will be revealed. Your Universe connection will begin…

Revealing and Accepting the Truth Allows Universe Family Healing to Take Control

When a lie is defeated, real life begins. You cannot continue to exist in the Dead Zone. One lie after another is constantly exposed. This process involves the purging and merging of spiritual energy as it is introduced into the atmosphere of our Universe. This so-called “energy” allowed lies to be in control.

Our natural Universe heals us. I simply provide the truth to allow this natural phenomenon to occur. I know about the truth for all of us. I can start you on your journey to find your Universe family. But, if you are given the truth and do not accept it, you will never connect your energies to our Universe.

Some people want to be instantly “healed”.  They want a healer to do this for them. There are many spiritual healers who will do this for a large fee. People will pay these fake healers as they are so stuck in a miserable life and want instant results. In reality, truth is the only way to be set free from a hellish world.

Yet, when they are told the truth, they continue to deny and stay put. They do not want to face reality. They are really enmeshed in the Dead Zone. Those people will never really connect to the Universe. These people stay in the darkness and despair, the lies and layers of negativity. They are not willing to see the reality of what happened to them in early childhood. They cause others to take the blame for their misfortunes instead of becoming active and informed. They do not prefer to do anything to get themselves out of their nightmare conditions.

I do not wish to be contacted by those people. There are many people like that, wanting instant spiritual cures etc. My UNIVERSE healing process took years and they want it right now. That is never going to happen. Reality is restored year after year. You have to live through each year to make it real.

I am the only Universe Family Healer. I am real. I charge a very small fee and sometimes even waive it. I know how hard it is to become real. I have lived a full life in a very spiritually controlled world and still have to deal with the negative setups of my homeland. One by one I am purging out the ridiculous setups I encounter… But I am home so it is easier for me to achieve this now. I do not have to be in the middle at all. I watch the freak show unfold and see it happening. I know that reality is getting restored every day.


$50.00 for 3 days of emailing

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Awakening from the Dead Zone

When you are enmeshed in the spiritual world, you do not even realize you are! It took me many years to wake up and see reality! Somehow I was able to do this. If not for my sons, I am sure I would not be blogging today. I have been able to see reality because I am a real mom. I gave birth to my sons. I fed them, nursed them, and played with them throughout their growing years. I am still very close with my sons, although they are all adults now. I am very connected and know intuitively when they are in need of my support. Therefore, I know the difference in how I feel . Those fake family members are of no concern to me. They were only a very negative spiritual connection and easily purged.

Now, I know that this is not possible for everyone. Not all of us have had children. But, I know that there will be a time for the good people to experience this wonderful part of real life. That includes having your own biological family to raise and nurture. But first, it is important for Universe Family Healing to occur. That is priority right now.

If you need help understanding this post, you can certainly email me for clarification about your own personal situation. I allow 3 days of emailing for $50. I prefer to email as this documents my words and you can reread as necessary so there is no confusion.



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