Universe Family Healing Is In Full Control and Purging All Spiritual Worlds On Planet Earth Into Our Universe

This is the information that should be on Google News. My blog should be there along with all of those other news sites. Google News sites write about negative events over and over. Firsthealer.com should be there because I post about positive changes in our Universe and world. My posts are real. There is never any fake news here.

Our planet Earth is transforming quickly now into a healthy, living planet. I have an excellent blog that tells the truth about our world. I am not a phony person as I have overcome and purged all of that negative spiritual lifestyle from my past. I am not a psychic expert or chakra healer. That’s not what I do as a Universe Family Healer.

My healing is directly connected to our Universe and so all spiritual worlds (psychics and spiritual healers included) are purged outside and into our Universe. Once those spirit worlds are directly connected to our Universe, they can never return to our planet Earth. Now that is some really good news! Everyone should know about this too.

Spirituality is far in the past for me. I see it still exists though trying to be a part of the human world. I see this on the internet and in the news. Spirits have failed to overtake our planet. Spirits tried to take over Earth completely and make our planet Earth a spiritual world entirely, but it failed. The reason spirits cannot do this anymore is because their environments around humans were severely disrupted by Universe Family Healing.

I am actively purging all of those spirit worlds. They are all connected to each other and so it is easy to purge them outside into our Universe’s gigantic magnetic current. The Universe current flows southeast all of the time. The Universe is a magnificent natural phenomenon and can’t be turned off now.

We are finally living in Universe Time.

Spiritual Time is over.


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer






Finally, Spirits Are On The Universe

This is exactly where they are supposed to be. For some reason, spirits were never purged. Instead, spirits were able to live as parasites on human bodies. This unfortunate situation allowed spirits to build their own imaginary worlds using the human brain. These worlds created set-ups and scenarios that played out in real life.

In the early times, the spirits were always welcomed and invited to participate in human affairs. They were looked upon as great higher beings. This was all a sham of course! Spirits were very good at mind-controlling humans.

And so, spirits continued to build their worlds around every single human on our planet. Most of this was done without the human’s awareness. Dream time became the playground for spirits. They were able to use our eyes and mind during sleeping hours. They used our memories and searched for our greatest fears, to be used against us. People began interpreting dreams. All of this was spiritually controlled and never questioned.

Apparently, the healers of long ago could not do much about the spirits. It seems that our Universe was very young and was not open and purging off these spirits from humans. So all the healers did was remove a few spirits from one person to another and keep the spirits around the healers! In the old days, healers were not actively purging spirits into our Universe. If that had occurred I would not be talking about this today!

This was not good. So the problem continued.

Spirituality became as common as nature. It seemed that spirits were OK to have around. But in reality, this was false and misleading. Our planet Earth became so negative that no one even thought about spirits much anymore. People were  too consumed with negative energy to even think about healing and purging.

What happened in the past is that those ancient worlds would die. Those humans successfully ended their worlds because they could not purge and feel again. They were not able to make the right decisions and do the right things. Thank goodness those days are in the past.

Spirituality is now purging on the Universe. Anything that is spiritually controlled is purged. Fortunately, spirits must have a very contained environment in order to live and grow. Once their environment is disrupted, they fail to exist. The way to disrupt the spiritual environment is to purge. Humans must leave negative environments in order to do this. This means leaving a toxic job or relocating to a homeland. That is how to defeat the spirits and purge.

Once our Universe became active and working again, the spirits of our world are done. They are defeated now. Our planet Earth will not die after all. Gradually our world heals and grows younger everyday. And that is what I had to blog about this morning, April 7, 2019. Spirits are on the Universe and that never stops ever.

Our world is safe and becoming healthy again. The negative world of spirituality is evil and in great decline. Spirituality will simply fade away and be forgotten as a very bad time in our history.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I actively purge and merge spiritual energy into our Universe. This amazing and real phenomenon is always working all of the time. Even when I am asleep, I am purging.

I know that we are safe and as more world leaders heal and purge their spiritual sides away, we will be good neighbors and respect boundaries quite naturally as that is the Universe way. We all have to share our beautiful planet Earth. One living planet and one Universe is all that remains! We must all understand this and purge those nasty spirits from our world.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer






Notes About Spirit Chants

Over and over spirits say these things:

“You are the only one who has ever done this this.”

“We don’t have any time left.”

“We have to leave. No time left.”

“Everything you wanted is going to happen.”

“You are so powerful.”

“I can’t do anything because I am purging.”

“We have no time left.”

“Spiritual time is over.”

“We can’t be here anymore.”

“I can’t be here when you are purging.”

“The Universe is real. The Universe is taking us away.”

“The Universe is powerful.”

“We are so done. We are so proud of you.”

Their little chants and phrases go on and on.

The Truth About Spirits:

Spirits have never been purged before in human history.

Spirits have always lived on human bodies.

Spirits are human parasites.

Spirits were always in control of humans.

Spirits seem to only know and use the English language.

Spirits must have evolved from ancient English speaking civilizations.

Now, I am in control of the spirits.

Now, I purge spirits into our Universe.

There are alot of spirits to be purged.

This amazing phenomenon is non-stop 24/7.

There is no off button.

There is no way the spirits can stop me from purging them.

Thank goodness!

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



Universe Family Healer Busted a Sham in Arizona

Read all about!

I already posted that I was going to be involved in a job training program for seniors entitled Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). I had previously participated in this program a few years ago. It was well run then by a different agency, but this time everything was wrong. This program was being run like a sham here in Yuma and Tucson, Arizona. I excused myself from this program and made a referral to a federal fraud reporting agency, the Government Accountability Office (GAO). I did this at the end of February. Today, April 5, 2019,  I finally received acknowledgement of my referral. This is an excerpt of the email from them:

“We reviewed your information and found that the situation you describe is not within the scope of any ongoing GAO work. Therefore, in accordance with GAO FraudNet policy to forward instances of wrongdoing to executive agencies for their review and response, we referred your concerns to the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General.”

Thank goodness! I know that this is going to be looked at by the federal agency that funded this grant supported program. I am happy that I did the right thing and reported my experiences. I can move forward knowing that I am totally safe and far away from the scammers. I made certain that all of my documents had been shredded. It took over a month to do that!

Today was a very good day after all. I am happy that things are going the right way again in our world. The right decisions are being made by the people in control. Those people who lead countries are all healing and doing good things for our world. It makes me feel good to know that our Universe is helping us all in this situation.

Our Universe is wide open and accepting all of the spiritual energy from those scam artists, frauds, and criminals that have made our planet so negative. Criminals have no control over me. That is all in the past. My healing is 100% accurate in getting rid of the criminals. Universe Family Healing always keeps me safe and far away from any dangers as I move forward towards reuniting with my birth family here in Yuma, AZ.

As I take a deep breath, I know that everything is going to be just fine!

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer







Our Universe is in Full Control, Righting the Wrongs

We have finally achieved Universe Time! Our Universe is in full control of the spiritual worlds around humans and actively purging them away from us. As a result, only the right decisions are made easily. I see it here locally around my neighborhood. I see landscape maintenance finally being done with neglected overgrown trees. I see discussions and changes happening globally that should have already happened a very long time ago. The spiritual barriers are lifted now. Spirit barriers do not allow the right things to happen! All is safe and calm when the Universe is in control.

I know that our Universe is actively working to remove spiritual setups everywhere. I am purging and merging spiritual energy setups right here in Yuma, AZ, USA. I spend most of my days doing this now. I hope to become re-employed again soon, but if I do I will still be actively purging out spiritual setups. I will never stop doing this. I have worked since I was 14 years old. It is very natural for me to work, but now it is very natural for me to heal. I am a Universe Family Healer by birth.

I have been living back in my homeland over three years now. I was born here but was taken away from Yuma by a very negative family when I was a young child. I was not raised by my birth family. It never occurred to me that I wasn’t living with my real parents. It took years of healing and purging to reveal the truth. I was never told this by anyone. I lived with liars in a very fake family. I healed away from those spiritual people and finally ended up back at home. My healing revealed the truth to me.

It has been a very challenging time but since I am so powerfully connected to our Universe, I am also very safe. I feel that I have finally purged out all of the spirit setups around me. I am here living my real life. I go with the flow. Everyday is a new day. I do what is needed to be done and mostly I rest and heal. I feel that I am really doing the most important thing I can by just being here and purging out spiritual energy. I don’t know of any other healer who is doing this but me.

I am certainly not a spiritual healer. I am definitely a Universe Family Healer. I do not need rituals or games to heal. I have a powerful natural ability which was covered over most of my life. I have the Universe’s energy flow all around me now. It pulls the spirits from my hands and body. It feels like liquid sandpaper moving from my feet and hands. Amazing and real! The spiritual energies flow southeast all of the time and are taken far away from our planet.

I am moving forward to finally reunite with my birth parents and other birth family members. I am hopeful that this is the right time finally. It seems to be right time. However, I am not in control of the right time. The Universe makes sure that we are safe and reunite at the right time.

Our world is healing and changing and the bad people are getting put away. The spiritual people have no control any longer. During Universe Time only the right things happen at the right time. That never changes now. Living on Universe Time is very different than living a spiritually controlled life. As more and more of us become Universe beings, it will be commonly known that the Universe has been closed for most of human history.

I am available to help anyone with establishing a powerful Universe connection. I have successfully helped people all over the world. I will always help whomever asks for help. I want our world to continue healing and growing youngerUniverse Family Healing reunites our birth families and discards the bad people completely. It is the only healing service that is 100% accurate. Contact me via my email address below. I will be happy to help you connect to our Universe.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


I Can Feel It Now, The Universe Is Really Here

Today, March 30, 2019, I am starting to feel what it is going to be like without spiritual energy in my world. It is a wonderful feeling. I cannot say anything else really. This happens when I am finally at the end of all of my spiritual setups. I am “purging out”.

I don’t think any human has ever experienced these feelings There are parts of our brain which have been under spiritual control. These are the important human feeling parts. Because of this situation the spirits began doing other things to try to make humans feel good. Sexual behavior became a big important spiritual game.

The spirits controlled human sexual behaviors and have caused all of the problems we see today with overpopulation, sexual assaults, harassments, perversion, etc. Spiritual worlds are always like this with criminal activity involving sexual games. It has been there throughout the ages. Universe Time was never in full control.

Now, Universe Time is in control of those spiritually controlled problems. Sexual perversion of all kinds is being eliminated as the spirit load lifts and leaves forever. Criminals who have used a sexual game are being caught and eliminated. They are solidly negative people and do not belong here on this planet.

People who are connected to our Universe will come together as mates. I mean a man and a woman will be life-long mates. It is the human way, but never was able to become real in this spiritually controlled world. Marriage is a highly negative spiritual game and will simply fade away. A marriage license will never be needed again.

As I move into April, I know the good feelings intensify and remain. My brain magnet is fading quickly now. I am in full control of my life and my world. I can move forward without any fears or anxieties as I have healed all of that away a long time ago. I continue to heal and become closer to my birth family here in Yuma, AZ. Reuniting with birth families is the result of Universe Family Healing in full control.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healing



Universe Family Healing Keeps Me Away From the Scammers

I had posted earlier that I was once again going to be involved in a federal job-training program for seniors called Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). I decided it was not going the right way this time and left that whole thing behind me. I made a fraud report to the federal government about it. The program was being run the wrong way and there is definite fraud involved. I knew I had to be far away from that group of people.

So I left. But I had to make sure that my paperwork was not there. I called several times over the past few weeks and received no answer. I kept calling because I wanted to make sure my application and identity information was all shredded. I was not sure why there was no one there. I thought maybe they had closed up finally.

Yesterday I tried one more time and got an answer. Amazing that this agency, Project Ayuda in Tucson is still trying to operate as it crumbles to the ground. I had mailed a letter to them specifically telling them I was done with the program and asked them to shred everything. I wanted to make sure that my request had been followed. It took a whole month for this to be happen. Apparently, my application documents were finally shredded on Monday, March 25th.  I was so glad I persisted and called one more time.

There is no way I can be connected to this fraud set up going on. I am the whistleblower one last time and left at the right time. My identity is secure and I am safe. I will not be prosecuted legally for fraud. I understand that they are used to doing things their way even if it is illegal. I tried to tell this person that it is not a real program without a coordinator but she did not really care.

I tried to explain that participants cannot do assessments and goal planning and act like the coordinator. It was more important to keep that paycheck coming her way. She said, “I am not getting in trouble, they will”, acting as if she would be exempt from any legal hassles.

Blind denial is a hard thing to overcome. All I can do is leave and move on and purge out all of the energies that were supporting this sham organization. I just let the authorities deal with them at the right time.

I am moving forward without any fear or uneasy feelings. I am totally free of all that. Thank goodness I never really participated this time. In fact, I never even got officially enrolled. It was such a big mess.

Purging out evil in my homeland is what I do. I am living in my birthplace, Yuma, AZ, USA and making it better every single day.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



Communication Resumes For Disrupted Birth Families

Universe Family Healing reunites disrupted birth families. This is the goal of Universe Family Healing and makes the impossible easy. It is happening right now. After a brief period of making room (see my previous post), the spirit energies leave quickly and there is a reestablishment of communication. Communication allows for even more purging of the spiritual barriers that have kept birth family members separated. This process repeats over and over for any disrupted birth family on our planet.

It is so easy for me to do this. My healing is 100% accurate and effective in achieving this goal. I am observing this phenomenon right now as it happens with families here in Yuma, AZ, USA. I am healing disrupted birth family trauma, erasing the damaged maternal child bonds and seeing the mother and child actively healing towards each other. It is so amazing!

This natural healing phenomenon cannot be stopped or reversed. In fact, progress in reuniting continues to improve everyday.  The truth comes out very easily and allows for  close connections to reestablish. Lies are a huge part of a spiritual game. When truths are finally out in the open, the spiritual game that disrupted our families is dissolved quickly. I am the one who can assist here because as I purge out those energies I see the truth and share this with family members.  Of course, this is very powerful!

I am actively describing the process of Universe Family Healing in real-time. I can help you and your family too. I can do this for anyone on this planet, not just in the USA. Be ready for changes as they automatically happen. Go with the flow as the changes are necessary and never will take you to a bad place. You will live differently and be on the Universe forever. You will always be safe from harm as you heal your way toward your birth family.

Contact me by email to get started:


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



Making Room For Family: A Universe Time Transition

All of a sudden, I am moving furniture around at home. I am cleaning out cupboards and adjusting to these changes. It seems like this is the right time for our family to begin reuniting. I cannot explain it any other way. So everyday, I wake up and know what needs to be done. I am purging so much now all of the time. I spend a lot of my time just relaxing and purging. It seems to help.

I know that it was almost 3 years ago, that I parted ways with my oldest son here in Yuma. I am hoping that this is the time for his return. I feel it is and continue to go with the flow.

Universe Family Healing allows birth family members to reunite after long separations. That is the goal and ultimate outcome of Universe Family Healing! Also, I know that this is helping other families reunite with their separated family members. It is the right time now. A very powerful Universe Time is making this all happen!

Universe Time is defined as the time when all spiritual worlds around humans are under the control of the Universe. This means there is active purging and merging of those spiritual worlds into out Universe’s magnetic fields. Once the spirits are removed from our human bodies and “vacuumed” away we are free of that spirit control forever.

After a long period of being alone, family members automatically come back together. It is understood that the Universe did this separation so that all spiritual worlds could be completely removed. Therefore, it is not really a time that needs a lot of explanation.

Universe Family Healing allows for a brief transition period called “making room” before the actual reuniting occurs. Everyone feels so good and comfortable during this time. There is no stress or trauma feelings. It is a calm period of time when family members just return home. A brief transition occurs here and reuniting happens. Then we continue moving forward as more and more birth family members arrive and reunite as well.

This is an amazing and natural phenomenon that no one else has ever talked about or discussed fully like I do here on my website. I am living it and describing it as it occurs. I just verified it with another person who is a client of mine. She is actively making room for her daughter’s return:

Oh my goodness! I woke up at 5 am, started cleaning and rearranged my room for more space. I bought a twin mattress!”

I document the reality of Universe Family Healing frequently so that anyone can read my words and understand quite easily this natural healing process. I can help your family too. It is so easy now to heal our birth families and reunite.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Moving Forward in March

Today marked the middle of March. I am so happy that March is halfway done. Moving forward in March can be a bit tricky. There looms some of that spiritual set up energy still hanging around from the New Year. But as I move forward, I am purging out the energies that are still trying to get in my way. As those spiritual energies are purged and merged into our Universe, I am able to move forward again. There is room to breathe and feel good. Once those spirits are gone it is easy to know that everything is going to be just fine. Those spirits were covering up my real life and trying to take me someplace else. That used to happen a long time ago, but not now.

Moving forward is a very important concept and crucial part of Universe Family Healing. Spiritual purging allows us to move forward to the places we long to be. Instead of being stuck in a spiritual game and falling down, the energies are purged away allowing freedom to go forth. So, moving forward is what we do as healing progresses. It is a natural result of this amazing healing phenomenon. Purging the spirits from our bodies and homes allows this phenomenon to happen. We are safe because we have a strong Universe connection that cannot be destroyed.

This powerful Universe connection prevents Universe Family Healers everywhere from falling down. I use the term falling down to describe what happens when spirits are in full control.  Once there is a Universe connection well established it is virtually impossible for a Universe Family Healer to fall down. This means that as we heal and purge those spirit energies, we will not experience hardship, disease, or traumas anymore. Only the right things happen at the right time.

However, there are those highly negative spiritual people all over our planet who cannot tolerate Universe Family Healing. Their bodies are entirely spiritually controlled and once they are connected to our Universe, they themselves are purged and fall down. They experience all kinds of things. They are the criminals of our world. They are brought to justice and sent to prison where they die. They become overcome with diseases that their spirit caused. All of these negative things happen to highly spiritual people. In the end they just die and their energies are all purged into our Universe. 

Moving forward and falling down are exact opposites of each other. It is important to understand what each term means and how it works in our healing world. Universe Family Healing is allowing for so much truth telling and justice being served these days, especially in places that have never had that happen (ie Catholic Church). All of the highly negative places and people are naturally purged by our Universe. As a result of this healing process planet Earth is a living planet that is safe, healthy, and growing smaller all of the time.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer