I Have My Lounge Chair!

It arrived a few days ago. A friend brought it over. It is just what I need to lay down outside comfortably and purge spirits. What a difference this chair is making. I have waited so long to be able to do this here in Yuma.

This means that everything is going my way. What happens now is automatic and always in my favor. I am very pleased that I can lay outside safely and purge. This outside purging is extremely powerful too!

I have made it to this point in my healing. This is good news for me and all of the good people here on planet Earth. The spirits couldn’t stop me. They tried but failed. All that I hear now are the spirit noises outside chanting, “so powerful”, “amazing”, “all done”, and “it is the end”. These chants are audible right here in Yuma, AZ, USA. Anyone can hear them now, but only during the daytime. This chanting seems to be related to birds in some way. The chants are not heard after the sun hoes down.

Yes I am powerful and amazing. I am the only Healer known to purge spirit worlds. I am healing our planet Earth, every single day! Earth Day is everyday for me. Celebrating a one time a year holiday like Earth Day is silly when our planet needs constant daily healing. I am providing that healing.

Universe Family Healing  is my healing modality. I remove/purge spirit worlds around humans and merge them with our Universe’s magnetic current. I am the only Healer who has done this! I provide a real healing service. I am available to help all good people on our planet Earth. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing session.






Social Distancing In Yuma, AZ

Recently I took a car ride with a friend and stopped in a few locations here. He had just received him stimulus check after a 2 week wait. I have been practicing social distancing and rarely go out these days, but I did have a chance last night to see what was going on here in my hometown. I was not impressed! Here in Yuma, AZ we are still seeing new cases of the coronavirus happening. So why are we not doing the right thing?

I am not sure but I do know one thing, I am not going out in a car ride with a friend anymore. I was at three locations: Circle K, Big Lots, and the 99¢ Store. Circle K was the worst: No social distancing and even the clerks were not wearing masks and gloves! Big Lots employees were doing the right thing but of course very few shoppers wore masks. 99¢ store was also trying but there was very little social distancing there too. I wore my mask inside that place. I am done with this whole thing. I will not do it ever again! I am staying home like I am supposed to be doing.

I see that there is a general lag in understanding in my hometown. I also feel like the pandemic virus situation is far from over. I am not going to be a part of it. I walk to the closest stores and wear my mask and gloves inside. That is all I do right now. That is enough. It works and is safe and effective. I am happy that I don’t have a car right now and feel inclined to be driving all over the place. I am living a simple and easy life.

Yes, I am still waiting to receive my stimulus check. I feel it is going to happen next week. I have no worries about it. I am relaxing and living through our days here as the temperature goes over 100° for a week or so. I am going to be just fine.

I am working from home. I have recently reduced my fee for a healing session to $25.00. I am aware that there are many people who are unable to pay much for any healing services right now. I am making it easier for people to have healing. It can be done with a simple cell phone call. It is the right time to have a Universe Family Healing session. I require payment in advance. I send you a PayPal invoice. We can talk as long as you like. It is very simple to have this done.

My healing modality is so effective in reducing anxiety and stress levels. I can easily help you with this. I know that this is a very challenging time for our planet. Please do not hesitate to contact me and schedule your healing session. My healing will help everything in your life go the right way. I connect your spiritual world to our Universe and you will feel the changes. You will go with the flow and do the right thing automatically. I hope that you consider this valuable service and contact me soon! My healing is real, powerful, and 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds around humans.





Universe Time Is Healing Planet Earth

Our planet is being challenged right now. The spiritual controls were so intense in some areas but our Universe is actively removing those spiritual controls, so our planet heals. This means that everyday now the most negatively charged places on planet Earth are finally healing! I know there is a pandemic occurring too. This global infection has influenced our lives greatly. We are living differently now.

Our schedules are changed. Our lifestyles are disrupted. All of this allows a huge amount of spiritual energy purging which has never happened before in our history. Universe Time is making this happen. The changes are positive. The changes are necessary. We will have a living and healthy planet. I refer to the place we live as planet Earth. I do not refer to Earth as a world. I leave the worlds to the spirits. We do not live in a world anymore. We live on planet Earth.

As time goes on the spirit worlds diminish completely. Universe Time makes spirit worlds completely disappear. I continue to hear the spirit chants purging outside all of the time. This will continue until the spirits are totally gone. I really don’t know if there is a definite end but I do know that spirits are not making new worlds anymore. Their worlds are disrupted because of the changes in human routines.

This disruption actively removes all spiritual controls over human lives everywhere. I am seeing this happen all over planet Earth. I am happy to see Universe Time so powerful and effective now.

We adjust to a new lifestyle. It’s the right tIme to do this. It’s the right place to do this too. We are all in this together. We are one planet, the one living planet in our Universe. We are alive and this is never going to change, ever.


So Many Years Have Passed, Still Doing My Own Thing

I am so safe. I have my own website where I write important things. I am not censored. I have complete freedom now.

I looked back briefly at high school and saw what was happening. Nothing but death statistics there. I am once again leaving high school behind me. It feels so good to be far away from that time.

I am on my own right now. I have to be in order to finish this purging time. It is going quite well. I am caretaking a vintage trailer so it feels like I am camping out for awhile. I know this changes though. I listen to my old songs from high school. I messaged a high school friend but got no response. Oh well, I tried one last time to offer healing there.

Moving forward again. It’s my time. I have been doing this spirit purging for a very long time trying to get back home to family. I made it. Soon I will be surrounded by birth family. Very soon. And it’s because I did my own thing, stayed on my own, and it worked!

I offer help right now. I am available but it is not being accepted. I let it go. It is really my time finally. I live through the days knowing I am almost done.

Universe Time is my creation and gift to planet Earth. There will always be a living planet for humans. That planet is called Earth. The spirit worlds around humans are dying and purging. That makes our planet safe and alive. Universe Time will never fade away. Universe Time is permanent. Universe Time is now!

April 15 in Universe Time

Today is amazing because a lot of things have changed in the USA. April 15 is the traditional tax filing deadline here but as we know that is all changed now. Instead, April 15 is the day when you can look up your eligibility status on the IRS website and see if you are getting your stimulus payment.

Americans are receiving money back from the US government right now. This is making people feel good again. The stimulus checks are arriving in large numbers and making sure that essential bills can be paid. People have been sent home to get rid of the coronavirus pandemic. This is new for our planet. 

I see this as the way our Universe is purging the spiritual sickness from our planet. It happened 100 years ago (Pandemic influenza) and 10 years ago (Swine influenza). I see the cycles and understand what that means. No one else is referring to this as I do. I know that a powerful Universe Time is making the coronavirus pandemic change everything on planet Earth.

I am hoping that this is the last pandemic that we will experience too. Our planet has been heavily infested with spiritual energy for a very long time. There is so much of it everywhere. Our Universe has a lot of work to do to pull this mass of bad energy away from us and take it somewhere else. Those people heavily infested with spiritual energy are not going to survive. They will succumb to this virus and their spirit worlds are being purged into our Universe.

As this continues less of this spiritual energy has the ability to maintain itself here on planet Earth. Social distancing is keeping people at home and separating the spiritual worlds at the same time. Spirit worlds need to be contained around a human host for survival. When a spirit world is separated from other people’s spirit worlds it degrades quickly.

I am documenting this occurrence as it happens in real time.

This is how we heal our planet. There is no other way to get it done.

April 15 always was the USA tax day, and now it has been transformed. Maybe the tax day slowly disappears from our planet. That is something to watch and observe in the near future.

Universe Time is in control now. We are not living in Spiritual Time anymore. That was in our planet’s past. Spirit control over planet Earth is over. Universe Family Healing is the reason we are now living in the reality of Universe Time.

I provide healing sessions for people anywhere on planet Earth. Contact me on my email to set up your Universe Family Healing session: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com



The Game is Healer Poker

Originally Posted 6/03/18:

I wrote this post on June 3, 2018. Since that time 3 players have left the table completely. Only Ducey, Nicholls, and Trump remain. I like this scenario because it is so real and powerful right now.

The Game is Healer Poker

And Healer is the Dealer. Now I do not gamble anymore but I used to. I was raised in a fake spiritual family that thought gambling was OK. When I did gamble back in the old days, I would play video poker. However, I am not doing that anymore.

Here is my version of the infamous poker game, Healer style:

There is a game table in my place. The players are Ducey, Nicholls, Flake, Trump, the other Senator and Shooter who is trying to get his seat back.

“I only serve water, boys. That’s the drink in this house.”

These are actual names of politicians here in Arizona! This made me immediately think of a poker game from the good old Wild West days. Well after all, I am from Arizona, and Arizona was a very big part of the Wild West for sure. I just had to add our current president to the group as he fits right in as the rich guy from back east.

My poker game is quite simple. I always win. I purge their spirit worlds into our Universe and thus they are safely banished from planet Earth.

However, my players do not know I am really doing it. It is happening right in front of them but they cannot see it. They continue to place bets and lose, but that does not stop them. They cannot stop their endless betting and losing. Their money always comes back to me.

That is why I call it Healer Poker. 🖒

Only in a powerful Universe Time can Healer Poker exist. Since this is a powerful Universe Time, Healer Poker is in full swing actively removing money from the hands of politicians and putting it back where it needs to be, in the hands of good people everywhere in the USA. Perhaps this trend will continue elsewhere on our planet Earth. I certainly hope that is what happens.

Water is also returning to its rightful locations, especially in Healers’ refrigerators everywhere. Purified drinking water is the only liquid that is needed to live. Drinking purified water is the best way to make our world alive. Our safe drinking water is returning and will never leave because spirit control over the money is over and done.

It is raining more often now in Yuma, AZ, USA. My homeland is seeing a balancing of the waters. Universe Time is the great balancing mechanism that cannot be stopped by the spiritual worlds. Universe Time completely removes the spiritual worlds around humans and allows humans to make the right decisions easily. That is all that happens now.


Universe Time Is The Great Equalizer

When I was growing up in Southern CA, USA, (far away from my birth family), I was doing pretty much what other teenagers were doing at the time. It was the 1970s and rock ‘n roll was extremely popular. I enjoyed listening to music, buying albums, and attending rock concerts like so many others did. I was under a very negative spiritual energy cloud encompassing my whole life. But even then, I was still connected to our Universe, even though I had no idea I was.

During that time, the spiritual world ruled our planet. Rock musicians were always given a very grand audience and lots of money came their way automatically. This trend has lasted for years. Of course there was no real healing going on back in those days. In fact, in the history of our planet Earth there never has been any real healing. We have never experienced a real and powerful Universe Time until now. 

I know that the spiritual world has always been around me, keeping me under its control. I know that no one else has been through what I have experienced. Otherwise, our planet Earth would already be existing in Universe Time. That never happened when I was younger. Only Spiritual Time was controlling human lives through the ages.

Now is the time when money comes back to all good people. We don’t need songs to make us feel better. We don’t need sex or drugs to make us happy either. We just need to heal and purge our spiritual worlds. And that is all that happens now, because I was able to make Universe Time real.

Universe Time is in control of all spiritual worlds on planet Earth now. This means the money is balancing and being returned to all good people. There will no longer be billionaires because being wealthy is so highly negative and occurred only because of spiritual controls. Once those spiritual controls are broken and purging the money is equally distributed.

My family happens to be the first family to purge out our spiritual worlds into the Universe. This purging makes sure that my family will live safely and comfortably. There is going to be a sharing of the money for many years to come. At some point, money will simply not be needed any longer. Imagine that for our planet!

Money and power are products of a spiritual invasion. As time goes on we all move forward away from this kind of situation that was put upon us by the spirits. Universe Time allows a balancing of resources for all good people. Everyone will always have a comfortable home, plenty of safe, nutritious food and real family closeby to make it all happen the right way.

Universe Time is finally ending the spirits. Once purged into our atmosphere, spirits can’t do anything to humans. Spiritual time is effectively ended and spirits are powerless because they are unable to live around humans ever again. Spirits are parasites so without their human hosts they quickly die.

Contact me to start you family healing on the Universe. My healing modality is for families. One family at a time heals and lives on


One Week Back Inside, Universe Family Healer is Working From Home

I am back living inside now and will never be on another outside time. I had to live through 75 days of living outside in order to be here right now. It was not that bad really. In fact, it was enjoyable. I was able to interact with many people here in my hometown, Yuma, AZ, USA and help them start their healing. But that time is over now.

I am following Governor Ducey’s order to stay at home and social distance. I am only working on the internet now and by phone. I am here as always ready to assist anyone on planet Earth. I can easily connect anyone on planet Earth to our Universe via a simple phone call or if desired, we can do a chat session on Google hangouts, totally easy and simple.

My healing sessions are priced very reasonable- only $50.00 US for a Universe Family Healing session. Forget about those spiritual advisors and psychics. They are doomed and will be gone soon. I am here to make sure that happens. Contact me instead and get yourself connected. This allows instant freedom from the current hardships of the planet. You feel distanced and safe from all of the health catastrophes that are occurring everywhere. Universe connected humans will not be harmed by the coronavirus or any other virus that opens up here.

The virus is affecting all countries on our planet. The virus attacks the most negative areas where high concentrations of spiritual energy exist. The social distancing and staying home activities are greatly helping this spiritual energy purging process. This is  removing a lot of spiritual controls that have been in effect for a very long time. We will never have our old ways intact again. All of the negative aspects of living on planet Earth are purging and will not resume.

I am back working at home. I am available by phone, email, or chat. Contact me by email to set up your healing session time and day. I use PayPal invoice to receive payment in advance.


One planet Earth, one Universe, get connected to our Universe and help heal our planet.

sky earth galaxy universe

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



“So Powerful”- Spirits are Chanting Their Last Chant

These spirit sounds have been purging for a long time. I heard them a lot when I lived in Marin County. At first I thought it was a bird of some kind, but I finally realized it was not. In fact it isn’t any animal at all. It’s a spiritual energy that repeats itself over and over again and now I finally hear what it means: So powerful and you’re amazing. Well, OK, that is true. Is this the last spirit chant I will hear? I hope so. After all, it is April 1, 2020. I have been actively purging spirits for my entire 61 years.  In April of 2008, the spirits were chanting: On the Universe. That was 12 years ago. I will never forget that time.

I am hoping that this April is the one that I have been waiting for. It seems that there is a tremendous turnaround occurring right now in our Universe. I see all of the changes and the people being sent home. I see that there is a health disaster global wide that made everyone stop and stay in one place. Well at least most people are doing that.

Yesterday I was with a friend in a local park and noticed a huge amount of this bird-like spirit noises there. My friend heard it too. He thought it was the doves, but of course doves don’t sound like that. I told him the noise is coming from spiritual energy purging and that I have heard this noise in northern CA many years ago. It is definitely a spiritual energy noise and not a real animal noise.

I am going to rest today and tomorrow and see what happens. I am in a very safe place as always. It has been so quiet and comfortable today. The problems in the rest of the planet have not affected me at all. I am always at home, in the right place, with the right people, at the right time. I continue to move forward everyday until I am totally surrounded by family. As this current location purges away, I know that is exactly what happens. I am almost home.

March Is Ending Quietly Again- Global Spirit Purging Continues

It’s quiet now. This month was full of changes everywhere here in Yuma and on our planet. The changes continue to happen because we are experiencing a very powerful Universe Time. Our Universe is so active in taking away all of the spirits from our planet. This has never happened before and as a result of this global spirit purging, our planet is healing and restoring a healthy place for human life.

I lay outside in the coolness of the morning knowing that all is going well. I can relax outside and sleep safely inside for now. I know that I continue to be important as the only real Healer providing this spirit purging. I easily do it because it is so natural and automatic for me. My transition to a new living arrangement is complete. I am always in the right place at the right time surrounded by the right people.

The virus infestation that is infecting our planet’s people has come at the right time. It is purging a very bad way of living here on planet Earth. The separating and social distancing is ending spiritual controls everywhere. Spirits need to have these contained setups of close human interactions in order to continue existing but because of this current health catastrophe, spirits are being purged away. Spirits cannot exist without close human interactions.

When this virus infestation is over, our planet Earth will be able to move forward in a new and different way. It will be a very interesting time to observe and watch how humans live in the near future. The changes are always good now that we’re in a powerful Universe Time. We’re never going to be controlled again by the alien life forms known as spirits.

Spirits are not from our planet Earth. They somehow were brought here a very long time ago from another planet or universe. I am not really sure how it happened, but it did happen, without our knowledge or permission. They are parasites and very dangerous for human life. They have lived on human bodies for a very long time, but Spiritual Time is in the past now. Spirits cannot be in control of humans any longer.

Spirits cannot stop themselves from purging into our Universe. Purging is the only way to get rid of them, and that is happening all of the time now. Universe Family Healing started the Universe working again and will always be here to make sure we never have a spiritual invasion again. Spirits are automatically purging into our Universe’s magnetic current and taken far away from planet Earth.

Universe Family Healing removes spirits from planet Earth. We are not going to have to find anther place to live because Earth is the only place for humans to live. We will stop looking for another place to move to in our Universe. We are already living in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. That’s how our Universe works and that cannot be destroyed by any spiritual setup or game. Spirits are done. Humans live. It is that simple.