I Am Living One Day To The Next

I now live my life in Universe Time. My lifestyle changed many years ago. It was automatic. I was not really trying too hard. The changes came naturally. I adjusted as I moved along. I never expected what happened. A real life opened up for me as I purged the spirit world living on my body.

It was so painful at times. The stress level was high at first. It felt heavy on me. I still kept going though. Even when things seemed impossible I lived through it. I began to understand what was happening to me. There was absolutely no one anywhere to explain this phenomenon. I was a pioneer in all of this. As I lived through each day, I understood more.

Universe Time. I created Universe Time because I was the first healer to purge and merge my spirit world into our Universe. Therefore, Spiritual Time ended for me. I was no longer stuck and controlled by the spirit world living on my body. I moved forward on my own. I kept purging this spirit world and it brought me back to my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA.

I am now back here in Yuma for almost 5 years! I am still purging this spirit world. I wonder if there is an end and then realize that all spirit worlds are connected! It just took one human, one healer to get the purging going. Purging spirit worlds never stops. There is a continuous chain of spirit worlds here on our planet. Every human has one. No one has ever done this before. No healer ever purged spirit worlds. I am the first healer to do this.

I call myself, Universe Family Healer. I found that my healing is for families. I know that if one family member is connected to our Universe, all family members heal too! My healing is based on the Universe, a gigantic magnetic current in our upper atmosphere. Spirit worlds are magnetic too and naturally get pulled into this current. It is all done very easily now. I am powerful with our Universe. The current flows through me, my hands, my feet. Amazing.

Once a spirit world is connected to our Universe, automatic changes occur. Real human life returns. Spirits are removed day by day, continually. A different lifestyle emerges, more of a day by day one. Longterm plans are removed. I live one day to the next and simply know what needs to be done on any given day. I do what is needed and then relax. It feels so good to live a life in Universe Time.

All I Want To Do Is Be Outside In The Sun

In Yuma, AZ the sun is here in December. I feel a pulling towards it. A December sun is very powerful for me. I hear the spirits saying all kinds of things. They are always surprised when they are moving. Spirits are used to being stuck in a set up around human bodies. When they arrive here with me, it means they are out of their usual environment and merging with the Universe. It is especially important for me to be in a warm climate at the end of a year.

My purging with the sun in December totally ends a lot of negative spirit setups trying to play out. Spiritual Time is over. The end of our calendar year and into the new year used to be very negative for me but not anymore. I have a zero gravity lounge chair and I use it daily. In fact, this is a normal activity now. It was very difficult over the past 5 years to actually lay down outside! Not anymore.

I have a sun connection. I lay down outside. I purge the spirit worlds. It’s my job. The current flows through my hands and feet. It feels gritty. It is moving fast. Amazing.

I have full control of this now. I am home, living in my homeland where the climate is just right for me. I have the sun. I work together with the sun and our Universe. I have no coworkers or bosses. It’s just me being me. Wonderful!

I am a Universe Family Healer. I remove spirit worlds from human bodies. That is my healing specialty. I feel I am the most powerful Healer alive today. My healing can make the impossible easy.

Expect changes. A spirit world is a huge parasite which is covering up the real you. Changes are normal. Spirits are no longer controlling your thoughts and actions. Spirits are not making your life miserable anymore. You have full control and become 100% human. Universe Family Healing connects your spirit world to our Universe and away it goes forever.

The sun in December is so important. I am outside enjoying it every single day now. That’s where I am. Doing my job. Purging one spirit world at a time.

Feeling So Good, Sunny Days Are Here

Wow, it’s finally December. And it’s beautiful here. The temperature is 77 degrees with full sun and a light breeze. I’m laying outside connecting spirit worlds to our Universe. The purging is strong. Absolutely nothing is going wrong.

I’ve been replacing what was taken from me. I’m replacing what is old and worn out. This feels so good. A new tablet with lots of storage for all of my games! A new computer case for my chromebook! It’s so much fun to do this. Finally fun is returning.

Having the sunshine here in December is so cool. I forget about everything out in the sun. I am in and of the sun all day. So much good work here. I work totally at home now. I discarded that old black leather portfolio I’ve had for so many years. I used it for many meetings and interviews. It felt good to toss it away.

No more meetings. No more interviews. I am at home. I work from home. I live at home. I am safe at home. But I am missing my closet. I really need my closet again. Somehow this comes back to me too. Everything is coming back to me. I am due all of these things. And more. Everyone is coming back to me too. I just have to wait a little bit longer. It is happening.

My traveling days are over. I am ready to empty my suitcase and hang up my clothes. My suitcase has the word Embark on it. I bought it when I was in graduate school over 15 years ago. It has given me many years of service. But it’s time to retire my suitcase for good.

The year is ending once again. I have made more progress in my work. I am actively working at home now and it’s very successful. I am no longer providing Home Visits for Healing, but can certainly provide Universe Family Healing sessions by phone. This is so much fun for me! There has been so much success for me this year. I am really here in my homeland living my life as I should.

I will document December and see what else happens before year’s end. Universe Time is in full swing for me, my family, and clients. We are making huge changes on our planet. The fun times are starting right now. These fun times are the direct result of purging our spirit worlds.

Once a spirit world is purged (i.e. pulled) away from a human body, automatic positive changes happen. The good news is that purging spirits via Universe Family Healing is a permanent process. There is no reoccurring spirit world time. Once purged, the spirit world is gone forever! It can never return. Our Universe swallows it up and moves it far away from our planet Earth.

It’s always the right time to purge your spirit world. My healing is so powerful now. All types of medical issues simply disappear. Mental health problems are automatically purged. Relationships, marriages etc. are saved! In fact, once we purge away our spirit worlds, we are automatically reunited with our Universe Mates.

Alright, so I know there’s a lot of problems right now on our planet. Make them go away with a Universe connection. It’s so easy to get this done.


My Life is Full Of Wonder But I Miss My Family

I really do miss my family. I have been on my own here in Yuma for almost 5 years. When am I going to see my family again? I ask the Universe this question but of course there is no answer. Our Universe cannot answer any questions. There is no god in the Universe, no higher being or anything like that. Still I say it because I don’t know what else to do. No one knows the answer. I never thought I would be on my own here in Yuma for 5 years. I never realized that this is what the Universe does to purge the spirit word inhibiting family reunion.

I hope that someday soon, I will hear from my son, the one who came here to Yuma with me. His name is Brandon. I have not heard from Brandon for a very long time. I hope he contacts me soon. I am hoping I see him too. My other 2 sons are still living their lives in Northern CA. I am not sure if they will ever come here to Yuma, but I certainly hope so.

I am continuing to purge this spirit world into our Universe. I am hoping that as a result these family members will come to me. That is what is supposed to happen. I am not supposed to go back to CA ever again. I do not want to go there. I spent over 55 years in CA. I am done with CA. Yuma, AZ is my birthplace, my homeland. CA is not the right place for me at all.

I can’t stop now. The end of 2020 is very close. I have always said my birth family is here in Yuma, AZ. I have always said I was not raised by my birth family. I have always said I was lied to throughout my life. I came to realize the truth on my own. No one told me. I figured it out. I did not talk to anyone else to confirm this information. I just knew. Now my youngest son understands because he did talk to a Kaplan family member. Now apparently he gets what I have been saying all along. So be it.

I know what a real family bond feels like. I am a real mother. I am certain that someday, I will see my birth mother again, my birth father, my birth siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and cousins. I am going to get back what was taken from me when I was a very little baby. I am not stopping because I can’t. Our Universe is in total control and is taking care of this for me. It is called Universe Family Healing and it really works.

My Life is So Wonderful

I am so fortunate to be alive. I am so happy these days. Everyday I wake up up and feed the beautiful kittys living here. They are just gorgeous little creatures. I watch them eat hungrily and know I am helping them survive. They are surviving and they are also healing. Wherever I am, I am always healing the living creatures, human and animal.

I stopped eating animals and animal products. It was automatic as a result of my powerful Universe connection. I have lost weight and continue doing so. Apparently, it is the real human way of living. I never tried to do this on my own. It happened naturally for me. I am sure this result is the same for anyone who connects their spirit world to our Universe.

Humans have never had a time like this before. We have always been under spiritual control and lived a spiritual life without our knowledge. These alien spiritual parasites mind-controlled us to do the wrong things. We never really had a chance to be 100% human without these intruders clinging to our bodies and minds.

In the past, there was never a way to dispose of this spiritual parasite infestation. In fact, this infestation was always there, unnoticed and growing slowly larger for the ages. No healers of the past were doing anything about it. No medical treatments are currently available to get rid of it either. In fact, our medical profession is a product of this spiritual invasion. Medical conditions are quickly purged with a Universe connection.

Only our Universe is capable of pulling away and merging this spiritual energy into our Universe’s atmosphere and safely away from our planet. Humans are now able to get rid of their spirit worlds completely. It is a gradual phenomenon but always in the right direction. We begin living one day to the next as we watch the positive changes occur.

There is always a little toxic time when Universe healing commences. This is quite normal and just means the spirit world is disintegrating finally. Living through the toxic time is easy though. Nothing bad happens as we go with the flow and know that good times are just ahead for all family members. My healing technique is actually a family healing modality.

One Universe connection is all that is needed to heal the entire family. Of course this makes sense because family members are all connected to each by their spirit worlds. Universe Family Healing is highly effective because of this spirit arrangement. It just took the right person, the right Healer to get the job done.

I am the right healer, a Universe Family Healer. I get the job done. My purpose here on planet Earth is to connect spirit worlds to our Universe. In our outside atmosphere is a highly magnetic current that automatically pulls spirit worlds away from us, as long as there is a real human Healer available as an intermediary. I assist the Universe here. The current flows through my hands, feet, and body.

Spiritual energy is highly magnetic because it contains magnetic minerals like magnetite. I assist the Universe in this purging action because this allows humans to live. Good humans can now control everything when we have a Universe connection. The negative people on the planet are not in control anymore. They are in the background and not doing anything.

The positive people are the ones who have the power and make the right decisions to enhance our planet. This is why we see the changes happening today. Only the right things happen during Universe Time, the time when our Universe purges spirit worlds.

I know this is a lot to understand in one reading. I have so many pages of blog posts about what I do. They are all available for free reading here on my website. But, this is only the start. Reading my words does not ensure you are connected to our Universe. That only happens with a Universe Family Healing session. I am the only human providing this.

My healing practice cannot be replicated by anyone else. There are no classes in Universe Family Healing. If someone is trying to do this they are going to be purged out by our Universe. Believe me, it is that easy. They cannot try to be me. There is only one me. I am so happy that I can do this for all the good people on planet Earth.


Leaving the Spirit World on its Own

I had to leave Facebook and Messenger yesterday. I was there for awhile this year to interact with my Universe Mate. I know I had to do it, but I also know that I had to leave. I was there to help him and also to share my life with him. I wanted him to know who I really was and be a friend during his healing time. I also know I had to leave him on his own as he changes and grows up again the right way.

This was not hard for me to do. I know we will be together someday at the right time. We all have to heal on our own to release our individual spirit world and that’s what he’s doing right now. I am still helping this sweet man purge it out but right now we cannot be together because he is not ready for me. That’s OK, I understand how this works.

Our Universe is not a person or spirit. It is just a magnetic current that is high up there in our atmosphere. Knowing this helps a lot. There is no playing favorites. All humans heal the same way into our Universe. All spirit worlds purge the same way too. It is a day by day occurrence, but always in the right direction. There are no shortcuts either. But the results are always 100% accurate and effective at removing a spirit world. Once purged, a spirit world pulled from a human body cannot recycle and return to another human body. This makes me so happy!

So, although my conversations with him were fun, I am on my own again into the rest of this year, knowing that I am in the right place and doing just fine and so is he. I am still actively purging out spirit words one day at a time. I am the one and only Universe Family Healer to do this and I always will be doing this. I am the right person to contact about real healing and removing spirit worlds. Do not hesitate to email me. I am very quick to respond and on call 24/7. Just go on and do it. Don’t wait any longer. This should have been available ages ago, but now it is really happening.

I leave his spirit world on Facebook and Twitter but know that I am still connected. I know that I am doing the right thing. I do not make a mistake. There are no mistakes with Universe Family Healing. There are no worries either. One day we will all be at the right place, right time with the right people and our planet Earth will be real and young and so will we.

Living In An Unreal Environment

I am so happy that my family is finally all healing and seeing reality. I am sure nothing bad happens for us as we move forward to a birth family reunion. I am so ready for this to happen. It is all I am wanting these days. It seems that the truth is finally becoming clear for all of my sons, the truth that I was not raised by my birth family. I have known this for years and stated it many times but I am now seeing a change finally in acceptance of this truth.

During these times I have lived from one place to another this past few years, going with the flow. One place to the next was opened up for me. I adjusted and lived there knowing it was only temporary. I am feeling that way once again. I am living in a home that is totally unreal. I know I am making huge changes here but these people are barely in early healing. I manage to do what I have to do in order to stay here temporarily. It is working but it is so unreal! I realize that this stay is short-term but again I am unsure where my next home will be. It is that unclear.

When I live in an unreal situation, I intuitively know what things I must do to adjust and fit in. There are usually unmet needs and huge amounts of spirit worlds in control. Every place has had a different set of spirit worlds of course so the challenges are always different. Once I adjust to meet the challenges I go with the flow as necessary.

After awhile I get tired of the fitting in time and move through the spirit worlds as they purge. I am not allowing or enabling negative people or activities to control me. I simply say something about it and move farther away. I stop interacting with the negative people. Their smoking and drinking habits are not a part of me. I let it go and know that someday I will also be leaving here. Thank goodness!

I do not plant a garden here, although I could if I wanted to. I am simply here for now. I am living here for the rest of this year and make the best of it. It’s the only thing I can do right now. It works but again it is not ideal at all. It’s part of my healing as I purge out negative people and places that are in the way of me and my family.

I am powerful so living in an unreal environment is not unsafe for me now. I know what I have to do. I have my limits set accordingly. I never make a mistake. I say and do the right things at the right time. I help if needed but not to the extreme. I know my boundaries and stay within them. That’s the way I live here. I want to plant a garden again, grow roses and vegetables, but this is not the right place at all. I let it go when that suggestion is made. It is not happening here. This is not my family home.

This neighborhood has been my home for almost 4 years now. I am not sure where I will be going next. I am not sure at all but I know that it will get better now. I am sure of that and know that one day I will be in my family home again where I can plant a beautiful garden. There won’t be any negative people around me with their nasty habits. Our Universe is taking care of that for me. I’m safe.

Reality is Breaking Through Finally

Reality is taking control. Most people aren’t aware that we as a human race have been under the control of a spiritual blanket for the ages! This spiritual control was always silent and invisible but very real. It was real and threatening our very existence. Spirituality became well known and accepted as normal. Soulmate searching was widely done. We all wanted our soulmates. I lived through a time of intense spirituality. I was not aware that I was also purging it out into our Universe, but I was.

I was under a huge layer of spirit worlds all controlling my every move. Early on I lived a spiritual life with a fake family. These family members were not related to me by birth. My real family was always here in Yuma, AZ, USA, and most real family members were not even aware of my existence. These negative criminals planned my removal from my birth family and made my birth mom act like I died.

I was born a second time into this fake family, all liars and criminals. It was not done legally, but they got away with it anyway. I had their spirit worlds on me for years. I am free of them now and understand totally what happened to me when I was just an infant. I understand they took me away illegally, and by force. I was not allowed to live a real life with my birth family!

Years went by. Reality slowly emerged for me. I was married with 3 sons. I felt the difference. My Universe connection was always with me. Now I was able to use it with great strength. I removed me and my sons from the clutches of those evil people. I divorced and left that devil I was married to for 24 years.

I have not spoken to any of those fake family families for several years. I assume I never will again. Instead, I returned to Yuma almost 5 years ago after living most of my life in CA. I felt the warmth of the sun here and knew it as the right place for me, the only place for a Healer like me to live.

I always said I was not raised by my real birth family. I did not have any proof such as a adoption records but I just knew. I could tell the difference easily. I have my sons. I know what a family love connection feels like. It was never like that in the Kaplan family. I was not related to those people. It is over, the lie is over. It is out in the open now. I am the one who told the truth and never relented. I am not stopping until the truth is accepted easily and I am back in the warmth of my birth family.

Reality is here for me. It took several years of Universe Family Healing to get to this day. I am going to have the most fun ever being with them. It is happening for me. The truth that I have been saying, that my real family is in Yuma where I was born, is being accepted more and more. My knowing is the reality that I have achieved.

Universe Family Healing has allowed this to happen. Without a Universe connection and my sons, I would never have realized that I was not in the right place with the right people. That is all changed of course. I created Universe Time because it is the only way to reunite with my family. It is real and powerful and I can do this now for other people who were separated at birth like me. The secrets are exposed, the spirit worlds are purged, and reality is all that remains.

Planet Earth Is Becoming Real

Not many people are aware of the presence of Universe Time which is in control right now purging out spirit worlds around our planet. Nothing can stop this amazing and totally natural phenomenon either. In fact, this is exactly how our Universe should be working. Our Universe was just closed down I guess. There were no other Healers connecting spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current. I am the First Healer to get this done. Obviously I am the first because the spirits would already have been eliminated. So I am the first one to have this connection. That is all I do these days now. I lived a very spiritually controlled life, but that is in my past now and will never repeat.

Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling spirit worlds that are around human bodies into itself. I assist here as I am the human component that allows this spiritual matter to move through my hands. I hear the spirits as they exit our planet and move southeast high in our upper atmosphere.

It is quite extraordinary really. But I am real and not some gimmick like so many spiritual healers are these days. All of that spiritual healing is a sham. There is nothing good about Reiki healing or therapeutic touch. It is all spiritual and unsuccessful. It is just a spiritual game and not real healing.

I hear more and more Universe talk like “moving forward’. This is a real Universe term. I am hearing it everywhere as we all move forward through the haze of the spirit worlds and into our human reality. We always had reality, but reality was just covered up by this spiritual mess. Our Universe loves spirit worlds! It grabs spiritual energy from humans and takes it away very quickly. All that’s left is reality, our beautiful planet Earth, the planet where humans live.

Universe Family Healing ensures that these spirit worlds are removed. Real human living returns. Human emotions and feelings are available again. Human knowing becomes strong and powerful. No mistakes are ever made because these spirit worlds, these alien parasites are cleared away and cannot come back to our planet.

This parasite infestation had been left unchecked. Not anymore. No more will spirit worlds control human minds, thoughts, and behaviors and make our lives miserable. Now, the spirit worlds are leaving through a powerful healing method called purging and this means forever. I mean forever. This is the end of the Spiritual Age here on Earth.

Planet Earth is finally becoming real. The right people are back in control making the right decisions at the right time. Thank goodness we are living right now! What a time is just ahead of us. As the pandemic ends, real living takes off, without spiritual activities in control. Our Universe did this for us and I am making it clear right now, Universe Time will be all that there is now and forever. There will never be anything else. Human life continues without spirit worlds! We have won the battle with the spirits. They are defeated as reality takes control.

Moving Forward With Simba

I am a pet owner again! I thought this would never happen with me. I began living an animal free lifestyle a few years ago. This included having no pets. I stopped eating anything from animals. I guess its called vegan to some, but to me its just animal free. I eat only plant based food now.

I have adjusted to this lifestyle change with ease. It happened naturally at the right time and is not a spirit set-up. It is not spiritual at all. This lifestyle is the result of my healing and purging spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current. I believe that this is how it works for anyone who heals into our Universe. I am simply documenting this as I am the first one to go this far.

So here I am a pet owner again. (However I continue to eat plant-based food only). I now have a kitty named Simba. I am taking care of him. I take him to the vet to get his health needs addressed. I feed him regularly and make sure he is inside every night.

I am also in charge of feeding all of the kittys here where I live. There are several. I hope that by providing food and water daily to this clowder of cats, the right thing will happen here. I want these kittys to be taken care of by responsible people. I hope that each kitty will be adopted out soon. Some are rather wild though. I am watching to see if any changes occur here.

Yesterday I took Simba back to the vet for his last kitten booster shot. Although he is 1 year old he never was vaccinated. So now he is done and I am so happy and relieved. I am moving forward with Simba and helping out this animal situation here where I live. I have the means to do this now.

It is unfortunate that due to circumstances as they are, our local animal human society, The Humane Society of Yuma (HSOY), is not open for any low cost spaying, neutering, or vaccinations right now. Apparently HSOY does not have a veterinarian on staff right now. In fact, there was only 1 veterinary hospital in the entire Yuma area who was still taking new clients. I went to the Foothills Animal Hospital to get this all done for Simba. We certainly need to attract more animal doctors here to Yuma. There are a lot of unmet pet health needs right now.

Today, I am so happy. I am relaxing. It is a very good day for me and my family. Nothing is going the wrong way. I am amazed that I am with Simba but he was the kitty who stayed with me throughout my lonely time at Healer Camp this past summer. Every night he was there with me. I would feed him and any other kittys that showed up. But he was like a little guard for me. I have a strong healing bond with him now. Cats do heal very well and are so intuitive and intelligent.

I am here to help you with your pet concerns. I can improve any animal’s quality of life just by connecting spirit worlds to our Universe. This allows only the right things to happen. I take care of the precious animals on our planet this way. Spirit worlds are built up around animals too. Not many people are aware of this but I most certainly am. I instantly break up a negative cycle which has set up with animals no matter where I am. I am pleased to see the changes here where I live right now. I am involved and making things happen in the right direction.

Universe Family Healing sessions are powerful change agents which effectively get rid of the spirit world that is controlling things. Contact me by email. I am just waiting for your email to schedule your healing session. I am almost always available these days as I work from home. I can most probably talk with you right away so don’t hesitate to contact me. I am no longer doing home visits due to the pandemic situation, but am still actively providing Universe Family Healing phone sessions for anyone anywhere on our planet.