Many Good Things Are Happening Now

I am so happy to be done with February as it has always been a very negative month for me. This February, I was in control of the negative events that were trying to play out. Now, heading into March much of February’s mess is already purged. What started up will fade away. I am already forgetting about it all. I am that powerful.

So, this means that since I live in Universe Time the negative people cannot exist around me. They will be removed this month from where I live. I see the signs already. I want my home environment to be safe and secure of course. I live in a drug free place. The negative people who do not follow our rules will have to leave.

I am finishing up so many things too. There are good people around me. We support each other and the bad times vanish. I am well protected. Making my home life safe is a priority. I am happy to see things turn around so quickly now. I will never have to live among negative people again. I am done with all that.

I want to post about living a debt free life. I have talked about this before. Our society has been infested with a huge amount of debt spirit worlds. It is expected and accepted to have debt and a great credit score. This is so negative! When everyone has a debt layer of spirits on them, things just get worse and worse. It is so important to get rid of all debt and live a debt free life. When you become Universe connected, you will automatically get rid of your debt at the right time.

The way this happens is unique and different for every human. Again it is just one more positive result of being Universe connected. Once you have your debt totally removed, it is impossible to accumulate debt again. That’s because the spirit world controlling debt setups is gone from your human body. If a scam starts up it will not be able to complete itself. There is no way a SCAM (Spiritually Created About Money) activity can continue. It must have the counterpart on your body to work. Spirit setups can only work if all components of the setup are present.

Moving forward in 2023 is easy now. I am in total control of all spiritual setups and SCAM activities. I am enjoying what is happening right now. I see the solution to any problem and instantly understand how the spiritual activities work. I am the right person to talk with about all things spiritual. I am the only Healer who is able to remove the 2023 spirit setups hanging around you. I can easily connect all debt setups to our Universe for instant removal. You will automatically know what to do in your unique situation and will follow through on what needs to be done.

One Universe Family Healing session removes all dangerous mental health problems too such as worry, anxiety, depression, despair, and suicidal thoughts. Having a heavy debt layer causes a human to have these serious mental health problems. It all goes away when the spiritual debt layer is attached to our Universe’s magnetic current.

Universe Time is here for all good people who attach their spirit worlds to our Universe. Good things start happening right away and never stop. Contact me to get connected.

This Is My February; I Am In Total Control

I have already posted about the first two months of each year being a bit negative. This is due to the spirit world setups of the new year trying to play out and be in control. In the past this was how it happened. As I became stronger in my healing abilities, I observed that I was able to stop the spirit setups in play and totally erase them away. Alot of them are SCAM activities. SCAM is an acronym I created. It stands for Spiritually Created About Money. My spirit world has always tried to control me in many ways. I am now in control of the SCAM activities in my life.

This is a challenging task for sure but it gets so easy now to purge the SCAM activities. I am that powerful and the SCAM activities are very weak. The SCAM activities start up but cannot continue. I automatically purge the spirit world fueling the SCAM activity and soon it will be forgotten and in the past. I believe this is the very last year for me to be involved with SCAM activities. I feel I am done with them forever.

Universe Family Healing is more powerful than the SCAM activity. My healing modality quickly begins purging the SCAM activity as soon as it presents itself. Once the spirit world fueling the SCAM activity is purged, the SCAM activity fades away. SCAM activities are not real or good. Therefore they are not part of Universe Time and cannot exist now. This is how year by year our planet Earth benefits from getting rid of this spirit mess. Only real activities about money remain. The negative activities and negative people no longer control anything.

I am taking control of February year by year. This happens automatically until all SCAM activities on our planet and in our Universe are wiped out. There is no stopping this purging process. Spirits are not real or good entities and are forever being banned from planet Earth. Call me the Fifth Element if you like but this is all real, not some science fiction movie. Somebody had to get rid of SCAM activities and I am the one who is doing this, year by year until the spirits are totally gone.

Everything Is Going The Right Way

I see that whatever is happening right now on our planet, it is going the right way. The secrets of our past are being exposed. It is happening quickly now. I see that the people who were doing things wrong are being exposed (i.e. government officials keeping classified documents in their homes). I see that countries that were doing things wrong are being exposed too. This openness is a direct result of Universe Time being in full control.

The finger pointing is going away because both sides were doing the wrong thing. Spy balloons are purging now and will never be used again. We will be minding our own business. We will be gathering up our people from other countries and bringing them home. The most dangerous situations are observed firsthand and dealt with accordingly. Finally, everyone will be back home where they are supposed to be.

Our planet grew very spiritual. This is why we have depended on other countries so much for our products and basic needs. That stops now as Universe Time purges the spirit worlds that kept that kind of dependent behavior going. Our country will become very independent now. We will produce our own products and depend less and less on other countries meeting our needs. This is very necessary to continue life on our planet. We will all be doing our own thing here in the United States. This same thing is going to happen in other countries on our planet. We live together on the planet but separate in meeting our needs. It will happen this way now.

Spirit worlds have kept our planet going the wrong way. Universe Time corrects this problem. Gradually year by year there will be very noticeable differences. I mentioned what is going on right now. These are real time events in the news. There is a very good explanation for why this is happening.

Universe Time is defined as follows: Our Universe is open and actively purging the spirit worlds everywhere on our planet. Like a gigantic vacuum cleaner, this amazing phenomenon is real and directly observable. When I connect with humans all over the planet I automatically make this happen. Spirits are highly magnetic and so is our outside atmosphere. I am the connection to this magnetic field called the geomagnetic field or GOD for short. So our parasitic spirits go back to where they came from and never come back to planet Earth.

We are all living during Universe Time now. We will never have to live during any more spiritual times. Those spiritual times were in our past and permanently over. We all move forward minding our own business with our loved ones safe and living close to us. This is how things go on a Universe Time planet. Now you know the truth that will never be told on Google News. You can only read this here on, home of Universe Family Healing.

I Am Healer Of Our Universe, At Your Service

Are you starting 2023 the way you want to? Every year is a fresh beginning now. I know all about this. I purge heavily in the first part of each new year. If you need some help with your situation, it’s the right time to contact me.

Spirituality tries to take control of our new year right away. Spirit worlds still are quite active everywhere. These spirit parasites living and multiplying on human bodies will make the wrong things happen if left unchecked. I get rid of spirit worlds. There are no more bad times once the spirit world is gone.

I am Healer of our Universe. It is my extreme pleasure to get rid of this spiritual invasion which is quite real and negative. Consider a spirit world as a toxic substance sucking our human lives away. This happens when spirits are allowed to do their thing.

There was not much available in the past to clear the infestation. Spiritual healers are not real Healers. They just contain the spirit worlds of others on their own bodies. Spiritual healers do cleansings. What good is that? Spirits should be purged, not cleansed. Spiritual healers cannot purge spirits into our Universe’s magnetic currents. Spiritual healers are scams and not a good way to start a new year. Stay away from them completely.

I am a real Universe Family Healer. I purge spirits directly into our planet’s geomagnetic fields. There is no other kind of real healing. We heal to get rid of the spirits. We do not want or need anything spiritual. This means we need to get rid of, i.e. purge, our spiritual side completely. Auras and souls are eliminated.

So, going to a reiki healer is the wrong thing to do and a waste of time and money. Reiki healers will want you to come back many times for healing. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, requires only 1 session to establish your Universe connection. You will know automatically what to do and need no further support. Your Universe connection is intact permanently.

I provide the Universe connection that causes the spirit world on your human body (and your family’s bodies too) to merge with the magnetic currents in our atmosphere. Reiki healers are not connected to these magnetic currents. Therefore your spirit world remains here on the planet. That’s why you would need more reiki healing sessions. Not a good thing at all. Don’t get involved with spiritual healing.

Start this year with a Universe Family Healing session. Give you and your family the gift of life. Contact me directly via email or phone to schedule your healing session.

Thanks for reading my blog posts today and visiting my website. I know you will all want to do the right thing for your family and our planet. I am looking forward to our collaboration.

Universe Family Healing = Life for Humans, Death for Spirits

That is how I see it and I know it is true. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is making a huge difference for humans everywhere now. We can just move forward easily without any hassles or dangers. We continue living instead of succumbing to the old “born, live, and die” spiritual cycles of the past. The spirit worlds that grew on our human bodies are not growing anymore. That time is well over and done. When I speak with a human, their spirit world is instantly attached to our Universe’s magnetic current and taken away. I see the smiles on their faces and as a result, worry, anger, and stress is gone.

Our human past was very set up by spirit worlds. We are still seeing the violence and corruption on our planet but it is actually being purged away slowly. When I have a direct interaction with a client, this purging away happens much faster. I have seen this happen over and over. I know I will not be able to do this directly with every human on our planet, but it does help if I have one on one healing sessions with humans everywhere on our planet. It really makes a difference. I am here to help humans live, not die.

I am serious now. My healing will end a dangerous lifestyle. The people I see in early healing continue to do the wrong things for awhile. They continue to use drugs that are highly toxic and damaging to the human body. They seem to have no concern about this either. It’s like the drugs are a normal healthy routine for them. However, at some point in time even their spirit world promoting drug and alcohol abuse will be purged.

I want all good humans to live. I want the right decisions to be made globally. I want the planet to be taken care of the right way by the right people. I want there to be less focus on looking for another planet like Earth. There is way too much money wasted on all of that stuff. No wonder the USA is in so much debt. We cannot live like that. All of the focus should be on our own planet and none on finding other humans out there. There are no other humans. We are all here on Earth.

Earth is a healing planet of humans. There is no other planet like Earth. That’s why the spirits were able to be alive here. The spirits invaded humans a very long time ago and grew immensely big spiritual networks living on human bodies! Spirits are human parasites. Of course humans experienced this mess without being aware of it. Thankfully, I am here and created Universe Family Healing, a very real and powerful healing modality. Humans can now live like we are supposed to be living. This is a first for our species. Universe Time is well established and will always stay secure. Spirits cannot do anything to stop me or Universe Time. Thank goodness!

I Hear A Lot of “No Time At All”

Right now, I am doing the typical New Year’s purge. I document this every new year and it still is happening in 2023. This purging is especially important right now. I am making extra sure that there are no further spirit setups in control of me and my family. So, I am purging a lot of the most basic elements of the spirit world. I have hit their bottom here. It is incredible to know that I am doing this amazing and phenomenal activity. I am so confident that I hardly realize it’s going on. I am doing other things and this spirit purging is always happening too. I multi-task throughout this whole thing.

It seems that bits and pieces of setups are going through right now. There is nothing big like there used to be. I remember those days well. The amount of spiritual matter was immense. There is no way to measure it really. I know that year by year it decreases and is not repeated. The typical cycles are done.

There are spiritual cycles of 3 years and 7 years mainly. Those are non-existent now. I can tell there isn’t anything else I have to deal with here. I am purging spirit remnants only. Spirit worlds can only exist in an intact formation. Once their environment is disrupted, spirit worlds no longer exist. Once spirits are put into our outside atmosphere, they cannot do anything harmful to humans. They are merged quickly into our geomagnetic currents and used to strengthen our Universe.

I am not bored or frustrated. I am making good use of my time. I have several more shawls to crochet. My Healer Wraps are fun to make and wear and quite beautiful too. My creative abilities help me through this time alone, away from my family. I also enjoy the beautiful Yuma sunshine everyday. It already feels like spring here. I am outside enjoying the sunshine daily. That is where my healing ability is the most powerful. I lay down on my zero gravity lounge chair and let it happen. I am not sure of the speed of the current flowing through me but it is very, very fast!

I hear the spirits chant “No time at all.” I hear this all the time. I know what this means. The spirit worlds have never experienced real purging. This is a very exciting time for humans. The spirits finally know they are done forever. Once spirits are merged with the magnetic current in our outside atmosphere, they can only move inside it. They have no defenses to stop the merging process. Again, they only existed because they were allowed. No human in the past ever connected them to our magnetic currents in our Universe. This activity will always happen now. It will never stop. I am here to make sure that spirit purging is a standard routine activity on planet Earth.

My Spiritual Cycles Are Over. Now What?

I have never made it this far of course. I am here at the end of my spiritual cycles. Life is relatively easy. I am safe and comfortable. I am stable, finally. What happens now? Will my life resume as if I never left Yuma over 62 years ago? I have been living back in Yuma for over 7 years now. It has taken quite a while to reach a stable living arrangement. I was going with the flow, moving around, living outside, etc. Now I am here in this location almost 2 years.

I keep living one day to the next, as usual. I have a very simple lifestyle now, an established routine. My routine is healthy too. I cannot return to any unhealthy habits or diets. I know that. Universe Family Healing has allowed all this for me. There is nothing else that happens. My homeland is finally changing for the good.

My governor is undoing all of the wrongs. She is getting help from others too, so it becomes very easy. Of course this is all automatic because it is now a well established Universe Time. During Universe Time, our Universe is automatically removing the wrong things, i.e. the spiritual controls or setups, so the right things just open up easily.

That is all I can say right now. I am letting it go and seeing the changes here. The wrong people who have been living around me for the past 2 years are being removed. That is a big positive change. Of course when we rent a place we cannot pick our neighbors, right? My goal is to have a place where I have no neighbors at all. I am sure that this will happen at the right time. I see that my family will finally have the ability to make this happen at long last.

Purging your spiritual cycles is totally real now. I am experiencing this phenomenon daily and documenting it right here. This is a direct result of my immensely powerful Universe connection. The baddies fade out quickly now and cannot keep going because they fall down. I mean that literally. Spirit setups were allowing these negative people to exist solely for the benefit of the spirit worlds. These people do not heal well because they are so solidly spiritual. They will quickly succumb to the spiritually induced diseases set up on their bodies. This is the truth.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, gets rid of the spirit worlds that are living on human bodies. This is not a cleanse. This is not spiritual healing. I mean a total removal happens. I am talking about Universe healing. There is nothing more powerful anywhere. Contact me by phone or email to arrange for your Universe Family Healing session. I am the right person to do this with. There may be a lot of phonies out there. All are extremely negative spiritual healers and do not have a Universe connection. Be aware of this right now. I am the only Universe Family Healer on our planet. One session is all that you need.

(928) 248-5518

Thank you for reading my blog. Now take the next step and contact me directly.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer

My Seven Year Cycles Are Over

I finally realized this recently. I have lived through two of them back to back and now there are none. I am understanding this whole thing now. These seven year spiritual cycles were real and hard to get rid of. I was able to live through them and successfully get rid of anymore. It all started back in 2008.

I was home and not working. I had been experiencing PTSD from working in a very toxic workplace in the Novato Unified School District. I simply could not work there anymore. I finally figured out what was going on, but I still was at home. I lived through that year with PTSD. It continued as I tried to work again as a school nurse in the San Rafael City Schools. The same thing happened again! I ended up back at home in early 2009.

During that time at home I was involved with a body change. I had been seeing a man who was a highly spiritual man. I suppose I inherited his spiritual world as it attached itself to me. Thus, the first 7 year cycle began. That ended in 2015. I then moved away to Yuma. A new 7 year cycle began in 2016. That cycle finally just ended too. However, this time I am financially secure. I have made it to my retirement income. The times of having no money coming my way have ended. The times of toxic, unsafe work environments for me are gone.

I have proof of how unsafe working in the school setting is for me personally. I worked here in Yuma as a Paraprofessional at a local high school for awhile and guess what? The environment became toxic again as the special education teachers tried to bully me. However I did not experience PTSD at all. I wanted to continue working at a different high school but was told I had to resign or be terminated. I resigned and later I received my unemployment benefits because the unemployment agency here in AZ investigated my case. I won my case as the school workplace was deemed an unsafe environment for me. I have the letter that states that very thing.

I am happily at home now and doing what I want to do: heal. That is what I do and I do it very well. I am a powerful Healer. I can instantly change a human’s lifestyle and make things go the right way. My healing is a real panacea. Anything spiritually induced is removed permanently. Only one session is needed to get this accomplished too. There is no need for weekly sessions, etc. Once the connection is made, it is secure and cannot be changed or altered.

My cycles are done. I am not under any control of any spirit world at all. I am here in my homeland living the life I was meant to live finally. I am creating a beautiful Yuma, AZ environment every day. I see AZ change and grow up the right way now that I am back. I lived through my cycles to get back home and it worked. I am free and powerful.

Universe Family Healing: A Panacea In Action

Panacea: A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases (definition from Oxford Languages)

I had to live through many years of healing to be able to say this about my healing modality. I had to live through all of the spirit worlds that were put upon me throughout my lifetime. Now, I can see that I have been healing all of those spiritual setups year by year. On this very last day of 2022, I am getting my sense of smell and taste back! I experienced some kind of horrendous but amazing purging of my face (i.e. eyes and nose) over the past month. My smell and taste senses were gone for awhile. However, I knew that these would return eventually. I know that this result is due to the powerful Universe Family Healing I just experienced. I also know that I will never have to experience this again. It is over and done, thank goodness.

There are so many things that can be completely healed away now. It is totally possible to get rid of most every kind of human ailment the spirit worlds created for us. I read that the scientists are pretty sure what causes the loss of smell and taste and I laugh at them. The scientists are still totally disregarding the reality that is happening in front of their eyes. Their denial is so huge that it may take a very long time for that to be purged away completely. If you are experiencing loss of smell and taste right now, you need to have a Universe Family Healing session. This will totally remove the negative spiritual involvement taking place in your body, specifically your head area. That is where the spiritual infestation is the heaviest these days.

I just had to continue to document what I experience and how my healing is the right thing to do these days. A Universe Family Healing session removes all of the pandemic related problems from your human body. This is because the pandemic problems are spiritually controlled. When your spiritual world is removed via a Universe Family Healing session, so are the pandemic residual effects. It is that simple and easy.

There is never a re-occurrence either. There will be so many COVID variants in the future but none will affect those of us who have removed our spirit worlds. I document this here as it is real and totally possible to live a healthy life. The scientists or doctors will never tell you this. They are a part of this problem. As time goes on, these professions will become extinct as they are products of the dark ages. These so-called professionals will never admit the reality of what I do. It matters not because what I do continues on and on without their approval or agreement.

One year ends, another year begins. That is how this planet was set up spiritually. I live through each year and document what is happening in Universe Time. My Universe is alive and functioning as it should be functioning. I give back the spiritual worlds from planet Earth 24/7. Planet Earth releases all of the evil that spirit worlds brought here. Our spiritual alien invasion is decreasing year by year. Be a part of this living process by shedding your spirit world. That is the right thing to do right now. Get connected by contacting me. I am here to be the one and only Healer who serves our entire Universe. I am here to make sure our planet of humans lives forever.

I Say “Go Home and Make Your Place Better”

I did that. I finally got back to where I came from. I was unable to really live a real life in CA, USA. How can anyone really live a real life there? It is not real in CA. It is very unreal. Thankfully I made it back home to Yuma, AZ, USA. I am so happy I did that. Now I say this to all those people complaining about their homes and that they have to leave their homelands to live. No, you just have to make it better there. There is no way the entire population of our planet can live in the United States. I say it again, “Go back where you came from, and make it better.”

The problems of this planet are many I know. Spirit worlds have caused tremendous harm to our planet. As we continue to move forward in Universe Time we will see a reversal of immigration. We will see people returning to their homelands as I have done. That is all that happens during Universe Time. There will no longer be this problem with migrants at the border. There simply won’t be any migrants. And a border wall becomes completely unnecessary because everyone just stays put in their homelands. Imagine that. It does happen that way during Universe Time. We all just mind our own business. Our concerns are focused on our families of course and the best place for us is the homeland we came from.

I have no desire to leave my homeland ever. I understand how Universe Family Healing works here. I am where I am supposed to be. There is no further moving around to another state or country. I stay put. This feels very good too. I know it is what should be happening everywhere. Right now there is this big issue here in the US about the influx of migrants “escaping problems in their homeland.” These people are just wanting a free and easy ride here in the US. They are not going to get it. I know that. They will continue to be turned away and made to go back where they came from. There is nothing else that happens. The sad stories they tell will fall on deaf ears.

Planet Earth is a very big place. We all have to do our part to make sure our whole planet is safe, secure, and alive. That happens with Universe Time. I am never going to feel any other way about this. Homelessness is a result of people moving around and ending up in the wrong place. These so-called homeless people are not in their homeland. They all need to go back where they came from. There at home it is easy to keep moving forward and get involved in real living. The homeless shelters fade away and are just not needed anymore. Homeless shelters are a product of spiritual time and that time is over. Universe Time totally eradicates the homelessness setups everywhere. Send those people back home. That’s all that needs to be done.

Universe Time effectively ends the migrant and homelessness problem. I will be continually watching this change and reform as it unfolds. I know this is how it works because I lived through this whole thing myself. I see the end results as I live in my homeland and continue to improve life here in the state of AZ. My healing ability is making things real here finally. I know this is happening. I see it everyday in the news. Universe Time is here in AZ.