Universe Time is Getting Rid of the Baddies

The way it works is like this: all the baddies, the freaks (I mean highly negative spiritual people) get rounded up. They are grouped together and then slowly but surely purged. This is what’s happening on the social media websites. I see it happening right now. I know it is just our Universe getting rid of another group of spirit worlds here on our planet. Social networks are huge spirit worlds! So of course, our Universe gets rid of them. Now I am watching as this happens. It never happened before. My website and WordPress are not social media. Thank goodness. WordPress and my website will remain intact and never be purged.

The nasty negative people are disposed of this way. I have seen it happen many times. In very negative environments, i.e. work or living, I see it happening. It looks like these negatives are winning but no, that is not what’s happening. It’s Universe Time now. This is the process for eliminating them from living places and workplaces. They are grouped up and purged finally and forever. Of course we may have to wait for the right time for this to happen but believe me it does happen! I patiently wait and it happens. I love that.

That’s what I see happening right now. Politics is another huge spirit world. Politics is definitely a spiritual creation here on planet Earth. So, the political realm is going through a major purging process. Politicians rely on having opposing views on everything. This is how spiritual worlds exist. But in reality, there is always only one real solution, the best solution to any problem. This is the Universe way. At some point political parties will cease to exist and there will be only one way to run things, the Universe way. I observe the changes here too. I know that it takes some time for this to all happen. I watch every year and note the changes here on my blog.

Evil is constantly being purged from planet Earth. Evil is a product of spirituality and spirit worlds living on human bodies. Now that I have established a powerful and intact Universe Time, evil is finally being removed, purged into our Universe’s magnetic current and swiftly taken far away from our planet of humans. Evil can only exist when a spiritual world is left intact. Well, that time is done. Spirit worlds are no longer intact and in control. Universe Time is in control and this will last forever.

Finally Arizona is in Good Hands

I am so happy that Katie Hobbs, an AZ native, is going to be our next governor. What more can I say? The right thing has happened of course. It is Universe Time after all. I understand that Ms. Hobbs was born in Phoenix. I like that about her. I also like that she is a people person, a helper, with a professional background in social work. I appreciate that in so many ways. I am like that too of course. I just do my thing a little differently. I feel that by me being here back in Yuma, I was able to establish a powerful Universe Time in AZ.

Now I want to go a little bit further and explain why me being here was so important in this election. I found out just now that her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, was born in Rock Island, IL. So what you say? Well I am connecting the dots here. It just so happens that the infamous Kaplans, my fake parents who stole me away from my birth family, came to Yuma, AZ in the 1950s from guess where? Rock Island, IL. So, it was incredibly important that I be here at the right time to make sure this outsider from another part of the country had nothing to do with politics in AZ. Especially someone like her from Rock Island, IL. That whole Rock Island spirit world is destroyed now. Totally demolished.

I hope to share this story one day with Ms. Hobbs, at the right time of course. I just wanted to document this right here on my blog. Universe Time is so important. We will always have Universe Time now. Those people who do not belong here from other parts of the country will just go back where they came from. I say and always did say, go home and make your place better. That is what I have done. It took me many years to do this, but I have done it.

My Truth is All Around Me

Finally, here is November, the very bad setup month of my past. When I was taken by Chuck and Bette Kaplan back in 1958, I was under their black spiritual blanket, a very negative set of spirit worlds that made me into someone else. I was taken as an infant, too small to do much of anything. These evil people had total control over me and my birth family. I simply had to go with them and live a very unreal life. They did their evil deed in November 1958 so that their spirit world could make me into someone like Bette, who was born on November 11. I was taken on November 9th. Her spirit world quickly developed on me and the rest is history. However, I was never like Bette. She repaired washers and dryers at home while I cooked, sewed, and sang. I was always being me but covered over.

Now I see this as it happened. Now I have become completely aware of who I am and what powers I have. I could never be a daughter of those two criminals. I am completely aware of this and how I was able to come home at exactly the right time too. I am completely annihilating the spirit world of Bette and Chuck Kaplan finally. Now the rest of my family members will understand too. Everyone will be able to see the truth. I am purging this setup off of my face. My eyes are purging quickly. All eyes will see this reality and understand.

Since this setup was put on me in November of 1958, It had to come off in November as well. 64 years later it is purging. I am happy. I go out in the Yuma sunshine and get rid of it. Their crimes will always be seen clearly. Universe Justice took me away from them and brought me back home. Now Universe Justice completes the task as they both die and are forgotten. Chuck died in September 1987, pancreatic cancer. Bette is still alive but won’t be for long.

I am posting this today because I am finally and totally free of the Kaplans. I was stolen from my birth family and this crime is finally being dealt with the right way. Universe Time rights all the wrongs and brings me and my birth family back together at the right time. The Kaplans just fade away. Universe Justice is making this happen for me. Universe Time is in full control of spirit worlds on planet Earth.

I am Not a Nurse, I am Healer

Now that I know the truth about everything, I am still having a dream or two where the spirits put me into a role of a nurse. I am definitely not a nurse and never really fit that role. When I was in college and trying to decide what to major in, my fake mother Elizabeth suggested nursing. That is how I ended up with a 30 year profession of nursing. It never felt right to me at all. I especially did not like working in the hospital. I did not like the tasks I had to do. I was not happy doing the nurse stuff. The nursing profession put additional layers of spirituality on me. That’s all it did. I finally got rid of nursing almost 10 years ago.

I worked for awhile in community health nursing. I was a director of nursing once. I tried it all. Nothing really fit for long. I then ventured into school nursing. That was the worse time of my life. School nursing was not a good choice at all. The school people were very hostile towards me. I developed PTSD due to workplace bullying in the school setting. I finally got an approval on my unemployment application when I had to leave another toxic school work setting here in Yuma. My investigation showed it was not safe for me to work there. My unemployment benefits were finally approved for the right reason. I told the truth and it happened the right way.

My healing abilities are very strong now. I understand now what I do and how it affects the world around me. I am completely safe here. The bad people cannot find me anymore and play out their spirit world games. I am so happy that I can be at home where I was born. Yuma AZ is the right place for me and my family. I am finally realizing alot about me. I am a very unique person. I have these wonderful healing and knowing abilities. I constantly use my abilities to make our planet healthy and alive. I was not able to do this when I lived in California. I was stolen away from my birth family when I was an infant. I lived a totally false existence in California. I realize this now looking back over my previous experiences. I was not being the real me at all.

I am Healer. I know this. I am the one who has the powerful connection to our Universe. It is automatic for me to heal. I am certain that if I had not been taken away, I would still have had my 3 precious sons and the planet would already be in a more positive situation. It has just been delayed a bit. I was taken away and that is a fact. Those evil people who did this to me are all dying. I am sure my real family is healing and we will be back together soon. My real identify is right there in front of me. I will know my real birth name and birthdate too.

A nurse is not a real healer. I am not a nurse. I am a real Healer. I heal with the powers of our Universe. The current flows through me 24/7. I am always healing! I need no special rituals. That is just fake spiritual healing. I am real. I can instantly know what is going on in your life and what happens with a real Universe connection. Contact me to get connected the real Universe way. Start your healing towards a real and everlasting life.

Doing The Right Thing The Universe Way

I am not a religious person. I never was. Religion is simply a spiritual world that attaches itself to a human body. Religion is full of rituals and controlled behavior patterns. It never really took hold of me. My healing is not a religious activity. My healing is real and based on our Universe’s powerful magnetic abilities. I don’t have to be a religious person to know what is the right thing to do.

I was always able to do things the right way. I did not have to heal into it either. Although I was covered over with a layering of mutiple spiritual worlds, I still held a connection to our Universe. I still always did things the right way. That’s why I know that simply having a Universe connection is so important. A simple Universe connection makes everything happen the right way. The right decisions are made automatically. This is because a spirit world is not controlling the human’s brain or thinking processes.

Just imagine what our planet would be if everyone had this connection? There would be no wars, no guns, etc. There would be a positive planet focused only on the right ways to do things. Pollution would be a thing of the past. Litterbugs simply go away. All things that can be recycled would be recycled automatically. The right things could occur automatically. Life then can continue.

There is a vast amount of spirit worlds living on human beings right now on the planet. Those people live in all parts of our planet and are not Universe connected. However, there will always be a small section of our planet where Universe activities occur now. This never stops. I know that this trend continues as it should. Without a Universe connection on our planet, life would just fade away.

My family continues to heal toward a reunion. It is really happening because we do things the right way. We have gone with the flow, discarding the evil spirits from our bodies. It takes quite a while to do this but it is always happening now. Universe Family Healing removes spirit worlds from human bodies. These spirit worlds are connected to each family member so we all heal at the same time. We have been separated for many years now. It is time to reunite and continuing living here in Yuma. This is the best place for my family to live.

Getting Rid of the Freaks is My Specialty

I was not aware of my special ability in the past. I learned about it as I lived through many spirit worlds and the setups or scenarios they created. I am sure that I am almost done. However, even where I live there are more of these freaky spirit worlds appearing in front of me. I laugh and know that it is just here to get removed from our planet. I see that I am the one and only person who has this special ability to get rid of the freaks. It’s like these freaks are attracted to me so I can dispose of them permanently. Alright, so be it.

I am so very powerful now that it really doesn’t bother me much like it did in the past. I know what to do now. It is easy for me to defeat the freak and it’s spirit world. I call a person a freak who is a very negative spiritual human, one who is entirely spiritual and cannot heal very good.

A freak is a person who cannot live without their spirit world attached to them. So, instead of healing away their spirit world and living on and on, these human freaks will just die. They hold way too much spirit energy. Their bodies are consumed with it. Their internal organs are literally falling apart. That’s all that happens.

Spiritual freaks are everywhere of course. I cannot do or say anything to help them. They are being purged out. This is how our Universe rids the planet of the spiritual mess. Most humans are not like this ofcourse but there are a lot that are. These highly negative people are unable to do much these days. Their spirit worlds used to be in total control of most everything. It is hard now for the spiritual freaks to get their way.

I believe that all humans are capable to make good choices. I do hold human beings responsible for doing the right things. But I know that humans also make wrong choices and decisions all of the time. This just means that they are consumed and controlled by their spirit worlds. That is not good for our planet.

Universe Family Healing wipes out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. Never before has this been able to occur. Now it is real and reassuring that our planet is getting rid of all the spirit worlds living on humans. That’s a very simple explanation of what is going on right now.

A Universe Family Healing session is the best way to get rid of the spiritual freaks in your life. Contact me for this easy solution. I guarantee it will work, 100% accurately and effectively.

Creating and Sustaining a Living Planet

Earth is very old of course. Earth is the planet where humans live and unfortunately die. But that is really changing. Humans can live now. Our Universe provides that for us. Our Universe wants humans to stay alive on planet Earth. A Universe connection allows a human to continue living. See me for that.

Why would we want to go into outer space anyway? There is nothing but blackness. There is no life out there. There is no reason to spend billions of dollars to explore it either. What a huge waste of money and precious resources. Outer space exploration is a S.C.A.M. activity (Spiritually Created About Money.) Instead, money should never be spent on that activity. Universe Time is correcting this problem finally.

Our planet needs to be explored. Our planet needs the money and resources. The right people must be in control to make this all happen. During Universe Time this really does happen. Humans are living only on planet Earth, the planet of humans. There is no other human life anywhere in our Universe except humans living on planet Earth.

The science fiction people are just that, fiction, not real. The NASA people are an extension of the science fiction mess. All of that needs to be erased finally and forever. No more rocket ships or flying objects above our heads. That needs to stop. Aliens? No way. The only space aliens are the spirit worlds living on human bodies. We don’t need space exploration. We do need to do the right things here on our planet where we can live.

This is how I help create a living planet and sustain it that way. A spiritual planet will die eventually. That’s what was happening. I am assuring us all that that is not going to happen now. Our planet is not really dying anymore. Our planet is getting help to remove the spirit invasion. I am the Universe Family Healer who is assisting here because for some reason I have this very powerful and direct Universe connection which cannot be broken. Therefore, I know that everything is just fine now.

So, to advance my assistance even more, I am going to make a blanket and shawl using yarn in the colorway Outer Space. I hope that this will end the focus completely on space talk and space money. Those agencies fueled by space exploration money will be put out of business and never develop again. Our Universe will effectively end all of those things. After that happens, well I am just waiting to see it all. I am observing the changes as we advance our way during Universe Time. It is fun to see the changes and know that all is fine now.

I create a living planet. I watch the changes. I crochet my shawls and blankets and add to my collection.

It’s fun.

Universe Time Is Being In the Right Place At The Right Time

Are you living in Universe Time? Well I am. I live one day to the next. No long range plans now or ever again. Each day is new and wide open for me. I know what I must do each day. I make sure I get those things done. It feels good because I am in control of my days. I am not mind-controlled by a spirit world living on my human body. I am actively purging out a very large but broken spirit world. It takes awhile to get this all done, but I am succeeding.

Universe Time is available to anyone here on planet Earth. You must have a strong Universe Connection to live in Universe Time. You must be willing to let go of that dangerous and unreal spiritual life. You will experience wonderful changes as your body transforms into a real human state. I doubt if humans have ever been totally real. The spirits were always there attaching themselves to us so they could have an existence. Spirit worlds are gigantic parasites. Now you know.

So who really wants a spirit world controlling them? Well, lots of people don’t seem to mind I guess. That’s fine. However, letting a spirit world control your mind and body makes certain that you die. Intact spirit worlds on humans have caused death to human beings over and over throughout history. Now though, you don’t have to succumb to an untimely death. Now there’s a way to get rid of your spirit world completely and just live. I mean that you will not age and will have no problems ever again. That’s what I mean here.

So when you are completely connected to our Universe, i.e. the magnetic current in outer space, then you are safe and life will be what it’s meant to be for humans. We have supreme intellect. We are at the top. Spirits are dying all the time now because it is Universe Time for many people. I have healed people all over our planet. I am real. Universe Family Healing is happening and getting stronger and more commonplace all of the time. The Dark Ages are finally being purged away!

I am living in the right place for me right now. I know that it is not permanent, but it is the right place right now. I stay here and do not make any moves elsewhere. I know that if I tried it would be unsuccessful, so I patiently wait. I keep busy doing my hobbies. I heal constantly 24/7. That’s my lifestyle right now.

When you go with the flow of our Universe, you stay in control of your life and never make a wrong decision. You just know what to do. You trust your feelings and do what feels good. Yes, your lifestyle changes a lot. That is expected. This transformation means you are Universe connected. Everything is just fine. Change occurs as the spirit world is purged away from you. Now that the spirits are leaving, the real you emerges and takes control. It really is that simple.

Everything is Just Fine Because it’s Universe Time!

Summer officially ends today, I guess. We still have the warm weather here in Yuma for awhile as it slowly fades into October. I see nothing going wrong. Universe Time is wonderful. I am able to relax each day, create beautiful crocheted shawls and afghans, and know that exciting times are coming right up.

My Universe Time keeps getting better every single day. The spirit worlds of our planet are purging very nicely into our geomagnetic currents. This phenomenon is well-established and permanent. Spirits are quickly merging into our atmosphere and whisked away to parts unknown.

I have been documenting my personal Universe Journey for many years. Right now, all I is sweet and simple at the end of summertime. My Universe connection is so strong now. I have nothing going wrong. I have lived through it all to be here right now. I earned what is happening with me. But I am not the only person who can enjoy this kind of safe and peaceful existence.

Healing with our Universe is readily available now. I offer real healing, I mean, a total removal of a human’s spirit world. This removal process is easy for me. I know that as a result of this purging process, a total transformation occurs. It is just your reality really which was all covered up by a negative spirit world. There are so many things you discover about yourself. Transforming into the real you is fun and rewarding.

You begin living on Universe Time. You have a real existence now. Say goodbye to legal medical a d social problems. Say hello to fun. Being your real self is fun, fun, fun. You automatically know what to do and not to do to create a safe and prosperous living. I can go on and on but it’s really a personal experience here. You lead yourself instead of being led around by a dangerous lifestyle created by a spirit world.

I Am Purging The Spirit World

So, as a result of this very important activity, our planet Earth is healing. I see no evidence of anyone else talking about this anywhere. I seem to be alone in this activity. I must be the only one doing this purging. Otherwise it would be mentioned somewhere else, but it is not! I am totally ignored by the mainstream news. I am assuming that this is how it is supposed to be. Our Universe works quietly in the background, removing the traces of this spirit mess.

Moving forward over the past several years has taken me from the land of California where I was stuck for over 55 years, back to my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA. After going with the flow here in Yuma since 2016, I am now stable and living safely and comfortably. I am simply summarizing a very long challenging life that has kept me very busy doing the wrong things and finally coming through it to the real me. My blog has covered it all, the good times and bad times. I had to live through everything and succeed.

Of course the whole time I was so busy doing all kinds of things I was always purging the spirit world here on our planet. Planet Earth is so infested with spirit worlds living on human bodies. Every human being has a spirit world you see. This is very real. Spirit worlds are parasites to our human bodies. Did you know that? Well it is true and now you can look at things a different and real way. Spirituality is a very negative and evil thing. No other human was able to get rid of spirituality but I am very successful in doing it. I am able to heal our planet and every human being of spirituality.

I am not sure why I can do this amazing phenomenon. I only know that I can. I have a constant flowing energy around my body through my hands and feet. No scientist can or ever will be able to explain it. I do not care about scientists. Most of what they say is meaningless. They are just a product of spirituality. Scientists will be extinct at some time. I am not sure when but I know it will happen. Scientists will never be able to test spiritual energy so they deny its existence. That is their downfall for sure.

I know spiritual energy is real because I can feel spirits and hear spirits 24/7. Scientists cannot. So they are not really important here. What is important is that we are finally getting rid of this spirit problem. Government officials also do not have to be involved. Politics is also a product of spirituality. Politicians can do nothing about spirituality either. I watch the political spirit worlds play out on our planet and I know that only the right things are happening now. I have established a powerful and permanent Universe Time.

We were enmeshed in a spiritual age and did not really understand this at all. Now, because I am here and totally real and stable, Universe Time is controlling spirit worlds, actively pulling them off of our planet and merging them with our Universe. Thankfully we have huge magnetic currents in our Universe that love this spiritual energy. That is where the spirit worlds end up, in our Universe and far away from our planet. If left unchecked, spirit worlds create nothing but death for humans.

I have had many jobs, but this one is absolutely the most important one. In fact, I cannot see anything more important than purging out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. Yes, I am new, but very much needed. I am Healer and I purge spirit worlds. I am not a science fiction story. I am not the 5th element. I am a real human being just doing my real job: Purging Spirit Worlds!

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