Five Years Later: Autism is Still a Spiritual Setup

I first started posting about autism 5 years ago on May 4, 2014: “Autism is a Spiritual Condition” Over the past five years I have referred to my theory about autism and I have been able to prove it several times.

Recently I was at another job interview and I was asked about autism and alternative methods of treatment. I was asked about sensory stimulation etc. I really did not go into detail about that or my own theory. It was not an appropriate time or place to discuss my healing modality and my theories. I did share my recent experiences when I worked with some students in a local high school who were diagnosed with autism.

One student constantly was tearing paper into shreds instead of doing his school work.  He was seated at a table away from the other students. He was quite capable to participate in the teacher’s lesson but was constantly distracted by this tearing up paper behavior. I observed the school staff member assigned to assist him actually giving him some paper to do this activity! I knew this was so wrong.

Finally I just started saying to him, “Stop tearing the paper and get to your work”. And I took the messy paper scraps away and gave him a pencil and the assignment from the teacher. I successfully was able to remove a spiritual barrier from him and this allowed him to attend better to his assignments. I was surprised at the ease of his attending to classroom work after that. He simply needed someone to intervene and do the right thing. I was removing the spiritual barrier at the same time and it worked! And that school staff member assigned to assist him, well she moved away at the end of the school year. All she did was keep the autism setup intact, so she was removed by our Universe.

I also interacted with another student who was very involved with painting soda pop logos such as Pepsi and Sprite, etc. He was involved in painting a whole collection but was always getting stopped. I knew that he needed to finish this art setup and he did. I helped him complete the last few art projects and then he was done. I could see the change. He never went back to that repetitive art behavior. Instead he got an assigned netbook computer at school and this allowed him to become more real and positive.

Finally the special ed students were getting their netbooks computers like the rest of the regular ed students. This really made a huge change in how they acted, more and more real and normal. The spiritual barriers around them were fading out fast. I know that it was because I was there purging large amounts of spiritual energies but of course I never talked about my healing while I was there. It just happened anyway.

My experience with a typical public high school setting where students with autism attend was positive and rewarding because I could see the changes as they happened in real time. I knew that autism was highly spiritual, but I was able to actually prove it to myself without having to reveal anything to the school professionals. I know that I have a very good way of interacting with students. I instantly know what is needed to make their day positive and real. I observe them for awhile and then it becomes very clear what the spiritual setup is doing to them.

Back to my recent interview, I was asked about my knowledge of community resources and I named a few, but I wanted to say, “I am a very good community resource”. I didn’t though even though I am a very good resource for families here in Yuma. I was interviewing for a case manager job in a medical facility for treatment of mental illness and although I said I would never work in those places again, that is where I have been interviewing for jobs! I simply go with the flow and ended up in community mental health agencies.

So, here on my website, I am safe to say that I am an excellent resource for families here in Yuma or anywhere in our world who are experiencing the challenges of the autism spectrum. Autism is a spiritual family setup. The child or children are not to blame. The parents are not to blame either. We need to understand this and blame it all on the spirits! Families become unknowingly involved in this spiritual setup that keeps everyone stuck in a nightmare situation. There is nothing the mental health people can do about autism. Their counseling sessions and groups do not help. Only a Universe Family Healer can remove the spiritual element from the family unit infested with spiritual energy.

Normal growth and development resumes once this spiritual barrier is purged. The entire family is involved in the healing process, not just the child. The family heals together. Medical professionals’ activities only enhance autism. Medical professionals cannot purge and merge the spirits into our Universe. Once the spiritual worlds are removed from the family, the autism set up is broken and cannot continue.

Those medical professionals involved with autism treatment are sent far away from families everywhere and have nothing to do with them anymore. Autism behavioral specialists are also removed and leave the area to find other victims to prey upon in other parts of the planet. They are really just scam artists and do nothing to heal away autism, so off they all go to other places. That is what is happening right now in my hometown Yuma, AZ, the place where autism is becoming extinct, naturally.

A Universe connection effectively removes the spiritual autism setup from a family. I have been able to prove this to myself over the past few years. However, the medical professionals are not offering healing as a valuable treatment. They never will because they are not connected to our Universe. Their time on planet Earth is fading out now because our Universe is controlling all spiritual worlds around humans, especially the medical realm which is really negative and a huge spiritual world all its own.

Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing the spiritual autism setups on families everywhere on our planet. One family at a time heals this problem away. Autism is on the road to extinction, finally!

I can assist families anywhere on this planet. I do this by a simple cell phone conversation. One Universe Family Healing session will connect your spiritual world to our Universe. Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session and get rid of the spirits invading your family.


Universe Family Healing Removed the Spiritual World’s Stage

Our world is no longer a setup spiritual stage. At one time a very large amount of spiritual energy full of spirit entities from other worlds was controlling our way of life here on planet Earth. This is not the way of our planet now. There is no longer a stage for the spirits to play on. The stage is broken and purging into our Universe.

The people who played on the stage are leaving that whole setup. There is no stage without players, and the players are not able to do that activity anymore. Something always gets in their way, so the spiritual stage crumbles and disintegrates.

We are moving forward from the dark ages and having to adjust to real living. Our spiritual worlds are purging rapidly and we can see reality very well. We see and understand what happened to us as we were all controlled by our spiritual worlds. We know that spiritual time is in the past now and just a memory that fades away.

We have control of our real world here on planet Earth. The spirits are done. We are living in Universe Time which means that our Universe and its powerful magnetic current is rapidly pulling away the spiritual worlds around humans and merging those energies within itself.

Spirits are not human at all. Spirits are an alien life form and are much more like a magnetic field composed of magnetite and other minerals. Spirits have no physical bodies but used our human bodies as their own. Spirits tried to control the human race but lost. They are merged into our Universe and taken far away from planet Earth.

The spiritual parts of our planet are all under the Universe’s control now and this will never reverse. There is no way the spirits can return here and set up another spiritual stage. We are essentially free from that negative and dangerous past when spiritual worlds ruled our planet.

There will be less and less activity from the entertainment industry meaning less TV, less movies, etc. Those times were a result of a very spiritual world of fantasy and make believe. We will see less sitcoms and more real life families. Even reality TV will go away. It was all built upon a stage of spiritual energy and that stage is disappearing very quickly now.

Our planet is growing up the right way. We will not eat our animals anymore and allow them to live freely with other animals. We will make sure that animals on planet Earth do not become extinct. We will use safer ways of transportation and less plastic consumption. We will grow our food safely without chemicals. We will use solar energy more and more. We will play less games. We will live a real life.

Planet Earth is a living planet. We once had a spiritual stage where men and women were made to be players, but that is all in the past now. We are no longer controlled by the spirits that invaded our planet a very long time ago. Universe Family Healing is the reason that our planet is alive. Universe Family Healing is purging and merging all of the spirits and putting real humans back in control of our beautiful planet.



Telling The Truth Is Very Powerful And Always The Right Thing To Do

I recently interviewed for a new job. One of the questions asked of me was how to deal with the negativity and anxieties at work. I was sure of the answer here. I did not go on and on about my healing ability or how I use it to release layers of spiritual energy. I did not talk about my healing modality, Universe Family Healing at all. These people were not interviewing me to be a healer in their organization. My healing modality is a private business separate from any outside job I would encounter.

My response to that question was that I would encourage a verbal interaction where truths are spoken out loud. I feel this is so strong and powerful and eliminates a lot of bad feelings. Ofcourse, at the same time, the spiritual energies are purging. But I did not go into detail about that. I just know that truth telling is a very important way to get rid of spirits and spirits are the negativity. I was not going to fall into a trap talking about spirits during this interview. I was being very real and possibly my answer was taken with surprise.

People still do not realize the power behind truth telling. I am amazed because truth telling is very easy to do yet it is often overlooked as a way to deal with negative situations. I instantly know what to do in these kinds of scenarios. I am not going to expose myself and say something that will be taken the wrong way. I simply know what to say and it works. Telling the truth always works.

Truth telling is always the right thing to do. It is not a negative behavior. As we start practicing this more and more the truth is automatically available. Some people think that telling the truth is not always the right thing to do, but I disagree totally. I know that truth telling is always the right thing to do in any situation. Once truths are spoken, the negativity is released and gone. Spirits don’t like the truth as it ends their little spiritual games. I know this of course. I have the upper hand here because I understand what is really going on.

The “negativity” likes to control people in such a way as to stop truths from being told. Spirits are always trying to keep humans in a state of denial. This happens a lot these days but more and more people are being very outspoken about telling the truth. Real healing and truth telling are totally connected. Even though I have been around liars throughout most of my life, I know that I can overcome their negative ways and leave them far behind me. I have been doing this a lot recently and that is why I am able to sit here and make a blog post today about truth telling. I cannot overemphasize the power of telling the truth.

Once truths are told and denial is released, healing continues easily and we all go with the flow. Our workplaces become fun and safe places to interact with good people. So, I know that my healing is doing the job here, but it has to start with the human voice that can never be silenced again.

Tell the Truth

Feel that purge of energies leaving the body. Spirits cannot live on human bodies where truths are told all of the time. Spirits are done. Spirits cannot continue in a world without denial.


My Healing Modality Is Unique

I heal with the powers of the Universe! I am a very unique person. I can do this naturally and automatically. It is quite amazing really. But to me it is just being me. When I was younger, I was not aware of my ability to do this. I never even thought about it at all. I was involved in a highly spiritual life. As I continued to live my spiritual life, my spiritual life continued to fade away. That is the truth. I finally am here able to see and understand what was going on throughout my lifetime, and blog about it in simple terms for all to understand.

I call my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. The Universe part means I am connected very well to our Universe’s magnetic current. Therefore, the spiritual worlds around me are constantly flowing into our Universe. This action is always one way and no return. The energy flow is constant. The spiritual energy flow feels gritty and always moving. At one time this energy was stuck and setup in a spiritual world around my human body. That is what happens to most humans these days. And we do not even realize this spiritual world is there controlling our lives.

I believe I was always connected to our Universe because I am from Yuma, AZ. I lived here for a short time in my early life. I was born here and this allowed a connection to be established. But I was little and taken away from my birth family too. I was not able to do anything about it. A very traumatic layer of spiritual energy developed as a result of this parent child separation. However, I was able to keep my Universe connection going even when I was so far away from my birth family in California!

This explains why I eventually returned to my homeland. I never thought once about returning to Yuma, AZ. It was not an idea I ever had. But there finally came a time that I ran out of options in California and the only place I knew to go was back to my hometown. I returned to Yuma in January, 2106. I continue to heal and move forward towards a reunion with my birth family. The goal of Universe Family Healing is to reunite birth families.

During the last 10 years in California, my healing abilities emerged very strongly. I had to continue to purge out spirituality from my days. I continue to do this still. I am always purging spirits even when I am by myself and have no clients, I am still purging spiritual energy. So, my healing modality is well established and very real. I remove spiritual worlds around humans. It is that simple!

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing effectively connects the spiritual worlds of humans to our Universe and allows a safe and comfortable life to emerge. The Family part of my healing means that all birth family members are also healing and purging their spiritual worlds into our Universe. One Universe Family Healing session starts the purging process for the entire birth family. We all need to get rid of our spiritual worlds. Spirits are parasites to humans and cause the wrong things to happen like disease and death.

I base my healing on the natural science of our Universe. I use no gimmicks or rituals in my healing. I simply sit with my clients and hold their hands. This allows an automatic interaction between their spiritual world and the Universe. I also intuitively know where on their body they need purging. This is usually on the back of the neck or forehead. These are common areas of spiritual infestation and the places where spirit setups are intact which rule our days.

I can also heal by using a cell phone. It is amazing that I can do this but I can. I do not have to be in the same room as my client. I can heal a person who is many miles away in another country from me simply by having a cellphone conversation. I have proven this over and over. My healing is powerful and 100% accurate and effective and always works. Interacting with me allows this automatic release of energy. There is always change happening after a Universe Family Healing session. We go with the flow as the changes occur.

My healing is not considered spiritual healing. I remove spirituality from humans. Spiritual healing does not do that. Spiritual healing likes to cleanse the spiritual areas of the human body. My healing does not do that. My healing removes the spiritual areas on the human body. That is the big difference between what I do and what the spiritual healers do. My healing is real healing and their healing is not. I consider spiritual healers to be scam artists as they charge alot of money and do not provide real healing.

My healing modality is unique and available today to all humans on our planet. I do not advertise or connect with social media. I simply blog here on my website and I know that the right people find me. I am living in Universe Time now. I am patient and understand that all good things happen at the right time. I hope to hear from you soon. Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. We can all have a very good time and help heal our planet.



I Am Safe and Powerful In My Homeland

I realize this all of the time. I control my every move so I cannot make any mistakes. I stay very safe and comfortable as a result. I can make the right decisions easily. I am not mind-controlled by the spiritual world. In fact, I am getting rid of the spiritual world that used to have me in its control. Now, the exact opposite is happening. I am in total control of the spiritual world that was in my way.

That spiritual world is purging all of the time. This means the spirits are moving away from me and my body and connecting outside with our Universe’s highly magnetic current. These spirits are magnetic and negatively charged so, our Universe easily grabs spirits and merges them within itself. Constant purging and merging of spirits is exciting and real. I am the only one talking and blogging about this real and natural phenomenon.

This automatic phenomenon is why my healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is so accurate and effective. There are no mistakes made with Universe Family Healing. Only the best things happen when the spirits are removed. Only the truth is exposed when spirits are purged away. Human existence has not been real in the past. Now, human existence is real. Spirit purging is allowing a real life for humans on planet Earth.

Our planet was overtaken by the spirits a long time ago. I am not really certain why and how this happened. I know that there was never any real healing available or the spirits would have been eradicated already. That is the truth. Instead, the spiritual worlds built up around each human were allowed to exist and grow into immense sizes.

Only highly negative spiritual people controlled everything. This setup of spiritual entities had total control over our living planet Earth. These spiritual entities are here because they had a tightly wound spiritual energy network without any flaws or breakages. This allowed these entities to do whatever they wanted to do.

Today, this situation has changed dramatically. Our planet is purging tremendous amounts of spiritual energy everyday. I observe the changes globally in the daily news. I see how the highly negative parts of the planet are getting smaller and weaker all of the time. Once these spirit entities are purged away they are not able to reconstruct themselves and reinvade our planet. They do not have the capabilities to do that. They cannot repair any breaks in their setups.

Thank goodness spiritual entities cannot stop purging with the Universe. Once this is effectively in place, these spiritual entities are done. They cannot start over. They are finished, destroyed, and thus gone forever.

Knowing this makes me feel very good that I was able to achieve status of Healer in their game of spirituality. Once Healer comes through they are done. They chant this all of the time to me, “When Healer comes through, that’s it, we are done.” They call me Healer and Angel and sometimes Julia too. They come to me from all over the planet. And all they do is purge and merge with our Universe.

I am here constantly purging this mass of negativity. It’s nonstop, 24/7, and will never be stopped. This natural purging is how our world and Universe continues life. The spirits must be taken back by our Universe for life to continue on our beautiful planet Earth. Going with the flow of the Universe is why our planet heals and grows young.

This information should be in the daily news. However, I don’t think that will ever happen. I am very happy to be completely unrestricted here on wordpress to blog as frequently as I want to. I am never censored or shut down here on my website because all I do is tell the truth about our planet and our Universe.

This is the right time to get in full control of your life. Join us in ridding the spiritual invasion from our planet. One Universe Family Healing session will effectively connect your spiritual world to our Universe. This is the only way to get this done. Contact me via email to schedule your Universe family healing session:

The truth about spirits and spirituality is always right here on my little blog to be viewed by anyone anywhere on planet Earth.






Spirits Are Going On Their Universe Journeys

I remember the time when I was involved with spirituality. I was asking for my soulmate and I was on my spiritual journey. It seemed like the right thing to do. I was in the middle of a huge spiritual being, a spiritual set up that controlled my life. However, I was not stuck there and moved forward little by little. I really never thought about it as it happened naturally and automatically.

I can look back and explain this whole thing in simple terms. I was always healing and purging my spiritual world into our Universe. I just didn’t realize it then. It is very clear that I am not a negative spiritual human. I am actually a very powerful Universe Family Healer. Now, I know the truth. And the truth is all that matters these days. I continue to blog and tell the truth about my healing and about spirituality.

Nowadays, the spirits are all going on their Universe Journeys. It is the exact reverse of what I had to do when I was involved with spiritual activities. Now, spirits purge quickly into our Universe. The spirits are not self-contained around me anymore. There is always movement of spiritual energy away from me. The spirits are pulled off of my body, through my left foot and hands and moved outside my window. Once outside, the spirits are merged with our Universe’s magnetic current which flows southeast. This is a real natural phenomenon and I am the only human talking about it!

Once spirits are pulled away from me, they are done. Once purged, spirits cannot do anything but go with the flow. They cannot stop purging and cannot return to set up a spiritual world on me anymore. Spirits can’t live on their own. Spirits are parasites and have been allowed to live on humans. Spirituality is really a dangerous game because once spirits are in control of a human, they set up humans to do certain things. Spirits are very dangerous to humans as their mind control system is actively working without our knowledge. Most people today are not aware that their daily activities are controlled by spirits.  

However, even though spirits are in control in some places still, the time of spirituality is closing down. I am the reason for its demise. Once a real Universe Family Healer is actively purging, the spirits are done! And no one else in our entire human history has ever done this or the spirits would have already been removed from our planet. So this is a new time for our world. Universe Time is what I call it. Our Universe is actively removing spiritual worlds around humans. And that is why spirits are all going on their Universe Journeys. I like this much better than me being on a spiritual journey!

And even though they chant, “I am not ready to purge”, they purge anyway. Spirits cannot stop purging. Once this Universe connection is well established it cannot be broken by anything. They chant “We can’t do anything”. I believe them. They are done!

It is time to get rid of all the spiritual words around humans. Now it is so easy to get this done. I am a real and powerful Universe Family Healer. My healing modality is 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds around humans. My healing is the only real way to get rid of the spiritual invasion. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing Session:



The Truth Is All That Matters

Universe Time is allowing truths to be told now. I am always telling the truth about spirits and spiritual energy. In the past, when our world was so negatively controlled by the spirits, truths were hardly ever expressed. The ancient world was caught up in lies and deceptions. It was common for criminals to get away with their evil deeds. A blanket of negative spiritual energy covered most of the world and kept the wrong things happening over and over. The dark ages never really purged, but kept evolving and changing with the times. This did not get rid of the spirits though.

Spiritual purging never happened in the past. There was no one around doing real Universe healing. Our Universe has always been here and always has had this powerful magnetic current. But for some reason the magnetic current from our Universe was not able to access spiritual energy on planet Earth. Humans lived and died in Spiritual Time for many years.

I am not sure why this happened. I  have no explanation for why no real healing was happening here on planet Earth. I can only explain my own personal experiences over the past several years. I do this here on my blog as a way to document the reality of spiritual energy and its negative effect on our planet. I lived through my own healing and blogged my progress along the way. My lived experience (phenomenology) is proof that spiritual energy is real and dangerous to human life.

Spirituality has controlled our minds and bodies without our knowledge. Humans have been mind-controlled for a very long time. And because this energy never was removed it became like an accepted part of the human existence. For example, a soul is just a huge ball of spiritual energy located in our abdominal area. This “soul” is not needed for human existence. Finally, spiritual souls are purging away, thank goodness!

Now, more and more of the right information is coming out and people everywhere are understanding that spirituality and spiritual energy is like a alien invasion from another Universe. Spiritual energy somehow got here to planet Earth and has to live on humans for existence. Humans do not need spiritual energy to live, but spirits need humans to live. Therefore, spirits and spiritual energies are human parasites.

Nowadays, as more spiritual energy is purging and merging into our Universe, the truth is all that matters. There is always a way for truth to be exposed now. Truth cannot remain hidden or covered up. The most negative parts of our planet are purging now and this allows only the right things to happen. And that includes truth-telling.

I see this in our daily news, how the criminals are not getting away with anything. And this is happening at a much faster rate too. In the past it may have taken months to get to the truth and now it is taking a much shorter amount of time. This is because there is constant spiritual energy purging and merging into our Universe. As a result, a powerful Universe Time is in control. We will always remain in Universe Time.

Spiritual Time is in the past. We are living in Universe Time. This will not stop because I was able to connect my spiritual energies to our Universe and create a powerful magnetic connection which cannot be broken. As a result, I purge spiritual energies into our Universe’s magnetic current and my healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is working out quite well!

I am able to move forward and see reality and make the changes happen easily that are needed in our world today. Birth families reunite and are strong and healthy. The criminals are finally caught and put away forever. Their spiritual worlds are purged so gradually over time criminals will no longer exist. A powerful Universe Time totally eliminates criminal activity. Amazing!

The truth is all that matters these days. Telling the truth gets rid of the bad people and allows us to have the best life possible on our beautiful planet Earth. Universe Family Healing is the reason we are now living in Universe Time. You can be a part of this time too. Connect your spiritual energies to our Universe. Be a part of a very good thing that is happening right now!

Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session:



Universe Time is Removing The S.C.A.M. Activities

Our Universe is very amazing! After finishing up that highly negative plasma donor center setup, I just received in the mail today another scam related to health care activities and money. Now, the state of AZ’s health care plan is offering to pay people to have their health screenings done. I have their health insurance but I never use it. In fact, I forget that insurance card is there in my wallet. I guess I have it just in case of an emergency but of course those kinds of things do not happen with me.

So, I laugh because I see how the medical industry is having to use money to bribe their customers. I will be receiving a prepaid debit card and when I go to my first health screening it will be activated etc. Ha-ha, I am just going to throw that card in the trash. I will never participate in any of their so-called health activities. I call this newest health care industry fad a S.C.A.M. (Spiritually Created About Money) activity.

I also see the school buses now doing the wrong things even more. I posted on my blog that there is a problem with school bus idling here in Yuma. One bus in particular, B90,  was involved and I reported that bus driver to the school district’s transportation director. That was last week. Today, I see multiple school buses idling after the time they usually leave. It seems like a coordinated effort. I even saw another school bus come later and idle for 20 minutes for no reason at all. It is so funny. As purging happens, there is a grouping up of buses doing the wrong thing until they are gone completely. That is how our Universe works to get rid of negative activities.

What happens when I get involved with these negative situations? Change happens. Someday, there will be no more school buses here in Yuma. And someday there will be no more health insurances or doctors etc. This is how the Universe gets rid of the negative world that existed here on planet Earth.

That is the latest in my world right now. I am able to move forward and continue to be here everyday and ready to help others in establishing a very necessary Universe connection. Once a Universe connection is well established all health worries are gone. There is no more need for a routine doctor visit ever. The time of health screenings to find a medical condition is ending.

It is obvious because now the medical people are so threatened by lack of subjects that they are paying people to come see them. This is how it really is now. Next, those medical people will just go somewhere else where they will be able to find more victims to participate in their ancient rituals. That is how I see the medical profession. Ancient, evil, and outdated!

So as our air cleans up here in Yuma, we will all be living a healthier life and enjoying our environment more and more. All of these bad things are going far away from me and my family. Yuma, AZ will be just exactly as I want it to be, free of spirituality. And the best kept secret place on planet Earth too.



Moving Forward and Leaving The Plasma Donor Center Behind

I finished this last spiritual setup today. There was no real excitement there. I knew it was over for me. There are some people who cannot stop going there and rely on that place for income. The technician gave me a buddy card to encourage more people to come in but I just threw it away later. I am not encouraging anyone to go there.

The plasma donor center is a very negative world. I have purged it out several times now and will see what happens as a result. For me, this setup is over and done. I will never go back there. I am sure that because I went there though, I will see major changes in that industry. For me, this setup marks the end of spirituality. There are no more spiritual setups in front of me.

Back in 2008, when I was really just starting to purge this spiritual energy, I was not aware of what was really happening. I was simply going with the flow. There was a song that was popular during that year called “When I Ruled the World”. Now, I know that the rock group who wrote this song was just doing what they always do, write songs. Yet to me, this song is rather interesting because it was the same year that I was purging out spiritual energy for the first time. The spirits were chanting, “On the Universe” over and over. To me, this song reflects the change that happened during that year.

A very large spiritual entity had surrounded our planet and literally was controlling our human planet Earth. The spirits called this entity Ray. I am not sure of the spelling of this name. Apparently this Ray entity was highly connected throughout the ages. It was like a spiritual tapeworm. It was very old and kept all of the spiritual worlds intact everywhere. Once I started this purging and merging process, these ancient spiritual worlds were not contained any longer and were put into our Universe. This purging had never been done before and in fact even today these spirits still chant over and over, “You are the first person to have ever done this”. I believe them!

I lived from those years to this day and I still remember that song and those times. I know that spiritual worlds prevented the right things from happening. Truth telling was never allowed throughout the ages. It was very easy to lie about practically everything and be in total control. Nowadays, because we are living in Universe Time, the truths are always expressed very openly in the public arena. It is very hard for any Rays in today’s world to be successful. All that happens is their little spiritual worlds collapse and they fall down.

As I have said before, we are living in Universe Time now. This means that our Universe, which has a very powerful magnetic current, is actively pulling all of the spiritual worlds away from humans. So, this process allows the truth to automatically be available. Humans like to know the truth.

Once we are in an established Universe Time, the spirits are done. They can never return and take control again. Our planet Earth is healing now and the humans who are in powerful positions are making the right decisions to ensure that we continue to have a living, healthy planet. The wrong people in power are removed and replaced.

Moving forward once again. It feels good. I understand and know so much more than I did when I was younger. I have my natural knowing and powerful healing ability. I know that only positive, safe, and good times are right up ahead of me.






Universe Family Healer Gets Rid Of Spiritual Worlds

As I make my way to the plasma donor center I am so happy to know I am almost done with this spiritual set up. Of course it is a spirit game, but this one is giving me a little bit of money. I go today and Monday and then I am done.

My spiritual world is done. There is not much left of it now. I have moved forward so many times to get to this point. No other Healer has ever achieved this level in the history of spirituality. No other Healer ever made it to the plasma donor center to end spirituality. I did.

I see how spiritual other healers still are. I read their words and laugh. It is entertainment for me.I never used words like vibrations and such. I was never that spiritual. Those spirital healers are mind-controlled by their spiritual worlds!

I always was a real natural Healer connected to our Universe and purging spiritual energy into our Universe. There is no other Healer saying those words. Only I say them. That is because I am real, not spiritual.

Universe Family Healer (me) purges spiritual worlds around humans. I specialize in purging spiritual worlds around humans. It is that simple and easy for me. I require no rituals or potions. Those things are props used in spiritual games and do nothing to remove spirits.

I hold your hand and connect with the spiritual energy field around you. At that point your spiritual world is released into our Universe.

Or, if this is a phone session, as we interact by cell phone your spiritual world combines with my Universe connection. From there it is released into our Universe.

Yes I am very real. I am not a scam. But those spiritual healers are all very fake scam artists. They will gladly take your money and do nothing in return. My healing modality is 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds around humans. I charge $50 for a Universe Family Healing session.

Contact me by email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. You will not be disappointed. Be prepared for change!