A Universe Connection is All That Matters

Humans are now able to be completely real. A Universe connection allows for this to happen. Did you know that every human being on our planet Earth has his or her own personal spirit world? Did you know that this spirit world is a parasite? Well it is. Humans do not need to have a spirit world which always contains a soul. A soul is just a big mass of spiritual energy located in our abdominal area.

Souls connect one human to another via the “soulmate” set up. How convenient for the spirit world to mind control humans into thinking we need soulmates. We do not need a soulmate, but the spirit world cannot survive without them. And all this does for humans is make our life miserable. Soulmates are not real humans. Soulmates are a creation of spiritual energies and are very negative.

Getting rid of this soulmate energy is easy to do now. We have a way to do this via our Universe and Universe Family Healing. We can all be with our Universe Mates now. We all need to understand that this spiritual infestation was not our fault as we were overtaken by a quiet and deadly alien race called spirits. This was all done so secretively and no one ever really understood what was going on here. I am making it very clear.

I want to see all of those psychic websites completely disappear because all they do is promote spirits and their very negative setups. The good news is that our Universe is eager to grab all of this spirit energy and consume it into itself. The best pace for a spirit world is in Earth’s magnetic current, our geomagnetic field (god) around planet Earth. There the spirit worlds are completely merged and used as a benefit for our planet. The Earth’s geomagnetic fields are strengthened with this activity. Purging and merging spiritual energy into our god, our geomagnetic field, is the right thing to do.

We have never had the opportunity to experience real human existence before. Everything has been created and setup spiritually here. There are so many things changing as a result of this amazing phenomenon called Universe Family Healing. So many things are becoming real and this means our planet is getting younger and healthier. Also, humans who are Universe connected become young and healthy human beings. There are no longer birth, live, death cycles going on. That was all planned out by our spirit worlds. None of that is really human activity, but it has happened over and over so we have been led to believe it was normal.

So, if you really love your soulmate but are having so many problems with him or her, contact me for the solution. The love connection between you two is totally human and real and can never be purged away. All that goes is that negative spirit world causing all of the problems. Once that spirit world is connected to our Universe, it quickly leaves and as a result your entire family is healing. This is because you are so connected by your spirit worlds. The best stuff is all that remains. Simple, easy, automatic, and effective. There is nothing like this anywhere else on our planet. A complete transformation occurs and you finally get to be the real you! Imagine that, it is happening right now everyday. Contact me to get your transformation going.

Universe Family Healing Takes All The Problems Away

Why live in the negative spiritual world among negative people who are just trying to get their way all of the time? Instead, get rid of that lifestyle and become a real human being. My healing modality does just that- separates us from the negative world as it decays away.

I know this is new for our planet as people here have always been controlled by a spirit world. But the reality is spirits are not necessary for human life. Spirits are parasites living on our bodies! Humans are necessary for spirit life. It has always been that way. No one was getting rid of this mega spirit problem until now.

Spirit control over humans has made our planet very negative. We have grown up the wrong way here. We need to all heal and grow up again and do things the right way this time. Who else is saying things like that? No one is. I am the only one talking about this because I am the only human who is seeing this problem for what it is. I am also the only human who is doing something about it directly. I not only see it and talk about it. I do something about it. The negative people had all of the control in the past and did things wrong. There is no doubt about that. Those negative people are not in control anymore and they don’t like it, but too bad. Their time is over.

I have effectively created Universe Time because I am here alive and well. Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling away these spirit worlds from our planet and merging them within itself. I am actively purging spirit worlds away from our planet. I am the human with the direct connection to this magnetic current high up in our atmosphere. This is real science but you will never read about this on Google news.

A spirit world is just a web of spirits living on a human body. Think of this like millions of microscopic spiders setting up their own environment on your body. Believe me, they are there on every human. All of this is done so quietly and without any awareness of the human. Spirits are always there in the background playing their games, setting up dreams to come true, and creating more of themselves.

This is a nuisance infestation worse than head lice, bed bugs, and scabies. These parasites can be effectively treated. Spirit worlds cannot be treated by any shampoos or medications. The only way to get rid of a spiritual infestation is by purging it away. This is a healing technique that I created. It is mine alone as I have this powerful Universe connection in my hands.

Change happens as a result. All of the problems that were set up by the spirit worlds leave and fade away. There are no more problems as they were all a product of this spirit infestation. Health conditions are often times spiritually induced. Those health issues leave when there is an active Universe connection. Why put up with anything at all when it can be eradicated by our Universe.

Universe Family Healing connects these spirit worlds automatically but you must have an interaction personally with me. I do this by telephone so anyone anywhere on planet Earth can be connected. My words alone do not allow for this connection. Perhaps you feel something when you read them but that is just the start to create an awareness. The next step is to contact me directly for your Universe Family Healing session.

So, instead of going to the doctor for any ailment, mental or physical, try my healing instead. My healing technique is real. My healing is powerful. Now we can really get rid of the spirits once and for all, finally and completely.

Forget the Naysayers, Their World is Ending Not Ours

The naysayers are always out there saying this and that about our planet. But a quiet group of people are also there. These quiet people are the ones with a Universe connection. These Universe people are helping heal our planet Earth and this removes the naysayers finally forever. All that remains is the real world- a planet of 100% human people. The spirit worlds are done and leaving our planet. But this is still in the early phases. Much more healing needs to happen. Very few people are even aware of this phenomenon called Universe Family Healing. But those people that are aware know it is real and powerful! Those people can feel the difference. Only with a real Universe connection can you have this feeling.

Spiritual healers cannot do this for you. Forget them as they are not connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. They may say they are but if they are calling themself a spiritual healer then they are not connected. And there are a lot of those type of extremely negative people around trying to take your money and swindle you out of your life savings. They are just scam artists. S.C.A.M. artist means Spiritually Created About Money artists who are only playing a spirit game to get your money.They are not doing anything real. Stay far away from spiritual healers who do things like Reiki and therapeutic touch. They cannot heal your spirit world away. They only provide a cleansing and it all stays on them. So these fake healers do nothing to help get rid of the spirit problem. They only make the problem worse and have done so for many years.

Universe Family Healing is the only proven and accurate way to heal. I mean, Universe Family Healing is a real healing modality. Spirit worlds are highly magnetic and are built on a human body. Spirit worlds are human parasites. Universe connections remove the spirit infestation. I am the link between our Universe’s magnetic current and ground level here on the planet. I am instantly able to pull away your spirit invasion and merge it with our geomagnetic field or god for short. I call it god. I think that’s where all this god stuff came from, spirits mind controlling us about god. But really, the god around our planet is the ideal place for spirits to live. They should never be around a human body, no way, that is very bad.

Naysayers take heed, if you do not change your ways and become Universe connected you will succumb to your spirit world and that means death. That’s all that spirit worlds do on a human body is provide us with a very short life and death is 100% guaranteed. Many people are going to die because they are so negative. This is an unfortunate reality. But there are so many good people on our beautiful planet and those of us who are Universe connected will live! That is a certainty. Contact me to get your Universe connection going. One Universe Family Healing session is all that is needed to establish a powerful Universe connection. Hope to hear from you soon.

Only The Right Things Happen Now, It’s Universe Time!

Our planet is experiencing Universe Time finally. Universe Time means that our Universe’s geomagnetic current is actively removing the spiritual invasion on our planet. Earth as a young planet of humans was taken over by a spiritual invader. These spirits rely on a human body to live and therefore are parasites. I want this to be common knowledge. Every human on our planet became a host to these spirits. It was all done very quietly too. No one understood what was really going on. In fact no one knew about it at all. These spirits are dangerous to humans as they are very mind-controlling entities and work silently in the background to create and expand their intricately woven spirit worlds. They created their own specialized environments too and lived happily doing what they like to do, dream and pretend that they are humans.

But they are not human! And they are not necessary for human life. Humans are not in need of anything spiritual especially when it involves controlling our minds and bodies. These spirit parasites actually end human life! They cause the human body to age and die. They promote unhealthy habits. They put a human being into denial. So many of the health problems we experience are spiritually induced. Enough said, we are now getting rid of this spiritual mess and thus saving our planet from dying.

I see the right things happening now everyday. It feels so good to see the right things happening everywhere. The bad people are getting exposed and dealt with appropriately! This is such a big deal right now but soon it will be just the norm. There has to be a turning pointing and we finally have reached this time. The spirit worlds cannot continue doing their dirty work to the human race. Now the spirit worlds are being dealt with appropriately too. The only way to deal with them is to purge them. I am the one providing this service as Universe Family Healer. I am the connection between our Universe and planet Earth. This spiritual matter is pulled through my body, hands, and feet and out high up in the sky, southeast into the magnetic current. Good riddance to spirits who tried to take total control of our home.

Only the right things happen now because I was able to provide a direct connection to these spirit worlds and our Universe was ever so happy to pull them away. Now we are really living a real life and making our planet safer. Spirits are needed in our planet’s magnetic currents as they strengthen them and should never be here on the planet again. I am not sure how it happened but all I know it is over forever.

Reality is Here Now, Stop Living in The Spirit World

Why would anyone want to live a pretend life? Well, with spirit worlds living on our bodies we are all living in a fake fantasy world without even knowing it. Our spirit worlds create these worlds so they could exist and unfortunately it caused a human infestation. Now we are able to get rid of our spirit worlds and eliminate this infestation on our planet.

Universe Famaily Healing is a form of healing which removes our spirit world parasites. My healing modality is the only one like it on our planet and so it is new, but nevertheless real and powerful. Say goodbye to those old ancient spiritual healing techniques like Reiki and therapeutic touch. Those were well intentioned but ineffective in removing a spirit infestation.

My healing is based on scientific laws and utilizes our Universe’s magnetic current to detach the equally magnetic spirit living on us. This is a very simple method as the spirit world is pulled into our geomagnetic field (god) and thus put to work. These spirit entities are made up of minerals like magnetite and help strengthen our Universe. We are therefore doing the right thing because this actually protects our planet from the mighty sun’s radiation. Everyone should be getting this done.

However very few people even know about me or what I do. I hope that those of you who read this will become instantly aware of this important function, purging our spirit worlds,  and our responsibility we have to continue life on planet Earth. Removing these spirit worlds allows a human to become totally real. And you thought you knew it all? Well just wait because as a result of purging your spirit world you will have your knowing. And then you will know you were just mind controlled for so many years.

We can all live in reality now. A Universe connection puts us back into reality with humans in control of the spirits. Now this is the way it’s supposed to be.

Universe Mates Are A Reality Now

I wanted to make a post about Universe Mates and describe in detail what is going on here. I want this understood that Universe Mates are a total possibility now. We have never had Universe Mates on our planet before. We have always been surrounded by spirit worlds which prevented any sort of Universe connection. In the past we had no choice as we were overtaken by a spiritual predator. Each and every human body was attacked by this invader, a spirit parasite, and silently this invasion grew.

No one knew or understood what was really going on here. It was all too vague and confusing. Spirituality became well liked by many people and spiritual activities became accepted as the “norm”. This is how our planet grew up, with spiritual worlds wrapped around humans. Spiritual worlds are parasites and are very dangerous for humans. Spirit worlds have the ability to mind control humans and are very toxic to our bodies. Spirit worlds cause us to have medical problems. We age and succumb to spirit’s damaging effects on our bodies.

Well, that was how it was in the past. For a very long time spirit worlds were allowed to grow and multiply everywhere. Why? Because this is Earth, a planet of humans. Spirits have to have a human host to live. Humans are the hosts. Spirits are the parasite. It is that plain and simple. But, no one could get rid of these parasites. No one even knew about them or understood what was going on. We behaved as mind-controlled robots without even realizing it. As humans in the past lived and died, their spirit worlds simply moved along to another human host. There was no one getting rid of the spirit worlds anywhere here on the planet.

Healers of the past were only taking spirit worlds from others and adding them to their own. Spiritual healers were not releasing them into our geomagnetic current high up in the sky. And so this spirit problem persisted despite the intentions of spiritual healers who were not Universe connected. Those days are in the past now. The Spiritual Age is over and has become a big part of Earth’s history. It’s seldom discussed in this way. Only I am bringing this out in the open here on my blog. These truths are written here for all to view and understand. The spiritual invasion is finally being dealt with the right way, the Universe way.

I am not a spiritual healer. I am a Universe Family Healer. I have a powerful connection to a magnetic current that is naturally part of our Universe. This highly magnetic current is always around me and I serve as a filter gathering up spiritual worlds from other humans and merging them with this ever-flowing current. I call this the “purge and merge affect“. This totally natural and amazing phenomenon is very powerful now and cannot be turned off. There is no off button for this. I am the one who can do this. Not sure why it’s me, but it does not matter. It is me. I feel this movement, a very gritty movement all of the time in my hands and feet. I am so well grounded and connected that now I can help other humans release their spirit worlds and thus real healing is obtained. I am finally able to be the real me.

As a result of my Universe Family Healing modality, I can easily help anyone who wants to have a positive, safe, and fun life. Of course this is what we all want. We all have these spirit worlds on us and we all need to get rid of them. Every single human needs to purge their spirit world and live real. I am finding out that this is a very good way to reconnect with a love from the past. In fact, I call this result an awakening of Universe Mates here on planet Earth. A Universe Mate is a human who has purged his or her spirit world.

Universe Mates are a reality now as we are purging our spirit worlds and reuniting with our past lovers. Universe Family Healing gets this done and is 100% accurate and effective. There is no doubt about it. Contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. Reunite with your past love and live together happy and safe. It’s the right time to get connected. Let’s make our planet full of life and love the real way, by connecting those nasty, negative, ancient, old spirits to our Universe. We are not going to be controlled by these aliens ever again.

Universe Family Healing Brought Me Back Home

I was so stuck in the wrong place for a very long time. I was not there because of my own intentions though. I was escorted away from my homeland at a very young age. And, I was not with my real birth parents either when I left. I was raised in a foreign land called California. I was far away from my loving family. I never knew this though as I grew up. Those kidnappers never told me I was not theirs. I assumed I was and the deception worked for a very long time. I had no idea who I really was. It would be years and years later when I would finally realize what had happened. I began understanding more and more on my own. I was never told this by those evil people. Universe Family Healing made it very clear for me. I was not raised by my birth parents.

What a complete shock that was! I knew because I had given birth to my own 3 precious sons. I realized what a family bond was. If I had not had children, I’m sure I never would have known. I did though, I was a very good mother, and as a result the truth set me free. I was farther away from those fake family members and spoke rarely to them if at all. It felt so good to be away from that negative mess. I even told a fake sibling once that I did not feel any connection to him or his mom. He only said, “Well I know she is my mom.” Enough said Steven, enough. The truth is always there waiting to be revealed. I see it and accept it and I am so happy I am not one of them.

How did this happen? Well during the 1940s to 1960s and even a bit later, young unmarried mothers were automatically forced to give away their newborns. They were allowed to be with them for a short while, some maybe a bit longer but soon the official person would come and take the baby away. This was an accepted practice by the social workers, doctors, and lawyers of the time. I call it organized kidnapping because that is what it really was, a very simple way to obtain infants without any legal hassles. Everyone involved felt good about it. Everyone except the birth parents. They never felt good about it.

This is what happened to me. I was not allowed the opportunity to live and grow up with my birth family. This problem has made a huge difference in our healing planet and how things happened on planet Earth since I was born. The wrong people stayed in control etc. There was no one with a Universe connection getting rid of the spirits and the bad people. I was so young and unable to do much about it. I was living in a denial layer and didn’t even know it.

I was always Universe connected even as a baby, but so small and tiny to do much of course. I was literally taken to a foreign and very negative place I call the California Dream. There I was made to be someone totally different as the spiritual layers were heaped upon me one at a time. I became Julia Ann Kaplan. This person was not the real me. I was entirely suppressed and unable to be who I am really am. I lived my early life that way, always in the wrong place with the wrong people.

However, even though I lived 55 years that way, eventually I was able to overcome the spiritual world enough and start purging it out more and more. I had to live through everything to understand this because no one has ever done this before. I am the first Universe Family Healer. I also believe I am the only Universe Family Healer. There can be only one it seems. I have this powerful Universe magnetic current in my body. I have always been part of the Universe but now it is so strong and powerful. And I know this will not be stopped or suppressed ever again. I am all grown up now and made it back to my homeland over 5 years ago. I was never intending to come back to Yuma and that’s the truth. I only heard bad things about it from my fake mother. She never wanted me to come back here and learn the truth but of course I did.

Gradually, one year after another went by and the spirit world that had entrenched me was made smaller and smaller. I was purging it into our Universe’s magnetic current and far away from me. I continue to purge this spirit world from me and other people. In fact, a very sweet and wonderful man I met helped me too. I was shut down from a bad marriage that finally ended and there he was, this gorgeous man trying to get my attention. Well he did it and believe me, what a change happened. I finally felt real love! He is my Universe Mate and we will be together again soon. Rey also was not raised by his birth mother. We are both healing towards our real families again. Our love affair is one for the ages as we have been healing out our spirit worlds to be together at long last.

Universe Family Healing is the only way to become a real 100% human being. All humans have a spirit world living on our human bodies without our knowledge or permission. Every single human being on planet Earth needs to get rid of their spirit world. There is nothing good about having a parasite called spirit worlds, auras, or spiritual sides living on human bodies. We all need to wake up and see that we have been invaded by this mind controlling spiritual alien species. I plan to eradicate spirits from planet Earth. That is is my one and only goal, to get rid of all the spirit worlds on planet Earth. I do this one family at a time until spirit worlds are extinct. I am the one and only person who can get rid of spirit worlds entirely. I am not a spiritual healer who just cleanses and keeps the spirits here on the planet. I get rid of the entire spirit world. I attach it to our Universe’s magnetic current and away it goes far, far away from us.

So, Universe Family Healing gets rid of spirit worlds from human bodies. It is as simple as that! As a result we finally can live as 100% real humans, and be with our Universe Mates. A Universe Mate is a human, man or woman, who is connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. We do not need the spirits to find our one and only true love. We just need a Universe connection! Spirits cannot live without a human host and the only way to get rid of this spiritual parasitic infestation is to get connected!

Contact me to get your connection with our Universe. One Universe Family Healing Session is all it takes to get your connection established. Then you just go with the flow and know automatically what you need to do. You do not need to be constantly in touch with me as you will have your own knowing to guide you. You will have a strong and powerful Universe connection and live a safe and comfortable life!




Our Universe is Powerful

I write things that are not written anywhere else. Only here can you read about our powerful Universe and its magnetic affect with humans. Oh we know about how it is helpful to keep our atmosphere safe, but no one else talks about its purging and merging activities and how it removes the spirit invasion from our planet. We have been silently invaded by spiritual aliens and this situation is now under the total control of our Universe. Spirits can no longer set up large expansive negative networks on human bodies and control our minds and actions.

Our scientists are only interested in exploring other planets. They are not concerned with cleaning up the spiritual problem on Earth. They have neglected to address this issue for a very long time. They have become part of the spirit problem themselves as they are way too mind-controlled to even listen to a different point of view. It’s a good thing that all Universe functions continue anyways without the approval of or interventions by the scientific community. This automatic spirit purging and merging cannot be stopped by NASA or any other government agency. It is a powerful natural phenomenon that is ongoing 24/7. This Universe activity does not require any funding from our governments either. It is simply the way things are supposed to be, natural and positive.

I am part of this Universe function. I am the human filter the Universe needs to get the job done. I am a real Universe Family Healer. Somehow, my body is connected to this huge magnetic current in the sky. I have flowing energy through my hands all the time. When I lay down it flows even faster. This is how I am able to remove spirit worlds from humans. I connect my flowing energy to the human’s spirit world and off it goes. Simple, direct, and 100% effective.

I have the power of the Universe in my hands. I mean this literally. I am not pretending about this. It is real and cannot be stopped. Thank goodness because returning this spirit invasion to our magnetic field only strengthens our Universe and allows our planet to grow younger and live. The spirits are put into our atmosphere and strengthen the ability of the magnetic current to do its job, protecting us from the sun’s radiation. So this is an extremely important thing going on here that everyone should be knowing about. But all I see is more boring news about NASA and its science fiction junk.

Sometime in our future that NASA stuff will all go away and we will not hear about travelling to Mars anymore. Our planet is perfectly suited for humans and there is nothing else to do about finding another planet to live on. We are already living on the right planet. US government, please stop spending money on outer space exploration. It is a waste of money and resources.

Now that we have this particular powerful Universe function turned on, it will never be turned off. It is essential to continue life on our planet. I am the Universe Family Healer to get this thing going. I am always going to be here to continue this purging ang merging activity. I want to connect every human’s and animal’s spirit world to our Universe. Contact me to get your connection and live a safe and comfortable life. It starts by a simple email below:


Or use this contact form:

Making This Place As Cool As I Can, Its Fun!

Now that I have completed those first five years here back in my homeland, I am finally starting to have fun again. I am getting everything back that I had to let go as I was going with the flow. I lived constantly on the move, purging out one living setup after another. I moved through it all and ended up back where I started or at least close to it. But this time it is my own little place for me and my kittys. I can relax here and continue to improve everything around me. That’s what happens when I arrive in a new place. These places always need my healing. Well, our Universe is definitely here right now.

So, I am having fun on Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon. I am remaking all of my Healer Wraps one at a time. I am decorating my table with a new crocheted tablecloth. I basically am doing what I always do, making my living situation as comfortable and beautiful as possible. I also got my internet situation upgraded. I am getting a new phone. It is all happening one thing after another. I cannot stop it. I am living proof that my healing modality, Universe Family Healing is real and works as I have described. I am not living a spiritual game. I am living a real life with my powerful Universe connection.

Those here who live around me all need something from me. As I automatically attach their spirit worlds to our Universe it becomes apparent what they need. I observe what is going on as usual. This living situation is much happier than the one I left. But, there is still a lot of healing that needs to happen here too. I talk about what I do and how it automatically occurs. I let it happen and participate at just the right level. It is finally a good time for me and my kittys to relax and and rest a lot! And that is what we are doing, resting because the more I am able to rest the more I am able to purge out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. I am documenting here how I am getting back everything. I mean people too, not just things and this is how it happens.

Universe Family Healing is my very own unique healing modality. I am able to interact with our Universe’s magnetic current and this allows the spirit worlds around human bodies to detach and be pulled far away. The spirit worlds are merged into our Universe’s magnetic current and taken far away from our planet Earth. Spirits have always been a problem for humans because spirits are human parasites. No one has ever been able to release the spirits into our Universe before and so we have this huge infestation of spirit worlds on our planet. My healing modality can effectively remove spirit worlds and there is no reinfestation happening. One family heals at a time until all spirit worlds are gone.

My new place is becoming really cool. I can finally display my shawls and have the privacy that I need to keep moving forward. I am here for now and enjoying everyday. I know that it is temporary and I know that I will be moving along at the right time. But for right now, everyday is new and fun. I am getting everything and everyone back. Do you hear me spirit world? It is happening before my very eyes and you cannot do anything about it.

Happy Springtime!


My Kitty Poem

Keep Kitty in at night,

Let the others have the fight.

If he fusses, then just say,

“It’s more fun when it’s day.”

Making New Friends; Moving Through The Setup

That’s what I’m doing right now. Over 2 weeks in my new location and I’m experiencing positive results every day. My kittys are adjusting as well. I see how my healing is making it happen here. All problems are easily handled. Universe Time is definitely here at my new place.

I am just adjusting to new day by day activities. This is good for me as I was stuck in that old neighborhood for over 4 years. I did my job there and attached all the spirit worlds to our Universe. The right changes are finally happening there and will not stop. I no longer needed to be there and finally moved forward. This is how I have been living, moving around gradually releasing the negativity from Yuma. I am always wanting to be closer to my family and Universe Mate and this is how I do it. I am here living in this place because it needs a lot of healing too. So be it.

I am not unhappy really, just resigned to the fact that I must do all of this to clear the way for me and my family. If I had lived in Yuma all of my life things would already be so different. That of course never happened. I was taken away from Yuma when I was 2 years old and lived with non related people. I was in CA USA for 55 years. I was not doing any healing during those times as my natural healing abilities were all suppressed. My way back home has been long and challenging. But, I did make it back to my homeland. This is proof that my healing modality works. Our Universe gradually brought me back here to live. The sunniest place on the planet, Yuma, AZ, is the right place for me. I’m really trying to have more fun now that I have my own place again.

I continue purging out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. We all have a spirit world living on our human body. This has been accomplished without our knowledge or permission. I am able to connect a human’s spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current. Humans are being used as hosts by spirit worlds! Spirits cause everything to go wrong here on planet Earth. We should all be removing our spirits worlds immediately. This is a slow process that is in effect. I am the only Healer available to perform this function. You can have a free and easy life when you purge your spirit world and live 100% human.

I go with the flow to carefully move forward. This reinforces my safety and ensures my existence permanently. I let our Universe remove all of the spirit mess and this opens up the real world on planet Earth more and more. This is how it happens. There is no other way to heal our planet and our Universe. One day, my family and I will be reunited permanently. There is no doubt about that.