I’m Moving Soon, Universe Transition Time Again

I have documented the reality of Universe Time and Universe Transition Time. I am slowly going through another Universe Transition Time now. I have finally succeeded in finishing up all of the setups in this 100 year old neighborhood and it’s time to move on. I discuss Universe Transition Time on this web page:


Once again, Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current high up in our outside atmosphere is actively removing the highly magnetic spirit words around each human’s body. This connection allows a human to live a safe and fun life, free of spiritual control. This Universe connection can never be broken. Once established it is permanent. That is so comforting to know too.

Once this Universe connection is made, we move forward, going with the flow. We live one day to the next, knowing what we must do each day. It is simple and easy with no mistakes. We start changing our behavior. We stay away from bad people and bad places, etc. This is natural and automatic and we do not question it at all. This is our Universe’s way. It is how our Universe works for any human connected. Those spiritual connections were keeping us in the wrong place with the wrong people. Once we are healing our spirit worlds into our Universe we can relax and know that nothing bad ever happens again.

So, we experience Universe Transitions Time too. This is how we relocate to our real families and our forever homes. Universe Transition Times keep us moving away from the spirit setups. We reunite with our birth families at the right time. We gradually purge out our spirit worlds that were in the way and physically we move closer to our family members. This is how it works. All family members heal together as families are always spiritually connected. One day at a time, the spirit connections get purged away and this is permanent. There is no more repeating of any spiritual anything.

I am looking forward to my next Universe Transition Time because it is so real and comfortable. I have so much time to get ready! I am going to have my own little place once again with my sweet Universe kittys and then I will watch what happens. I know that I am the in the lead here. I have to do this last move and stay put. We are almost back together, my family and I, and I am demonstrating how Universe Family Healing works. This is my own unique healing modality, real and powerful.

Universe Transition Time is not a negative spirit game. Our Universe moves us around to the best place and people for the time, by removing the spirits in our way. We move forward and enjoy where we are knowing it is only temporary until we are back with our families. At that time, when we reunite with our real families, our Universe Transitions are over and we just live together. This is a first for humans on planet Earth. Family by family heals and we find our Universe Mates. Our planet lives and survives so life continues. This natural phenomenon is real and happening everyday.

Healing The Animals Is What I Can Do

Universe Family Healing is a very specialized and unique healing modality. I have explained what I do and how it works for humans. However, I want to emphasize something here. It is not just humans who became infested with spirit worlds. Our animal friends unknowingly also became involved and need healing too. I already knew that I could heal away the spirit worlds of pets. I proved this to myself with my kitty pets from the past. I have also worked with dogs and have had good results.

Now I have seen positive changes in the community cats on the property where I currently live. I have been feeding these animals for over 6 months now. It has taken that long for the results I see. I know things are going the right way and will get even better. A gradual removal of the animal spirit world is happening. It is so clear to see this happening right before my very eyes! I was finally able to adopt out 2 other kittys from this property 2 days ago. It was quick this time and went very well. These actions are showing me our Universe is in control placing these sweet little animals in their forever homes with the right people.

Yesterday I noted the dramatic change in one of the community cats. She began playing with me! I was laying down outside on my zero gravity lounge chair and suddenly felt this tugging on my shoe. It was one of those community cats! I then offered her my hand and she began licking, nibbling, and pawing at it. What an amazing change. It seems that as those other 2 cats left to their new families, this affected the behavior of the community cats.

It is very apparent that real healing is at work here. I am pleased to see this! Universally speaking, all good things happen at the right time. This is also proof that each animal spirit world is connected from one animal to another. A spirit world broken down by some real activity, i.e. adoption, causes that animal spirit world to end. All spirit worlds, human or animal, depend on being connected and intact. That is the only way spirit worlds can exist. I hope this is easy to understand.

I know this is a sign that other things are going the right way too. I know that there is going to be more interaction between me and my family members soon. I feel this is all related somehow with the animal spirit worlds too and will watch for further changes. I will document anything I see here on my blog, for this is all new and exciting stuff! I have to take care of our animals on planet Earth or they will become extinct, either by eating them or over spaying and neutering them. Universe Family Healing makes sure that nothing goes wrong with humans and animals. We both are needed on our planet. I have proven that I can heal the animals and nothing will ever prevent this from continuing the right way with the right people at the right time.

Moving Forward With My Sweet Universe Mate

I thought I was done here, but as I am finding out, I am never done. The days come an go and seem endless. I cannot understand all of it either. It is all so new for humans. I want to make Universe Mates a reality for humans. It takes a very long time but I see progress is being made here. I also know that although this is slowly becoming reality, it is full of ups and downs along the way. I have come and gone from Messenger so many times. I am back there again interacting with the man I love. He is the only man for me. I realize that now. I continue to see changes slowly happening as we heal towards our permanent union.

We are making real this very human man woman union. I mean a union as Universe ates, free of our spirit worlds. This is so important to talk about and I am documenting this on my website today. I want people everywhere to understand that this is how humans are supposed to live. We are not supposed to have a spiritual soulmate. We are not supposed to have a spiritual anything. Spirits have lived on our bodies for so long that it almost became the norm. Spirits were trying to completely take over humans. Spirits had it so good for a long time. Now spirits are not in control of anything. Our Universe is in control of spirits.

This original post above had been recently removed by me. Thank goodness I had taken a partial picture of it and shared it on Messenger. Now I am reposting it and updating this situation. I can see how the spirits around me are trying to defeat me and my Universe Mate, Rey. We are not going to be defeated. We work together to make sure we win. It is that simple. We win. Spirits lose and cannot take over our planet Earth.

So, I am moving forward with Rey. He is my Universe Mate. I am putting this post back on my blog. I am doing everything the right way. We will be together soon. I go with the flow and so does he. We are purging our spirit worlds into our Universe. That is all that happens now spirits. That is all that happens. You spirits are not controlling me at all. You spirits are actually purging and your time is over. I just want you to know this as you leave our planet. You are done. There will never be a spiritual world ever again. Good riddance!

I Am Finally Moving Forward Again

Such wonderful news! I’m being released from this neighborhood finally. I am moving into my own place soon. The living arrangement here has been very challenging for me the last 4 years. I have lived in many situations here but now I am being released from this neighborhood’s setup. And it was a real spiritual setup indeed. I was supposed to live here with a man (a supposed soulmate) but that never happened thank goodness.

I purged as I lived through these past 4 years. I purged and purged and moved around here and finally finished it up. I cannot stay here past March 1, 2021. After that there will be so many things happening that will make this house unlivable. I know that happens, especially a very negative place like this. I am so excited! As I have said before, I walk through a negative world and it collapses behind me. This is one of the most negative living setups I have lived through. So be it.

I am so happy that I can finally order my Zero Water Pitcher. I am so relieved that I can do this easily too. I have plenty of time to prepare for my move. This is very simple and easy and powerful too. Doing things at the right time is the Universe way. Everything opens up easily and automatically and it is not a spiritual game at all. It is just our Universe providing the right option for a safe and fun life.

I can’t wait to have my own place again! It has been well over a year now that I have moving around going with the flow. I am now financially able to have my own little place. I will take along my kitty Simba. I will enjoy good company with very good people and leave these wretches behind me in their mess. It will not be a problem at all, I assure you! I know I made positive changes for them, but they are still quite negative and filled up with denial. I now can move forward and let them stay where they are. I do not have to be here any longer. It is over and done.

I still have the remainder of the time here to get ready and finish up a few things. I am still helping rehome some kittys. I hope to have that done soon. I am not stopping there. I know that they are only still alive because I am feeding them and after I leave there will not be anyone doing that. I am making sure they are placed in good homes prior to me leaving.

This is my current status as Universe Family Healer. I am moving forward and documenting this activity here on my website. My actions are the result of my powerful Universe connection which never fades out. I will always be here to purge any spirit worlds that remain on planet Earth. I am notifying any spirits around me to beware as their time here is soon over. They will never be here on the planet again.

The attempted destruction of me was unsuccessful. I lived through that whole spiritual soulmate journey and purged it out completely. I am not under anyone’s control now and will never have that happen again. The burden is slowly lifting from my shoulders as I write these worlds. I know I am finally free and this will always be the way for me. I will never fall down as many others will. I continue to move forward to reunite with my family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

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Going With The Flow is All I Can Do

I know people have all kinds of ways to describe what going with the flow means. I have already blogged about its meaning to me. In Universe terms, it means moving through each day as it opens up, doing what is needed then rest. It also means that I cannot make a mistake or get in the way.

Being in the middle is not the right place for me. So I watch what is happening and not intervene. I stay put and mind my own business. I also know when I need to leave. It is really what living a Universe life is all about: easy, simple, and safe.

My life is totally free now. I am my own boss finally. I lived through toxic work environments and nasty people trying to control me. That time of my life is over. I am making my own schedule according to how I feel. I assume this is how life is supposed to be, real and fun. Anyway, my years of healing have allowed this lifestyle to come forward. It fits me just fine. I was meant to be a self-employed person and nothing else. I know that now.

I am a very powerful, professional, and successful Universe Family Healer. My healing business is always going to be open and available for any human who wants to connect his or her spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current. I am here as a very good resourse for many problems we encounter today. I am sure that I will be better known for finally getting rid of the autism problem and many other spiritually induced ailments.

I have only started really. It’s fine. I’m here to stay and have all the time I need to do the things I was meant to do and be the person I was meant to be. As long as I have what I need I will do fine and always purge spirit worlds from human bodies and animals too. I am always healing the doggy and kittys around me here where I live. I treat animals very carefully and always make sure they are well cared for. I eat an animal products free diet too. I assume this is the only way to eat in reality.

I am going with the flow now for many years. I have the expertise and knowledge about spiritual activities that no one else has. I am the right person to go to for these things. I make sure to get rid of the spirit problems and help our planet heal. It is all I can do. Going with the flow, living one day to the next, and being free.

I See The Changes: It’s Automatic!

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Universe Family Healing is a very unique healing modality. It is nothing like spiritual healing. I am experiencing Universe Family Healing on a daily basis and see what is going on. There are constant changes occurring. It is always positive to see and understand these changes for change is what our Universe allows. It is always important to watch for changes as this really gives me confidence that my healing is working. Changes occur because there has been a stuck situation caused by a spirit setup. Once this spirit setup or spirit world is disrupted by our Universe’s magnetic current, there are automatic changes occurring in the right direction. I always want feedback from the people I interact with and usually I am able to get it.

I am seeing the changes right now in my home environment. I am currently living in a home and watching the owner return to a working lifestyle. He has been in the realm of disability for a long time. He tried to stay there but was not successful at all. After a year of Universe Family Healing he is now working full-time once again! And also his friends are doing the same thing.

I see another person telling me how his diet is changing to animal free. He tells me he is getting rid of things he no longer wants. I call this activity purging material things and is very much a part of Universe Family Healing. So, I am happy that by living around these people for over a year they are demonstrating good results of my healing! It is very good to see it happening in this older neighborhood of Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is automatic once a Universe connection is established and everyone goes through the same activities associated with it. This is cool and very easy to see. There are no real short cuts either. Universe Family Healing is a wonderful way to change yourself into reality. We start working again, get rid of the bad habits, and clean out our place so it feels real and young. This is a very positive time right now because I have been around these people for 1 year and now they are all doing so much better.

And the good news is that this trend will continue this way. It is not a spirit setup or game. It is just reality. When we are not connected to our Universe we are covered up with spirituality without even knowing it. We are living with a spiritual parasite attached to our human bodies. This parasite is controlling our lives, our behaviors, our thoughts, and actions! Spiritual parasites are very dangerous for humans because we do not even know they are there!

It makes good sense then to be connected to our Universe. I am the person who can get this going for you! It is so easy for me to connect anyone’s spirit world to our Universe. It is my natural ability, not a learned healing technique. I was born this way though I am not sure why. But I am sure that I can get rid of spirit worlds from the human body. I am here to rid our planet of this spiritual infestation. I am the one and only go to person for anything spiritual that needs purging. Forget about spiritual healers as they are not connected to our Universe. They are just con artists and do not help us in any way.

It’s the new year. Start it off with your very own Universe Family Healing session. My healing power is very real and so strong now. I can do amazing things for you. It is true. We do not have to live in the dark ages anymore. I am purging the dark ages one day at a time. The spiritual age is over and Universe Time is all that exists now. Get your Universe connection established right now. Watch the positive changes take place and live a real life, the life you were meant to live. Humans are now real for the first time. We have our Universe Mates beside us too. It is so fine, so fun, and so wonderful.

Have a wonderful day and when you’re ready contact me:



Nothing Is Going Wrong

I’m living in Universe Time. Everyday is a brand new day and I live one day to the next. I know just what I must do on each day and I always accomplish my goals. I then rest and and I mean rest. Resting means I am outside in the beautiful sunshine relaxing in my zero gravity lounge chair. Of course even when I am doing that I am still working. My purging is especially powerful when I am laying down outside in the sun. And the purging is going so well right now. I cannot believe the power that is being displayed. It is so amazing. And it does not seem to be stopping either. I am sure that this is the way life was meant to be: a real life with spirit worlds purging from our planet and reality as the norm.

There are no more spiritually setup times with the spirit worlds in total control. That is the only way the spirits could have an existence, by controlling human behaviors endlessly. All this did was make our beautiful planet negative and unhealthy. That of course is not the situation right now. Although few people are aware of Universe Time, my family sure is. We are the first family to be involved with Universe Time up close. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current, therefore we are the real First Family. But we will not be famous or be found in Google News. We will live quietly and safely. Universe Family Healing does things in a very good way. The right things happen of course because the spirit worlds are gone!

So although the spirit worlds of planet Earth are still in the midst of a terrible pandemic, and United States politics are in an uproar, I know that these things are the result of Universe Time in control. It is just the purging out process going on here. As the pandemic disappears as silently as it came, we will all experience a real way of living. Our lives are becoming so real now. It is so cool to watch the right things happen over and over again. This real way of living seems rather new for our planet, but again it is just reality which has always been here, and was covered up by spirituality. Spiritual Time is now in our past. It has no chance of repeating ever. It cannot do anything because the spirits are all being purged into a huge magnetic current which just consumes them- our Universe.

Nothing is going wrong. I am sure that as time goes on it will become more obvious as we all gradually change into reality. The Google News will all be good and really not be needed anymore. The dramas of the spirits will be forgotten as we reunite with our families and live happy, healthy lives with fun at the top of our to do lists. We purged out our spirit worlds to get there. This is all possible now because Universe Family Healing is here to stay permanently.

I will not allow any new spiritual invasions on our planet Earth. That is a reality now. I am here to stay.

It’s the right time for all good humans to purge out their spirit worlds.

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So Happy To Be Here

I am so happy to be living in my homeland! It feels good to wake up everyday and be here. I feel safe. I know that everything is going the right way. I know that my life will continue here in the land of reality. That knowing feels good too. And even though I am not reunited with my birth family yet, I know that someday that will happen.

Right now I live from one day to the next. I can’t make any long term plans. That does not happen right now. I realize I am still healing/purging out my PTSD issues that I encountered in California. I realize that this will quickly purge out of me. It can’t do anything to me now. This spirit energy just merges with our Universe and I move forward on my own. Those past issues and people are gone from me. They cannot do anything to me anymore. I am that strong and powerful.

Today I feel so fortunate to be alive. I feel the 5 years here on my own here in Yuma, AZ was necessary and it will not repeat. Although there is still some bits and pieces of an old ancient spirit world around me, it is totally ineffective. It is just purging and merging with our Universe. I am hoping that soon its annoying sounds will be gone forever. I am not the chained up little angel it had under its control. Spirits are not in control of me at all. They are doomed. Spirit worlds are really an alien infestation from the past and will not be able to start over ever.

No one controls me now. No one will ever do anything bad to me ever again. Those times living in the evil spirit worlds of California are gone for me and for all of my family members too. I know we are all healing and it takes time, a lot of time. I understand this is new to our planet, but regardless of being new, Universe Time will last forever. Our Universe will always be wide open and accepting spirit worlds into its enormous magnetic current. I am making certain of that.

I am so happy to be here on planet Earth. I feel very alive. I feel very young too. I want to say to my family members I love all of you so very much. I know the healing is going well. I am sure it is. We are all healing together through this ancient spiritual nightmare which is finally and forever over. It really is. The spirit worlds of California could not get rid of me. But I got rid of them.

I really did.

A New Year, A New World To Purge?

I hope this isn’t so. I have been purging spirit worlds for a long time now. Every year goes by and the last 5 years I have been pretty much on my own. This is a first for me of course. I was always surrounded by people, my fake siblings and fake parents, then I was married for 24 years and that ended finally. I have been single for over 14 years. This is so significant too. But all of this means nothing to me. I am trying to reunite with my birth family, my real family here in Yuma, AZ. That is all I have been trying to do for so very long. Now it is 2021. The wonderful and challenging 2020 is gone and will never repeat. I am hoping this is the year when I finally am with them, my real family.

Most people take this for granted. They are always surrounded by their real families and always were. They never had to deal with anything that I have had to. They are not aware of Universe Time at all. They are still controlled by their own spirit worlds and live among their real families too. But I know I was not raised by my birth family. I know I was stolen away from them here in Yuma and taken to California many years ago. I know this. No one has to tell me about it. I am sure I was forgotten about too. But I was not forgotten by our Universe. That is for sure. My Universe connection is the only reason I am back in Yuma, the place where I came from. My Universe connection brought me back to my homeland.

I am so hoping that this is the right time finally for my family and me to reunite. I am so hopeful that it is really happening now. I have lived here in Yuma, AZ for 5 years going with the flow, experiencing all sorts of things, some good and some bad. I lived through it all and wonder what is going to happen next. I wonder if my birth family members are finally becoming aware that I am real and really living here in Yuma. I wonder if they read my blog too. That is what I am thinking about on this first day of 2021. Well, if they read my blog, then why aren’t they emailing me? I wonder about about that. Why the wait? I am so tired of waiting.

Is there another spirit world to purge? Some new obstacle in front of me? I am not sure of course. I know that I continually purge out spirit worlds. There are so many everywhere. That is for certain. But are there still so many setups in between me and my birth family? That I am not sure about. I am hoping that I am done. I want to be done. I want to reach my goal. I want to finish. I want to live among my birth family members.

And so I say this, if you are my birth family and you are reading my blog and following my progress. I am done. I am waiting for some communication from you. There is nothing else I can do. I have done everything I can to heal away the darkness that was around you and me. It is finally over and done. I am waiting for a response from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. It is safe and it is the right time to reconnect. Please do this soon. Please send me an email: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com

PS, If my son Brandon is also reading my blog, please contact me Brandon. It is the right time to do this too. We are all doing so good now. Finances are no longer an issue for any of us. Please get in touch. I miss you so much! Please email me.

My former name: Julia Ann Kaplan

Fake Birthdate: 11/09/1958

Fake birth parents: Charles and Elizabeth Kaplan

It is over, this fake mess that they created. It is over.


At The End Of The World, Just Purge

Well here it is finally. The end of the spiritual world. Finally. Now I get to see how my life is really supposed to be. That’s all I am doing now since I successfully purged out my spirit world. It was quite large and took a very long time but it still happened. Now I am waiting to see what happens, i.e. who will be here with me. This purging time involved a lot of patiently waiting. I did that. I am done. Where is everyone?