The Game is Healer Poker


And Healer is the Dealer. Now I do not gamble anymore but I used to. I was raised in a fake spirit family that thought gambling was OK.

Here is my version of the infamous poker game, Healer style:

There is a game table in my place. The players are Ducey, Nicholls, Flake, Trump the Chump, the other Senator and Shooter who is trying to get his seat back.

“I only serve water boys. That’s the drink in this house.”

These are actual names of politicians here in Arizona! This made me immediately think of a poker game from the good old Wild West days. I just had to add our president to the group as he fits right in as the rich guy from back east.

My poker game is quite simple. I always win. I send these guys On the Universe so they go far away from the Earth. However they do not know I am really doing it. They do not get it. It is happening right in front of them but they cannot see it. They continue to place bets and lose, but that does not stop them. They cannot stop their endless betting and losing. Their money comes back to me.

That is why I call it Healer Poker. 🖒

Only in a powerful Universe Time can Healer Poker exist. Since this is a powerful Universe Time, Healer Poker is in full swing actively removing money from the hands of politicians and putting it back where it needs to go.

Water is also returning to it rightful locations, especially in Healers’ refrigerators everywhere. Cold water is the only liquid that is needed to live. Drinking water is the best way to make our world live. Our water is returning and will never leave because spirit control over the maney is over and done.


Returning Water to Our Planet

I have blogged in the past about the waters returning to our planet Earth. This is definitely happening now. Not only are the great ice continents melting, there will be water everywhere from deep beneath our surface returning to the lakes and rivers. The water returns because spirits are no longer in control of it. There was a time when the spirits were able to totally change our world. And, there was a time when there were no polar ice caps. But as the spirit load increased on our planet, the ice caps became real and dangerous. The ice caps have allowed spiritual energy to proliferate unchecked and uncontrolled.

There was apparently a well-developed civilization that lived under the areas of the ice caps. As time goes on, this information will become commonly known and people everywhere will be fascinated by the information that is stored there. The fears and anxieties surrounding this will fade out. There is no tragedy here. It is simply our world returning to its normal state. And there will finally be an acceptance that this is the only way our world can continue to live.

So I am happy to read that the ice continues to melt and return to where it is supposed to be. I continue to read about the changes going on. But I never see anything mentioned about spiritual energy being involved in this whole thing. I only blog here as I know what is really happening. The scientists continue to ignore spiritual energy as the etiology of anything. Scientists will not be able to continue in the future.  All they do now is observe. They do not understand the powers of the Universe or what is really going on during Universe Time. But I do and I blog here to keep an accounting of the events as they happen before my very eyes. I am not going to stop blogging here. I will continue to update as I see things happening. It is a fascinating time in our history.

Universe Family Healing is helping our world  heal and purge spirits into the Universe. This will allow all waters to return to their original location and stay put. Life continues on our planet because of the purging activities in Universe Family Healing. It is the only way our planet survives.




On My To Do List: Purging Spirits

Yes, this on my list. It is always at the top. I wonder if there will ever be a time when I won’t purge spirits. As long as they are here I will continue do this but I am not sure how long it takes to get rid of all of the spirits. It could take a very long time. I have no idea really. And no one else talks about it but me. There is no history on this anywhere. I have had to be the first in this with no one else to guide me. I have been self-guided. I continue to do as I feel. I know that my life is improving all of the time. I see the signs of my healing around my home and neighborhood. I see the positive changes. I know that I have been very important in making theses changes. It is very real.

But I also wait for my birth family to heal and reconnect. That is what I am really waiting for. A birth family reunion. I hope for this all of the time and know it will happen at the right time when everyone is ready to keep going together. There is no real starting over with Universe Family Healing. It is just that we keep going until we are all at home and together again. So, if a relocation is needed, it is not looked at as starting over. It is just a way to keep going with the flow. If a new job is needed, that happens too. Life is always safe and careful living allows us to keep going the right way. The spirit energy setups are purged. There is always only one safe way to go.

I know that due to the problems of the past century, many birth families have been severely disrupted. But as I said in my previous post, that is all changing now because the Universe is taking away our trauma. Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT) is not in control. There is a way to end this situation. Our world will never have to experience traumatic birth separations again. That is in the past and those of us who survive and live will make sure that our birth families stay intact and live together.

Traumatic rage episodes continue to happen all of the time in our healing world. It is important for us to have no weapons around us during these rage types events. A rage is just a way to get rid of a very nasty spirit layer. It can be quite violent at times, like punching holes in doors etc, but as long as it is allowed to happen in a safe place, there is nothing wrong with it.

Most people do not understand that real healing involves releasing rages. It is not widely understood or accepted. But I know it is necessary for healing to happen.  I choose not to be around healing, raging men. It can be very violent at times. I am not one to be in violent situations at all. I stay totally away from those kinds of things. After the rages end, there may be some verbal outbursts. Rages lessen over time. I am not having rages anymore but I did when I was younger. I am not ashamed that I had a rage or two. It helped me along my healing way.

So, my To Do list is always there with spirit purging at the top. It is always right there in front of me. I never expect it to be crossed off. I continue to purge and merge spirits into our Universe. I will not stop this activity. It is unstoppable.

People around me continue to return to where they came from. I am happy to be able to witness first hand the power of my healing.


Healing Disrupted Birth Family Trauma: Reuniting Birth Families Through Universe Family Healing

This is the goal of Universe Family Healing: reuniting birth families. Many people do not and will not ever know that they were raised by people not related to them. During the 1940s to 1960s, many “parents” never told the child they were not biologically related. The bond that was created was spiritual, a very negative and self-serving bond for the so-called parents. The children never knew anything. They were just lumped together with other children like it was OK. And the spiritual energies loved it so much because they had full control over these families. This sounds horrible but it was widespread last century. Spirit families were in total control of our real world.

This activity was very common and has caused a serious problem in our families today. There was a time when it was thought to be OK to take babies away from their moms and dads simply because they were too young. This fad was very popular and allowed tragedies to occur over and over. In fact it was an automatic occurence to take the baby away from the birth family. There were no other options.

The trauma caused by these atrocities has still lingered because there was no real way to fix it. So-called adoption specialists who allowed this SCAM (Spiritually Created About Money) activity to continue can not fix the mess they made. Therapists and clinicians cannot undo the harm they created via therapy sessions. It is not working and never did.

I call this trauma Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT).

The birth family: mother, father, and child, experience an intense trauma reaction from the complete separation, and the family bond becomes severely disrupted.

Spiritual energy layers that are always around the specialists quickly latch onto the family bond. The spirits take control of the family bond. The specialists always feel good about what they do. But they are only negative spirit beings, allowing their spirits to control real human beings at a very delicate time in human lives.

Thank goodness for Universe Family Healing. Only through Universe Family Healing can these spirit bonds be broken and purged and thus the real human bond is all that remains. As the spirit energies are lifted away into the Universe, the birth family members come closer together wherever they are! This is an amazing and real natural phenomenon. That explains why I moved back to Yuma, AZ instead of going further north in California.

Many birth families are being reunited as a result of a powerful Universe Time. This means those spiritual energies that let the fake families stay put are no longer intact. It is easy to see now that the fake families are shams. There is no spirit blanket covering them up. Fake families break apart and remain that way.

I discovered this myself as I have my own sons who I raised. I gave birth to them. I have a strong maternal child bond with my sons. I have no real bonds with the mother or father or other children I was raised with. None are related to me by birth. And even though I was never told I was “adopted”, I know that is true. I feel the adoption itself was not really done legally. I feel I was stolen (kidnapped) away from my birth parents. Adoption will no longer be accepted in the Universe.

I continue to heal and purge toward a reunion with my birth family. I know it is coming up soon. I know it is real. I have no worries about it. I simply let it happen at the right time. I have posted about this for 4 years here on my blog and I get closer all of the time to the truth.

My birth certificate says I was born on November 9, 1958, but I know that was not true. My birth certificate says my name as Julia Ann Kaplan, but I know this was not my real birth name. I am sure my real birth certificate is somewhere here in Yuma. I have no idea about how to find it, but I know I will see it someday. I am continuing to purge all of the spirit energies around me and this allows more truth to come forward. I will continue to post about my progress as it seems that I am nearing the end of this healing journey.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Trauma Continues to be Out of Control

Trauma is out of control. People who have experienced trauma do not receive the proper help. The medical profession is still in full control of treating trauma. There is nothing really good happening here. I have posted about trauma many times on my blog. I have offered my services too. That was several years ago when I lived in a different place.

I know that Universe Family Healing does effectively remove trauma from the human body. I have experienced this removal process personally as well as my family members. We all experienced major Universe Family Healing many years ago in Marin County. It still continues for us to come extent.

People generally still do not acknowledge my healing. It is not common knowledge anywhere. It is a shame because I am so real. I am frustrated by that to some extent because I read about PTSD all the time. And those clinicians do nothing to remove PTSD but charge a high price for doing their “treatment” programs. I stay away from those mental health people. They are highly negative and cause the trauma problems to get worse. What they do is a SCAM (Spiritually Created About Money) activity. I would gladly offer my services freely and do, but I still remain relatively unknown in this world.

I was never able to really be a Universe Family Healer in the medical world. I have had to do my healing just on my own. People do not understand what I am talking about but I am a very powerful Healer. I know that what I do is real. I can treat PTSD effectively but I know that it involves dangerous periods when rages occur. That is why people who have PTSD should be allowed to have their rage in a safe manner. Getting the rages out is the only way to get the trauma out of the body. Weapons should never be around any human who has history of trauma and PTSD.

I know that medication and therapy do not effectively treat trauma. It just keeps trauma intact. The only way to heal from trauma is to connect the trauma energies to the Universe and let it go. Once those energies are connected On the Universe, the trauma bubble around the human blows apart.

Medical people cannot do that. I do that. There is a cure for trauma. It is not something one needs to commit suicide over. That must stop. Truth telling helps to release the trauma bubble. It starts there and continues until all trauma is gone forever from the human race.

I am here to help however I can. At least I blog the truth about trauma. The truth does help to stop further trauma episodes from occurring. I know that someday, there will be no more trauma on our planet as the Universe will have taken it all away.

Healer Julia Angel

I Live on Universe Time; Transitions are a Part of Universe Time

That means, I live everyday connected to the Universe. Everyday is new and different. On Universe Time, I just do what needs to be done for that day. It is easy to live on Universe Time. Most people are not like me. But many can be on Universe Time. I am not being controlled to to do anything. I do only what I feel like doing. That is the big difference between a spiritual life and a life on Universe Time.

I have lived through many Universe Time Transitions as I said before. I am experiencing another one right now which has to do with employment. I am in the process of a major change in employment status! It is an exciting time for me. I do not rely on my healing of others for my income. That is something only spiritual people do. I am not a spiritual healer or psychic, yet I know a lot more than those people ever will! I can certainly counsel people if they have questions but I do not expect payment. Now that is just fine with me. I would rather have a real job with excellent income than rely on being an advisor on some weird psychic web site.

That is why I have my blog. It is totally free to browse and read at your leisure. I can answer questions too. But I find that as people become Universe connected, they already know their own answers. They lead themselves depending on how they feel. I encourage everyone to do this all of the time.

I do not get in the way of someone’s healing. I let it go and see what happens. I like to observe healing process in action and not be in the middle. I know that I am securely connected to allow this healing to happen, but I cannot make changes or direct it. Universe Family Healing is just a one way flow of spirits onto the Universe. Once a connection is made it cannot be broken.


The Technology of Automobiles, etc.

Technology is slowly fading out. I can see it happening in various places on our planet. It is a good thing to see technology leaving. I mean, like cars and computers etc. We have lived through a time of extreme dependence on technology. This time is going away. Cars are slowly leaving. The automobiles will be disassembled and reused in various ways. But less and less are being made! Finally there is a downward trend here.

However, I still see cars everywhere here in Yuma clogging up the neighborhoods. I see junk cars everywhere just sitting and not being removed. Seems like it has been a big problem here for a long time. Now hopefully that will change. Negative energy keeps the junkyards intact. But that energy is leaving because I am here.

I have also noticed how little I use my computer these days. I used to be a heavy user. I no longer have a PC. I only have a small Samsung Chromebook. It serves me well. I find that I can still do what I need to do and let it go. I do not have a cable internet company. Instead I use my cell phone as a hotspot. These changes have happened over the past few years naturally because of Universe Time.

So, I guess that all of the technology stuff was a result of the negative world controlling everything. As the Universe removes technology setups, more people will be like me I am sure. I may never own a car again. I may just let that go. It is something I do not see value in right now. I may feel differently in another year but I do not think so. I am very happy without the responsibility of a car. I find other ways to get around. My world adjusts.

Automobiles will be around still for some time. There will be good activities for them and then when those activities are done the autos are purged. That is what happens On the Universe to the automobile.  The trend continues until automobiles are gone.

As April ends, I see a new approach to how I can live comfortably and safely here in Yuma. I know that I am never going to have any difficulties here because I am from here. It is easy for me to live in Yuma, AZ. I am home and now I can just be me.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer

Trauma is Leaving Our Planet

Trauma has been holding our planet in a frozen state for a very long time. This trauma layer was very extensive and not able to move. It was quite stationery. Trauma layering is the result of spiritual energy setups that continue to repeat themselves over and over. That was how this spirit word existed within our own real world. But, there is now a huge hole in this trauma layer. The hole is immense and cannot stop bleeding spirit energy out on the Universe. It’s heart is gone.

The spirit trauma is slowly fading away. It is only going in one direction now. It is moving southward. It will not stop moving until it is completely gone. This is the result of Universe Family Healing. I am able to connect this spiritual trauma layering to our Universe. Once it is connected, our Universe rapidly pulls it away from humans and merges it with the outside positive atmosphere. When this spiritual energy is merged it cannot reverse itself and come back again. It is completely powerless to do anything with humans. Now, this is the reason for all of the recent events of the day. More and more truth telling and more good things are going to happen as a result. Humans heal when they speak the truth.

Good humans are no longer afraid to tell the truth. It is the power we have over the spirit world as human beings. We have the ability to feel. We are at the top. We have our brain. The spirits use our brain. They do not have anything but what they can grab onto. They are parasites.  It is only a few more months and spirits will be eradicated. All of the people who depended on the spirit world for their livelihood will succumb to this destruction. These highly spiritual people will not go on and be able to adjust to living without spirits.

Good people are healing because trauma is leaving our planet. It is always moving out into the atmosphere of our living world. As a result, the best and safest decisions are made to make sure life is secure and safe. The bad people do not get away with anything. They are not in control. That is how it is supposed to be, but in a highly spiritual world like we have had, the bad people have been in complete control. When that happens there are wars, guns, and violence.

All of that changes because the Universe is in control now. The Universe removes spirits from our living word. So only good things are happening. I am sure it will take more time to really see this easily, but I already know it is happening. I watch and observe. I am not in the middle of any negative situations. I stay away from those people who are likely to be violent and use weapons. I can tell instantly if there is an unsafe situation going on. I adjust and it works out very well.

I know today is considered Earth Day, but as many do, I consider everyday as a good day to take care of our planet. We need to do this all of the time. I certainly do now. I am not one to take our living planet for granted.


Our World Heals and Life Returns

Our world has been a dying planet. That is the way Earth was going. All of the old spirit times adding on and on to our world were making the living people, the good people, die. Without good people a world dies. There was no one who actively purged the spirits. It was not done consistently or completely. Spiritual healers did not do this. They may think they were doing something good, but all they did was play a spiritual game about healing and cleansing. It kept the spirit world intact and continued the dying process. “Go to the light” is a favorite phrase among spirit people. The spirit people will do this, but the Universe people will not. Our Universe does not want good people to die!

I do not know why I have this ability to heal. I was never told that I have it. I was not mentored. I was not schooled in this healing. I simply kept going and it emerged. It is not something you can get certified in like what nurses do. I never did that even when I was a nurse. I never took classes in “Therapeutic Touch”. I never did that! I created this healing modality all by myself. It is called Universe Family Healing. In fact I now own the domain name I don’t want some quack making fun of what I do. I will not let that happen.

I apparently am a Universe human and therefore all of my real family members are Universe humans wherever they may be. We are the first Universe Family to have successfully purged our spiritual trap. Once this initial trap is escaped and purged all good humans everywhere can also purge their spiritual traps. But there has to be one to start it off. I guess I was that person. I do not know why either. I still have not figured that out. It is not really who I thought I would be. I have not been one to be the first, but now it feels good to be in the lead.

I feel that the trap I was in made me an entirely different person! Spiritual traps can do that quite easily when they are in control. Their layering makes you look and act different. That is why spiritual energy is so dangerous for humans. We cannot have this infestation here on Earth as our planet is the only living planet left. We cannot allow life to be eradicated.

I have gradually removed the spiritual layer that made me eat animal flesh. I no longer do that. I leave the animals alone. I no longer have pets. I let animals live with their own kind. I respect the animal world and let it be. Humans should not live with or control animals. If left on their own, animals will live and be an asset to our living world. So, no more circuses, animal shows, county fair animal exhibits, hunting, captive animals in 1 bedroom apartments, animal races etc. The list goes on and on.

Hopefully this is the start of the animal release for all good animals everywhere. I hope that an easy and safe transition occurs as animals are released back into their normal environments and live comfortably.


Trauma Is At The Root of All Mental Illness, Therefore…

I figured this out a long time ago when I was working as a Staff RN in a mental health rehab facility. I was taking part in their program and did everything they wanted me to do, including administration of psychotropic medications. Now I look back on that time and realize how medieval that whole thing was. I was in the middle of this ancient medical set up and managed to leave there at the right time. It made me understand more about trauma and mental illness. That was back in 2007. I made sure I never participated in that type of health care setting again.

Now, if trauma is the at the root of all mental illness, then mental illness can be healed through Universe Family Healing. Trauma occurring in early childhood as an infant or toddler allows the spirit setups to take hold. Layer upon layer is put on the child. This has happened over and over.

But now, I hardly think about mental illness anymore. I know that the so-called voices that are heard are just the spirits around the person doing their normal thing. Ofcourse, the medical profession still does not accept any of this because they would not be able to treat anything with a spiritual etiology.

It doesn’t matter now. These days, Universe Family Healing works without any medical involvement or approval. The Universe simply takes the spirit layers away and all mental illness is removed and forgotten.

As time goes on, no one will ever talk about mental illness of any kind because it will be eradicated by Universe Family Healing. Our Universe does not even accept mental illness as a reality. Purging mental illness is just another spirit setup among all of the rest. It is not any more difficult to get rid of. It just goes away at the right time.