Righting the The Wrongs Globally With Universe Family Healing; Healing to the Core

I am going to share something right now that is an explanation to the current problem in Europe with Russia and Ukraine. I know it has to do with me and the fake family who raised me. These people were not my real parents. I have made so sure of that already.

I was born in Yuma, AZ, USA. I was not with my birth mother for very long, but long enough to establish a real mother child bond. Somehow, my birth mother was manipulated into turning me over to a couple living here in Yuma. This couple, Charles and Elizabeth Kaplan, were here from Chicago, IL. He was a pediatrician. She was a nurse. He started a practice here in the 1950s.

They already had 2 sons, 1 adopted and 1 by birth. Now they wanted a girl. They wanted more children to enhance his reputation, but Eizabeth was not “able” to have more children supposedly. That was a complete falsehood. She just had a difficult delivery and didn’t want to go through that anymore. Elizabeth Kaplan was a negative, selfish, witch, who had no problem with stealing other mothers’ babies. Charles Kaplan was a greedy opportunist. I was their opportunity.

Somehow my real mother was connected to these two after I was born. Maybe I was brought in to see Dr. Kaplan for a well check. Elizabeth worked in his office too. Both were present for this to happen. That is all it took to make this planned manipulation work. I feel my mother was practically coerced into their way of thinking, that she was way too young to raise me on her own. The fact that she was”too young” was the premise for what happened.

Automatically the wrong things were put into motion. I know I was a very small infant at birth, not the 9 pounds 12 ounces that is displayed on my so-called birth records. Instead this is the birth weight when they received me. I know they planned a fake pregnancy. She wore a fake pregnancy belly etc. and a few months later, I was turned over to them at the local hospital, Parkview.

The fake mother simply was admitted into this hospital wearing her fake belly and on November 9, 1958, I was “reborn”. Dr. Kaplan worked at this hospital which had just opened a few months before that time. But I was not really born there. Everyone involved helped with this deception to its completion. There was even a birth announcement in the local newspaper. I saw that for myself when I went to the Heritage library and researched in their archives. Unbelievable.

My birth mother was told to forget I was ever born. I was now in the Kaplan’s hands, a very negative evil couple with ties to certain parts of Europe. I was thrust into their spirit worlds and too young to do much about it. Although my mother’s resisted, there was so much in her way. Her family just gave up and let go for awhile. It was a heartbreaking time for my birth family.

Fast forward to today. The man who stole me, Charles B. Kaplan, MD was born of Ukrainian descent. Both of his parents were born in Ukraine and migrated over to the US at the time of the WWII to escape persecution from the Nazis. All of this is real. Ukraine is right now being invaded by Russia. This is really happening and makes Russia look like the bad guy for sure.

I know what is really happening. here. I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge all spirit worlds around me. I was raised in the Ukraine spirit world which is very negative indeed. I was brought up as a Jewish person. I even did the Bat Mitzvah thing. All fake and so unreal. This connection is not being ignored by my Universe. It is a link to a very bad place that still contains traits of Naziism.

And so as part of Universe Family Healing, Putin sees this evil and does whatever he can to get rid of this mess. He does not really want war, but this is how spiritual world purging looks.

Right now this is what is happening: an automatic purging of the dark ages and the evil spirit worlds in Ukraine and Russia. And this will not go on and on. There will be a time when Russia retreats completely. Ukraine was always a part of Russia. Universe Time unites these 2 evil countries to purge them completely.

After this time has passed all of the negative energy preventing me from reuniting with my birth mother and father will be eliminated. Thank goodness. Then we will automatically be reunited!

Healing to the Core means going all the way through and purging out the remaining spirit worlds that are between me and my birth parents. Healing to the core is happening right now and I had to make a very important blog post today to commemorate this event. I will always document the reality of my healing and how it works so that it will never be forgotten.

I know that soon Mr. Putin and Mr. Biden and other world leaders will have a very nice long chat on how to continue with establishing world peace as a realty during Universe Time. Of course this is an automatic thing. I will watch it happen in reality with my real parents, siblings, sons, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents right beside me.

Thank goodness for Universe Family Healing!

It’s Twosday!


Wow, it is finally here. The date with all of the twos. It is kind of cool, but really it is just another beautiful day here in Yuma, AZ, USA. Sunshine and beautiful weather. No clouds around. Nice and comfortable. Universe Time does not really care what the date is. Everyday is just another beautiful day in Universe Time. When our Universe is in control of the spirit worlds, only the right things happen. Our Universe is working 24/7 to remove the spirit worlds around humans everywhere on our planet.

I have written about the Power of the Twos. What I am referring to is not the number two but the human couples, man and woman who are both Universe connected. One Universe man and one Universe woman make a very powerful pair and become Universe Mates. That is what I talk about regarding the Power of the Twos. No one else is discussing this powerful phenomenon but me. No one else can explain it as easily as I can too.

Universe couples are real now. We are experiencing this right now. It is not just some dream in the far off future. It is real and happening now. A Universe couple has gone through Universe Family Healing all of the way and reunite at the right time. A Universe couple were together at some point in time and had intense feelings for each other. However, because of the spirit worlds surrounding the two of them, things automatically became toxic and did not allow the right things to happen. Universe Family Healing actively removes the spirit worlds and releases the toxic spiritual energy from their bodies.

Universe Family Healing also releases the spiritual energy from the couples’ birth family members. This all happens at the same time so couples and families heal together. We are all distanced apart for a while as the spirit words are purged to allow for this removal safely. This is automatically occurring with Universe Family Healing. We always are distanced from our loved ones for awhile. I know because I am explaining what happened with me and my family.

I can explain this very easily and simply because I have lived through it all. My healing is safe and effective. Only the right thing happens at the right time because it is Universe time not spiritual time. Spiritual time was in control for so very long. All of the humans on planet Earth were wrapped up in a spiritual web and connected to other humans in this way. Humans have not really had an existence without a spiritual world around them until now. As a result of this change, enormous problems of our planet are simply being purged away.

There is an enormous amount of spiritual energy to be purged away but it is happening, one family at a time. We will all have the life we desire, easily and safely. One Universe Family Healing session connects you and your family to our Universe. It is indeed the most important thing we can do for our families and the health of our planet.

Twosday is a day that reminds us that we are all humans and need to be living the right way on our planet. We all need to do our part to heal our planet of the spirituality that invaded many years ago. My healing is the most powerful way to get rid quickly of a family’s spirit infestation. Contact me to get this done.

I Am Creating A Living Planet

DId you know our beautiful planet Earth was dying? Our history over the ages was always wrong about so many things. Wrong decisions, wrong ways of doing things, wrong wrong wrong. Our human race was controlled by a spiritual invasion. Most people do not know this or ever think about it. They are so busy getting through their days. Tight schedules and unrealistic expectations made our planet very negative.

The spirit worlds around every human body were always interacting globally controlling us without our knowledge or permission. This went on and on for a very long time of course. We do not see it being discussed anywhere do we? Of course not because the spirit worlds even controlled the scientists and newspapers.

Something had to be done about this downward spiral. Somehow a new and promising event happened when I was born. I was so tiny and young but I still was totally connected to our Universe! I am referring to the magnetic current in our atmosphere. Now this is common knowledge, our geomagnetic current, but not so common is that this current is very useful in getting rid of spiritual energy. I was born with this connection.

I was always supposed to be here in my homeland. I was instead stolen away to California, USA and raised by false parents and siblings. I never knew this for so long. I accepted all of this but gradually I found my way to reality. I became a mother. I gave birth to 3 sons. I felt the difference. I knew I was in the wrong place with the wrong people. Somehow as time went on I was able to finally get back home. It felt so good.

Six years later I am with my birth siblings! But alas, they are not healed all the way. They are connected now but still have much healing to do on their own. I know this. I do what I need to do to help but I am instantly brought back to my work as Healer. I am here to purge spirit worlds off of planet Earth. I am never stopping this and will always be here. I am creating a living planet free of spirituality.

So, the right decisions are all that happen. No matter what and where on our planet, the right decisions are made to ensure life continues. I work globally on planet Earth and universally. I also help people I am with everyday. But most of all I am making sure that my birth family, my real family heals all of the way. I am doing this right now and of course everything is just fine.

I feel the pulling as I am urged to move forward again. I am not quite sure where I will be going but I know that everyone in my family is doing well. I had to make sure of this before anything else takes place. I am hoping that as I move forward to my core, i.e. my birth parents, I will be able to do whatever is necessary to help them too.

One day, I will reunite with my man. I am so looking forward to seeing my Universe Mate again all healed and ready to move forward with me. But first I had to make sure our planet was moving in the right direction. Planet Earth is moving forward the Universe way, thank goodness.

I Am A True Creator

I am an original. I write and my words come true. I heal and create a living planet. My hands are my vehicle to create change. I love who I am and what I do. I heal Earth. Our Universe. I heal my family. I am real.

I am entering a new phase of existence now. So much is going on with my real family. All that I have written about is real. I am healing my disrupted birth family. I am healing my sister and 2 brothers. Nothing is hindering this process. I wrote about this so many years ago. I am living this now. I am real and powerful. I hope to meet my real mother and father soon.

I was always creating as a young girl. I would create clothes and garments. I loved to create beautiful craft items. I am still that way. I am creatively remaking my Healer Wraps, a beautiful crocheted shawl collection uniquely my own. This has been so much fun. I have a small supply of beautiful yarns now. The yarns are vintage yarns and hard to find but I do find them. I am almost done purchasing yarn. That time will soon be done.

I create because it is easy and natural for me. I know what I know because I am Healer. I heal planets. I naturally create safe, living environments. I am always changing places and people for the good. This is how I am in my natural state and I am finally just being me.

I am a true Creator. I am not a God. I am Healer, a real human being. I document what is currently happening and right now it is all about my birth family. We are finally coming back together in reality.

Helping My Real Family Heal

My last post was concerning global matters. I directly contacted our leader here in the USA, President Biden, and shared information that he needed to know. It is definitely helping things in Europe. I am happy to see things change slowly in the right direction. I am always involved there of course. I know that the current situation involving the threat of a war will lessen and simply fall apart and fade away. I watch and observe. I know he actually read my message to him because I did receive a response from him. Thank you President Biden!

Right now I am turning my attention automatically to helping my family members, my real siblings, brothers and sister. I am also directing other people here were I live to turn their attention to helping their family members. It is working! I see the positive changes right before my eyes. Universe Family Healing is really in control here and our Universe is making everything go the right way.

My real brother who was living here were I am living a while ago is doing just fine. I am in contact with him by text messages, updating how things are going with me and my sister. My younger sister also lives right here next to me! She was stolen away to a far away place across the country, New Jersey, and somehow made it back to Yuma 2 years ago. Somehow our Universe brought the 3 of us together here where I live. Amazing.

This is real not some fiction story. I am only reporting the events as they occur. Currently I am helping her settle in the right way. We are addressing her financial and nutritional needs and making sure she has a comfortable little home to heal all the way. This is so fun. I never had real siblings as I was growing up. I know the difference. What a huge difference.

First the families heal, then we find our Universe Mates.

It never happens any other way. Remember that.

Universe Family Healing Leads The Way

I am sun purging a lot right now. I am seeing this making positive changes. I see the spirit worlds of our planets’ leaders coming through. Russia, US, what does this mean? It means the right things will be happening. I am outside in the sunshine here in Yuma. I lay down as this spiritual energy field comes though I do not even have to think about it because it is automatic.

In other words, I am not commanding it to happen, it just happens with me. That is what happened yesterday. I sent a message to our President informing him of this occurrence. I made sure he knew about it. I hope someone reads the message at the White House and understands that this is so real and powerful. All world leaders want peace on our planet. Their spirit worlds must be purged for this to take place in reality. So be it.

I am Universe Family Healer, or just Healer. I am the one human who can release spirit worlds from our planet. I automatically connect these spirit worlds to our Universe’s magnetic current. This is how our planet heals. I do not think any other healers are doing this today. No other healer is talking about this except me. I am the one with the powerful Universe connection. I am not going to remain silent and hidden away. I am here to perform this function and as a result I am very protected by our Universe, my Universe. I am not afraid.

My healing works globally and locally too. Wherever there is a massive spirit world needing removal, Universe Family Healing is directly involved in removing it. That’s how Universe Family Healing works. So, for example, if there is a military crisis somewhere or the threat of war, my healing is there removing the spiritual fuel behind that war set up. It happens over and over until all of those war games are eliminated from our planet. This is happening right now in the Ukraine. I am watching to make sure peace is established and war is eliminated. Universe Family Healing is eliminating war from planet Earth.

Of course this war removal has never happened before. Gradually year after year goes by and all of the spirit worlds that set up war games will be gone. It does take some time because these war games are very ancient and were well established until now. In the past there were no real healers removing the spirit worlds from our planet. This allowed war setups to grow and remain intact. Now that we have Universe Family Healing in full strength, war games are purged easily at long last. Thank Goodness!

Universe Family Healing works globally to heal our beautiful planet. I know this is happening because I experience the reality of my purging every night and day. I am at work 24/7 doing this spirit world removal. My healing continues unchallenged and will always be here performing this direct function: spirit world removal. I am very certain of that too.

I Have Finished My Sunset Shawls

I made a post about this on December 11, 2021 and I am finally done crocheting my Sunset shawls. It was fun though and I posted the last picture today. I enjoyed this little setup so much that I had to make more than one. I guess it really did something good. The spirit worlds like to setup a person’s activities. Well I like to purge spirit worlds. So, I have taken control of that whole thing. This year’s setups are quickly purging for this year and forever now.

I am out in the sun daily and getting my suntan once again. I love it. I can feel how this is removing the spirit mess on my body. My right heel is painful. So is my left ring finger. This sun purging is making these parts of my body purge quickly. I can do this every single day.

It used to be so hard to get in the sun at this time of year but not anymore. I am out there for about an hour. What a fun thing to do in the middle of winter. Here in Yuma I can do this in the winter time. Of course here our winters are extremely short. Spirit worlds cannot survive in sunny locations. Yuma is the perfect place for me and is my sanctuary. I can do exactly what I am supposed to be doing without any delay.

Other than that life is really easy right now. I can feel lots of change happening with my family members everywhere. I am laying down and purging out the rest of the spirit worlds around my family. I am hoping this is the final year for my family and that we will soon be reuniting. I do this because it is my job as Healer. I am the one who can do this so I do it. It is going very well.

As always I am available to provide individual Universe Family Healing Sessions. I am always willing and able to help other humans on our planet connect their spirit worlds to our Universe. I am super powerful now. Expect change when we interact. Your life will never be the same again.

Get connected to our Universe’s magnet current. You will live a real life and be free of spirituality.


I am Staying Put, Because I am in the Right Place

We, ( I mean me and my birth family members) are all in the right place, finally, safe and secure at this years beginning. 2022. I am happy to say that everything is safe and stable for us, the Real First Family on the Universe. I can relax. I can continue doing what I am doing. I am not packing up my things to move away. Ha ha. That’s what the spirit world wants me to do. That’s just ridiculous and way too much work. This year’s early months aren’t toxic or negative for any of us. We can finally understand that we achieved what no other human family has ever achieved: complete freedom from spirituality.

So, this means that we are resting and relaxing. We are making and eating the food that is the right kind of food. We are doing things that are the right things for us. There is plenty of money to get through these early, normally toxic months. Toxic times are in our past and no longer exist for us! It is that easy now. Plus, we are all so very well healed! Wow, it is so cool. I love this time of year now. I know that nothing will go wrong. I have full control. We all have full control. I love it.

So, I am documenting this here today on January 14, 2022, that all is good. No moves. I am going to do exactly whatever I want to do. And so is my family. We are doing this together. Our lives are so safe and secure. Universe Family Healing is real. Family by family heals until spirituality is eradicated from our planet. I made this happen for my family. I can make it happen for your family too.

Universe Family Healing is my powerful healing modality that is available only here at http://www.firsthealer.com. You can only get your Universe connection through a Universe Family Healing session with me. I am waiting for all of you to do this. It is the right time to get connected.


Winter is Over, Spring is Already Here, Family Time

I have lived through another winter here in Yuma and it’s already time to remove the winter clothing. It always happens about the first week of January. I am so thankful for that. We have very short winters here in Yuma. December is the coldest month. I cannot tolerate the cold very well at all. I am definitely in the right place because the cold does not really last that long. Now I can continue to purge outside into our Universe daily and it is feeling so good! The purging is going very well. I am in the process of removing all of the spirit setups for 2022. There is absolutely nothing going wrong at all.

It feels so good to be in the sun.

It is January 7 and this month moves swiftly along. It is an amazing time for me and my family. I have found my brother! I mean he is my real, true to life brother. I was raised in a family of fake siblings so this is a breakthrough that at the time I was so not expecting. Now I know that my healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is totally real and powerful. I am just moving forward one day to the next to see what happens. I know that someday I will be in the presence of my real mother and father. It is certain now. I cannot say just when this will happen but it is a certainty that it will happen.

I started blogging about this many years ago. My blog has been here for 8 years. I have blogged about how my unique healing ability will reunite disrupted birth family members no matter where they may be. I have described the trauma that has occurred as Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). This means that there is a spiritual energy layer around every birth family member that happened as a result of an intense separation in very early childhood, usually when the child was an infant. This trauma layer continues to grow unless it is connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. Fortunately, I am able to connect this trauma layer to our Universe’s magnetic current.

This is why I was able to finally find my long lost brother. It took me almost 6 years of living through various setup places here in Yuma to finally arrive at the right place, right time, to actually interact with him, (the right person), and finally know, he is my real birth family brother. He had to move almost 5 hours away from me recently to complete his healing all the way. He totally agrees with me. It took a great distance away from the setups he was involved in to realize the truth. He is my brother. I am his sister.

This is a demonstration of real healing. I am not here to make up stories about this. All of this is happening right now and I know we will both be meeting more of our birth family members soon. At last, I can take a deep breath because I am no longer around those fake people who pretended to be my family.

I knew they did not care about me. I always felt that. There are several reasons for this. I just know that now the truth has been exposed. The liars all fade out quickly as Universe Family Healing takes over. There is nothing stopping me from going all the way. I will know what my real birth name is and when I really was born. I will know everything soon.

Amazing Things Are Really Happening

I had to make a post to update how things are going right now. My family is doing so good. We are all completing the last setups that our spirit world put upon us. The good news is that these setups are all in our favor and very comfortable. I really feel that this is finally the time when we are totally done with purging out our spirit worlds. Why? Well there a few things that have just happened that makes this all so very clear.

My middle son has finally moved into his own place! He is now in a comfortable little place on his own and this is the first time ever for him. I am so happy and proud of him. I know that living in your own place without other people there is the only way we really heal all the way. I had to do this here in Yuma and it works. It is very hard to reach this part of healing as there are so many setups in the way! It certainly means that things are going just fine. My youngest son listens quietly to our texting conversations. I know everything is going just fine for him too.

I have met my real brother! I also have confronted the fake family who raised him. This was an automatic type setup and worked very well. It was all done by a group texting conversation. Wow, it was so powerful. The good news is that he agrees! I know that someday soon we will both meet our real parents. I am so looking forward to that time.

I see progress in others too. I see that my best friend and Universe Mate is making many changes and is no longer posting about holidays. We all lose interest in holidays at some point in our healing as it is just a huge spirit world which finally gets purged! I am so happy to note this change here. It take a long time to get to this point too, but it is an automatic result of Universe Family Healing.

I am just waiting to hear from my eldest son now. I am sure he is finishing up his healing too, as we all are healing together. Universe Family Healing makes sure all birth family members are healing and purging at the same time. It is totally automatic and wonderful. Now is the time when real family members are reuniting. We are the First Family to do this by purging our spirit worlds into our Universe. What a huge event it is too. Of course it is all quietly done and there is no fanfare or limelight.

Universe Family Healing is very quiet and continues until all spirituality is removed. I am living this amazing phenomenon with my family and documenting everything here on my website. I am so excited but still move forward slowly one day to the next as this all occurs. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing is real. That’s all I can say about it. I am so happy that someday soon, I will be meeting my birth family members finally. My mother, father, and other members of my real birth family are all healing simultaneously, even if I am not in direct contact with them. That’s why this healing method is so effective and accurate.

Totally amazing things continue to happen almost daily now. I am waiting alone and quietly re-creating my shawl collection. I am purging 24/7 of course. That is the one reason this is all happening. I am getting rid of the evil that has been in control of my real family. That evil is no longer doing anything, except purging of course. I have successfully created Universe Time which means our Universe’s magnetic current is finally and forever in control of spirituality on planet Earth. It was a challenging and difficult task but my family is very strong and fearless.

We are the real Protectors, the Guardians of our planet Earth. Our spirit worlds are purging out into our Universe and cannot return. Earth is our home, the only planet where humans can live. We are making sure that nothing ever happens to endanger our existence. Life here on planet Earth continues because we made it through spirituality and took control. Now we can finally live together and make sure this evil spiritual time never happens again.