Healer’s Blog Lives On Here At WordPress

Well, now I see that there are changes happening here at WordPress with our new block editor. I am fine with this change. I cannot see it being a difficult change at all. I suppose it is going to make things better for us all here. It really doesn’t seem that different from the old editor. I am trying it out today and not waiting until June 1 when it is live everywhere. I am seeing that this is the right thing to do. I hope that this means everything is going well here at WordPress.

Changes are happening everywhere these days. This is because we are living in Universe Time now. I support changes now as I know that this means our planet is healing and moving forward the right way. I support WordPress because it is the best blogging platform/company available right now. I feel confident that my information is safe and secure. I am able to say what I need to say and not be censored. My website is just the way want it to be. This is definitely the right blog site for me. I will not be leaving WordPress.

So, that is all I wanted to say today. I am a few days ahead of the changes here. I am fully aware and confident about this happening. I am already blogging with the new editor and it feels just fine! Thank you WordPress for making us safe and comfortable with our words. We need you to continue being here in our healing Universe Time. We always will need you!

Universe Time: Read About it Here

Universe Time is defined as meaning that our Universe’s magnetic current is active and functioning normally, removing spirit worlds from our planet. This has never happened before in our human history. We were always immersed in spiritual time without our knowledge or permission. We lived and died. The spirits stayed here on planet Earth, mind-controlling humans. There was no active purging of the spirit worlds anywhere. Now, all that happens is the spirit worlds are purged, everywhere on our planet. 

Humans do not need a spiritual side at all. Spirits are parasites clinging to human bodies for their greedy existence. This is not science fiction. This is factual and I am talking about it here on my blog! No where else can you hear the truth about spirit purging. I am the only one documenting this reality on http://www.firsthealer.com. Humans everywhere should be aware of this spirit purging activity and become involved with Universe Family Healing.

My healing modality is the link between our Universe and humans here on planet Earth. No other healers are doing this. I am the only one with a powerful Universe connection steadily flowing all of the time through my own human body. Spirit worlds cannot stop themselves from purging because their links to other spirit worlds are instantly broken when I’m involved. The spirit worlds are simply passengers in our Universe flowing along in the magnetic current and leaving on their Universe journeys. They are never going to be here on planet Earth again.

What we see in the headlines is a result of Universe Time. There are huge changes happening globally. This will not stop and as spirit worlds purge all over the planet, changes continually happen everyday. Be aware that change is all that happens now. Those old ways are gone forever. There is no returning to that old negative normal of the past. That was purged out by our Universe. Now, life is secured on planet Earth. Spirits cannot do harm to humans anymore because I am finally here.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer








Spiritual Time is Now Over

It really is! I have confirmed this many times with the spirits who are purging around me. They are all in agreement about this as they leave planet Earth and depart upon their Universe Journeys. No more will we have to suffer from any spiritual journey nonsense or be controlled by a soulmate set up. We are all done with that now.

We are only living our real human life without spiritual sides and souls. The spirit parasites are purging from human bodies everywhere on our planet Earth. Spirits cannot live here without their human hosts. They no longer have the control over humans that they once had and so they are done forever. It has finally happened the right way. We are finally getting rid of the spirits!

Once these alien spirit parasites begin purging from the human body an instant relief is felt. This positive feeling grows and gets stronger day by day. Changes start happening right away. The most negative parts of the human body are purging first. This allows all of the unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle patterns/choices to gradually and completely disappear.

There is an automatic distancing from negative people and negative places. Sleep patterns become disrupted a bit because at night time the spirits were in total control of our sleep patterns and dreaming. So, there may be more late nights or wake ups at 4 AM for awhile, all perfectly normal and necessary with early healing. When I say healing, I am referring to my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. Please do not put me in the same category as Reiki healing people because they are not getting rid of the spirits. Reiki healers are just playing a spiritual game and do not have a Universe connection. They are not doing a good job at all.

So I am just confirming once again that spiritual time is really over and the spirits are also saying this as they leave our planet. They are all aware that I am here to make sure they cannot ever return and I tell them this too. There will not be any more times with the spirits on planet Earth, the only planet where human life exists.

Universe Family Healing sessions are $50.00, payable by Paypal invoicing. Contact me to schedule your session: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com





The Spirits Are Saying They’re Done

Yes, this is true. The spirits are saying this as they purge. I hear it all of the time. I am assured that they are leaving our planet and merging with our Universe finally. It can’t be stopped by anything. I can’t stop it. That means it’s a normal occurrence to purge these alien parasites. They do not belong here on our planet. They say, “wait a minute” too. That also can’t happen. There’s no way to slow down this process. This purging is continuous and very fast now.

I can be doing anything and still be purging these things. It is so easy and simple for me.

I can heal any human anywhere on our planet Earth. I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. I am here to continue to remove this spirit invasion on Earth. I do it automatically all of the time, but I also interact individually with clients to assist them with their own healing. I connect a human’s spirit world to our Universe quickly. I watch and see the changes as the negative spirit world is purged and merged with our Universe.  Wonderful positive feelings are instantly felt. Anxiety is released forever.

My healing is appropriate for many ailments these days. I work with people who have had all kinds of trauma. I am especially skilled and successful with removing childhood trauma from the human body, Trauma is just a very heavy layer of spiritual energy. No matter what a human has experienced, that trauma can be released through my healing. Nothing is impossible anymore.

Spirits are purging and they’re done. I am the Universe Family Healer who has the Universe connection. Contact me to get rid of your spirit invasion. Heal from the past and live free.




Spirit Worlds are Finally Dying

Many years ago, too long for any of us to remember, spirits came to the human planet Earth. Since spirits are tiny microscopic beings, they were not recognized or acknowledged. They slowly and silently were allowed to build their spirit worlds around human bodies. This was all done without humans being aware of it. And so the spirit worlds grew constantly everywhere. Spirits became in control of human minds and bodies. They took over the human body and made it like their own. Spirits are a parasitic alien life form.

We became slaves to the spirits. Our planet grew negatively. Wars and disease were common and accepted as normal occurrences. The Dark Ages prevailed throughout history and changed a little, but not much. No one was able to do much about it. There was no one purging spirits away from our planet. No one was talking about it either. There was nothing being done anywhere to get rid of spirits. Spirituality became normal and accepted. All over the planet the spirits were given a high authority and ranking. Negatively controlled people had all of the power and riches.

Bad decisions were made all of the time. The spirits controlled human decision making and so we humans evolved with this mindset. Nothing changed for a very long time. We were stuck in a negative world all over our beautiful planet Earth. Humans lived and died over and over and their spirit worlds recycled themselves upon other human’s spirit worlds. These spirit worlds remained intact and in control. Marriages especially kept these spirit worlds alive. That is why couples who are married for many years usually die within days of each other. Their spirit worlds are so connected that they cannot live without each others spirit worlds intact and functioning.

Somehow, a positive change occurred. Our Universe, (our outside atmosphere), has a positively charged magnetic current that automatically pulls spirits away from our human bodies. However, this Universe function was not working at all throughout our planet’s history. No one knew that this Universe function existed. There are no written words from our past history of our Universe freeing us from the spirits. This has never happened before. But without our Universe, our planet would surely die and life would no longer exist. Spirits have the ability to completely end human life, and probably did just that on other planets somewhere.

Spiritual healing became available but was not real healing. I am referring to reiki and therapeutic touch, etc. Spiritual healers are not real healers. They are not merging their spirit worlds with our Universe. Therefore they are doing nothing to help our planet heal and live. Spiritual healers are playing a spirit game that is part of their own spirit world. These people are scam artists. The only real healing is what I do. I have evolved, transformed, healed my way to becoming a real Universe Family Healer. What I do is not something that can be learned in a course or program. All of those healing programs are spiritual and not real.

Somehow, I was able to become who I really am. I am able to merge my spirit world with our Universe and also the spirit worlds of other humans. This is an automatic and natural ability for me. I know that because I am doing this now, our planet Earth will not die. I have been successful in changing Spiritual Time to Universe Time. I created Universe Time and it will not be taken away from our planet. Once spirits are actively and continuously being purged into our Universe, there is nothing the spirits can do to return here. They are done. They cannot create their spirit worlds ever again. They are recycled by our Universe into tiny pieces of minerals. That means their spirit worlds are dead and no longer in existence.









Living My Life in Universe Time

I continue to blog frequently here, every 3-4 days it seems. There is always something to update and document. Today I am just resting outside as usual in my lounge chair and listening to the spirit chants coming from the doves. I know that this time is ending soon, but right now it is important that I am here purging and healing the rest of this spirit setup. Birds have been spiritually controlled and we’re just accustomed to that behavior without giving it a second thought. I am sure that many changes are going to happen as a result of me being here at the right time and purging out this spiritual control over the doves.

After that is over and done, I know I will be moving forward once again. My life has changed so much from how it was before. Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling and spirit worlds away from human bodies. I lived a life before when I was not free of my spiritual world. I was very controlled in those days. Most people are still living this kind of life, a spiritually controlled life, which is very short and ends in death.

Now I am living my live in Universe Time. I am the first person to be doing this purging out and so I am the pioneer here documenting things as I move forward everyday. I know that everyday is important for certain things. I take care of those things and then rest outside under the mesquite shade. I am taking one day to the next and know that this is making my life as good as it possibly can be. I can do nothing else right now. I am Universe Family Healer.

Universe Time allows me to live a real life. I am free of spirit controls. In fact, I control the spirits. Everything has been turned around the right way. Spirits should not be controlling human behaviors but were allowed to do so for many years. In fact, spirits made people believe that they were necessary for human life. The opposite is true as spirits need a human body to live upon. Therefore, spirits are parasites. Now we have a way to get rid of the spirits quite easily. That way is my healing modality called Universe Family Healing.

So, today, I continue moving forward in my goal to reunite with birth family members. Ultimately this is what happens when all other spirit setups are purged. These setups were in the way of me and my family members. I had to return to Yuma, AZ, USA, (my birthplace/homeland) to completely get rid of these spirit setups forever. I am very close to being done.

Universe Family Healing sessions are available by cell phone or chat session. Contact me by email to schedule a session: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com


Freeing the “Mourning” Doves

I have been sitting outside more and more observing the dove activity around here. This is typically the time for dove mating and the so-called dove mating calls can be heard everywhere. What I know now and what I have observed first hand is how spiritual this whole dove mating ritual really is. In fact there are other so-called dove calls that are not really dove sounds at all. I see that the doves are spiritually controlled to produce these sounds. I’m sure that I am the first person to say this out in the open, but I know it’s true.

These fake bird sounds are being purged out by me here in Yuma. I saw the same kind of spiritual controls over the crows in Northern CA. No one has spoken about this spiritually controlled behavior in birds. It is just another example of how our planet has been consumed by negative spiritual energy setups for a very long time. I am observing up close the results of my healing as I lay outside with the doves all around me, coming to me for healing.

Recently there have been doves visiting me in rather close range. They perch upon a metal pole under the mesquite tree where I am resting. It seems these visits are intentional. Yesterday, the doves were doing their so-called dove calls right in front of me and I could see how this is happening on their tiny little bodies. There is this wave of movement in their throat area, a pause, and then seconds later out comes these calls, repeating over and over again, as a typical spiritual setup plays out. Cycles of these sounds are produced using the dove’s body, but these sounds are not natural dove sounds.

Today, I was delighted to have a pair of doves visiting me again, but this time they did not produce those fake sounds at all. In fact they remained very quiet and still, just resting for a very long time and then, starting grooming!  I was seeing normal dove activity return to this pair of doves. I know that doves are going to be healed from their spiritual controls finally once and for all. And I am happy that as a result of this healing time, our precious doves in the desert will be safe and hunting them will be stopped.

It seems that birds like doves and crows have been spiritually controlled on planet Earth. I am hoping that this is going to be stopping soon because no living creature should have any spiritual controls on its body for any reason whatsoever, especially the mourning doves. This is a very negative name for these beautiful birds. They are not mourning at all. It’s just this negative spirit world around them making these unnatural noises over and over and so they unfortunately earned the name of mourning doves.

I am here outside purging and pulling these energy setups away from the doves. Over time there will be less and less of those fake noises and just natural bird calls. These creatures don’t need a spiritual mating ritual. That is ending here in Yuma. And one day soon I hope that they will not be called mourning doves. They are beautiful and not in mourning about anything at all. They will be protected, not hunted, as they are a symbol of everlasting peace on our planet Earth.



Purging Spirit Worlds Outside In Yuma, AZ

I have finally reached this day. I am outside in a real comfy lounge chair under the shady mesquite tree purging spirit words. In fact, I am outside most of the day and into the evening. I am spending at least 12 hours a day now doing this. It has taken a very long time to get to this point in my healing. I am at my most powerful healing level right now. I know that what I am doing is changing everything around and making the right things happen automatically. Spirit worlds around humans and animals were causing our planet to be a negative toxic place. This spirit purging is getting rid of that nasty mess.

And it is only happening now because I am spending almost 100% of my awake time outside purging and doing pretty much nothing else. This is my 4th day outside. I am gradually spending more and more time outside. I would sleep outside if it were safe to do so, but it isn’t safe to do that right now. I do as much as I can and it is still working! I still hear the fake bird sounds intermingling with the real ones. The doves are doing their mating calls now. I wonder how much of that is spiritually induced too. As time goes on we will see what is real and what was spiritually enhanced, even in birds.

I am going to be cooking again. A friend is lending me a BBQ and so I am going to make my veggie burgers and smart hotdogs soon. I am letting go of peanut butter for awhile. There is a lot of mesquite around here from the recent tree trimmings that we did. I can use the mesquite as fuel. Yummy! I’ll get some corn too and have some fun.

I have always been stuck inside buildings and other people’s spirit worlds. I am not there now. I am living in this trailer and it feels like camping, but I am not out in the wilderness. I am in a neighborhood with friends closeby. As the temperatures rise again here in Yuma, I am comfortable.

The heat really doesn’t bother me. I don’t like to use air conditioning anyway, but constantly hear the hum of the ACs around me. I am outside, not inside. I am purging in our Universe and this is just where I need to be right now. I am living a very healthy lifestyle and losing a lot of weight that was spiritually controlled. That weight is quickly leaving me now. I am always adjusting my diet and eat only plant based foods. I don’t eat animals or animal products anymore.

I continue to do my job as Universe Family Healer. I purge spirit worlds. That is my job now. No one else can do what I do. I am being the real me after so many long years being someone else. No one can control me anymore. After living a very controlled life around bad people I finally made it back to my homeland and everything is going my way! I hope that soon, all of my family will be back together. I mean my real birth family. I left that fake family who raised me far behind me. I never go back there. I am home.


I offer to you a very specialized form of healing. There is nothing like it anywhere else on planet Earth.


I Have My Lounge Chair!

It arrived a few days ago. A friend brought it over. It is just what I need to lay down outside comfortably and purge spirits. What a difference this chair is making. I have waited so long to be able to do this here in Yuma.

This means that everything is going my way. What happens now is automatic and always in my favor. I am very pleased that I can lay outside safely and purge. This outside purging is extremely powerful too!

I have made it to this point in my healing. This is good news for me and all of the good people here on planet Earth. The spirits couldn’t stop me. They tried but failed. All that I hear now are the spirit noises outside chanting, “so powerful”, “amazing”, “all done”, and “it is the end”. These chants are audible right here in Yuma, AZ, USA. Anyone can hear them now, but only during the daytime. This chanting seems to be related to birds in some way. The chants are not heard after the sun hoes down.

Yes I am powerful and amazing. I am the only Healer known to purge spirit worlds. I am healing our planet Earth, every single day! Earth Day is everyday for me. Celebrating a one time a year holiday like Earth Day is silly when our planet needs constant daily healing. I am providing that healing.

Universe Family Healing  is my healing modality. I remove/purge spirit worlds around humans and merge them with our Universe’s magnetic current. I am the only Healer who has done this! I provide a real healing service. I am available to help all good people on our planet Earth. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing session.






Social Distancing In Yuma, AZ

Recently I took a car ride with a friend and stopped in a few locations here. He had just received him stimulus check after a 2 week wait. I have been practicing social distancing and rarely go out these days, but I did have a chance last night to see what was going on here in my hometown. I was not impressed! Here in Yuma, AZ we are still seeing new cases of the coronavirus happening. So why are we not doing the right thing?

I am not sure but I do know one thing, I am not going out in a car ride with a friend anymore. I was at three locations: Circle K, Big Lots, and the 99¢ Store. Circle K was the worst: No social distancing and even the clerks were not wearing masks and gloves! Big Lots employees were doing the right thing but of course very few shoppers wore masks. 99¢ store was also trying but there was very little social distancing there too. I wore my mask inside that place. I am done with this whole thing. I will not do it ever again! I am staying home like I am supposed to be doing.

I see that there is a general lag in understanding in my hometown. I also feel like the pandemic virus situation is far from over. I am not going to be a part of it. I walk to the closest stores and wear my mask and gloves inside. That is all I do right now. That is enough. It works and is safe and effective. I am happy that I don’t have a car right now and feel inclined to be driving all over the place. I am living a simple and easy life.

Yes, I am still waiting to receive my stimulus check. I feel it is going to happen next week. I have no worries about it. I am relaxing and living through our days here as the temperature goes over 100° for a week or so. I am going to be just fine.

I am working from home. I have recently reduced my fee for a healing session to $25.00. I am aware that there are many people who are unable to pay much for any healing services right now. I am making it easier for people to have healing. It can be done with a simple cell phone call. It is the right time to have a Universe Family Healing session. I require payment in advance. I send you a PayPal invoice. We can talk as long as you like. It is very simple to have this done.

My healing modality is so effective in reducing anxiety and stress levels. I can easily help you with this. I know that this is a very challenging time for our planet. Please do not hesitate to contact me and schedule your healing session. My healing will help everything in your life go the right way. I connect your spiritual world to our Universe and you will feel the changes. You will go with the flow and do the right thing automatically. I hope that you consider this valuable service and contact me soon! My healing is real, powerful, and 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds around humans.