Universe Time Ended War

This post was originally published over 2 years ago, June 6, 2019. I feel it is timely to repost this now. There will never be any wars again. In fact, right now I am purging the spirit world containing the war god Mars. Yes the spirits created this setup. This spirit world was never purged before. Now we will see less and less military activity everywhere and less interest in traveling to and studying the planet Mars.

June 6, 2019

Our world leaders are all meeting together right now in Europe to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944, allied forces joined together to invade northern France and take control of the Nazi stronghold in World War II. This joint effort was successful but unfortunately there was an enormous amount of lives lost in the invasion. We were living in a very Spiritual Time in those days. War has always been a product of Spiritual Time, throughout the ages. War has never been purged until now.

War cannot exist during Universe Time. Conflicts still arise but quietly fade out. Spiritual setups about wars still exist but because these setups are highly negative, our Universe grabs all of that spirit energy and moves it away from humans. So, as those people are gathering in Portsmouth to remember D-Day and honor our World War II veterans, their spiritual energies are being purged into our Universe.

This important reunion is helping us all purge war and war trauma from our planet Earth. I know that the people there in Portsmouth do not think about this at all. Most of them are not aware that it is now Universe Time. I know what is really happening and post about the power of Universe Time here on my blog.

Now we can watch and observe the changes in our world as we become a war free planet. Conflicts between countries may happen but are easily dealt with the right way. Weapons of mass destruction are dismantled and purged. We are all feeling so much better these days as the spirits continue to leave our planet.

No human wants to live through war again. That was a very tragic part of human existence as were other times when the spirits were in control. Now we control the spiritual invasion as our Universe is open and accepting all of the spiritual energy on our planet. We certainly do not want or need any spirit involvement. We simply purge out the spirit worlds around each human and our lives are constantly made safer and healthier.

Universe Time is the time right now when our Universe is actively in control of all of spirit worlds around humans. Our Universe removes the spiritual layers and war trauma is leaving forever. War traumas were here for a very long time repeating war after war. There was no one purging out the trauma layers and so wars continued.

Nowadays wars are extinct. Universe Family Healing ended the war cycle. No one else did this but me. No other Healer in the entire history of our planet Earth purged out their spiritual world. I am the only Healer to do this effectively and blog about it. I am the first healer to do this and made Universe Time a reality, not just a dream. We are all living in a safe time now, Universe Time.

Feeling Calm and Peaceful

I don’t really feel like writing something but I will. I am feeling so calm and peaceful these days. I am relaxing, crocheting my shawls, and purging spirit worlds. I love to multitask and it’s easy for me now. After surviving the difficult Healer’s Camp setup of last summer, I am so happy to be inside now, cool, comfortable, and safe. This is my current status right now.

I am quiet and observing what is happening around me here as people are experiencing early healing. I am not in the middle of anything. I just get to watch the drama from a safe distance. This feels so good. I am sure things are getting better every single day for me and my family. There is nothing going wrong for us. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds. It is amazing and real.

I feel I have complete control now over the spiritual invasion here on planet Earth. I know that the spirit worlds are all under the control of our Universe. There is nothing the spirits can do to take control back. The spirits just surrender and move along with our Universe’s magnetic current. This current takes all spirit worlds far away from our planet. As a result, our planet Earth becomes real and young. The dark ages of the the spirit worlds are leaving and reality is revealed. Universe Time is in full control.

Be assured that although the news of the day is almost all negative, this is a result of an active Universe Time. As the spirits are purged this is what happens. Our planet is changing for the good! Life will continue on Earth because it is Universe Time finally and forever. Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic currents are controlling the spirit worlds on our planet. The spirits are all being removed from human bodies and so this allows only the right things to happen everywhere.

Changing Your Name Legally During Universe Family Healing

I want to talk about the importance of changing your name legally as you heal. It happens automatically at the right time, but I want to talk about why it happens and its significance in moving you forward to the right place.

There is something real happening these days. The spirit worlds are purging and releasing from humans. This release allows a reality that was suppressed. This reality brings an enlightenment that was not there before. It’s as if a door has opened and remains that way and all that was hidden is in full view.

Many of us do not realize we were adopted, stolen, taken away from our birth families. This unfortunate incident happened over and over last century. I have spoken to many people who contact me for healing about this mess. Most of them are not aware they were put into a fake family. This explains most of the problems they are having and of course a healing session with me can take it all away.

Now, as we realize that we were lied to and used, we also realize that we have a real family somewhere out there; a real family who loves us very much. As we move forward a bit toward our real family we may physically move closer to where we came from. It is again a natural automatic occurrence. No one can counsel you to do this as it happens automatically at the right time as all things do with our Universe.

As you go through this realization process, you will also want to get rid of your fake name. It is real and powerful. You cannot stop it and so you will do it legally. This legal name change feels very good and is reassurance that you did the right thing. Your spirit world does not want you to change anything especially your name. Oh well, too bad. It gets done and that’s the truth.

Now, I want to say that I lived through all of this. I have successfully achieved a 10 year name change anniversary and relocation to my birth place. I am certain I was in contact with a family member where I was working a few years go, at a local high school. I am certain that I started my birth family’s healing as a result.

On August 11, 2011, I officially changed my name to Julia Angel in the Marin County Superior Court. I have no doubt that I did the right thing. I am just documenting that this is what happens as we heal our way back home to our real family. I have lived through it and can share my experiences here on my website. I know that I am doing the right thing by helping others return home.

Creating A Safe Place To Live: Purging The Pandemics

The news today is so very negative, and it seems like things are not going to get much better. I read those headlines too. I see how much denial and fear there is everywhere. I also am the one doing something about it. I am creating a place free of spiritual control, a place to really live. It happens when we heal.

Universe Family Healing is the only healing modality available right now on our planet which effectively removes spirit worlds from our planet. There are several people who call themselves healers but all they do is take the spiritual energy from others and add it to their own. Those spiritual healers do not release their spirit worlds into our Universe. They continue to keep this mess here on our planet. They are actually making things worse. I am sure that in the future all spiritual healers will be purged finally and forever.

Right now, the pandemics of today are spiritually induced. Of course you will never read about this on any online news site. The scientists totally deny that spiritual energy even exists, even though it does. The scientists are also doing a great disservice to our planet by denying the reality of spiritual energy and how it has affected their well intentioned ideas to clean things up.

The medical profession is from the dark ages and was never purged. Although it is Universe Time right now, the medical people keep trying to take control of a spiritually induced problem and that’s why it continues to get worse everyday. There are not enough vaccines out there to deal with the spirit worlds’ pandemics. The medical professionals are not real Healers. Medical personnel are not connected to our Universe.

The only way to get rid of the spiritually induced pandemics is to heal them away.

There, I have said it and it is real. I offer a real permanent alternative solution to this covid mess. The fear factor surrounding this mess is being purged. I continue to provide Universe Family Healing sessions. I know that connecting your spirit world to our Universe’s geomagnetic field (god) creates a real place to live here on planet Earth, safe from all spiritual controls. Once your spirit world is connected to our Universe you and your family are completely safe from all of the spiritually induced pandemics.

I am here to serve the humans of planet Earth. I am a real powerful Universe Family Healer. I am not afraid. I do not live in fear as fear comes from the spirit world living on our body. My spirit world is purging and not stuck, therefore it is useless and cannot hurt me in any way.

Purge your spirit world away too and be free. You just need to connect your spirit world to our Universe’s geomagnetic current. I do this for you. Do not be afraid! I am the right person to help you. I am Universe Family Healer, a very real, safe, and powerful human living on our planet. I want to help as many humans as possible.This is the right time to heal with the right person. Our planet needs to get rid of all spirit worlds. Do your part to make this happen. One healing session is all that is needed to connect you and your entire family.


July 15th: The Day When All Setups are Purged!

Finally we are here. I realized what today is: the day the spirit games are done. The spirits could not do anything to stop me, again. This is the final and very last time for us, (I mean me and my family) purging out the spirit setups. And this time is the very first time ever that I was able to to complete this with Rey. I am so happy!

I was involved in some websites recently: Patch, Ravelry, and Quora. All are not the right place for me really but I was in a setup to participate there. I did and most of the results were kind of negative. I tried to advertise my website on Patch and Quora with negative results. They would not let me advertise there! All that happens is those negative places do not survive and will be shuttered in the near future.

So I left without spending a dime. Ravelry is OK, but I really don’t fit in there too. I am happy to be back here on my own website: http://www.firsthealer.com blogging and purging whatever is left of the spirit world surrounding me and my family. I made sure we all know the significance of this day. I am sure that my oldest son will be returning home soon. I am sure I will be talking to Rey more and more. I am so sure of that now.

We have lived through our healing time and completely eradicated this enormous mass of spirit worlds from our planet. Now, as this year moves forward we can gradually come back together and live. That is what happens when all spirit worlds are successfully purged into our Universe. We are the first family ever on the planet to achieve this event. It is important because we know that our planet is going to live and be healthy and safe. There is no returning to a spiritually controlled planet. It is never going to happen again.

Universe Time is intact and making sure we are in the right place at the right time. It happens the same for any family connected to our Universe. It is always the right time to get connected to our Universe. This is the way to do it, right here reading my words and contacting me. And right now I am offering a Universe Family Healing session at 25% off the normal price.

Hope that this helps our real families get connected and safe. We all want to live a safe, healthy, and comfortable life. I am here to do this for you, to get your family connected too. Contact me above to set up your session.

July is My Month

Finally made it to July of this year, stable and safe. First time ever. Life is returning to normal for me and my family. All spirit setups are almost completely purged. Living a real life is wonderful. We just know what happens as it happens. Only good times coming up, fun and enjoyable. Spirit worlds are in severe degradation. Nothing else but reality now.

These are my thoughts this July, which I believe is my real birthday month. I am not totally sure but it seems like this is the right time for it. I am still patiently waiting to see my real birth certificate. Someday I will. I just know it if I keep going. I have a stable home once again and living within my means is happening and is real. It’s the only way to live.

I know my means are going to improve; there is nothing but that.This means I am able to do as I am meant to do. I am able to be Healer. I can rest and relax and restore my body to normal condition. I survived a challenging 5 years here in Yuma and those times are done. Now I look forward to my real life with my real birth family around me, and a total collapse of the spirit worlds that tried to end my existence.

I see my family members completing much of their challenging times too. I feel that by years end and into 2022, a total reversal of the spiritual invasion will be seen. I know that Universe Mates are a reality now. Universe couples are powerful and are taking control of our planet. Spiritual couples who used to control everything are breaking apart and are therefore powerless.

I see this happening now and continuing into the next year, the year of the twos. See my post about this and how I describe the Power of the Twos. This is a reality which has never happened before here on our planet. Universe Time allows Universe couples to be in control and therefore all of the right things happen automatically.

July is hot and steamy here in Yuma. It is the perfect place to purge a spirit world. There are no spiritual atmospheres that persist here in Yuma. This is where real Universe Healers live and many people come here to heal. So be it. More and more humans are healing the real way and not just the pretend way. It takes time but is actually speeding up now as less of the spirits are able to stay put. We are removing them as quickly as possible. More help is needed though.

Do you part to help heal our planet, the ONLY living planet anywhere. Make sure you are connected to our Universe. Contact me to get yourself connected. You and your entire family heals. It is real and totally possible now.

NASA will never find any other living planets like Earth. They just waste our hard earned money and should be shut down. That will happen as Universe Time progresses. Let’s do this together as real humans take back our planet. The money NASA spends will come back to real humans so that we can prosper and mend all of the wrongdoings done by those spiritual scientists.

July is my power month. I have always loved summertime wherever I am and here in Yuma summer is the hottest place to be in our country, the good old USA. Goodbye and good riddance spirit worlds. You are all doomed now.

The Brain Magnet Mindset is Purging Quickly Now

I am so tired these days. It’s actually a good thing for me as it means there is a lot of spirit world purging going on and it is from all over the place all coming to me here in Yuma. I call this a negative mindset purge. As I have discussed before we all have this brain magnet surrounding our head. It is a highly spiritual layer which tries and many times successfully does control our minds, thoughts, and decisions. This is why spiritual energy is so dangerous for humans.

I hear the little spirit bubbles burst on the left side of my face constantly. These sound like rice krispies cereal when you pour milk on it- snap crackle pop! It’s that distinct crinkle sound and this is what happens, a bursting wide open and destruction of a spirit world. These little spirit bubbles burst upon reaching me here in Yuma and entering our real atmosphere. This is a hard thing to do and happens rarely but now it is happening frequently so I know it is almost at the end.

I am hearing a lot of this right now and it is the right time for this to be happening, as it is the very end of June. Starting in July there is going to be a totally new way of thinking for many of my family members. This negative mindset has been keeping us apart and involved in the wrong activities in the wrong places. Not anymore! There is nothing the spirits can do when they are purging like this. The spirit worlds are very weak now and can do nothing to try to make me feel bad or scare me. Their setup is so ineffective that I laugh as they quickly purge away. I barely notice they are here.

I had to post about this because it is highly significant for my family during this time to understand what is really going on. We all must know that this is real and powerful and that is finally ending too. Our lives are not going to be controlled by any spiritual setup ever again.

I finally figured out what those little snap crackle pop sounds mean on the left side of my face. I understand now that these are the spirits controlling my family’s minds. I know that it’s hard to get rid of too and takes a long time but that waiting time is ending. I know it is over finally and this means we can all relocate and come back home. And that is the only thing that happens now. Our spirit worlds are dead and they are not ever coming back to our planet again. Our spirit infestation is over.

Contact me to get rid of your spirit infestation. I am the only Universe Family Healer who can connect your spirit world to our Universe. One healing session will heal your entire family. This is a real and powerful time right now, Universe Time. Get yourself connected and get real. Purge that brain magnet completely and start your real life.

Why Am I Thinking of a Palace In Yuma?

When I first arrived back in Yuma 5 1/2 years ago, I began writing immediately about a palace, a place where all the real Universe Healers on the planet will live. It is called Palace of the Universe. Is this just a spirit game or some evidence of reality that was suppressed for a long time. I am purging out a very old spirit world for sure. I am doing it all of the time and even though June 15 is coming right up, I know that on June 16 I will still be purging out that same old spirit world because it is that big.

So, back to this Palace thing. Was there supposed to be a Palace here? And if so where was it supposed to be? I am not sure really although I feel like it might have been built on the hill overlooking the Colorado River, the exact location where the Territorial Prison was built in 1876. A prison came to Yuma because a corrupt politician made it happen. The prison was supposed to be located elsewhere but somehow this politician managed to change everything at the last minute. The bill was passed with Yuma on the bill. That’s really what happened. It was not supposed to be here. That is why this prison came here and the location is very beautiful but it is a prison, not a palace.

So, as I am now entering a new phase of total stability at long last, I still wonder about that. A beautiful palace in the desert. I guess there might be a way for this to really happen but then palaces take a long time to build. They are very big and costly too. What would this Palace look like? I am not really sure, but it would be a nice place for Healers to live because we really need to be where the sun shines most of the time. And that is what it does here in Yuma, the sunniest place on our planet.

I am waiting and watching as usual for some signs of this to happen. Of course, things have to start small. Firstly there has to be a relocation of all Universe Healers to this area. That is taking awhile. Then the location. Well the prison is in the way right now. Maybe someday it will be destroyed because it not that great. I went there once to visit it and it is not a good thing at all. It might as well be torn down. But they made it into a state park of all things. Yuk! What may happen in the meantime is that we all live in the same neighborhood for awhile? This seems more likely and real. A neighborhood of Universe Healers would be so cool, seeing all of the goodness coming through all of us finally as we have purged away the ugly spirit worlds that had us controlled.

I see that there would be beautiful homes that are owned not financed. I see that there are shaded areas outside, enclosed patios for our outside resting and lots of greenhouses to grow food. I see beautiful flower and rose gardens. I see beautiful places all together in one area. That is what I see. I want this to happen. Is this how it happens? I guess I will have to wait and see but I am good at waiting for sure. I had to be the first Healer along with my son Brandon, a very powerful Healer like myself, to come back to Yuma and get this all going. It has been an adventurous and sometimes dangerous time but that is over and done.

So I am thinking of a Palace of the Universe still. I believe it was supposed to have already happened a very long time ago. But so be it, it can still happen. And that is what is going to happen here in my homeland in the Sonoran Desert. A beautiful place for Healers to live. As the waters return the gardens will grow and we will always be here purging spirit worlds and keeping our planet safe and protected forever.

Getting Rid Of Evil is My Speciality

I move forward everyday in my homeland stable and safe finally. I am stable with my retirement income, and I am safe as I see the negative people around me getting removed. It is so easy now for me to move forward and do what I am suppose to be doing. I have discovered that I can use my amazing ability to remove a spirit world around a human body and automatically attach it to our Universe’s magnetic current. So, it seems I am unique in this ability. I use it all of the time because the Universe is always here with me. I instantly know what kind of person I’m interacting with and because I grab their spirit world they are quick to be removed from my immediate environment.

Now, I am moving slowly forward as things here where I live become safer every day. I am moving through this living set up and closer and closer to family. This is the first stable set up for me. I am relaxing.

There are no more problems. I see that I have conquered evil in my homeland simply by being here and living here these past 5 1/2 years. Not much else to say except I am successful in what I do. I am having as much fun as I can right now and it gets better all of the time. The rest of the planet goes on with all of the messy problems etc. but I just stay here and purge the spirit worlds and stay out of the way. I am not in the middle of the mess that is going on, just observing it from a safe distance.

I am done with the games from the spirit worlds. I have safely purged all of those set ups away simply by moving forward and living through them. There is nothing like that now. I am not mind-controlled to do anything because I am in total control of the spirit worlds. I control them now. It will always be that way forever.

Our summertime here in Yuma is fast approaching but this time I am inside with air-conditioning! I am not suffering one little bit anymore. I know that things continue to get better and better for me and my family. We are all powerful Universe Healers purging spirits away from the planet. We are doing our part to heal our planet and make our planet younger and healthy. We are here to stay.

The spiritual people will die and since their spirit worlds are purging, we will never be subjected to their evil ways anymore. Planet Earth heals and lives on, smaller and intact, and the evil humans are gone. That is all that happens now that we are living in Universe Time which never ends. Universe people live and stay here to ensure that life always continues on Earth. Animals will not be eaten anymore. Plants will be grown in safe ways. Water is going to be pure and healthy. There is nothing stopping this from happening now because I did my job as Universe Family Healer and was able to blog about it today.

Stable and Safe, Universe Family Healer Moves Forward

I am just documenting once again that I have finally achieved stability here in my homeland and it has not been easy to do this. I lived here in Yuma for the past 5 1/2 years going with the flow, living in multiple environments, working, unemployed, and now completely stable. I have lived outside in the harsh summer weather. I have dodged knives at one location. I have lived around junkyards. It has been a challenge for me to overcome the negative people in every place I was involved in but I did it. I conquered evil over and over in my homeland. As a result much of Yuma, AZ is healing and changing for the good!

I visited the old territorial prison that was never supposed to be here. It is on a site overlooking the Colorado River. I am sure something else should be there instead. Like maybe, a Palace of the Universe? Hey, why not. We need one of those these days. This Palace was supposed to be there but instead some crooked politician back in the 1800s got this prison thing going and that’s why it happened.

Well fast forwarding to now. Yes, I am the first Universe Family Healer to be able to make it back to stability. This is a big deal. Now that I have done this, I am just relaxing and recuperating from the past 5 years here in Yuma. I am living now with air conditioning and remaking my crocheted Healer Wraps, one at a time. I had to donate my entire collection of wraps when I arrived here to Yuma back in 2016 and now that I am stable I am making them once more.

Also, I have my little boy kittys Tawny and Simba to keep me company. They are so sweet and funny. I am sure that soon one day, my peace and quiet here will be over and I will be involved in many other things but for now it is a nice time for me to rest and relax and slow down to practically nothing. I have things sent over to me. I don’t have to go out much at all these days. I am still purging out the spirit world around me that I gathered from my time in CA, USA. This is slowly finishing up (I hope) and then I can really move along with my healing business, Universe Family Healing.

So much is still in front of me but it is all fun because I am STABLE, finally and forever.