Universe Family Healer for Hire: Make Your Workplace Fun Again!

I could hire myself out like this. I am very successful at it now. I have seen the positive results over and over. I can clean up a filthy workplace. I can nail those nasty negatives one by one till they are all gone. That is easy for me now. You may laugh a little about it but you know what I am talking about. I like work to be fun. It should not be boring or negative. It seems I had to clean up the workplaces in my homeland a little…

But, I do understand why it got this way here because I was away for such a long time. I never thought once I would need to return to Yuma, AZ. I always heard negative comments about Yuma. That is because I was not raised by my birth family….

I have posted about this before, how I slowly became aware through my own healing process that my so-called parents were not my birth parents at all. It does not surprise me as I had nothing in common with any of them, including my so-called 3 siblings…I was brought up in a totally negative world, opposite of who I really am and had to claw my way out of it. Sounds like the latest Disney animated movie, but this heroine is real, not a cartoon character. And yes, I can sing very well too! I do have a voice..

However, I know Disney is not interested in my story. I am too real for that conglomerate called Disney. I even had to grow up in the same city (Anaheim, CA) as the original Disneyland, and that is the truth! That is all behind me. I am over it thank goodness. I have conquered everything in my way.

I am real and powerful. I do not know if there are other Healers like me out there. But I am the only one who talks and posts about these things. So, it seems like I am the only one right now… I broke through the “god” barrier, the geomagnetic field of spirituality. I was able to get connected to the outside enormous magnetic field of our real Universe. It is far more powerful than any spiritual set up…And our Universe is not a game. There are no voices on the Universe. It is quiet and calm and beautiful..

Well, I can help you if you are interested. I know all about those ugly people who play games and make life miserable at our jobs. But, I have a feeling that their times are pretty much over.  I just had to experience it one more time in my homeland and then blog all about it here on firsthealer.com, Healer’s Blog, Home of Universe Family Healing and Spiritual Energy Purging.


I continue my healing towards my birth family. Wish me goodness along my way…

Universe Family Healing Is Amazing!

Universe Family Healing is powerful and real. I am living through several spiritual set ups here in Yuma, AZ that are playing out one after another, all in my favor.  The nasty negative parts, the “negativity”, has been purged. The Universe is here where I live and work. It is so amazing to live through this time and be the victor. Only reality remains with Universe Family Healing. The players are purged and left and forgotten, just as they should be. My homeland is alive and free.

However, I am a little tired from the events of last month, but I am sure that feeling will go away. I continue to have a very good job. I am helping others everyday. I see the progress being made. I am happy and reassured that I am real. I am always around good people getting positive feedback, constantly!

Right now, my feet are up on my chair as I sit next to the window in my kitchen. I feel the warm breezes around me here in Yuma. It is beautiful. I feel the energies purging off of my body, being pulled away from me and my family.  It is quiet and calm here. Safe and secure too. Slowly, positive changes occur. I am ready for them. Had to get the bullies out of the way first. Hope family reunions are soon to come…


It Takes Teamwork to Take Out the Bully

I was able to assist in real-time with the closing down of a bully set up. It was intense, but with a little cooperation and Universe energy, the bully has been defeated. This is significant for me because I have been constantly immersed in the bullying world time after time. I am so powerful now that the bullies are very unimportant to me. Bullying is just a spiritual game that plays out over and over because it is so full of negative energy. I am able to break up the negative cycle using my natural healing abilities. I simply have to be there physically to connect those nasty negative energies to our Universe and all of a sudden the bully is exposed and defeated.

But, it is not just me involved this time. Other people are aware and have the power to deal with this problem legally.  It is the first time I have seen this happen. I know my world is becoming the real world again. I know this because I am seeing it happen right before my eyes.

It is a very good feeling to get rid of bullies.  Bullying is something from the past. It is no longer occurring in my world. It is over..

If you have a situation with bullying and it is getting out of hand, contact me for a chat session here on Google. My email is: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com. Together we can make your bad situation change for the good..

Growing Food in the Sonoran Desert

I will be successful! My sprouts are all doing very well. I have sprouted sweet basil, tomatoes, and peppers. They are doing just fine indoors. Right now they are on my window sills getting some sun and fresh air. They will remain inside until I am able to plant them outdoors later in May. This is so much fun for me. I was successful with growing food in Northern California, but now I live in the Sonoran Desert. This is my homeland. I will grow food here.

I have sprouted the following tomatoes: Gardener’s Delight, Golden Sunray, and a new variety called Bradley. I have sprouted the following sweet peppers: Emerald Giant, Banana, and Cubanelle. I always purchase my seeds from the http://www.seedsnow.com website, a very good place to purchase healthy, organic seeds on the Internet. They state this very clearly:



I love growing food. I love sprouting seeds. It is a very fun activity. And the results are delicious and nutritious.

I have a little picture below of some of the sprouts right now. But right before my eyes they will double in size and continue to get bigger. Amazing and real how plants can grow with simple products and a little bit of effort…



Tomato Sprouts on the Window Sill





420 day: Work Returns to the Universe Family Healers

One year ago today, I returned to the work world. I was able to continue working this entire year without any interruptions. This is a very good day for Universe Family Healers everywhere. No longer are we ever going to be shut down, turned away, and left forgotten. We are always going to have our jobs and money to keep going. This day is a very powerful day. I can say with full knowing that as a result of me being able to continue in a work place without being “bullied” out of it, all of the good people of this planet will gain full control once again.

Of course, the good people have to be in control. otherwise the planet dies. And that is why there is so much talking about finding another planet with life. That is just the spirit world trying to find another place to invade and continue its destructive ways. But, even though we read about it everyday, it is never going to happen. There is no other life out there anywhere.

And so, the Universe is taking these spiritual invaders away from humans. The Universe can do this. It is a powerful magnetic field of positive energy. It pulls this mass of negativity out and into a vast positive energy field.  Spiritual energy is totally neutralized and never dealt with again. Universe Family Healers assist with this process by allowing the Universe to be in contact and remove the energy from the human body. A constant pulling is what occurs, 24/7. I call this the purge and merge effect which is how Universe Family Healers perform their very unique and powerful healing ability.

I had to post a positive reason to celebrate 420 day. I know there are others using this day for other reasons. But, I also have a very good reason to mark the importance of this day.

Happy 420 day, the return to reality for all Universe Family Healers everywhere on planet Earth.

Universe Family Healing Cleans Up the Workplace

This is what I am experiencing right now. The reality of the Universe in my workplace. What an incredible and powerful force. I observe negative set ups falling apart before my eyes. What was once standard procedures for dealing with problems eliminated because of their negative non-productivity. I see this all first hand and know that I can continue in a workplace again and be totally on top. I see absolutely no problems in my working world.

I am mentioning this today because it continues to get easier and more fun at work.  I know that Universe Family Healing can help other people too who are having difficulties with toxic work environments.

In the past, Healers have had many difficulties in the workplace and negative people have had all the control. Not any longer. I wanted to document this today because I am actively employed helping others and it is working out so well. This is the first time I have been at work in April for many years! This means that all of the rest of this year is getting even better and better. My work activities continue to make positive changes. I do not have obstacles. I am totally successful.

If you experience toxic and negative work environments, you are definitely not in control of your world and face possible financial difficulties. Once you have connected your spiritual energies to our Universe, the bad people simply fade out. They are not there at work anymore.

I am not making this up. It really happens. I have witnessed this over and over again during this year.


$50.00 per healing consultation via chat or email session. Payment is through PayPal invoice.

I can help you. I am real.  Contact me at the email address above and we can arrange our session.




Feeling Good is the Only Way to Feel

Universe Family Healing allows us to feel again. We are able to know instantly what to do in any situation. We are not full of fear, in fact fear is gone. Negative emotions and negative feelings are gone. Universe Family Healing means we are a Universe Family. We have successfully connected our spiritual energies to our outside Universe, the real world outside in nature.

This allows a purging and merging process to occur.  The magnetic qualities of spiritual energy are not as powerful as the Universe’s magnetic field. There is a constant pulling effect of this negatively charged spiritual energy away from all of us.  This big mass of dark energy is vacuumed successfully away and we are allowed to live comfortably and safely wherever we are.

Instead of us humans being led around on spiritual journeys, we are now able to force the spirits to go on their final and forever Universe Journey.

Connecting your spiritual energies to the Universe is possible now. Soon you can feel the pulling too. You can experience this phenomenon for yourself. It will prove to you that Universe Family Healing is real and powerful. It is not a scam or fad. It will not come and go. It is permanently here to stay. We do not need any research studies to tell us this. We experience it everyday.

This phenomenal healing process is possible through interaction with me on my website.

Contact me me to start our interaction. It is best done through chat or email sessions. I will send you an invoice via PayPal: $50.00 for 3 days of emails or per chat session.






Growing Food Safely Once Again

I posted about this before I moved to Yuma. I was very much involved with growing food at home a few years ago. I enjoyed this activity very much. We had many varieties of peppers and tomatoes, and many other types of fruits and vegetables in our home garden. What fun it was to see all of the types of food growing in the garden.

Now, I am beginning to grow food here in my home town. I am happy to do this again. But I am finding it extremely difficult to find the right kind of soil amendments that were available in Northern California. The organic compost situation here in Yuma is sad. There really is no animal free organic compost available to have delivered. I am a little disappointed but I see this as a need for our community. Starting up a few animal free organic compost farms would be nice. I for one would love to be involved with this venture.

I mean, organic compost with no animal products like manure. Organic compost should be animal product free. It should just contain plant and food scraps. We had a very nice compost pile in Marin. It produced beautiful, clean smelling dark compost.  I want to start this up here soon. But for now, I continue to search for the right type of soil amendment, and confer with my son who is the expert in this field. Hopefully we will find the right product soon.

Sandy soil is everywhere here in the desert. But sand needs the right amendments added to grow food.



Sweet Basil

If you are a family member interested in this venture, please feel free to contact me:

928-257-8302 or by email at:


Together we can make this happen for our family.

My Healing Power Continues…

No end to my healing abilities. No stopping what I do. I am free to be who I really am. I do not talk about my healing ability in the public arena. I keep my personal ability to myself. I do not advertise on the Internet. I only blog here as a way to document my experiences.

I do not read about this phenomenon elsewhere. I am sure other healers have a similar experience. But I am the only one using these terms and no one else is documenting Universe Family Healing. It is a creation that I alone have developed.

Scientists do not discuss anything like this. Yet I experience this energy flowing through my body, feet, and hands all the time. It feels like a rough form of movement much like sandpaper would feel if it was in liquid form. It must be the minerals in this energy, the magnetite for example. The Universe is pulling this negative energy from my body 24/7, always no matter where I am, inside or out.

Interesting to read my words and probably shocking too. Perhaps my words cause a little bit of healing to start. I do not know because no one ever leaves comments. But, I still get visits from all over the world. Right now Europe seems to be looking at me for some reason. Perhaps Europe is feeling a purging wave of energy. I really cannot say more that that.

I continue to provide a phenomenological approach to my healing experience. I do not really care much about it now. I am so used to this person I have become. I just go on my way and perform my duties at my job and even there, this healing is happening without anyone noticing.







Originality Has Returned to Our World

The return of creativity is complete.  During this month of March waves of dark negative energies were purged away from my family by the Universe. As a result of this phenomenon, the human world continues to change positively. There is no longer a stuck set of 3s every time. The 3s of the past, the spiritual setups, are done. There is no repeating of them. The spiritual ways are doomed and over forever.

Spirituality is over. It was a part of our human existence for an extremely long time. If allowed to continue, the human existence would end. Spirituality is all about games played with humans and always results in death.

Spirits are human parasites. The purging of spirits has allowed life on our wonderful planet Earth to continue. Spirits can only exist on humans. Their existence will be forgotten in the future. The spiritual age was a time of darkness and despair. The human body was used as the spirits’ playground. Spirits die instantly when they purge and merge with our outside atmosphere here on planet Earth.

Seems I am the only one speaking these truths today.

So be it.

I will continue to blog and update the progress of Universe Family Healing here on my website.