Boring Boring Boring, This Place is Boring!

I am ready to be done with this living setup, so ready. I am so tired of hearing those people who come here for awhile talk on and on and on. Their voices are annoying me now. I try to make this setup end as quickly as possible for me. I can only do so much and here I am still. They are not talking with me but I still hear them over and over.

I am not getting the attention right now that I require. I am not getting the response from the right people. It is not going the right way. So I am going to sit here with my door wide open and purge very powerfully into the night. That should do something I think. But I have to be in this very boring state of mind to do this. That I know.

I am trying to get all of this negative stuff out of my way. It is going fine but so slow. There are times when I am very bored with all of the waiting and still I know that I have to wait. That is what I will always remember about this Universe Time, the boredom of waiting.

I have to wait until the rest of these negative people are dealt with and that is what is happening right now. Their needs are in my way and their problems are so negative that I just purge them away and soon they will be gone from here. That will happen! One after another they have come through this house. Amazing  that so many spiritual setups are purging at the same time. I cannot count how many people have been through this house the last 3 months. It is unbelievable but real.

So I sit here in this boring place and document how I feel right now on the 26th day of December, 2019. I know that this situation is changing and soon I will be out of this boring place. But for now I am still here, living on the edge of Yuma, AZ, USA. And I am bored!

Universe Time means that our Universe is 100% in control of the spiritual worlds around human bodies. That means that constantly there is Universe purging here where I live. It is like a non-stop train of people one after another getting purged. Someday I will be able to do what I really want to do and that is to reunite with my birth family. I feel that the only way to do this by purging all of these setup people in my way. It works but takes a long time. I feel I am at the end of this train and I am ready to get off forever.

Our Universe is taking away all of the negative people from me. I am hoping that very soon into next year 2020, I will finally reach home. I continue to update the status of Universe Family Healer as I purge and merge those negative people and their energies into our Universe and never will have any of them around me again. This is final.


Feeling So Free Now, Feeling So Good

Yes, that’s what I feel today. Peaceful and calm. I am relaxing as this holiday season comes and goes quickly. I don’t participate with the holidays at all. That’s why I can just relax. I treat everyday the same. I have been living this way for several years now and it feels so good! I feel I purged out the holiday setups a long time ago, so living this way is a natural thing for me.

Four years ago I was getting ready to move away from Novato, CA, USA and was automatically moving forward. Now I understand so much more about Universe Family Healing. I have been able to describe my healing modality over these past four years as I relocated to my birth place, Yuma, AZ.  Here in Yuma I am slowly establishing myself and building my reputation in my homeland.

Ofcourse, I am constantly moving forward through one set up after another. I purge each setup at the right time. This purging is removing the spiritual barriers between me and my birth family. A Universe Transition Time occurs at the end of each setup. This usually means a change in living arrangements. It’s kind of like the Hansel and Gretel story, but instead of following breadcrumbs home I am purging spiritual energy setups.

I know right now I am at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. I am confident that my healing is powerful and accurate these days. I can predict easily what happens next and it is always in my favor! My knowing ability has become so strong and permanent.

The stress related to holidays is purged away by Universe Family Healing. I have proven this to myself and know it is so simple and easy to live a holiday free life. I did not try to stop participating, but it happened anyway. The holiday setups purged away from me at the right time and never resumed. Those holidays setups are far away from me out in our Universe somewhere.

Thank goodness!

Would you like to live a Universe life? Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. Get connected for a nominal fee of $50.00.

My Neck is Purging!

I had to document this event because it is so significant for me as Universe Family Healer. There is definitely a great amount of spiritual energy setups being purged from the left side of my neck and upper back. It is a little sore too. I know this means alot of bad things are being purged and merged into our Universe. Those negative setups simply do not happen now.

I continue to update my status as Universe Family Healer right here on my blog. I am always making sure that my blog is current and relevant to what is happening. I am not copying an old story here. This blog is new and different every day. There is no more repeating in cycles of three. That Spiritual Time is in the past now for me.

Universe Time makes sure that all spiritual setups are removed from my human body. I cannot be a “setup angel’ anymore. All of that was in the past and will be forgotten someday.

Moving forward today, to the plasma donor center, pay some bills, then home to relax. Waiting patiently to see what happens next.



Purging Relationship Setups- A Big Thing is Happening

Right now, the current status of Universe Family Healing involves the purging and merging of spiritual relationship setups. This means that one after another all relationship setups are ending and moving into our Universe. This is obviously a very good thing as these relationship setups are not real at all.

I laugh at the situations I have encountered over the last few weeks as one after another man suddenly is after me for a date. This is obviously spiritual and just gets purged away. I see this happening with the other people I live with here in this house.

I imagine this could be happening in other parts of the planet too.

Spiritual setups regarding relationships have controlled humans for a very long time. Spirits and spirit worlds depend on the human relationship for their existence. Without this setup in great numbers the spirit worlds tend to crumble and fall apart. That is what is happening right now!

Universe Family Healing effectively purges and merges away all spiritual setups including those regarding relationships. It is so obvious when this setup is purging. It is amazing that it still was happening here with me but of course it is quickly removed by our Universe. Nothing can stop the reuniting of birth families now. As these spiritual relationship setups are purged away for good all birth family members are naturally returning to the family. This happens now.

This is the current status of Universe Family Healer and I am updating my blog frequently as changes are occurring faster now. I am making it very clear that all is going well as we move forward every day. Those spiritual setups are not in our way!




A Universe Time Story

Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is in control of the spiritual world around a human body, actively purging and merging it away. All human beings have a spiritual world built up around them and controlling everyday activities. These activities are set up during the dream times. Most people are still unaware of this spiritual control over their lives.

Most humans have no idea what is really going on. Spirits are very mind controlling and therefore highly dangerous to humans. Spirits make sure humans do the wrong things all of the time. Spirits cannot do anything else but make a human being die eventually. Spirits are making humans eat and drink the wrong things, and live dangerous lifestyles that age and degrade the human body.

Universe Time is the exact opposite of Spiritual Time. I live my life in Universe Time. I am not mind-controlled by spirits. I live a healthy real life. I eat and drink the right things. I do not engage in unsafe activities. I make sure that I make the right decisions about everything so nothing goes wrong. I have full control of my sleep and awake time. It took many years of healing to get this far, but I did it!

It seems that for the ages we were always living in Spiritual Time. Living and dying was routine in Spiritual Time. There was never a real Universe Time achieved before in the history of humanity. Spiritual Time is over because I am here to make our world safe and free of spirituality. I have a powerful Universe connection and constantly purge spiritual energy into our Universe. This means the spiritual energies from other humans are pulled away from their bodies and merged with the enormous magnetic current in our outside atmosphere. This current seems to travel southeast as that is where the spirit sounds are heard as they leave and enter our outside atmosphere.

Once upon a time we were all living and dying in Spiritual Time. That time is over. We have achieved Universe Time finally. This means that our planet Earth will heal and become young and healthy again. The right decisions will be made. The right people will be in control to do the right things. We are saved from the destruction of life and spirits are put out into the Universe and will never be here again on our living planet Earth.

And we all live happily ever after.






Those People Are In My Way

I go with the flow and here I am.

I do whatever I need to do and then rest.

I do not make a mistake.

That is my current status here where I currently live.

I stay out of the middle.  I separate from these people more and more now. It is December 15. Soon they will be on their own. That is what happens with Universe Family Healing.

That is what happens now.

Today is my 6th anniversary on I started blogging December 15, 2013! Amazing that I made it to this day.

I made it this far and I never stopped blogging. This is a wonderful day for me. I will continue to update my status as Universe Family Healer right here on I continue to blog freely and without censorship.

No one can stop me from telling the truth here on my blog. I can document my experiences with Universe Family Healing as often as I need to and never be stopped, ever.






Universe Family Healing is Real Healing

There are no shortcuts with my healing modality. I am real and so is my healing practice. People around me forget that my healing is always working. They go on their way and whatever happens is a result of a negative energy set up being purged. I watch as they experience the results of my healing. There are no shortcuts!

Universe Family Healing is not a shortcut to being a healed human. Universe Family Healing is a new way to live. Shortcut healing is what the spiritual healers have always done and leads to nothing in return. Spiritual healing is a S.C.A.M. (Spiritually Created About Money)  activity as I have previously said. It is only about the money with those spiritual healers. Nothing good comes out of spiritual healing.

Universe Family Healing is real because it is based on a scientific phenomenon which occurs naturally in our Universe. We want our spiritual energies to be removed, not just “cleansed” as do the spiritual healers. What a joke really. Who wants a cleanse of negative nasty spiritual energy? That is ridiculous. We want spiritual energy removed from our bodies and our lives.

Spiritual healers cannot remove spiritual energy from our bodies because they lack a powerful Universe connection. Stay away from the spiritual healers who are still trying to convince people that spiritual sides are OK and necessary for humans. They are not OK at all. Spiritual sides on a human body degrade the human body and cause aging, disease, and eventual death. Spirits are parasites and need a human body to create their worlds. Spirits also live on animals too.

I see changes happening all of the time as a result of my healing. I watch and observe this amazing natural phenomenon as it unfolds. Every human is set up in a different way by their spiritual worlds so all have a distinct set of results from my healing. The spiritual world around human bodies cannot stop Universe purging when there is an intact Universe connection. I am the one to get this connection for you!

I am posting about the reality of Universe Family Healing again because I cannot say it enough in this day and age. I am here to end the spirituality that invaded our planet and infested our people. We don’t have to be led around by a spiritual world anymore. My spiritual world is so small and degrading constantly. I hear those spirits moving swiftly outside my doors and windows and moving southeast. That is the final result of my healing process. Once these spirits are merged into our Universe’s magnetic current they cannot return here to planet Earth. They are becoming extinct. This has never happened before.

I am always being told by the spirits that “No one has ever done this before.” Well obviously or they would not be here saying that to me. If someone else had done this before the spirits would already be gone and forgotten. I am not sure why I am the one doing it. Why me? I don’t know. I can’t answer that question. But I am doing it. I am very sure of that.








One Final S.C.A.M. is Demolished

I have had to deal with so many scams over the past several years. This previous decade was full of them! I had whistleblower blogs going when I lived in Marin County. I have documented several other scam-busting activities here on my Healer’s Blog that I dealt with too. Well, even now it seems there was one final S.C.A.M. to deal with. I define S.C.A.M. as: Spiritually Created About Money activities. I created this acronym as it seems to describe perfectly whatever scam is currently occurring. There is always a spiritual component making it happen and it is always about money.

This most recent S.C.A.M. involved a lady who wanted to use our address as her home address. She has a son who receives some kind of services and money from the U.S. government because he was diagnosed with a disability. This is not good because this lady does not live in the United States! She actually lives in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico with her husband who is not allowed to be living in the United States. She was living in Phoenix, AZ but that time is over.

She wanted all of the residents of my household to lie for her and expected nothing else. In fact, she even changed her mailing address which made a lot of her mail come here. This means she told her bank that my current address was her address and so her bank statements came here. She also told the United States Social Security Administration too because letters from that agency arrived here.

The final part of this S.C.A.M. activity was when a social worker made a home visit yesterday to meet with her and her son. Apparently this was a scheduled day and time. I happened to be the one to open the door when the social worker arrived. Ofcourse, I did the right thing. I told the social worker that scammer doesn’t live here and never did. I told her that she does receive mail here. The scammer arrived late and the social worker was already gone having left with the correct information. The scammer lady assumes that she would have to reschedule. No one here said anything about the fact that the social worker was already here and left. Too bad scammer, you are now going to be in big trouble!

Scammers like this lady will be prosecuted for fraud against the United States Government. She will not get away with it. She will have to deal with what she did legally and it will not affect my household at all. We did the right thing by letting it go and then exposing her at the right time. Of course it was me who told the truth to the social worker. I did it once again and always will tell the truth. I bust up the S.C.A.M. activities and they are over and done.

This nonsense is finally over for me and my family. Honestly this is boring and stupid just like the people who are a part of this stuff. Send them all to jail or prison and never return to my homeland. I want all of the scammers and criminals locked up without a key. I mean this sincerely too. It happens now. It will never reverse and be a negative nasty place to live. I am here and making sure that the criminals are dealt with the right way.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer

Quietly This Year is Ending, a Decade of Nonsense is Over

2009 to 2019, what a decade! Thank goodness it is finally over and never will return in any shape or form. That decade is purged and it included so much junk, spiritual setups and games etc. that are simply gone forever. I just had to say that today. I lived through it all. A whole ten years of very little fun. It was necessary to get rid of the spiritual world that I had gathered over my previous life. I was not purging that powerfully in the early days but that is definitely in the past now.

There is so much healing going on around me. I watch it unfold and see the results. There can be no doubt that this is finally my time. I have been waiting for it, and going with the flow steadily to get here. I am here!

I finally got to the part where I purchased a receipt book again. That is certainly a good sign. Now, I know that good fortune is coming my way. I am here in my homeland and offering healing services locally and globally on the internet. I finally am going to be able to just be the real me because I purged out all of the school setups and that is the truth.  No more school jobs ever.  I am so happy about this too.

As I walked home from Walgreens today, I realized that this was a final goodbye walk to this school infested area. I know that somehow someday I will leaving this place. As I go with the flow, I let things happen and do what I need to do. I never make the wrong decisions and always make sure I am in control.

My healing is so powerful and feels so good to know that for whatever reason, I have this fantastic healing ability. Not sure why it is me, but I cannot give it back. It simply stays and keeps everyone around me moving forward. In other words, my healing survived this past ten years when other “jobs” faded away. My healing is so real and will always be with me. I cannot heal away from my healing ability. I simply get stronger everyday. I am only going to be Universe Family Healer. That will never change.



After The Drama Is Over There Is Quiet

That is what I feel its happening right now. All of the negative mess is way far away from me. I am living on the edge of Yuma doing exactly what I need to do, pay rent and keep purging. That is all I am doing right now. That is my current status.

I am not involved in the holiday season at all. I know it is here but I do not interact with it. This month is just the last month of the year. I live the same way everyday. I do the same things. I continue to purge spiritual energy 24/7. I never stop being Healer.

“When Healer comes through, that’s it we’re done.”

Spirits chant this as they leave our planet and go forth into our Universe. They are done!

So, today, it is December 5, 2019. I continue to donate plasma and earn money honestly to pay my weekly rent. I feel that is all I have to do right now. There seems to be nothing else for me. I am awaiting a positive change soon. I know it is coming up very quickly. I am stable and living my real life.

The quiet around me is very comforting. Although the traffic noise is there, I feel the quietness of my life. I have no legal or financial issues. I am not in any trouble here at all. I can continue to do what I am supposed to be doing, purging and merging spiritual energy into our Universe’s magnetic current. I am happy that I am able to do this function. I am the only one who talks about this so I know I am unique. The spirits call me an original. I am original and new.

The spiritual drama has left me for good. It could not do anything to me this time. I feel it is the very last setup of drama that the spirits had for me. I can safely move forward without any further drama around me. It is done.