On the Universe, Our Money is Safe and Secure

When I finally achieved the status of Universe Family Healer, I began realizing that I was once again in control of my money! It was a very slow emerging understanding. I can see how it happens and why. As the spirit layers are purged out one by one, the real money starts coming back. Spirits cannot stop real money activities anymore.

People who are not involved in real money activities are the players and scam artists. Scammers are highly negative beings, mainly spiritual in nature. Not human at all. They exist for the purpose of the spirits and do exactly as the spirits tell them to do.

I have talked about SCAM activities meaning: Spiritually Created About Money activities. SCAM activities have been both created and thus controlled by the spirit worlds around humans for many years. It has been going on and on this way. The bad people have had all of the control of the money.

During a powerful Universe Time, this control of money reverses! We are living in a powerful Universe Time that does not reverse. This means that we, the good people of this planet, are in control of our money again and this will not stop ever. I am talking about humans everywhere on this planet, not just the good old USA. Good people are in every country on this planet!

I have demonstrated this action for myself. Since returning to my homeland, I have been able to secure real employment almost immediately and this has not stopped. I continue to earn more money steadily every year. There are some transition changes along the way that I have to live through. But it is very mild compared to what I experienced previously in Marin County, CA, USA. This realization allows me to utilize whatever situation I am currently living through to the fullest. I am not stopped at all. I simply know what I must do and it gets done easily!

Also, my family members are having a major stabilization of all financial matters. This means that we can live here now and completely eradicate the spirit problem from our planet Earth. We are not going to be sitting around crying and helpless. We are so very powerful now that whatever spirit set up is around us is instantly purged On The Universe. And then it is instantly forgotten!

Knowing that our financial problems are in the past gives us all a very good feeling indeed. When good people are in control of the money, only good things happen everywhere!

Share this post with all of the good people you know. It will make us even more powerful. Good feelings get rid of spirts.


Intimate Human Relationships are Nasty Spiritual Games

I have not blogged much about this topic recently, but I feel it necessary to update my website and post once again about intimate relationships. Because it is such a powerful Universe Time, the intimate relationships of many humans are breaking up. This is only due to the fact that their relationships are setup spiritually. Once that energy field is released and purging on the Universe, the relationship setup ceases to exist. It simply fades away. In addition, other relationship set ups that are waiting to play out also purge on the Universe. This is because all of those relationship set ups are negatively connected, one after another.

So, it is a very good time for humans. We get rid of all those spirit setups that constantly try to invade our personal lives. Once those spirits are removed permanently, our intimate relationships become real. And this allows good changes to happen. It will be interesting to see what happens with human intimate relationships in the future.

This purging is an automatic occurrence. And while the purging is happening, you don’t even miss not having an intimate relationship. In fact, you can laugh at those who are still highly spiritual and caught up in their negative lives filled with constant drama.

I see this all of the time. I observe how these people act and what they do to continue their negative existence. I do not talk to them. I simply see it and know that I am very far from those times. I was once entrenched too, but I got out of that deep dark hole. The Universe became strong enough to pull me away from those devils and demons interested only in unsafe and unfeeling negative relationships.

For now, this is all I can say about intimate relationships. I am not involved in discussing anyone’s intimate relationship. I made a post about this over 3 years ago on my blog (https://wp.me/P4aP23-1Nm). I still feel the same way. Nothing has changed for me. I am on my own, doing my own thing. That is why I survived and continue to live free in my homeland.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer





This is My Target Store

I sit here at Target right now with the sun in full view. This is my Target. All of those other Target stores in California were not really mine. Those other stores were just part of a bad dream.

My life is here in Arizona. My dream life was in California. I achieved a lot in California but that time ended 2 years ago. I keep track of the times as it means that I am really living and not dying. I left California because it was trying to kill me.

That is all gone.  By leaving the California Dream, I am able to live and sustain myself easily and safely. I cannot fall down here in Yuma. I am able to break up all nasty negative set up situations quite easily and walk through them. Those disgusting people stay behind in the background and are silenced. I hardly see or hear those nasty negative ones anymore.

The California Dream is fading  away now for many people.

This city has everything I need to live. It is not just an old dusty desert town. It is really a big secret how nice it is here. Soon I know that the old dead people from the north (ie sun birds) will disappear too. Right now this place is full of them, trying to use Yuma as their second home.

It will not continue.

Sun birds will become a thing of the past. They will not be allowed to leave their country and flock down to Yuma AZ. They will have to go elsewhere to live out their useless lives. The Universe is taking care of that disgusting situation every time they come here. How does that happen?

The Universe purges them in Yuma. They will not return.

The greying of Yuma stops. The Universe clears out all of the grey problem.  The Universe will make our town beautiful and young again.




Mr. G’s Restaurant, Yuma AZ

Purging Evil in the Real World As 2018 Opens Up

What happens to those very negative people who are used to controlling everything? Once their spiritual energies are purged on the Universe they weaken. They are only driven by the negative spiritual energy that controls them. Without their spiritual energy they are weak and fall in the background.

I have always said and still do say, that Universe Family Healing does not make a bad person good.

There are good people and bad people. Bad people are totally consumed by spiritual energy. They are not really human anymore. They are like a machine, a robot. Their feelings are not with them. They no longer feel anything. Their brains are totally saturated with spiritual energy! Their bodies are full of magnetite and other spiritual minerals which makes them into a ball of hatred.

Universe Family Healing does not allow these bad people to control everything like they have for the ages. These bad people are not going to be heard from anymore. They will be out of the limelight, out of the daily news, etc. Our Universe does not like this bad energy around humans. It takes it away from us so life can continue.

Spiritual people will not have any power to do anything. They feel weak and small when their spirit energies are removed. They do not feel good at all without their spirit energies. On the other hand when good people are purging out spirit energies they feel wonderful and have achieved real human status.

We still exist in a word with good and evil. I have already said that evil is defeated but it is taking time to slowly remove the defeated ones. The evil people cannot control me or my family anymore. I am too powerful now for their energies. I have purged and purged and continue to do my Program (Permanent Parasite Purging Program-  https://wp.me/p4aP23-1yt) all the time.

I am safe and so is my family. This purging is what defeats evil. My relocation back to my homeland has shown me what Universe Family Healing can do in full force. I can no longer be in any bad situations. I control every situation I encounter.

The evil people are not getting any attention or respect. They are just seen for who they are and dealt with accordingly. It is a real process. Not a fairy tale. This energy is very dangerous in large quantities. It can control the mind and the human will. But I have been able to deal with all of that. Now it is simple for me to live and so will it be for others. We will not be stopped ever. My Program as stated above is permanent. My purging is not a short-term set up that goes away in a few years.

Every year is better for me. As each spiritual year is purged, there will be a huge change in how humans live. We will no longer have these set up calendar years with holidays. We will no longer have to send our sons and daughters to schools where this evil is waiting. Politics, religion, education, and medicine are under intense spiritual control and are all changing.

And for now I can relax and feel confident that my healing work is really doing a good thing. I have achieved my goals for 2017 and 2018 is opening right up in front of me.

Look out all you bad people because I am home and so powerful now. I have never been this powerful in my homeland. I was taken away when I was just 2 years old by some very bad people. But I am all grown up now and living my real life as I should be doing.

It is a first for humans everywhere to have a real live Universe Family Healer living in her homeland of the USA. It is new and exciting. I am back in Yuma where I was born. Hopefully soon all of those bad people who call Yuma their home will leave. That is what I am seeing right now, an emptying out of this town. It really needs a good purging, believe me!


Golden Sunray Tomatoes Are Ripening

Earlier this year I posted a few times that I was growing food in the Sonoran desert. Though I experienced an extremely hot summer, this one tomato plant survived! It is Golden Sunray and right now the tomatoes are ripening up. I am very happy that I successfully grew food this year.

I am the only Universe Family Healer to have done this so far. It is easy to grow food here. And so it is easy to live here. Mass production of vegetables continue in this area, but, I can also grow food the safe way, without chemicals. Warm winters allow food growing all year long. Year round food growing makes Universe Family Healers very happy.



Warm Sunny Days are With Me

It is almost over, 2017. Just another spiritually set up year finally ending. But as it ends, I realize I am now living in a beautiful warm environment. I can live here because it is comfortable for me. I cannot live in cold climates. I am happy to be in this warm sunny weather all year long. 

The temperatures right now are in the 70s. The sun is shining. The sky is blue and clear. I sit in the sun and it feels wonderful. Yes, it is December 27. Winter. But, I live in Yuma, AZ now. Here, the winter is mild and I still grow food right now. I cannot be sad in this environment. I enjoy every moment.

There is no worry any longer about being cold. Universe Family Healers have to be warm. I remember times when it was so cold outside and grey. I wanted the sun to shine. I am talking about California in the winter, especially in the north. Those times are over for me. But my sons still live there. It is cold at night and every year gets colder.

I hope that soon, this changes. I am looking forward to my 2018, a totally new year. I am expecting more fringe benefits. I am expecting more family. I am waiting patiently for this to happen. And while I wait, I work, I crochet, I bake, I garden. I rest and purge spirits. I live simply and safely. Because I followed the sun,  I am back where my roots are. 




Spiritual Dreams Are Not Real

Our world is becoming very real again. The time of dreams is over. The dreams we had as young children are not going to happen. Those dreams were spiritually made throughout our sleeping times. Spirits were able to use our sleeping eyes and brains to manufacture these fake worlds. And as a result the real world became small and hidden from view.

At the end of each spiritual year, dreams are renewed by the spirits. They try to make the next year their own by setting up living situations in your dream time. Once you begin to purge out this part of your body, (ie your eyes and brain), your dream time with spirits is over. They may still try to make you have a dream now and then, but it is very silly and non effective.

Nightmares that our children have are always manufactured by spiritual energy setups. A child can effectively purge out this set up and remain nightmare free. It is easy for a child to do this if it handled properly. Otherwise the spirits will continue to layer themselves upon children as they grow into adulthood. That is why so many so-called specialists are doing a SCAM business interpreting dreams. It is just ridiculous. All that is needed is a good purging of that spirit dream set up.

Spirits have controlled our nighttimes for a very long time. That is the time when they are most active because during the day, our real bodies take control. At night we sleep and so we are not as powerful to stop spirit activities from occurring. But even now I have a dream or two. In fact, a few nights ago I had one in which the spirits were showing me my wallet all torn up and empty. They play on what is supposed to be our worst fears and make them as real as possible.

In this dream I was just showing them my hands and telling them I purge spirits through them. That is how far I have come in ending my spiritual dreams. It was very funny really. I was in total control of that dream. I doubt that I will have anymore spiritual dreams. This is the end of a ten-year cycle that the spirits are trying to renew with me, but I have purged so much that they are done. They cannot go on with me because, they are all taking their Universe Journeys now.

The California Dream is a huge setup of spirits trying to make California their playground (ie: Disneyland, Hollywood, Burger joints). It lasted for a very long time, but as many can see, it is not a good place anymore. I can say this because I was there living through this dream. I lived there for over 55 years! In fact I lived very close to Disneyland for many years as a young girl. I left California two years ago because it just did not get any better. I returned home to Yuma, AZ, USA, and feel wonderful that I finally made it out of the California Dream.




As This Year Ends, I Simply Purge 2017 Completely…

I am not among the people out there who are so busy trying to keep it all going. This time of year has become a layered mess of spirit energies. I lived through it for a long time. I let it go as I was able to. Now this time of year is simply the end of a year. I do nothing different really. But, I do enjoy a few shopping trips and sales. I do not engage in holiday activities anymore as I have purged out that spiritual part of me. I do not feel bad or sad either. I can relax. I feel very good.

I continue to purge the remaining layers of this years’ spirit set ups and hardly notice that the calendar is ending 2017 in just a few short weeks. I am looking forward to the new year as it brings me a special time. I have finally made it to 2018. This next year will see the end of all negative legal remnants of the past 10 years.

In August of 2008, I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and immediately became debt-free. I remain debt-free to this day. But, that information has been on my credit report consistently for 9+ years. Next year, by August 2018,  it is removed automatically. I am assured that a huge layering of spiritual matter will purge throughout this next year, 2018. It means the end of that negative time I lived through. It is really almost over… 

As a result of that 10th year coming right up, my credit report will go from fair to very good. That is all I am waiting for right now. I plan on becoming a homeowner once again. I know this is going to happen. I will have my own place. It will be a very good place too.

My goal is still the Palace of the Universe and though it seems impossible and surreal, I am not letting it go. It is going to happen. The spirits know too. I have seen other elements of Palace of the Universe listed in various places on the internet. Those references to a palace is nothing like what I am talking about. My Palace is real and beautiful. And not spiritual at all.

The Universe will assist with this endeavor as I continue to be in control of the spirits. The Universe will allow only the right things to happen. The wrong things do not happen anymore for me. I have a very simple and safe life now. I continue on through December as this year ends quickly and another year begins. My year, 2018.




A Four Year Anniversary Is Coming Up

On December 15, 2013, I began blogging here on WordPress.com. I remember how hard it was for me to get to that point. I tried several times to create a website/blog elsewhere and it really didn’t work. When I found this site, I was able to easily start a blog that has carefully chronicled my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. I read back over those four years and see the changes I have gone through as I matured and purged layers of spiritual energy into our Universe.

Years ago, I began as a psychic nurse healer when I was still deep in the spiritual realm. A few years later, I changed my title to Universal Healer, and now I have reached Universe Family Healing. If you read way back in my blog, several posts will have me saying I am a Universal Healer as I discuss Universal healing. I am leaving them there to chronicle my changes.  I have several posts where I was charging through PayPal. I am not doing that now, but those posts remain in the past. My healing progress is well documented.

I know that I have completed my healing process to the highest level for me. I cannot go any higher nor will I change what I am. I will always call myself a Universe Family Healer. I am the “first healer” to use that term, hence my website address is http://www.firsthealer.com.

This year, I did add more to my website. I now pay for this website as a  “personal website”, not a business one. I will not do that. I will not make my website a business. Although that category is available here on WordPress, it is not going to happen with me. I allow others to read my blog and not keep it private and hidden. I am not ashamed, and have nothing to hide. I am blogging my life here as others do. Bloggers are able to tell their stories now in the public arena, freely without restrictions.

As I move through this weekend ahead of me, I am assured that whatever I do is the right thing for me. I have no concerns that what I do is wasted time. I have not experienced wasted time yet, just healing that takes time. Universe Family Healing takes time. But it is real and permanent.

Thank you wordpress.com for creating an easy way to blog. Many people are happy that your website is here and will not fade away like other sites have done in the past.



The above Healer Wraps were donated to the Crossroads Mission Second Chance Store in Yuma, Arizona in March 2016. I am still crocheting more Healer Wraps for my own enjoyment. See below.


Summer of Love Wrap made with Red Heart’s Boutique Unforgettable: Sunrise


My Resume Needed Updating

As I awoke this Saturday morning, I made my 2 cups of coffee and sat down at my computer. So nice to have a weekend off! I have been getting these job alerts from indeed.com, so I went ahead and looked at my resume. It was apparent that I needed to update it. It was not current at all. I wanted to be current for other employers who may be looking for me and my job skills. I was a tiny bit stalled in doing this update, but I simply kept going and today was the right day.

Happily I had 2 new job experiences to add to my resume.

I saw that I too need an updated cover letter with current information. I deleted the one that was online. It looked funny there with the old information.

All of a sudden this came to me today. I was not thinking about doing this all week. It happened only this Saturday morning. I knew I had to follow through. I did. I made several copies of it. I put in online. I know it was the right thing to do. I have to keep going. 

Before I went deep into my healing phase, I was always very career minded and had lots of contacts. I had a very straightforward way to get what I wanted and it worked. That changed totally during those early crazy years of purging,  but now my old straightforward ways are coming right back to me. I have all of the skills to continue being a successful health professional and Universe Family Healer at the same time.

I recently posted my resume for Health Educator and included healing as part of my skill set. It was the right thing to do. I am not going to hide who I am naturally. I am going to be who I am.

This world is changing everyday. I am here to observe the positive results of Universe Family Healing. All family members are purging and living safer and more productive lives. Sustainability is a priority for us and the Universe allows us to live a very safe unchallenged existence.

Who knows what will happen next time I post? I never know what is needed to be posted until that day. I hope this helps some people who think that I am not a real person and only blogging fairy tales. I am not trying to be a novelist. I do not read books anymore. But I do like to blog and put down on this website what is on my mind. That is the only writing I do now. Books are not a part of my world. They are obsolete before they are published.

One day, books will no longer exist.  Book burning will become common and accepted. But blogs will continue because they are fresh and new. Blogging instantly changed my life. I will continue to blog regularly because it allows me to keep going and succeed.