Spirit Busting is Here in Yuma, AZ

I first published this original post 2 years ago on November 1, 2018. Tomorrow, October 18, 2020, I am taking a trip to the Yuma Territorial Prison, which has been voted the most haunted place in the USA. I am going to post about my visit later and see what I find there.

October 18, 2020

The visit to the haunted Yuma Territorial Prison was made. I felt no real spiritual setup in place. In fact it was a rather boring time but I did view everything and enjoyed getting out of here for awhile. I know that the spirits are leaving the prison and all things attached to it. I started working on this situation many years ago when I still lived in Novato, CA.

I was not happy to learn about the prison being there and how it influenced the Yuma High School mascot (Criminals). In fact I learned today that the territorial prison was originally supposed to be built in Phoenix, but a politician did a con job on the bill funding the prison and put Yuma in place of another town. That’s the only reason Yuma got the prison built here. A scamming politician did it to Yuma.

I guess I have been healing this prison spirit world out for all those years. I had to finalize things today with a direct visit. I guess the prison hit the number 2 spot as most haunted this year and will gradually be forgotten. That’s all that happens during Universe Time. The spirit worlds supporting negative setups like this are automatically consumed by our Universe. It’s very quiet and very permanent.

Original Post

Apparently, there is a need for Spirit Busting these days. I can easily heal a home, business, or any abandoned, neglected place. Once the spiritual energy layer is released and moved into our Universe, positive changes occur automatically.

The changes happen because there was a spiritual blockage in the way. As spirits move out and merge with our Universe, the changes happen naturally. Noises in the night leave. Strange unexplained sounds and smells disappear. The inside environment of the building feels calm and comfortable.

And so, I am announcing another specialty of Universe Family Healing. That specialty is Spirit Busting. I am available to heal away the spirits in your business or home. A beautiful transformation happens. We don’t want our town to continue to be overrun with negative spirits. Now there is an easy solution to this problem.

Unlike the Ghostbusters people, Spirit Busters is real. You may laugh about this a little but take heed. I am real and very powerful. I am home now. This is my homeland and I will not allow negative spiritual people to control our town. Like a good hidden object game, I am here to purge this town of all spirits and spirituality.

Yes, Healer returns to her homeland and sees what happened while she was away. Well, that changes now. The bad guys lose. Their spirits are purged. And there is always happiness and good feelings here. That is what happens when Spirit Busters and Universe Family Healing take control!

And so the paranormal investigator people will soon find out that their livelihood is defunct. Of course spirits are real and found everywhere. So what? All they do is continue that negative paranormal thing. They are a big part of it as is the media. They are all negative people that can only make things worse. They do not get rid of the spirits. They exploit these situations for publicity and allow the spirits to stay.

That time is over. Contact me for more information about Spirit Busters and Universe Family Healing.