Notes About Spirit Chants

Over and over spirits say these things:

“You are the only one who has ever done this.”

“We don’t have any time left.”

“We have to leave. No time left.”

“Everything you wanted is going to happen.”

“You are so powerful.”

“I can’t do anything because I am purging.”

“We have no time left.”

“Spiritual time is over.”

“We can’t be here anymore.”

“I can’t be here when you are purging.”

“The Universe is real. The Universe is taking us away.”

“The Universe is powerful.”

“We are so done. We are so proud of you.”

Their little chants and phrases go on and on.

The Truth About Spirits:

Spirits have never been purged before in human history.

Spirits have always lived on human bodies.

Spirits are human parasites.

Spirits were always in control of humans.

Spirits seem to only know and use the English language.

Spirits must have evolved from ancient English speaking civilizations.

Now, I am in control of the spirits.

Now, I purge spirits into our Universe.

There are alot of spirits to be purged.

This amazing phenomenon is non-stop 24/7.

There is no off button.

There is no way the spirits can stop me from purging them.

Thank goodness!