A Wave of Change Went Thru Yesterday

It was definitely a very negative wave of spiritual energy around me. I can tell when it happens now. I know that it was trying to make me do things wrong. I am not controlled by spirits at all. I cannot be controlled into doing things anymore. But the wave was still there and it was a nasty one too. I know what to do when that happens. I am powerfully purging this mass away from me and my family. It is working because today was a totally different day. I feel so much better today!

I stayed outside last evening in the beautiful breezes of Yuma. It was wonderful. There is nothing like it anywhere. I was purging so much of this stuff. It was not expecting me to do this as I have not been outside much lately. But I plan on doing more outside purging now. I used to all of the time when I lived in my old home in Marin County.

I can tell that this last wave of spirits was trying to get their control back but of course, it was not going to happen. The spirits can do nothing with me except purge and be put out on the Universe. And purge them I did! It was easy. So now I will be outside more and more in the early evenings when it is so beautiful here. There is a constant breeze coming from the southeast. It is always here now. And calms the sun very nicely.

Happily, I am in full control of the spirits. I hope that one day the spirits will be gone from our world. I hope that they will be gone and forgotten too. But they are still here in great numbers. Very few people even understand or think about this. Most people are just in a tightly wound up spiritual world and will never be aware of Universe Time.

Only a few people who read my blog will understand what is really going on right now. And those of us who understand this phenomenon are experiencing the positive benefits of Universe Time. If you read my words you are automatically getting connected to the Universe! If you feel a little warm tingly feeling, that is the purging of spirits! It always happens when you read my words. And that is the truth.

We are living in a healing world where the Universe is in control and removing all of the negative people from our planet. The Universe has a massive magnetic field which is much bigger and stronger that the spiritual web around individual humans and can simply pull away the spirits. When spirits are merged with our Universe, they cannot do anything to us ever again.

Spirits cannot return to our world and start over. They are done. They had a very long time with us, but that time is ending, thank goodness!