This Place is Hot and Completely Out of Balance

So, I am here I guess to create a more balanced environment. My purging ability will allow the atmosphere here in Yuma, AZ to change and be more normal. The very extreme days of this desert area are slowly fading away. I know this is happening! It will surprise many who have lived here for a very long time too. But, never before has this happened. I mean, scientifically, what is the effect of putting this kind of energy back out into the real world and away from humans? It is highly magnetic and very powerful when it is around humans. But out on the universe it balances extremes nicely. It is like the missing link to maintaining life as long as it is away from the human body. I hope this is making sense to you!

It should have always been there you see… But Universe Healers were not available here to do anything. We were instead removed from our birth families and taken away into a very fake spiritual world.

And that is what happened to me! If I had been here for my entire life I am absolutely sure this planet would be in a totally different condition. It is not possible to go back in time. It is only possible to go forward and keep going and never stop.

I do not stop purging spiritual energy. I cannot stop it. It is constant and continuous. So, big changes keep happening everywhere, even here in Yuma, AZ.


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