August 15, 2018: Final Spirit Purge = Rain in Yuma

The last time it rained here was July 8, 2018. This is monsoon season and we should be having a lot of rainy weather. However, Yuma, AZ has been in a drought for several years. That is finally changing. Spirit setups that have controlled weather patterns here are purged.

Today is the last day these setups are here in any form. Spirit setups are officially over and cannot renew. Once purged, these spirits are immediately merged with our Universe’s magnetic energy field thus ending their control. This is the only way to get rid of spirits. It is real, powerful, and permanent.

I had to live through 3 summers here in Yuma AZ to do this. I have had to do this without any help. I did this on my own. I did not ask for assistance. I have had to be all by myself during this time in order to purge out the remaining setups on me.  Now as we move forward into the remaining part of August, my family’s final 7 year name change anniversary is coming up.

On August 22, 2018, one of my sons will be celebrating his 7 year name change anniversary. He is definitely feeling the positive effects of this and everyday it will be more and more real for him. Universe Family Healing is in full control everywhere. All family members are feeling the immense relief that we have finally reached this day!

The rain returned today. The clouds are still all around me here in Yuma. It is beautiful. I know that this is going to be happening more and more just as it should be happening. We are no longer going to have a drought. The rains will simply be here as normal. The water is being returned here.

I had to do something about it. We must have water here in Yuma. We must water our crops safely and carefully. We must not have to stop watering for any reason. The watering of plants will never be stopped again. Normalcy is returning to Yuma, AZ, my homeland.

Happy Universe Time to All!



I Am The Waterer

I am now the official Waterer here where I live. The wrong person was assigned to watering and let the plants die. Sad but true. I am now in charge of the irrigation. I believe this is significant in that I am the right person to do this very important task.

I love watering plants and having an attractive, clean outside area. I was the one who picked up the trash that constantly blew onto our fence and yard. Now, there is no trash anywhere.

I am the one who will take care of the water now. I will make sure I water all of the landscaping here where I live. The owner sees how responsible I have been with my own little garden. He trusts me. That is how it should be. I have a temporary outside job now. That’s what I needed to keep going.

A positive powerful Universe Time is in full control here in Yuma, AZ. The right person is doing the watering. The plants will live and flourish. Irrigating our plants is a very important part of our living world. Water is life giving and will always be available here in Yuma, AZ.

I am the Waterer.






At the End Of June, I Can Post Reality

So here it is, the 30th of June, 2018. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. I can say that all of the things I have hoped for are finally happening in reality.

I mentioned in my last post that my previous job in the high school had ended recently. I am documenting here that yet another negative world, the high school, collapsed behind me. I have proven the power of my healing. The very negative and broken chain of command is gone from there. I mean, several administrators who did absolutely nothing about all of the problems are gone! It was as if they were only there to hassle me. Some of them where there for only one year! But they are not going to be around Yuma any more. They are returning to wherever they are from. Thank Goodness! We do not need negative people in charge of our schools. This problem is finally over and done. I am done working in schools forever.

I started working in public schools as a school nurse in California in the early 1990s. I did this because I wanted to be on the same schedule as my sons. But that time has passed. They are all grown up. I had to remove a very sticky negative spirit called reymay7 that simply would not stop keeping me in the school work environment. I finally have succeeded in releasing this entity from my body. It is a triumphant day for me. I can move forward easily now and forget all about those negative school related times that kept me in the dark ages.

And regards to organic gardening, I also want to say that today I used up the last of my Espoma fertilizer on my garden and will not be reordering anymore of that stuff. It contained chicken manure, and I do not want anymore animal products in my garden. I continue to live an animal free life. I will return to what I was using before: Soil Power Pure Organic Earth Worm Castings. I hope that soon I will be able to start a compost pile like I successfully did in Novato. But right now I cannot do that. I feel that organic compost is the best fertilizer for my Yuma food garden. I have to wait a little bit longer to get that going here. I am being patient.

All of my family is doing very well. I can see the progression we are making and it  is certainly moving in the right direction. My healing/purging is very strong these days. I have recently started sunbathing once again. I use to be in the sun all of the time when I was younger. I am very connected to the sun. When I am in the sun, I can purge areas of my body directly to the sun. It is amazing. I have not been sunbathing for quite a while  but the ability to sunbathe has happily returned.

So that is my progress in Universe Family Healing. What is your progress? Hope that things are going well for you and your family too.


Growing Food the Safe Way in Yuma AZ

I am sure many of us have read about the problems with the Romaine lettuce from Yuma and E. Coli that has been in the news for several weeks. The scientists are stumped. They cannot figure it out. I do not talk to them though because I know they would not listen to me.

So, I will blog here about growing food safely. I do it here in Yuma, AZ. I am doing it with very little resources but I am growing food safely and eating it everyday!  I have no problems with the food that I grow. I eat my homegrown tomatoes on my salads all of the time. I have also grown a few sweet peppers and basil.

I use only organic fertilizer that has been properly pasteurized. It is called Espoma Organic Garden-Tone Herb and Vegetable Food. I know it is not going to cause me any harm. In fact, it is exactly what my plants need to grow healthy. There are many very good organic fertilizers available today. There is no reason why a bad fertilizer should ever be used when growing food. 

Now, back to the news. No one has talked about the fertilizers being used in commercial food growing these days. It seems that they have just conveniently forgotten that whole thing. But I can surely remember the days when I smelled the manure that was being used on the fields in large quantities. Now, maybe that could be a direct source of the E. Coli problem. Manure is not a safe fertilizer at all but it is still readily available and probably very cheap these days.

I know the importance of using a safe fertilizer for growing food. I want to someday soon grow more vegetables and fruits here in Yuma when my family is intact and back together again. We know exactly what  do about growing food safely. We will have a very beautiful food garden. We will not have to depend on those commercial food growers ever. I do not trust them at all.

Universe Family Healers will always grow food and stay healthy. The people of this planet need to know that growing food the safe way is the only way to live.


Trauma Is At The Root of All Mental Illness, Therefore…

I figured this out a long time ago when I was working as a Staff RN in a mental health rehab facility. I was taking part in their program and did everything they wanted me to do, including administration of psychotropic medications. Now I look back on that time and realize how medieval that whole thing was. I was in the middle of this ancient medical set up and managed to leave there at the right time. It made me understand more about trauma and mental illness. That was back in 2007. I made sure I never participated in that type of health care setting again.

Now, if trauma is the at the root of all mental illness, then mental illness can be healed through Universe Family Healing. Trauma occurring in early childhood as an infant or toddler allows the spirit setups to take hold. Layer upon layer is put on the child. This has happened over and over.

But now, I hardly think about mental illness anymore. I know that the so-called voices that are heard are just the spirits around the person doing their normal thing. Ofcourse, the medical profession still does not accept any of this because they would not be able to treat anything with a spiritual etiology.

It doesn’t matter now. These days, Universe Family Healing works without any medical involvement or approval. The Universe simply takes the spirit layers away and all mental illness is removed and forgotten.

As time goes on, no one will ever talk about mental illness of any kind because it will be eradicated by Universe Family Healing. Our Universe does not even accept mental illness as a reality. Purging mental illness is just another spirit setup among all of the rest. It is not any more difficult to get rid of. It just goes away at the right time.


Golden Sunray Tomatoes Are Ripening

Earlier this year I posted a few times that I was growing food in the Sonoran desert. Though I experienced an extremely hot summer, this one tomato plant survived! It is Golden Sunray and right now the tomatoes are ripening up. I am very happy that I successfully grew food this year.

I am the only Universe Family Healer to have done this so far. It is easy to grow food here. And so it is easy to live here. Mass production of vegetables continue in this area, but, I can also grow food the safe way, without chemicals. Warm winters allow food growing all year long. Year round food growing makes Universe Family Healers very happy.



Golden Sunray Has Buds!

I am updating my organic growing food activity here in the Sonoran Desert. My tomatoes (all 3 varieties) are budding! I am so excited. I am the first Universe Family Healer to actually be successful in growing food here. It is amazing.


Golden Sunray

Yes, I had to amend a very sandy soil by adding adding plenty of organic soil and concentrated worm castings to make this happen. This is the reality here. But because there is so much sunshine all of the time, these tomatoes will continue to grow and be beautiful and delicious! Placing the plants next to a fence allows for some shade time during the day.

The temperatures here have been steadily in the high 90s to low 100s every day. But, there is this gorgeous breeze blowing softly all of the time. I wonder if purging spiritual energy into the desert atmosphere will change and mellow out the temperature in the near future. I predict this will happen. The Sonoran desert is the most tropical of all desert landscapes. 

Will post as progress occurs, but I can see how easy it is to grow food the right way here.