Those People Are In My Way

I go with the flow and here I am.

I do whatever I need to do and then rest.

I do not make a mistake.

That is my current status here where I currently live.

I stay out of the middle.  I separate from these people more and more now. It is December 15. Soon they will be on their own. That is what happens with Universe Family Healing.

That is what happens now.

Today is my 6th anniversary on I started blogging December 15, 2013! Amazing that I made it to this day.

I made it this far and I never stopped blogging. This is a wonderful day for me. I will continue to update my status as Universe Family Healer right here on I continue to blog freely and without censorship.

No one can stop me from telling the truth here on my blog. I can document my experiences with Universe Family Healing as often as I need to and never be stopped, ever.