A Universe Time Story

Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is in control of the spiritual world around a human body, actively purging and merging it away. All human beings have a spiritual world built up around them and controlling everyday activities. These activities are set up during the dream times. Most people are still unaware of this spiritual control over their lives.

Most humans have no idea what is really going on. Spirits are very mind controlling and therefore highly dangerous to humans. Spirits make sure humans do the wrong things all of the time. Spirits cannot do anything else but make a human being die eventually. Spirits are making humans eat and drink the wrong things, and live dangerous lifestyles that age and degrade the human body.

Universe Time is the exact opposite of Spiritual Time. I live my life in Universe Time. I am not mind-controlled by spirits. I live a healthy real life. I eat and drink the right things. I do not engage in unsafe activities. I make sure that I make the right decisions about everything so nothing goes wrong. I have full control of my sleep and awake time. It took many years of healing to get this far, but I did it!

It seems that for the ages we were always living in Spiritual Time. Living and dying was routine in Spiritual Time. There was never a real Universe Time achieved before in the history of humanity. Spiritual Time is over because I am here to make our world safe and free of spirituality. I have a powerful Universe connection and constantly purge spiritual energy into our Universe. This means the spiritual energies from other humans are pulled away from their bodies and merged with the enormous magnetic current in our outside atmosphere. This current seems to travel southeast as that is where the spirit sounds are heard as they leave and enter our outside atmosphere.

Once upon a time we were all living and dying in Spiritual Time. That time is over. We have achieved Universe Time finally. This means that our planet Earth will heal and become young and healthy again. The right decisions will be made. The right people will be in control to do the right things. We are saved from the destruction of life and spirits are put out into the Universe and will never be here again on our living planet Earth.

And we all live happily ever after.