Growing Food Safely Once Again

I posted about this before I moved to Yuma. I was very much involved with growing food at home a few years ago. I enjoyed this activity very much. We had many varieties of peppers and tomatoes, and many other types of fruits and vegetables in our home garden. What fun it was to see all of the types of food growing in the garden.

Now, I am beginning to grow food here in my home town. I am happy to do this again. But I am finding it extremely difficult to find the right kind of soil amendments that were available in Northern California. The organic compost situation here in Yuma is sad. There really is no animal free organic compost available to have delivered. I am a little disappointed but I see this as a need for our community. Starting up a few animal free organic compost farms would be nice. I for one would love to be involved with this venture.

I mean, organic compost with no animal products like manure. Organic compost should be animal product free. It should just contain plant and food scraps. We had a very nice compost pile in Marin. It produced beautiful, clean smelling dark compost. I want to start this up here soon. But for now, I continue to search for the right type of soil amendment, and confer with my son who is the expert in this field. Hopefully we will find the right product soon.

Sandy soil is everywhere here in the desert. But sand needs the right amendments added to grow food.


Sweet Basil

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